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The term installation is to install or move action. Installation can be a building or even a factory that manufactures an object or produces a service.
Industrial, on the other hand, is something owned or related industry. The industry is known as the set of operations that allow to obtain, transform or transport natural products.
Industrial plants are plants where different products are manufactured. What are these facilities that have all the means to develop a manufacturing process. Examples: "this city is filled with industrial facilities because it is a tax free zone," "Explosion in an industrial facility in Lyon: three wounded", "in the industrial facility, we manufacture phones that are sold through the Belgium.
An industrial facility is formed by the building itself, the specific facilities (such as air conditioning, sanitation, etc.) and the machines. When choosing a place to build an industrial facility, should consider external factors such as transport serving the area.
In the daily life of an industrial facility several sciences or disciplines involved, such as industrial safety (the multidisciplinary field which is the minimization of the risk of accidents) and industrial hygiene (procedures aimed at controlling the environmental factors that can affect the health of workers and neighbours).
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