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Concept and Meaning of Involvement

Involvement is a term that takes several uses. It may be the State of someone who is involved in a case, the dedication, the consequence of what is involved with something, the sequel to something or the relationship between the terms and in the statement (in math).
For example: "It is important to remind the children the involvement of a nutritious breakfast in their health and in their daily activities", "Those who break the law should take into account the implications of their criminal acts", "the spread of infectious diseases is an implication of flood", "It is easy to spot the implications between what is said by the candidate of the Government and the main opposition candidate expressions."
On the judicial level, involvement can have an impact on an issue that concerns a judge who, in other circumstances, would have the jurisdiction to pronounce but as it has a present interest in the subject, this made him lose the necessary impartiality to his duties.
The verb involved (from the latin) can also refer to concern, include, understand. Therefore, it is said that if a person is related to a question, she is involved. In this sense, it can refer to the involvement of a man in a flight in case it detects evidence inculpating him: "the Prosecutor said that he would not delay to prove the involvement of the accused in the robbery of the Bank", "police suspect that the employer is involved in a money laundering operation", "it's amazing: it stopped me without any proof of my involvement in the crime.
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