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The joint venture is a concept used in the field of private medicine to define the difference between the price of a service and the value of it covered by a health plan. It is, therefore, the amount that the affiliate must pay to access this service.
Examples: "home care requires a joint venture of 10 euros per visit," the treatment you need is covered by social security, but requires a joint venture ","I don't understand why I have to pay a joint if I pay every month my contributions."
The joint venture comes from the dynamics of the health industry. It is understood that the recipient (IE, the user, the consumer or client) does not pay each service there coverage supplied by social security or a health care insurance plan (a complementary mutual, for example) which, in turn, buys the service but does not consume because it is intended for the recipient. This creates a distortion in the recruitment of health-care services, which leads companies to stimulate co-financing of the service by the affiliate (subscriber) whenever he needs to use it.
Thus, the joint venture is a type of financing of health services allowing that their costs would be borne by the medical company prepaid or by social security and the beneficiary. In practice, therefore, the joint venture is an additional payment that the recipient must do to take advantage of the service beyond contributions paid as a monthly fee. Then, he was reimbursed.
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