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Concept and Meaning of Knowing

Knowing is one who is knowledgeable or that has the ability to know. The subject knowing is therefore one who performs the Act of knowledge. This concept is developed/approached by different branches of philosophy.
The membership of the individual to the reality that it knows and the characteristics thereof are subject to study for epistemology. It is often discussed if the reality to which the individual has access is indeed the true reality, a part thereof or a reality built by the person.
Some philosophical currents argue that being familiar with does not have access to the reality, but just a phenomenon or a manifestation of it. Positivism, for example, indicates that the subject knowing is unrealistic (i.e., out of reality), the knowledge being an extraction of contents. However, constructivism believes that the individual knowing creates its own reality, so that it is not external.
In general, we can say that knowing it interacts constantly with the reality to build a kind of knowledge to adapt to the environment. The psychic apparatus of the person consists of different cognitive systems organized into logical structures.
The person, therefore, base its actions according to their own thoughts. Thoughts arise due to cognitive, that is the result of the interaction of humans with the reality.
Constituting as a topic knowing (knowledge), the human being is free because it can decide what to do based on his thought. This does not mean, of course, that knowledge should be free of social interactions.
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