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The laboriosite is the quality of laborious. This adjective, meanwhile, comes from the latin laboriosus and refers to any person who applies to work hard.
Examples: 'my father built this House with his laboriosite , ' Unfortunately, I can't give an example of any employee for his attendance : they are all lazy ', 'If you want a promotion in this society, you will need to demonstrate laboriosite . ».
The laboriosite is often regarded as a moral value and a virtue. Thanks to the laboriosite, the work ceases to be compulsory or necessary is becomes a value. This implies tasks with care, ensuring that the details and trying to get the best result possible.
The idea of the laboriosite is that, with effort, the work becomes a force for transformation and progress. Suppose that a man sells soft drinks on the train. He knows that if he works five hours a day, it gets money to eat and to support his family. On the other hand, with laboriosite, he decides to work eight hours a day to earn more money, to save money and buy a House.
Laboriosite, therefore, is to do more than comply with what is imperative, required or to the minimum necessary. This means an additional effort to achieving a realization and make progress.
It is important, however, not to confuse effort with the vice of labour or exploitation. A person has the right to enjoy the free time and need to rest without that being a matter of laziness or moral failure.
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