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Languid Latin languidus, is synonymous with languorous or languishing, is an adjective that refers to someone of weak or tired, low appearance. The term can also refer to an individual with little spirit or energy.
Examples: "the tall and muscular man did not hesitate to beat the languid boy, causing him serious injury", "someday, I will go to the gym and I continue to be so low and depressed", "the languid beauty and pleasure are often alternated in the preferences of the designers", "I like men big and languorous.
Languor can be linked to the physical or spiritual aspect. In the first case, it is common to associate it with a kind of beauty characterized by thinness, pallor and wrinkles. Languor, however, is controversial as a parameter of beauty because it may promote unhealthy behaviors. If a girl with normal considered weight wants to be beautiful and languid, risk of eating habits that affect health and can cause diseases such as bulimia or anorexia.
In the symbolic sense, what is languid (or languishing) is associated with something lacking strength, without passion and unable to move or to place. A languid social environment can be an environment where people are treated with coldness, without laughing and in which there is an emotional distance between all people.
Sometimes, what is languid depends on the subjectivity of those who express it. A rock concert can be judged as entertaining and touching by a person, but as languid and indifference by another.
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