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Long is an adjective that relates to what a lot of length. It can be used in the physical or symbolic/featured, meaning depending on the context.
Examples: "I do not like this car: it is too long ', 'the president annoyed people with a long speech, full of technical details', 'when you go buy the sheets, make sure they are long enough relative to the size of the mattress.
All things have a certain length. This term is generally understood in conjunction with the idea of the width: objects, therefore, have a length and a width. Usually, it is said that something is long when the length exceeds the width.
A long car is the one including the front wheels and the rear wheels are separated by a significant distance. This physical characteristic may be synonymous with elegance for some people or discomfort for others.
A long gown, in turn, covers the entire body of a woman. These dresses are one-piece which starts from the nape of the neck or the shoulders and extending to the ankles.
In its symbolic meaning, long expressed what is extensive, ongoing, expanded or abundant. For example, if someone said "Robert de Niro is an actor for a long time", this means that he participated in several films and has a professional career with many years. Similarly, a sentence like "it is long time since the last time we met" is linked to a period of time, at least from the subjectivity of one who utters the words.
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