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Concept and Meaning of Massification

Massification is the action and the effect of concentration. This verb, in turn, means make solid which was not.
Examples: "the massification of Internet represents a cultural revolution", "We must work for the massification of recycling so that, together, we can take care of the planet", "this Government did nothing to prevent the massification of the crime and the crime.
The concept of massification is associated with the idea of masses, any community whose members share certain social or cultural behaviour. When the masses adopt a given behavior, it is massifie (it becomes solid). This growth process is known as massification.
Let's take the example of the Internet. This network of technology dates back to 1969, when it was developed by the Department of Defense of United States. Since then and until the 1990s, Internet was not solid, but limited use service. We can say that the massification of Internet took place during the last decade, when people around the world and from various social sectors have begun to connect to the network.
At the present time, it is possible to note certain trends being massification. Telework is one of them as more and more people working at home without realizing every day at an office or a factory.
Massification is defined as a process, because it is difficult or even subjective to determine when a trend becomes effectively mass. It is impossible to say, for example, when true Internet has become a tool of mass.
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