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Meaning, from latin significatĭo, is the action and the effect of mean. This verb is manifest or do know something. If it is a word or phrase, might be the sign of a thought or something material while it is one thing, it may be, by nature or convention, a representation of something else.
The meaning is also the meaning of a word or a phrase and the object referred to. Examples: "the words of the coach have a sufficiently clear meaning within the group", "the Mayor spoke for hours with the victim's family, but his speech had no meaning to them", "I should see what the meaning of what he wanted to give his statements."
A linguistic sign is the smallest unit of speech that consists of a means and a signifier. The two are indissolubly United through the meaning. We can say that the served is a concept, whereas the signifier is an acoustic image: the meaning is the entity to two interrelated sides that create this concept with its acoustic image.
The meaning is socially constructed in a given linguistic system. The term 'lion' has the meaning of carnivorous mammal of the family felidae. 'Lion' is the meaning of this animal by convention.
Another use of the concept of meaning is associated with the importance of any order: "this title has a quite special significance for the team and we would like to dedicate it to classmates who are no longer among us."
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