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Concept and Meaning of Meaning

Meaning is an adjective that relates to something that mean. The verb "serve", in turn, can be related to something that is representative or sign of another or the sentence that is expression or sign of an idea or something material. Mean, on the other hand, is demonstrate something.
Examples: "the Argentine tennis player won a significant victory for his career in New York", "political analysts consider that it was a meaning discourse that will bring its consequences", "the more significant work by the German artist will be exposed at the Centre of Fine Arts from next Tuesday".
The concept of meaning also appears in Linguistics. It is of a phoneme or sequence of phonemes that constitute a linguistic sign in joining a meant.
The linguistic sign is therefore the smallest unit of the sentence which consists a signifier and signified, which are inseparably United by the meaning. Means, on the other hand, meant the semantic content of a sign, which is conditioned by the system and the context. The signified (the conceptual aspect) is established from its link with the signifier (the material aspect) in the linguistic sign.
We can consider the case of the word 'House '. It's a set of articulated phonemes (/ m /, / Ɛ /, / z /, / o /) which the signifier designates a means individual: the mental concept of what is a "House", that is to say, a building where to stay. The meaning means something while the signified is what is known.

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