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Menu is a word of French origin, which has different applications depending on the context. Can be of all the dishes that make a meal (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner).
Examples: "the menu for tonight includes the meat in the oven with grilled vegetables and potatoes pancakes", "before you begin our guided tour, we'll take a nutritious breakfast: a menu rich in fruits and grains ', 'I did not appreciate the menu of the day because all the food had too much grease.'
The menu can also be map where meals, desserts and drinks available are shown in a restaurant or similar establishment: "I will ask the server to give me the menu for chooses a dessert ', ' have you seen the menu? '' "There are a variety of fish", "I can't read the menu without my glasses."
Another use of the concept linked to the menu term is the meals at a fixed price in a restaurant or a hotel and whose choices are limited: "the price of the overnight stay includes a set menu for dinner", "this menu allows you to choose between pizza or pasta," "I can't believe that the price of the menu has increased so much!
In the field of Informatics, a menu is a list of options that appears on a computer screen. Computer programs often involve a menu to present to the user the different tasks that it can perform: "Enter the menu to change the layout so that we can print the document without problems.", "If you want to change the font, you must Access the menu and click on the Fonts tab."
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