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Messianic is an adjective which expresses what is bound or which belongs to the Messiah or messianism. The notion of Messiah, in turn, is used in the field of religion to denote the anointed (the son of God or a man with the divine spirit) or in the current language in reference to who is a creditor of the overconfidence of people to achieve a goal or solve a problem.
The Messianic adjective, therefore, can be applied to the person who pleads or which is regarded as a Messiah or a Savior. Examples: "sects often have leaders with messianic pretensions to deceive people", "the messianic movement continues to grow", 'We believe that the master Brahmalogty is a messianic being which will take us towards a world best', ' be careful with the Messianic groups: they are dangerous.
Messianic Judaism means any religious group which believes that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah. Practitioners are considered as part of the Jewish religion and follow the precepts of the Torah, even if no current of Judaism or even the State of Israel accept the Messianic because they also follow the New Testament. As a result, some Christian groups claim that messianic Judaism is a form of Christianity.
It is estimated that in Israel there are approximately 15,000 members of Messianic Judaism, a number that grows to 250 000 to the United States. It is worth mentioning that this current is divided into several groups, such as the Nazarene messianic Judaism and the Judaism messianic ebionite.
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