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Mint is a genus of aromatic herb used in the food and in the manufacture of cosmetics and personal hygiene. Its flavor produces a sensation of freshness and aroma.
Examples: "do you want a glass of liquor mint?", «Yesterday, with Mariana, we ate half a kilo of cream Mint», «this Mint toothpaste leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth.
Native to Central Asia and the Mediterranean region, the Mint (whose scientific name is Mentha) is a perennial plant which can reach a height of 1.20 metres. It has underground rhizomes, available opposite and oblong to lanceolate leaves, flowers on double-lip and four lobes and fruit in the form of four seed capsule.
The uses of Mint are very varied. Its fresh leaves are used to flavor dishes salty (like Arab patties or lamb) or to decorate the sweet dishes (from the chocolate cakes). Its treatment, on the other hand, can produce ice cream, sweets, drinks and other foodstuffs.
The distillation of mint provides an oil which is then used in the preparation of oral hygiene products, perfumes, skin lotions and medicines. Aromatherapy experts say that Mint perfume is a decongestant (which helps clear the respiratory tract), analgesic, and stimulating.
The various species of mint include Mentha spicata, Mentha suaveolens, Mentha pulegium, Mentha vagans, Mentha longifolia and Mentha aquatica.
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