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Pet is a term that is used to name any animal companion and whose esteem master. These animals therefore accompany humans in their everyday life, so that they are not intended to work or to be slaughtered to become food.
Examples: "when I was a kid, I had three dogs as pets", "my favorite pet is the cat", "my parents have promised me that if I would have a good note to my control of math, they would offer me a pet," "do you want to go visit the new pet store? ''
Pets breeding is therefore encouraged so that animals live with people, or for social purposes, recreational or educational. The sale of pets is a case, but the pets themselves, once sold, are not destined to be a profitable business.
The animals began to be domesticated as pets in prehistory. Dogs and cats are the most popular animals in the world for their characteristics and historical tradition. Other animals, such as rabbits, turtles or hamsters are also generally considered of pets, although animal rights associations believe that these species should live in their habitat.
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