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Rehabilitation is the action and the effect of rehabilitate. This verb does mean restore or rehabilitate someone or something while enabling him again. Examples: "after the accident, I had to face a two-year rehabilitation to be able to walk again',"the rehabilitation of the building requires a huge investment", the singer has decided to suspend his tour to make a rehabilitation.
For medicine, rehabilitation is a process aimed at what the patient finds a function or an activity he lost due to illness or trauma. It's health care directed to the sequelae of a disorder with a disability, or a dysfunction.
If a person is a victim of a car accident and is bedridden, rehabilitation will focus on what the topic retrieves its movements. Doctors will therefore tasks and will accompany the injured to the extent to comply with certain directives so that members regain force and respond to individual commands.
Rehabilitation (synonym of Rehab) is also intended for patients to help them overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol. In general, they have remained hospitalized in a secure environment (so that they do not have access to harmful substances) and it sometimes involves the provision of drugs until toxicological addiction stops.
Concerning urban planning (or planning), finally, rehabilitation is work done to improve the conditions of building and habitability of housing. These processes usually develop in older buildings damaged by a phenomenon or any.
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