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Right-handed is Dexter which, in turn, has its origin which derives from the word latin dexter. As an adjective, it refers to who is right (IE, which has a natural tendency to use the right side of his body).
The person who normally used or which uses preferably of his right hand and his right leg is right-handed. Conversely, those who most often use the left hand or the left leg are left-handed.
Examples: 'team a lot of right-handed players and a few lefties","It's a tennis player right-handed which is an excellent service and the speed to get to the net is remarkable","my mother is right-handed, but me, I'm left-handed,"'If you want to play on that side of the field, you must avoid this right-handed trend and learn how to use most often two legs '.
The right hand is more adept with his right hand. As a result, he wrote, takes scissors and directed the majority of tasks and activities with this hand. On the other hand, the left-handed most often used his left hand. Those who use both hands with the same skill are described as of ambidextrous.
In politics, a right-handed person is a person who is part of the right, namely, who is sitting to the right of the president, which includes representatives of the conservatives.
In a revolutionary movement, said pitcher who is accused follow an opportunistic or moderate line.
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