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Concept and Meaning of Sales Promotion

The action and the effect of promote is known as the designation of promotion. The term, which comes from the word latin promotĭo, is used to name the dynamics of a process or thing; the improvement of the conditions of something; and activities with a view to know a product or to increase its marketing.
Sales, in turn, is the action and the effect of sale. This verb means transferring ownership from one thing to another person after the payment of an agreed price. Sales are both operations that the quantity of sold things.
The concept of sales promotion concerns the campaigns aimed at promoting the marketing of certain goods or services. Through these promotions, businesses seek to position a product on the market and to capture the interest of consumers. It is likely that the consumer takes advantage of the promotion, purchases the product under specific conditions (with a special price, a 2 × 1 pack, etc.), that it pleases him, and that, later, it bought even if there was more promotion.
The sales promotion can have other objectives outside that to boost sales in the short term and to increase the share of market in the long term. A promotion can help to break the loyalty of the customers face competition, to the failure of seasonality or test a new product, for example.
Reductions, free samples, coupons, rebates, gifts-offers and competitions are some of the ways that can be used in a sales promotion.
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