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Side is a term used to describe the parties that restrict a set. Examples: 'access to the site is blocked on both sides', "a cold air mass will come on the side of the river and will bring down the temperature across the province," "If you want to get to the beach faster, I recommend out of downtown on the side of avenue 48.
"Another meaning of the concept is related to the part of the body of a person or an animal between the shoulder and hip: after pushing, the old man fell on the side and ended up with two broken ribs", "I was told that if I slept on the side, I ronflerais more."
Both sides a piece, a cloth or anything else with are called sides "which side of the coin you selected. Heads or tails? ", «Do not forget to leave the printed side upwards by dressing your bolster», «Some think there are aliens hidden on the dark side of the moon».
In geometry, the sides are the lines that form a figure: 'an equilateral triangle is a triangle with three equal sides', "the professor asked us to identify two points on one of the sides of the square."
Side may also refer to an aspect that can be considered relative to something or someone: "On one side, I understand that you want progress, but, on the other hand, I don't think whether it's while you're working tirelessly", "seeing the situation of this side, his attitude has been quite logical."
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