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Lapsus is a latin word which can be translated by "creep". The concept is used to describe the error or the failure produced by an oversight. Examples: "excuse me, but I don't remember your name, I had a slip of the tongue", "the lapsus of the Minister did laugh those present", "my grandmother had a slip and has kept the SOAP in the freezer.
We often hear the term slip by a missed deed (or even a fault or failure), it means an act that expresses something different or contrary to that wanted to express the person. The slip in this regard may be a verbal expression, a gesture or action.
For Sigmund Freud, the slip occurs when what the person is saying is in conflict with a thought or an unconscious desire of oneself. Although the missed Act is exposed in its own event, understand the reason for the slip can be complicated because the explanation is generally not accessible to the level of consciousness.
Take the example of a candidate congressman who made a speech to try to seduce voters. He wants to show himself as someone honest as part of a new political party. The applicant is seeking to highlight his honesty and said: "I can assure you that if I am elected, there will be rise to corruption. Of course, his intention was to emphasize: "I can assure you that if I am elected, there is not place to corruption. A slip led him to commit this error which could be interpreted as a manifestation of the unconscious of what he thinks will happen if he wins the elections.
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