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The concept of band has several uses, from different etymological origins. It can be a musical group; a group of armed men; a gang of young people; the bias of people who support a person; a wide ribbon; a belt or a range defined in accordance with the range of variation of a physical quantity.
Its said that can sound or produce noise. It can also be something that sounds good, which sounds a lot or that produces a sound that means well.
The soundtrack refers therefore to the music of movie film where the sound is recorded. The concept is often related to the music of a film or a video game.
This music can be chosen by the Director of music/songs already published/edited or may have been composed especially for the film in question. Typically, these songs that are part of the soundtrack to increase the sensations and emotions that transmit images of the film.
It is possible to structure the soundtrack in three main parts. Initially, means the entrance theme, which is usually the song that accompanies the titles at the beginning of the film or the first scene. Then comes what is called background or incidental music: all themes that complement the various scenes of the film. Finally, the end credits, which is the song that plays while the credits go.
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