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A bar is longer than wide; the meter of a company; a roll of raw metal; a lever of iron used to move something heavy; a sign that is used in Scripture.
The State, moreover, is the situation in which something or someone; a way of being; or the form of sovereign and coercive social organization that is based on the existence of institutions with the authority and the power to regulate the functioning of a given society.
In the field of computer science, means under the name of bar an element type which is part of the graphical user interface of a software. The status bar is one which is usually located at the bottom of a window and that displays information on the status of it.
The status bar features vary according to the characteristics of the software in question. One of the most important status bars for the user is one that appears in the web browser because it shows the progress of loading a page or where a hyperlink goes. Just, for this purpose, place the cursor of the mouse on it.
Concerning software word processor like Microsoft Word, the status bar displays various data to the document that is open, the number of pages and language.
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