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The concept of bar admits of multiple uses and meanings. It can refer to a piece longer than wide; a roller metal in goal; a crowbar used to move something heavy; the luminous dial of a shop; the graphic sign that is used in writing to separate.
Title, on the other hand, can be a word or an expression that identifies the name of a work, the recognition granted to a person for his knowledge, his ancestry or of other circumstances, the legal document that secures an obligation or conferring a right; or the trophy which is awarded for achievement.
In this context, we can make a collision of the concept of the title bar. It is a component of the graphical interface of a software that shows the identification of the application in use or similar data. The title bar as well as the toolbar, taskbar and other tools are part of what is called the menu bars.
This element of the GUI is located at the top of the window and displays a title that corresponds to the content thereof. With this horizontal bar appears generally to other buttons like those used to reduce, enlarge, or close the window.
For example, when loading a page Web on Mozilla Firefox, the title bar displays the title of the site (such as the official website of the United Nations) next to the name of the software (Mozilla Firefox).
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