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Dent, Latin dentisis the hard body found in the jaws of humans and many animals and used to chew food or, in the case of some animals, to defend themselves. The part not covered by the teeth, which is visible, is known under the designation of Crown and is protected by enamel. The root of the tooth, it is not visible, in any case, not in a healthy mouth. The junction of the Crown with the root is called the collar.
The teeth are enclouées in the jaw through the gomphose. In this joint, it is possible to distinguish the dental cement and alveolar bone of the cement, which are linked by the periodontal ligament.
Composed of calcium and phosphorus, the teeth are mineralized tissue structures whose development began at an early age (childhood). First, appear the milk teeth which fall naturally and which are replaced by dentition permanent.
With teeth, people and animals can chew the food for proper digestion. Teeth can be divided into incisors (allowing to cut the food), in canines (used to tear), premolars (used to chew food) and molars (they grind). It is noted that the teeth are also involved in oral communication (to speak).
Oral hygiene, which is done using a toothbrush, dental floss and other equipment, is essential to keep his teeth in good condition. If hygiene is not correct, on risk of developing diseases such as dental plaque, caries, periodontitis and gingivitis.
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