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Vast, from latin vastus, is an adjective that means what is extended, which stretches away, which is enlarged, wide, spacious, large or very large. The vast (vast) is therefore the opposite of what is bounded or small.
Examples: "the King ruled over a vast territory stretching over thousands and thousands of kilometres", "the club announced the signing of a player with vast experience in European leagues", "I did an extensive course to reach here.
The broad notion can be applied to physical topics (concrete) or abstract (symbolic). A vast desert is a vast expanse of the surface of the desert, as well as a vast plain is a flat region characterized by its dimensions. This can be verified by a physical measurement. Moreover, talk of vast knowledge and extensive experience is more related to something abstract. Large, in this case, refers to that on offer in many aspects, subjects of reflection, research or study.
Large refers to 2 of the 3 portions of the triceps brachii and 2 4 portions of the quadriceps. Moreover, the Vastus lateralis, meanwhile, is a thigh muscle acting on the leg extension. This muscle extends from the hip to the ball joint.
In the familiar language, this adjective refers to a very high degree in something derogatory.
Vasto ('extensive' in Italian), on the other hand, is a town and comune in the province of Chieti, in the Abruzzo region, along the Adriatic Sea. It has approximately 40,000 inhabitants and is known for its historical sites and its beautiful beaches.
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