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VIP is an acronym which comes from the English and means Very Important Person ("very important persons").
A person VIP is so any one is considered to be socially relevant, which receives special treatment in certain public places. This allows them to access various benefits and privileges not enjoyed by ordinary people.
Examples: "VIP passengers have at their disposal a room special with drinks to cool off waiting and free meals", "my husband works in u VIP club that grants membership to those who occupy management positions in large enterprises," "Please direct you to the VIP lounge where you will be much more comfortable."
The VIP adjective is usually applied to certain personalities, some entrepreneurs, politicians, artists or athletes who require special attention. These services appear justified for glory, fame or money from the character.
As a general rule, the fact of belonging to the Group of VIP provides access to restricted areas, to the special airport lounges with additional and exclusive services. VIP passengers, therefore, can expect their planes in a different place than the rest of the passengers.
Means pass VIP, on the other hand, a map provided by nightclubs, bars and other places to those they see as very important. The VIP ticket allows to enter in pay and provides access to restricted on-site areas.
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