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Band is a polysemic concept. It can be a group of armed men of a gang, a portion of people who support someone or musical group. The band, on the other hand, can be also a wide ribbon or a defined interval according to the range of a physical quantity.
Broad said something that has more or less in width, having an excessive width or which is too loose.
Some of these definitions allow us to understand the concept of broadband (also called broadband). This concept is used in the field of telecommunications in reference to symmetrical data transmission to send various packages of information simultaneously to increase the effective transmission speed.
The concept of broadband is also used to refer to the engineering network that allows two or more signals share a same transmission medium. It is considered a router that operates at speeds greater than 100 Mbps is broadband (or high-speed) because it allows to get symmetrical transmission speeds.
The speed involving a broadband connection has increased over the years. 256 KB / s providing ADSL connections, we spent technologies offering several MB / s.
Today, the idea of broadband encompasses several concepts that transcend the connection itself. Thanks to this type of connection which allows you to browse the Internet at high speed, broadband is associated with issues such as digitization and interactivity.
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