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If you exceed the consumption of alcohol, you will suffer a hangover the next day. Best to avoid it is to not drink alcohol, but if you've already done so, here are ten tips and remedies to relieve their symptoms.
It is a truism to say that the best way of preventing the hangover is to avoid alcohol consumption, but it is also true. And it is that alcohol is a toxic substance, which not only damages your health in the long term, but it also causes other unpleasant sequelae, such as dehydration, dizziness, headache, and nausea or vomiting, among other signs of discomfort.
On the intensity and duration of the hangover, in addition, not only influences the amount of ingested alcohol, also involves other factors, such as sex - women are more sensitive to the harmful effects of alcohol-, weight, age age we worse metabolizamos ethyl content of beverages and reduces our resistance against their harmful effects, and the individual ability of tolerance to alcohol that each person has.
However, if you've fallen into the temptation and you've drank enough alcohol as to suffer a hangover, you should follow these tips to minimize the inconvenience that surely you will cause. And remember, alcohol can damage your health, so it is better to avoid their consumption or reduce it to a minimum and occasionally.

Ten remedies to relieve hangover

There, for the moment, a miracle cure for the hangover, but if you take note of these ten tips and natural remedies, you can relieve your symptoms:
  • You need to stay hydrated because alcohol causes dehydration, so you should drink water in abundance throughout the day. It is best to replace the breakfast coffee with some infusion.
  • Rest whenever possible; the hangover usually disappear within 24 hours. In addition, although the next day having consumed a significant amount of alcohol don't feel bad, you think that the effects of this substance can reduce your attention span and concentration, so you could suffer a car accident, for example.
  • Hangover days diet should not include fats and excesses should be avoided so that the liver and gallbladder without a lot of work. When cooking foods, in addition, is it opt to boil them, steaming them, or prepare them grilled.
  • Some foods help promote the recovery and improve the cleansing function of the liver, an organ that particularly suffers from alcohol abuse; It is the case of vegetables of green as the artichoke, Endive, the Endive, chicory, thistle, or broccoli. The resulting broth of the cooking of these vegetables, also will help hydrate you.
  • The fruits are also very appropriate in the case of a hangover, and the stewed fruit or baked apples, in addition, are soft and easy to digest. Another highly recommended option are the juices of vegetables mixed with fruits, which replenish nutrients that the body loses trying to compensate for the effect of the alcohol.
  • Take vitamin supplements that are involved in the process of metabolizing alcohol, as the B1, B6, B12 and vitamin C, can ease the discomfort, but its effectiveness to combat the hangover is not proven.
  • In terms of remedies, in general the scientific evidence of its effectiveness is very tight, and although some relieve certain symptoms, such as nausea and headache, they do nothing to get rid of others. You can try, that Yes, certain depuratives infusions made with milk thistle, dandelion, and Peppermint, which benefit the liver, or the green anise or lemon balm, which help soothe upset stomach.
  • Another natural remedy that you can be of assistance is to take warm showers throughout the day, a little cooling water gradually, but avoiding strong contrasts of temperature. Applying cold cloths on the forehead also serves to relieve the headache.
  • Sleep all you need, so allow the organism to complete recover from the excesses.
  • And, remember, do not take medications that contain acetaminophen to relieve the symptoms of hangover, as a headache, because in combination with alcohol can cause liver damage.
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