Illustrations, parables and stories with practical lessons

ILLUSTRATIONS with practical lessons

Maybe it isn't all that difficult

Christine is surprised how easy it is suddenly the conversation. Something shudders under their skin. Who am I in fact, that is happening to me? Why I do suddenly all this? Do with what ease move, and that they always told me that it was rigid and clumsy? How fluently I speak, and I guess that I am not saying any naivety, because this important gentleman listens to me with kindness. It will have changed me the dress, the world, or it was all inside and only lacked value, only it was always too afraid? My mother told me. Maybe it is not all that difficult, maybe life is infinitely lighter than thought, just have to have courage, feel and perceive itself, and strength goes then unsuspected skies. (Stefan Zweig, "The intoxication of metamorphosis")


An old man who had a serious problem of myopia is considered an expert on evaluation of art. One day he visited a museum with some friends. Sunglasses were forgotten in his home and he could not see the pictures clearly, but that failed to halt you in manifesting his strong opinions. As soon they entered the Gallery, he began to criticize the different paintings. To stop at what I thought was a full-length portrait, he began to criticize it. With an air of superiority, said: "the framework is completely inappropriate for the picture. Man this dress in a very ordinary and tattered form. Actually, the artist committed an unforgivable mistake when selecting a subject as vulgar and dirty for his portrait. It's a lack of respect." The elder followed their chattering non-stop until his wife managed to get to the crowd and quietly turned it to say in a low voice: "Dear, are looking at a mirror". Moral: It took us to recognize and admit our own faults, which appear to be very large when we see them in others.

At first it seemed not a genius

George Harrinson, soloist of the Beatles guitarist.
Touch to a group, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and one heard and liked. He wanted to go.
-I let get into your group?
John Lennon, serious, takes you to a concert of classical guitar in a Liverpool theater.
-When you do one thing well, you will enter.
I didn't play guitar. He bought one. Day and night he played and rehearsed non stop. "They bled her fingers."
At the end of a month was one of the Beatles.

Love life

A professor was invited to give a lecture at a military base, and at the airport, a soldier named Ralph received it. While they headed to pick up luggage, Ralph stopped a few moments to help an old lady with his suitcase, and then to guide a person. Increasingly, a smile lit up his face. "Where he learned to behave like this?", the teacher asked him. "In the war," said Ralph. Then he told his experience in Viet Nam. Beyond his mission had been to cleaning mine fields. During that time I had seen how several friends, one after the other, were a premature death. "I got used to live step by step. I never knew if this was going to be the last; so I had to make the most out of the time that passed between lift one foot and return to rest it on the floor. It seemed that every step was a lifetime". No one can tell what shall happen to him tomorrow. How sad would the world be if we knew it. The excitement of living would be lost, our life would be like a movie we saw, without any surprise or emotion. Life is a great adventure, and at the end no matter who has accumulated more wealth or who has gone further, but who has loved most. And more housewife who has most served, because he appreciated his life and that of others.

Learn to communicate

A Sultan dreamed that he had lost all the teeth. After awakening, he commanded to call a scholar so that he interpreted his dream. "What misfortune, my Lord! Each fallen tooth represents the loss of a relative of your Majesty,' said the Sage. "What insolence! How dare you say such a thing? Out of here! To give you a hundred lashes! ", cried the Sultan enraged." He later ordered that they bring to other wise and told him what he dreamed of. After hearing the Sultan with attention, said to him: "exalted Lord! Great happiness you have been reserved. The dream means that you survive all your relatives. The countenance of the Sultan with a big smile lit up and ordered that they should give you one hundred gold coins. When this came out of the Palace, one of the courtiers said admired: "is not possible! The interpretation that you did dream is the same as the first Sage. I don't understand why the first paid him with one hundred lashes and you one hundred gold coins. The second wise man replied: "my friend, everything depends on the way in which it is said. One of the great challenges of humanity is learning to communicate. Communication depends on many times, happiness or misfortune, peace or war. The truth can be compared to a precious stone. If we launched it on someone's face, it can hurt, but if we wrap it in a delicate packaging and offer it with tenderness certainly will be accepted with pleasure."

Learning to think

Sir Ernest Rutherford, President of the British Royal Society and Premio Nobel de Química in 1908, had the following anecdote. Some time ago, I received the call from a colleague. I was about to put a zero to a student by the response had given in a physics problem, even though it stated emphatically that his response was quite successful. Teachers and students agreed to ask someone impartial arbitration and I was elected I. I read the question of the review and said: show as it is possible to determine the height of a building using a barometer. The student had answered: take the barometer to the roof of the building and tying him a very long rope. Take down it to the base of the building, marked and measured. The string length is equal to the length of the building. Actually, the student had posed a serious problem with the resolution of the exercise, because he had answered the question correctly and completely. On the other hand, is granted the maximum score, could alter the average of their year of study, obtain a higher note and thus certifying its high level in physics; but the answer not confirmed that the student had that level. I suggested that it would be given to the student another opportunity. Gave you six minutes so I answer the same question but this time with a warning that in the response should demonstrate their knowledge of physics. Five minutes had passed and the student had written nothing. I asked him if he wanted to go, but he replied that he had many answers to the problem. The difficulty was to choose the best of all. I excusé me for interrupting him and begged him to continue. In the minute her remaining wrote the following response: take the barometer and throw it to the ground from the roof of the building, calculates the time of fall with a stopwatch. Then applies the formula height = 0.5 for a T2. And so we get the height of the building. At this point I asked my colleague if the student could be removed. The note gave him more high. After leaving the office, I met with the student and asked him to tell me his other answers to the question. Well, he replied, there are many ways, for example, you take the barometer on a sunny day and you measure the height of the barometer and the length of its shadow. If we then measure the length of the shadow of the building and apply a simple proportion, we will also obtain the height of the building. Perfect, I said, and otherwise? Yes, you answered, this procedure is very basic to measure a building, but it also serves. In this method, you take the barometer and you stand on the steps of the building on the ground floor. As you climb the stairs, go marking the height of the barometer and counts the number of brands up to the roof. You multiply the height of the barometer at the end by the number of marks that you have made and to have the height. This is a straightforward method. Of course, if what you want is a more sophisticated procedure, you can tie the barometer to a rope and move it as if it were a pendulum. If we calculate that when the barometer is at the height of the roof the gravity is zero, and if we take into account the measurement of gravity acceleration to descend the barometer in circular path through the perpendicular of the building, the difference of these values, and applying a simple trigonometric formula, could calculate, without a doubt, the height of the building. In this same style of system, atas barometer to a rope and descuelgas it from the rooftop to the street. Using it like a pendulum you can calculate the height by measuring the period of precession. Finally, he concluded, there are other ways. Probably, better is it take the barometer and hitting with the door of the House of the Concierge. When you open, say: Lord Porter, here I have a nice barometer. If you tell me the height of this building, gift it is. At this point in the conversation, I told him if he did not know the conventional response to the problem (the pressure difference marked by a barometer in two different places provides us the difference in height between both places). Obviously, he said that it was known, but during his studies, his teachers had tried to teach him to think. The student was Niels Bohr, physical Danish, Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922, best known for being the first to propose the model of Atom with protons and neutrons and the electrons surrounding him. He was an innovator in quantum theory. Aside from the character, how fun and funny anecdote, the gist of this story is that they had taught him to think. By the way, for skeptics, this story is absolutely true.

You can still be Einstein

Albert Einstein (18791955) is arguably the greatest scientific genius of the 20th century and one of the largest in history. However his career as student leaves perplexed more than one and is consolation for many. It seems that being that in its infancy some considered him something delayed. At the age of five years some school reports considered him slow and errors of calculation, but with security when addressing math. It was suspended in the entrance examination to the technical school in Zurich. When he had finished his training tried to get a position of Assistant and was the only one that suspended four students who had passed the final exams. In 1901 he delivered a thesis in physics on the kinetic theory of gases at the University of Zurich, which was rejected. In 1902, thanks to a recommendation, it could start working in the Patent Office in Berne as "technical expert third class"...

Attend the unwelcome visitor

It was a small man, round face and worked as a sales representative in the field of fire extinguishers. I didn't need either and was about to leave for a round of golf. I told him frankly that I didn't need anything, but he insisted to enter: "will be one minute thing..."
-Would have not said you that I am not interested? I don't need anything, it is useless to lose time, leave.
He turned, gave a slam and I saw it down the stairs.
It was then that I noticed the patch on the back of her coat, her heels eaten and that needed a good haircut. I was impressed by the small patch: this and the grace of God, I am natural little given to generous impulses. I quit, therefore the appointment of golf (I thought that it was going to rain), I called him and tried to show me like a gentleman, giving you my excuses. He saw what we had at home and realized that we were well stocked. Then, while we smoked, we chatted awhile. He told me that he lived in a next State, with his wife and four children. His wife was Catholic and that he was learning the catechism to be baptized soon. (Shame felt!). I shyly put a rosary in his hands.
Since then much better support representatives and ill-timed calls. Whenever my natural impatience shook nothing more than invoke that patch.
Taken from Leo J. Trese, "Clay pot", p.60.


Whenever a person, contrary to what should be done, it gives way to the claims of his laziness, his stomach or his bad character, weakens your will, loses self-control and reduces their self-esteem. Cartoons of Mafalda perfectly drawn this situation. Felipe is an empty can on their way and feel the desire to hit a kick. But internally thinks: "the big man kicking cans!". And long passes, overcoming what he considers a childish impulse. The problem is, a few meters, giving it back and release the enticing kick. This is his second reflection: "what disaster! Up to my weaknesses are stronger than me! "." (J.R. Ayllon, "pleasures and good life").

Under his wings

"National Geographic" magazine published a few years ago an article about something happened after a fire in Yellowstone National Park from us. After suffocated fire began the work of damage assessment, and a Ranger found a bird burned at the foot of a tree, in a strange position, since it did not seem that it had killed fleeing or trapped, but that it was simply with its wings closed around her body. When the stunned Rangers gently hit it with a stick, three small live chicks emerged from under the wings of his mother, who, knowing that their children could not escape the fire, did not abandon them at this critical time. Not stayed with them in the nest on the tree, where the smoke rises and heat builds up, but took them, perhaps one-by-one to the base of the tree, and then gave his life to save theirs. Can you imagine the scene? The fire surrounding them, the chicks scared and very determined mother, instilling peace to their children, as saying: "do not be afraid, under my wings nothing will happen to you". So sure were there playing their feathers, isolated from the fire, who had not even left there hours after off the fire. They were completely confident in the protection of his mother, and only when you feel the Ranger coup thought that they had to leave.

Change of face

Leonardo Da Vinci, took it seven years to complete his famous work entitled "The last supper". The figures representing the twelve apostles and Jesus were taken from real people. The person who would be the model to be Christ was the first to be selected. When it was learned that Da Vinci would paint this work, hundreds of young people were presented before him to be selected. Da Vinci sought a face showing a personality innocent, peaceful and beautiful at the same time. I was looking for a free of scars and hard features face that leaves the uneasy life of sin. Finally, after a few months of search you selected a young man of 19 years of age as a model to paint the figure of Jesus Christ. For six months he worked to paint the main character of this work. During the following six years, Da Vinci continued his work looking for people who would represent 11 Apostles, and left for the final that would be Judas. He was seeking a man with a hard and cold expression for weeks. A face marked by scars of greed, deception, betrayal, hypocrisy, and crime. A face that would identify a person who certainly would betray his best friend. After many failed attempts in the pursuit of this model came to the ears of Leonardo Da Vinci, who had a man with these features in the black hole of Rome. This man was sentenced to death for having led a life of robberies and murders. Da Vinci saw before him a man whose hair fell over his face hiding two eyes full of anger, hatred and ruin. In the end they had found who modelaría Judas in his work. Thanks to a permit of the King, this prisoner was moved to Milan to study the master. For several months this man sat silently opposite Da Vinci as the artist continued with the arduous task of translating his work the character who had betrayed Jesus. When Leonardo gave the last brushstroke turned to the guards and gave the order that the prisoner will be. When he left, he turned to Leonardo Da Vinci and told him: "Da Vinci!!" Watch me! Do not recognize who am I? "." The artist noted it carefully and replied: "You never seen until that afternoon in the black hole of Rome". The prisoner looked up and said: "look at me well, I'm that young man whose face you chose to represent Christ seven years ago...!".

Path of the Institute

Way from the Institute for an essay, was on his when I went outside the House of Dave, who had been my best friend before rejecting me because I had stopped the drugs. I don't know how it occurred to me to enter to say goodbye, as he was about to complete studies.
Dave came down the stairs with her coat, but invited me to climb. The situation was tense initially, but then we started to talk and talk and laugh and tell us all kinds of anecdotes. What would last 15 minutes lasted more than two hours. I never got to my essay!
- But Dave, you were going to leave, I told him at the end.
He suddenly changed his expression.
-Why have you come tonight?, I asked.
-Only to dismiss me.
-But, why tonight precisely?
-Well... I don't know.
It taught me a rope of two meters with a noose.
-I was going to hang me.
He burst into tears and asked me to read it. We hugged and I began to pray for him at that same moment. On the way home I said to God:
-Lord, I didn't know what Dave was going to do, but you if knew you, right? If you can serve you from someone like me to help a poor guy like Dave, here I am, Lord, use me.
Taken from Scott and Kimberly Hahn, Rome, sweet home", p.24. (Scott, who later would become Catholicism, was then Presbyterian).

To breathe

Once a man decided to ask a wise about their problems. After a long journey to the place where the master lived, man could finally give him: "teacher, I come to you because I'm desperate, I everything goes wrong and not will do more to move forward". The wise man said: "can I help you with this... do know rowing?" A bit confused, the man answered Yes. Then the teacher took him to the edge of a Lake, together they boarded a boat and the man began to row towards the Centre at the request of the master. "I will now explain how to improve my life?" said the man warning that the elder enjoyed more worry-free trip. "Still, still said that we must get to the heart of the Lake". Arriving at the exact Center of the Lake, the teacher said to him: "gives your face as far as possible to the water and tell me what you see...". The man, spent almost all of his body above the gunwale of the small boat and trying to not lose the balance approached his face everything he could into the water, but not much understanding for what he was doing this. Suddenly, the old man pushed him and the man fell into the water. Trying to get out, the Sage fastened him his head with both hands and prevented to come out to the surface. In desperation, the man manoteó, pataleó, shouted uselessly under water. When he was about to die drowning, Sage released him and allowed him to climb to the surface and then the boat. To the top man, between coughs and drowning, shouted: "are you mad? Don't realize that I almost drown? "." With his quiet face, the teacher asked him: "when you were down the water, what you thought, what he most wanted in that time?". In breath, of course!! "Well, maybe when you need succeed with the same vehemence with which you thought at that time to breathe, then you will be ready to succeed...". It is so easy (or difficult). Sometimes it is good to reach the point of "drowning" for the way in which efforts should be focused to reach something.

Against all odds

The most extreme situations that occur in China, include limitations in the births of children. Rebasarl the maximum allowed one child per family is a serious crime, pursued with all cruelty. A few days ago, thanks to the Chinese media started to give some priceless and never sufficiently recognized signs of independence, have transcended the horrible experiences of a marriage to save her daughter from a cruel death. When Chinese authorities discovered that Zhang Chunhong, 31-year-old, not only had previously eluded the tight State control with the birth of a second child, but had advanced a new pregnancy, have been proposed by all means that his birth had no place in any case. To achieve this, they injected to force a saline solution that should cause the abortion, but the child was born alive. The doctor who participated in such savagery ordered that you left outdoors to the newborn in the balcony, on the snow, but a nurse, at the expense of serious risks and with the connivance of some of their peers, eluded the order, ensuring the girl, in absolute secrecy, a minimum of food. Mother pleas so teach her daughter were despised, but a local television journalist had the courage to bring to public light the situation, which was the emergence of the baby that he had denied life, although in miserable conditions, due to the precariousness which had remained. When he appeared before the television cameras, weighing only a kilo and had some injuries, and despite the fact that the day of his birth had reached the two kilos and a half. His father teaches her proud and declares: "Without journalists, my daughter would have died". (PUP, 3.X.01).

When it is old

The day that this old and no longer the same, be patient and understand me. When spilling food on my shirt and forget as tie me my shoes, he remembers the hours pass to teaching you to do the same things.
If when you conversas with me, I repeat and repeat the same words that you largely know how it ends, don't interrupt me and listen to me. When you were little that you durmieras I had to tell you thousands of times the same story until you close the eyes.
When we are gathered and not wanting to make my needs, don't be ashamed and I understand that I have no guilt, because I can't control them. Think how many times when children help and was patient beside you waiting for you to finish what they were doing.
I do not blame because it does not want to bathe; I do not scold for this reason. Remember the moments that you pursued and the thousand excuses I invented to make you more enjoyable your toilet. Accept me and forgive me. Since I am the child now.
When you see me useless and ignorant to all the technological things that I already do not understand, I beg you to give me all the time that is necessary in order not to hurt me with your mocking smile. Remember that I went to who taught you many things. Eat, dress yourself and your education to face life as well as you do, are the result of my efforts and perseverance for you.
When sometime as we speak I get to forget that we are talking about, give me all the time as needed until I can remember, and if I can do it you do not toy of my; It was perhaps not important who spoke and I in accordance with that I listen at that time.
If you ever don't want to eat, do not insist me. Is what I can and what shouldn't. It also includes time already I have no teeth to bite or like to feel. When break me my legs being tired to walk, give me your tender hand to support me like I did when you started to walk with your weak legs.
Finally, when one day I hear tell that I already don't want to live and just want to die, do not be angry. Someday you will understand that this has nothing to do with your love or how much I love you. Try to understand that I don't live but I am surviving, and that is not live.
Always wanted the best for you and I have prepared the paths that you have because of travel. He thinks that with the step that I advance to give I'll be building for you another route at another time, but always with you.
Don't feel sad or helpless to see me as I see. Give me your heart, understand me and support me as I did it when you started living. In the same way as you've accompanied your path please accompany me to finish mine. Give me love and patience, that you'll return gratitude and smiles with the immense love I have for you.

Give the cost

Few people know that Gaudí had to take to the streets to ask for money to be able to continue the works of the Temple of the Sagrada Familia. On one of these visits, successful, took place the following:
-Thank you, Gaudi said.
-No, no me thanks. Actually it doesn't me sacrifice.
-Then, added the architect with grace, it is not. Rather, does not serve you. See increase it up to sacrifice itself... will be more pleasant to God! Because charity which does not sacrifice as the basis is not true and such time is not more than vanity.
Knight was left speechless. He mused. Good Christian, understood and delivered one much larger donation.
-Now I am who thanks you, Mr Gaudí.
Taken from Alvarez left, "Gaudi", p. 181.

One by one

One day, walking on the beach noticed a man who ducked every moment, collecting some of the sand and throwing it into the sea. Did the same thing again and again. When I went, I watched him seizing were Starfish that waves deposited in the sand, and one by one threw them back to the sea. Asked why he did it, and I answered: "I am throwing these sea stars again to the ocean. As you can see, the tide is low and these stars have been on the shore. If I do not return them they will die here due to lack of oxygen." "I understand I said, but there must be thousands of Starfish on the beach, you can not throw them all." They are too, perhaps you don't give account that this probably happens in hundreds of beaches along the coast. No are you doing something that doesn't make sense? "." The man smiled, bowed, and took a star marina and replied as threw it back to the sea: "this had it!".

Deformation of versions

INITIAL order of COLONEL Commander: «tomorrow at nine o'clock there will be an eclipse of the Sun, fact which does not happen every day, that form the soldiers in the courtyard in campaign dress to witness the phenomenon. I will give you the necessary explanations. In case of rain, forming in the gym».
THE Commander Captain: ' by order of the Colonel Lord, tomorrow at nine o'clock there will be an eclipse of the Sun, according to Colonel Lord, if it rains will not be anything outdoors, then campaign suit the eclipse will take place in the gym, which does not happen every day.» He will give the appropriate orders».
Captain Lieutenant: 'by order of the Colonel Lord, tomorrow at nine-thirty in swimwear campaign inauguration of the eclipse of the Sun in the gym. Colonel Lord will give the appropriate orders if it must be raining, fact which does not happen every day. If nice weather and no rain, the eclipse will take place on the patio».
THE Lieutenant to Sergeant: "tomorrow at nine o'clock, by order of the Lord Colonel will rain in the courtyard of the barracks. Mr Colonel in campaign dress will give orders in the gym to the eclipse takes place in the courtyard».
THE Sergeant at the end: "tomorrow at nine o'clock, Mr Colonel eclipse will take place in swimwear campaign by effect of the Sun. If it rains in the gym, fact that does not occur every day, pops out to the patio».
OUT to the soldiers: "morning, nine o'clock, seems to be in campaign dress Sun will eclipse the Colonel Lord in the gym, shame that this does not happen every day".

Two mice

Two mice falling into a bucket of milk. The first mouse, disillusioned, lazy, was left to take. The second, did not lose the mood and, with his good character, while swimming, mused. And realized something important: shake-based, the milk coagulates. You were encouraged, accelerated a bit, and while that was cream, and then butter, and then gave a jump and went out. These two mice reflect two ways to deal with the problems.

The grandfather

The grandfather had become very old. His legs were, I saw and heard less and less, he dribbled and had serious difficulties to swallow. On one occasion he continues that Tolstoy novel scene when his son and his daughter-in-law served him dinner, the dish fell grandfather and was shattered on the floor. The daughter-in-law began to complain of the clumsiness of his father-in-law, saying it broke everything, and that from that day you would eat in a plastic basin. The old man sighed scared, not dare to say anything.
A while later, they saw the young son manipulating in the closet. Driven by curiosity, his father asked him: "What are you doing, son?" The guy, without raising the head, said: "I am preparing a bowl to feed you and MOM when you are old you." The husband and his wife looked and felt so ashamed that they began to cry. They asked forgiveness to the grandfather and his son, and things changed radically from that day. His young son had given them a severe lesson of sensitivity and good-hearted.


The Eagle is a bird of greater longevity. He comes to live 70 years. But to get to that age, in his fourth decade has a serious and difficult decision to make. At age 40, already his nails became so long and flexible that you can not attach to prey on which it feeds. Elongated and pointed, beak is curved too and no longer serves. Pointing to the chest are the wings, aged and heavy depending on the size of their feathers, and then, flying becomes very difficult. Then, you have only two choices: let it be and die... or face a painful process of renewal that will take you approximately 150 days. That process consists of flying to the top of a mountain and collected in a nest, next to a wall where no need to fly and feel more protected. Then, once found the right place, the Eagle starts to hit the rock with the peak... to start it. Then it hopes that a new peak with which be able to boot your old useless nails born him. When the new nails begin to grow, she gives off a one old and sobrecrecidas feathers. And after all those long and painful five months of injury, scarring, and growth, it succeeds in making his famous flight of renewal, rebirth and celebration to live another 30 years. In our lives also touch us suffer conversion processes for not succumbing. Perhaps we need to protect us for some time, to meditate, to submit to certain sacrifices to carry out some changes.

The ring of the Pope

Visiting one of the shacks of the Vidigal Favela, in Brazil, Juan Pablo II kissed a child, suddenly sneaked into one of the barracks and, to the amazement of those around him, removed his papal ring and gave it to those people that they restrained him. Of course the ring would not auction it and stored there, in the parish of San Antonio, as the most precious treasure of the humble neighborhood.

The animal of the delay

It is said that Alexander the great, in one of his war campaigns, met Diogenes, taking the Sun half-naked and quiet on the banks of a river. Alexander, who is not in vain had the same Aristotle as a tutor and respected and secretly envied the wisdom, had heard of Diogenes, the philosopher who lived in a barrel, and used the occasion to approach him in person and talk with him humbly, returning by a disciple in the midst of his military glory time. However, I could not do wait a long time to its troops, and finally had to say goodbye to the philosopher. Such was the impression that brief conversation had caused you, that the Conqueror of worlds said to the Sage of Coop: "I am leaving, because I have to continue with my achievements for the history. But now I pray to the heavens that in life that touch me live in my next incarnation is not I Alejandro, but Diogenes. Diogenes replied: 'and what wait for this next incarnation? You can be from now if you so wish. The river is wide, and the Sun not skimp its rays. There are site largely here for other drums». And he turned to lie in the Sun, while Alejandro rode on his horse. Many times has said that the man is the animal of the delays. It differs, it postpones, it delays. Other animals Act at the time, react instantly. They go when they want to go, and rest when they want to relax. They live a day, at the time. Men, on the other hand, think that they should be given a well deserved and needed rest, but decide that they will do it later, and they continue to work; or, on the contrary, they know that they should work, but decide that now they will do it later, and still resting when, by his own well, they should get to work. Succeed in what must dilate and what you should do immediately is an important issue. That it is not that we want to change, to improve, to get rid of vices that enslave us... but to the next reincarnation. It happens to us then as to Alexander, who with a prayer to the gods it arranges everything, silences its conscience and continues with his conquests. In practice, many people seem to believe in reincarnation. And not only in the East.

Tree problems

The Carpenter who had hired to help repair an old farmhouse had just finished a hard day's work. Your electric mower has been damaged and made him lose an hour of work and now his old truck refused to start. While carrying him home, he sat in silence. When we arrived, he invited me to meet his family. While we were heading to the door of his house, he stopped briefly against a small tree, touching the tips of the branches with both hands. When the door opened, the face of the man turned, smiled, hugged his two small children and gave his wife a kiss. Then he accompanied me to the car. When we passed near the tree, I felt curious and ask him for what he had done it a while before. "Oh, that's my trouble tree", replied. "I know that I can't have problems at work, but one thing is certain: the problems do not belong to the House, my wife or my children." So just hang them on the tree every night when I get home. Then, the next morning, I pick up them again. "The good thing is concluded smiling when I go out in the morning to pick them up, there as many as those who remember hanging up the night before".

The dead tree

I remember a winter my father needed firewood, so he sought a dead tree and cut it. But then, in the spring, he saw desolate that withered the tree trunk shoots sprang him. My father said: "I was sure that that tree was dead." He had lost all the leaves in the winter. But you see that it was so cold that branches be foretold and fell as if not a shred of life does not remain you to the old trunk. But now I notice that it was still encouraging life in that trunk." And looking back at me, advised me: "never forget this lesson. Never cut a tree in winter. Never make a negative decision in adverse weather. Never making important decisions when you're in your worst mood. Hold on. Be patient. The storm will pass. Remember that spring will return".

The Sweeper

Momo had a friend, Beppo Sweeper, who lived in a little House that he had built with bricks, waste cans, cartons. When Beppo Sweeper asked something limited to smile kindly, and not answered. I was just thinking. And, when he believed that a response was unnecessary, it was silent. But, when it believed it necessary, I thought it much. Sometimes it took two hours to reply, but others took a whole day. Meanwhile, the other person had forgotten his own question, so the response of Beppo surprise almost always. When Beppo sweeping the streets, he did it slowly, but consistently. While he was sweeping, with the dirty Street itself and clean behind, is going happening you multitude of thoughts, which then explained to her friend Momo: "Ves, Momo, sometimes you have before you a street that feels terribly too long that you can never finish sweep. Then you begin to hurry, each time more quickly. Whenever you wake up to the view, you see that the street is just as long. And you strive even more, you begin to be afraid, in the end you've been breathlessly. And the street is still ahead. Thus it should not be done. Never has to think across the street at once, do you understand? We must think in the next step, in the following inspiration, the next sweep. Then it is fun: that's important, because then the task done right. And so it has to be. Suddenly realize of that step by step, it has swept across the street. One does not realize how it has been, and is not out of breath. That is important."is not the beauty of patience that she can give us time to get to know her through obliquely ourselves? Because, we say, as we say, the patience with which we do not know to look at ourselves will be the same nopaciencia that prevents us to look at the reality as it is to be regarded: conpaciencia, withpassion, concompasion, pity, pity us...


Patience are stalactites and stalagmites of life: they are forming very slowly in the dark, integrated trickle and irregular, non-geometric way, require time, and grow at the top and at the bottom being very beautiful at the end. Patience is a bonsai: only time, faith, care and pampering to make you grow. You can not pull the tree branches, take out it of its pot, to see if it is taking root. You need the humility of humus to grow. We can explain this parable to another. It is, in fact, as that frog jump fell into a bucket of cream, but splashing around and splashing woke up in the morning over a mass of butter that she had beaten. He was there with his smiling face swallowing flies that came by the dozens from everywhere.

The Chinese and the horse

There was once a Chinese, poor but wise, farmer who worked the ground hard with his son. One day his son said to him: "Father, what misfortune, the horse has left us". His father replied: "we will see what brings the time...". A few days later the horse returned, accompanied by another horse. A few days later, the boy wanted to ride the new horse, and this one, not accustomed to the rider, is reared and threw him to the ground. The boy is broke a leg. "Father, which unfortunately, I've broken leg". And the father, returning to his experience and wisdom, he said: "Let's see what brings the time...". The boy complained. A few days later passed through the village envoys of the King, looking for young people to take them to war. They went to the House of the old man, but as they saw the young man with his leg splints, they let him and followed long. The young man then realized that you should never give neither the misfortune and fortune as absolute, but that it must be given time to time, to see if something is good or bad. The moral of this old Chinese advice is that life takes many turns, and their development times so paradoxical development, often what seems bad then it is good, and vice versa. It must know how to wait, and trust in God, because everything is for the better. How often rushed, impatient, judgements prevent from seeing higher and more away!

The mirror of desires

Harry Potter arrives for a third consecutive day to the mirror room and don't realize that in a corner, sitting on a desk, is Dumbledore. "Is curious how myopic who may become one to be invisible," said Dumbledore. Harry was relieved to see that he smiled at him. "Then Dumbledore, he continued going down desk to sit on the floor with Harry, you, like hundreds before you, have discovered the delights of the mirror of Erised". "I didn't know that I was his name, Lord." "But I hope you may have noticed what she does, isn't it?". "Well... He showed me my family and..."." And your friend Ron reflected this as captain." "What you know...?". "Don't need a layer to be invisible said kindly Dumbledore." And now do you can think about what us the mirror of Erised shows all us? "." Harry shook his head. "Let me explain. The happiest man of the earth can use the mirror of Erised like a normal mirror, i.e. is regarded and will be exactly as it is. Does that help you? "." Harry thought. "Then said slowly:"Shows us what we want... whatever you want..."." Yes and no it said Dumbledore calmly. It shows us neither more nor less than the deep and desperate desire of our heart. For you, who never knew your family, see them surrounding you. Ronald Weasley, who has always been exceeded by his brothers, is only seen and the best of all of them. However, this mirror will not give us knowledge or truth. There are men who have been consumed before this, fascinated by what they have seen. Or they have gone crazy, not knowing if what it shows is real or even possible." He continued: "the mirror will be taken to a new home tomorrow, Harry, and I ask that you not seek it again. And if ever you come across it, you have to be prepared. It is not good to let yourself be carried away by dreams and forget to live, remember. Now why don't you get back that wonderful layer and going to bed? '. "
For information: the mirror of ERISED has a legend that surrounds the entire framework that surrounds it and which reads as follows: ERISED LENOZ AROCUT EDON ISARA CUT is ONOTSE if you read everything upside down you will find the name and the meaning of mirror (this is not your face if not your heart desire).

The man who planted trees

In 1913, I had the opportunity to make a long walking tour through the mountainous landscapes of the ancient region where the Alps penetrate into Provence. They were desert lands, whole earth appeared sterile and dull. Nothing grew there except some poor wild vegetation. I only found drying and an abandoned village. Finally, among so much solitude, I saw a shepherd with thirty sheep pitches near the aboveground ash. He was a man of few words in the middle of a desolate landscape. Also lived some families under the rigorous climate, in the midst of poverty and conflicts caused by the continuous desire to escape from there.
That pastor was 55 years old and was called Elzéard Bouffier. It was used as stick a rod of iron. Point is, it was a hole where he planted an Acorn and then stuffing it. He had planted an oak tree. Thus, he planted up to 100 acorns with extreme caution. It had been three years planting trees in the desert. He had already planted 100,000. Of these, about 20,000 had germinated. Of the 20,000 expected lose half because of rodents or bad weather. Even so, would be 10,000 oak trees, where before there was nothing.
It came the war of 1914, and his term went back to that place. That pastor was extremely agile and active. The Oaks had ten years and were taller than a man. It was an impressive sight. They were among a forest of eleven kilometers long and three wide. And all that had sprouted up hands and the soul of that single man. It had continued its plan, and thus they confirmed it beech trees, which came at the height of the shoulder and that were strewn as far as eye could encompass. Had also planted birches in all valleys where had rightly guessed that there was enough moisture.
The transformation was so gradual that it had become part of the set without causing greater astonishment. Some hunters who climbed up to these barren lands in search of hares or wild boar, had noticed, of course, the sudden growth of trees, but had attributed it to any whim of the Earth. That was the reason why no one interfered in the work of Elzéard Bouffier.
In 1935, the hills were covered with trees of more than seven meters high. Recalling the desert which was the land in 1913 I could see that the intense work done in a methodical and quiet way, the vigorous mountain air, a frugal life and, above all, a great serenity of spirit had endowed this old man with an amazing health.
I saw last Elzéard Bouffier in June 1945. It was then 87 years old. Only the family name of a village was able to convince me that it really was in a region that had previously been a desolate spot. The bus left me in Vergons. In 1913, this hamlet of 10 or 12 houses had three inhabitants that lived by hunting with traps and were very close to the primitive man physically and morally. Now everything had changed, even air. Instead of the rough and dry winds that recalled, it was blowing a breeze full of aromas of the forest. The houses had been restored, and now were surrounded by gardens, where growing flowers and vegetables. There were young couples. That place had become a village where it was pleasant to live. From there I was walking me. On the slopes of the mountain I saw small fields of barley and rye. At the bottom of the narrow valley, meadows began to revive. Instead of the ruins he had seen in 1913, now raised fields neatly manicured, bearing witness to a happy and comfortable life. The old Brooks, fed by the rains and snows that conserve the forests, run again because its waters have been channeled. The people of the lowlands, where land is expensive, installed here, bringing youth, movement and the spirit of adventure. Along the roads, are men and women strong, children that can laugh and taste that have recovered by rides.
If you count the primitive population - unrecognizable now - living with decency, more than 10,000 people due to Elzéard Bouffier great part of their happiness. When I think that a single man, armed only with their physical and spiritual resources was able to sprout this land of Canaan in the desert, I am convinced that, despite all, mankind is admirable; and when I appreciate the inexhaustible greatness of spirit and benevolent tenacity that involved to achieve this result, I am filled with immense respect for the old and illiterate, peasant who was able to perform a job worthy of God.
Elzéard Bouffier died peacefully in 1947.

The empty egg

Jeremy was born with a deformed body and a slow mind. At the age of 12, he was still in the second primary, seeming to be unable to learn. Her teacher, Doris Miller, is often exasperated with him. I could squirm in his seat and release growls and sometimes spoke clearly and precisely, as if a ray of light gets into the darkness of his brain. Most of the time, however, Jeremy simply irritated to her teacher.
One day called their parents and asked them to go to see her for a tutorial. When the Forrester went into the empty class, Doris told them: "you really need Jeremy is a special school. It is not good for him to be with children who have learning problems. There is a difference of five years between his age and the other schoolchildren." Mrs Forrester took out a tissue and wept quietly, as her husband spoke: "Miss Miller, no schools of this kind in the vicinity." It would be a terrible shock for Jeremy if we had to get him out of this school. We know that he really likes to be here." Doris remained sitting a long time once they had gone, staring at the snow through the window. His coldness seemed to seep up to his soul. I want to sympathize with the Forrester. After all, her only child had a terminal illness. But it wasn't just to keep it in its class. She had 18 children who teach and Jeremy was a distraction for them. In addition, he would never learn to read and write, so why waste more time trying? While it pondered the situation, a feeling of guilt seized it. "Here I am, protesting, when my problems are nothing compared to that poor family", thought. "Please, Lord, help me to be more patient with Jeremy."
Since that day, he tried hard to ignore Jeremy noises and empty eyes. One day, Jeremy went to his table, dragging after him his bad leg: "I love you, Miss Miller", exclaimed loud enough so that the whole class listen to it. Other students released drowned giggles and Doris blushed. Babbled: "Do Cocomo? Thats very nice Jeremy. Now back to your site, please".
Spring is here, and children spoke animatedly of the arrival of Easter. Doris told them the story of Jesus, and to emphasize the idea of the birth to a new life, gave each child a large plastic egg. "Now I want to that you carry what you home and that you bring it back tomorrow with something inside that means a new life have understood it?". "Yes, Miss Miller", responded enthusiastically children (all except Jeremy). He heard her giving samples to be understanding what he was saying. His eyes did not let be fixed on his face. Even neither did their usual noises. Had the boy understood what she had explained about the death and resurrection of Jesus? Had I understood the assignment? Perhaps you should call his parents and explain to them the project. That afternoon, stalled the Doris kitchen sink. He called his home and waited for an hour to come and desatascara it. Then he had to go to the store to purchase daily, ironing a blouse and prepare a review of vocabulary for the following day. Forgot completely parents of Jeremy. The next morning, 19 children arrived at school, laughing and talking while leaving their eggs in large wicker basket on the table of the Miss Miller. After finishing his lecture in mathematics, it was time to open the eggs. The first egg, Doris found a flower. "Oh, Yes." A flower is certainly a sign of new life. When plants out of the Earth, we know that spring has arrived." A little girl in the front row waved his arm. "That's my egg, Miss Miller," he said. The following egg contained a butterfly of plastic, which seemed very real. Doris kept it aloud: "we all know that a caterpillar changes and transforms into a beautiful butterfly. Yes, it is also new life". The small Judy smiled proud and said, "Miss Miller, that is my own". In the following, Doris found a rock with MOSS. He explained that this Moss also meant life. Billy cried out from the bottom of the class: "my dad helped me," said smiling. Then Doris opened the fourth egg. I stifled a scream. The egg was empty. Surely must be Jeremy, he thought, and of course, he had not understood their instructions. If had not forgotten to phone their parents... To not make him a hard time, carefully put the egg on one side and reached another. Soon Jeremy said: "Miss Miller, are not you going to talk about my egg?". Doris replied confused: "But Jeremy, your egg is empty". He stared in the eyes and said softly: "Yes, but the tomb of Jesus was also empty". The time is stopped. When was able to speak again, Doris asked him: "Do you know why the tomb was empty?". "Oh, Yes." Jesus they killed him and put him inside. Then his father elevated him towards it." The recess bell rang. As the children ran excitedly into the courtyard of the school, Doris wept. The coldness of the interior of faded completely. Three months later, Jeremy died. Those who went to the funeral home to express his condolences, were surprised to see 19 eggs over the top of his coffin. All of them are empty.

The inventory of lost things

That day I saw my grandfather different. It had focused on the distant gaze. Nearly absent. I think now that maybe he sensed that it was the last day of his life. I went and told him: "good morning, Grandpa!". And he extended his hand in silence. I sat next to his chair and after a few moments a bit mysterious, he exclaimed: "today is inventory day, son!". "Inventory?", I asked surprised. 'Yes. The inventory of lost so many things! I always had a desire to do many things then ever I did, for not having the sufficient will to overcome my laziness. I also remember that girl that I loved in silence for four years, until one day left the town without me knowing it. I was also about to study engineering, but I dared not. I remember so many moments in which I hurt others for not having the courage to speak, to say what he thought. And other times courage missed me to be loyal. And the few times that I have said to your grandma that I love her, and love her dearly. So many things not completed, so many undeclared love, so many missed opportunities! "." Then, his eyes sank further into the void is moistened her eyes and continued: "this is my inventory of lost things, the review of my life. A mi me no longer serves. You Yes. I leave you as a gift so that you can make your inventory in time". Then, with some joy on the face, continued: "do you know what I've discovered these days? Do you know what is Sin more serious in the life of a man? "." The question surprised me and I yelled just to say, with insecurity: "not thought about it. I guess that kill other humans, hate the neighbor and wish him evil... "." He looked at me with affection and said: "I think that the most grave sin in the life of a human being is the sin by omission. And the most painful is to discover lost things without having time to find them and get back them." The next day, I returned early home, after the funeral of his grandfather, to make easy my own 'inventory' of lost things, not these things, not expressed affection.

The brick

A young and successful Executive walked at full speed in his Jaguar latest model, carefully avoid a boy who had signs on the street. Without looking at him, and without lowering the speed, went with him. He felt a blow in the door. Get off, he saw that a brick had spoiled the painting of the door of his luxury car. He ran and grabbed by the arms to the little boy yelled: what Ray is this? Why you do this with my car? And enraged, continued yelling: it's a new car and that brick you threw is going to cost dearly! Why did you do it? "Please, please, I'm Lord, sorry. I don't know what to do. I threw the brick because no one stopped... "." Tears fell down her cheeks, as I pointed out to one side: "is my brother. Your wheelchair is derailed and fell to the ground and I can not lift it." Sobbing, the boy asked: "can you, please, help me to sit in your Chair? Damage has been done. And I can't handle it, it is heavy for me only." Visibly struck by the words of the boy, the Executive swallowed saliva. Excited by what had just happen, he raised the young soil and sat down in his chair again. He took out his handkerchief to wipe a little cuts and dirt from the wounds of the brother of the boy. He found that he was all right, and looked at the boy, who thanked him with a smile that nobody could describe. "God bless you, Mr. Many thanks." The man saw as the boy moved away laboriously pushing the heavy wheelchair from his brother, until you reach her humble House. The Executive has not repaired even the door of the car, keeping the scratch that made him the brick. It reminds you that you should not go for life so fast that someone has to throw a brick, so pay attention. Sometimes there are many things that we whisper in the soul and the heart. There are times that you should drop us a brick to pay attention to what happens.

The Leopard and the fire

According to an African tale, formerly the Leopard and the fire were friends. Leopard lived, as now, in the jungle, and the fire in a cave. Sometimes the Leopard made long walks to see his friend. One day he said: "why do not I return my visits? And why you are here always stuck in the cave in the company of these black stones? "." The fire responded: "it is much better that I am here. If I go out, I can be very dangerous." But Leopard insisted so much, that at last his friend said: "well, but first clean carefully the Esplanade that in front of the cave". Leopard was somewhat lazy, so he tore off the grass, but left some other dry leaf. When the fire came out of the cave, immediately became a great fire which, driven by the wind, reached the cup of the trees. Leopard, terrified, began to run from one side to another and burned her skin. Why still today Leopard takes the signs of burns and, when he sees his friend far away fire, flees like crazy. Moral: the lazy and the fickle lose up to friends.

The miracle of Lanciano

Lanciano is a town in Abruzzo, in the South of Chietti and Pescara. In the 7th century a Basilian monk doubt the presence of the Lord in the species, while celebrating mass. And, before him, the host is transformed into a piece of meat, round, in the same way as the host; and the chalice, the wine is transformed into blood is clotting quickly: form 5 clots. So it remains today. The host in a monstrance and clots in a blister. The 18IX70 a query to Rome was made to analyze what's inside. Professors Lindi and Bertelli, the 4III71, publishing the results: human flesh and blood; Group AB (the same of the Holy Shroud); of a living person; blood diagram corresponds to the blood extracted the same day of the patient; meat: myocardial fibers.

The Prince went by here

"How wants to mother that has anything this morning, if the Prince is going to happen around here!" Tell me how I comb, mother. What dress I'm going to put... Yes, mother, I don't look as well. I know that he does not raise his eyes me window; now I know what I'll see it just a moment... "But the Prince is going to happen here, mother, and I want to get that moment the best that I have". (...) "Mother, now the Prince went." How shone the morning sun in his chariot. I opened the veil of my house, pulled me neck chain of rubies and missed on its way... "." "Yes, mother, don't look at me you as well; I know that he not caught my chain; I know that a wheel of his chariot; crushed it that just got her a spot grana in the dust; No one knows that the gift was mine; or for those who was... "But the Prince came from here, mother, and I missed you passing the best treasure". (Peekay, protagonist of "The power of one", of Courtenay)

The King and his Hawk

Genghis Khan (11621227), the mongol empire stretched from Eastern Europe to the sea of Japan, a day arrived with his army to China and Persia, and conquered many lands. In all countries, men covered his exploits, and said that there was not a King like him since Alexander the great. One morning, when he rested from his wars, came riding through the Woods. Many of his friends were with him. They rode jovially, taking their bows and arrows. His servants following them with dogs. It was a Merry hunting party. Their cries and their laughter rang out in the forest. They hoped to obtain many dams. On the wrist, the King wore his favorite Falcon, because at that time he trained Falcons to hunt. An order of their masters, used to fly and sought prey from the air. If they saw a deer or a rabbit, they threw over it with the speed of an arrow. All-day Genghis Khan and his hunters crossed the forest, but did not find as many animals as they had hoped. On the evening they started back. The King was often riding through the Woods, and knew all the trails. So that while the rest of the game took the shortest route, chose a longer path through a valley between two mountains. It was a hot day, and the King was thirsty. His favorite Falcon had driven to fly, and no doubt would find the way back. The King rode slowly. Once I had seen a spring of clear water near the trail. I wish I could find it now! But torrid summer days had dried all the mountain springs. In the end, to his joy, he saw water dripping from a rock. I knew that there was a spring above. In the rainy season, it always ran through there a very mighty river but now a drop down for the time. The King is climbed the horse. He took a bowl of silver from his backpack and held it to collect the drops falling slowly. It took much to fill up, and the King was so thirsty that he could hardly wait. The Bowl was filled, he brought it to her lips and decided to drink. Suddenly he heard a whistle in the air, and they seized her hands Bowl. Water spilled on the ground. The King lifted the view to see who had done this. It was his Falcon. The Falcon flew from here to there several times, and finally landed on the rocks, on the banks of the spring. The King picked up the bowl and again set out to fill it. This time he didn't wait so long. When the Bowl was half-full, he approached it to the mouth. But just tried, the Falcon began to fly and snatched it from his hands. The King began to rage. He tried again, and for the third time the Hawk prevented him from drinking. The King flew into a rage. "How dare to do so? If you were in my hands I heard neck! "." It filled the Bowl again. But before attempting to drink, drew the sword: "Friend Hawk, this is the last time". I had not just to pronounce these words when the Hawk came down and snatched the bowl of hand. But the King was waiting for him. With a quick lunge it hit a bird. Poor Hawk fell bleeding at the feet of his master. "Now you have what you deserve!", said Genghis Khan. But when he sought his bowl, he discovered that she had fallen between two stones, and could not recover it. "In one way or another, I will drink water from that source," it said. He decided to climb the steep slope leading to the place where dripping water. It was a grueling ascent, and more climbing, more sed had. At last he came to the place. There was indeed a puddle of water but what was in the pond? A huge dead, the most poisonous species of snake. The King stopped. Forgot thirst. He thought only the poor dead bird. "Falcon saved my life! And how will I pay? He was my best friend and I killed him! "." He came down the slope. He gently took the bird and put it in your backpack. Then he rode on horseback and returned quickly, saying: "today I have learned a lesson, and it never should be driven by Fury".

The violinist

It took place in Paris, in a central but secondary street. A man, dirty and smelly played an old violin. In front of him and on the floor was his beret, hoping that passers-by are apiadaran of their condition and thrown him some coins to take home. The poor man was trying to take a melody, but it was impossible to identify it because of out-of-tune instrument and how Cavalier and boring with that played. A famous concert pianist, who came out of a nearby Theater, along with his wife and some friends passed by the musical beggar. All creased face to those so discordant sounds. And they could not less laughed willingly. The wife asked, the performer, to play something. The man cast a look at the few coins inside of the beret of the beggar, and decided to do something. He asked the violin, and musical beggar provided it with some resquemor. The first thing that made the soloist was to tune their strings. And then, vigorously and with great skill he started a fascinating melody of the old instrument. Friends began to applaud and passersby began to arremolinar to watch the impromptu spectacle. When listening to the music, the people from the nearby main street came also and soon had a small crowd listening to delight the odd concert. The beret was filled with not only coins, but many banknotes of all denominations. While the master got a melody after another, with so much joy. The musical beggar was even more happy to see what was happening and did not stop jumping with joy and proud repeat all: "that is my violin!" That is my violin! "."!! Which, of course, was strictly true. Life gives us all a violin, which are our knowledge, skills and abilities. And we have freedom to play the violin as we please. Some, by laziness, even tune the violin. They do not perceive that you necessary to prepare, learn, develop skills and constantly improve our skills if we are to give a good concert. Claim to a beret full of money, and what they deliver is a discordant melody that does not like anyone.

I would choose the cactus

Fell the terrible afternoon sun and the village asaba in the heat down. "It's a magnificent sunset. This is always the best site." I looked behind me and saw a man tall and slim, highest, more, and maybe even more slim than my grandfather. He wore a battered field hat and old and hair, snowy came to him on the shoulders. Thus came the Professor Von Vollensteen, Doc, in my life. I was only six years old. Shortly thereafter, persuaded my mother for that, instead of giving me piano lessons, leave me to accompany him in search of cactus for your garden, "in more or less plain top of a small hill dominating the village and the Valley. To reach it you had to climb slope towards solitude, ten minutes by a narrow road of stones and earth not leading to any other party. The cactus garden can to be the best private collection of cacti in the world. I, who became a specialist in cactus, not have ever seen another better". The truth is that my mother, puzzled and delighted at the same time, finished accessing your request when Doc explained his theory on the cactus: "If God chose a plant to represent you, I believe that you would choose among them cactus. The cactus has almost all the blessings that he tried to give the man, almost always in vain. The cactus is humble but not submissive. It grows where it is not able to grow any other plant. Not complain if the sun burns on the back, or if the wind starts it cliff or buried it in the sand dry desert, nor is thirsty. When it comes the rain stored water for future hard times. The same flowers in good weather than in bad. It is saved from danger but it does not hurt any other plant. It perfectly fits almost any means. In Mexico there is a cactus that blooms only once every 100 years and at night. That is Holiness of an extraordinary degree, are not you agree? The cactus has properties that allow you to heal the wounds of the men, and are extracted from the potions that can make a man to touch the face of God or overreach into the mouth of hell. It is the plant of patience and of loneliness, love and madness, beauty and ugliness, hardness and softness. Do not you think that of all plants went to the cactus which God made in his own image? "." (Peekay, protagonist of "The power of one", of Courtenay)

It pushes the vaquita

A master samurai was walking through a forest with his faithful disciple, when he saw in the distance a site of poor appearance, and decided to make a short visit to the place. During the walk told the apprentice on the importance of visits, meeting people and learning opportunities that we get from these experiences. Arriving at the place found the poverty of the site, residents: a couple and three children, wooden house, dressed in clothes soiled and torn, barefoot. Then the father's family approached the Lord, apparently, and asked him: "in this place there are no opportunities for work or trade points either, how do you and your family to survive here?". The Lord answered calmly: "my friend, we have a vaquita which gives us several litres of milk every day. We sell a part of the product or Exchange it for other food genres in the neighbouring city and with the other party to produce cheese, curd, etc., for our consumption and this is how we are going to survive. "The wise man thanked the information, he looked the place for a moment, then he said goodbye and left." They continued their journey, and a while then turned to his faithful disciple and ordered: "Look for the vaquita, take it to the precipice of there front and push the ravine." The young, scared, questioned the teacher that order, as the vaquita was the means of subsistence of the family. But as he realized the absolute silence of the teacher, it was to comply with the order. So he pushed the vaquita by the cliff and saw her die. That scene was engraved in the memory of that young man for years. One day the young man guilt-ridden decided to abandon everything what they had learned and return to that place and tell all the family, ask for forgiveness and help them. So he did, and as he approached the place was all very nice, with flowering trees, all inhabited, with truck in the garage of tremendous House and some kids playing in the garden. The young man felt sad and desperate imagining that that poor family had to sell the land to survive, accelerated the passage and coming there, was greeted by a very nice man. The young man asked about the family who lived there for about four years, the Lord replied that they were still living there. Scared the young man came running into the House and confirmed that it was the same family who visited some years ago with the teacher. He praised the place and asked the Lord (owner of the vaquita): "How did to improve this place and change his life?". The enthusiastic Lord replied: "we had a vaquita which fell over the cliff and died, from then on we saw the need to do other things and develop other skills that we didn't know we had, so we reach the success that his eyes glimpsed now." The moral samurai says: "all of us have a vaquita that provide us with some basic thing for our survival, but that leads us to the routine and makes us dependent on it, and our world is reduced to what gives us the vaquita. You know what your vaquita. Do not hesitate a second push it over the edge.

In real life

"I've seen many films prison where the phone rings at the moment that is about to press the charge to a poor innocent, but in all the years I spent in the block E (on death row), our phone rang not once." In the films, salvation is cheap, and innocence also. One pay twenty-five cents and get something that is worth exactly that. In real life, everything costs more, and the answers are different." (dialogue taken from the Green Mile, by Stephen King).

Get angry

Once upon a time a young man with a very violent character. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that he nailed a nail in the fence of the garden whenever he lost patience and fight with someone. The first day, came to drive 37 nails into the fence. During the following weeks she learned to control, and the number of nails placed in the fence decreased every day: he had discovered that it was easier to be controlled that drive nails.
Finally, I get a day in which the young man not nailed any nail in the fence. Then he went to see his father and told him that it had managed to not drive any nail all day. His father told him then that it would take away a nail of the garden fence for each day during which it had not lost patience. The days passed and finally the young man could tell his father that it had removed all the nails of the fence.
The father then led to his son in front of the garden fence and told him: "my son, you have behaved well, but look how many holes there are in the garden fence." This fence will no longer be as before. When you fight with somebody and say something nasty, you leave a wound like this. You can stab a man and then take the knife, but always it will be a wound. It matters little how many times you embeddable, verbal wound makes both damage and physical injury. Friends are like very valuable jewels. Not maltrates them. They are always willing to listen when you need it, you hold and you open your home."

You are important to me

A University Professor began an experiment among their students. Each one gave them four cards in blue, all with the legend "are important for my" and asked that they put one. When everyone did, it told them that that was what she thought of them. Then explained to them what the experiment was about: had to give one of those cards to someone who was important to them, explaining why, and giving the rest to make that person to do the same. The experiment was to see how much this small detail could influence people. All out of class thinking and commenting on who give those cards. Some mentioned their parents, their brothers or their boyfriends. But among those students had one living away from their parents. She got a scholarship to the University and to be away from your home, it could not give that card to his parents or siblings. He spent the night thinking who would give it is. The next day, very early, he thought of a friend of his, young professional who had driven him to choose career and often advised him when things were not going as well as he hoped. He approached the building where his friend was working out of class. At the reception you asked to see it. Missed his friend, since the boy not used to go to these hours, so it thought that something bad was happening. The student explained the purpose of his visit, gave three cards and told him that being away from home, he was the best suited. The young Executive he felt flattered, not receiving such honors often and his friend promised that it would continue with the experiment and would inform you of the results. The young Executive returned to his work and already nearly the departure time came up with a risky idea: would deliver the two remaining cards to his boss. His boss was a sullen person and always busy, which was expected to be "vacated". When he got to see it, was immersed in the reading of the new projects of your Department, the office was full of papers. The boss only growled: "what you want?". The young Executive sheepishly explained the purpose of his visit and showed him the two cards. The head, astonished, asked him: "why do you think I'm the best suited to have that card?". The young man answered that he admired much by their ability and enthusiasm in the business, and because of it he had learned quite a bit and was proud to be under his command. The boss hesitated, but welcomed the two cards. Not very often those words are heard with sincerity in the position in which he was. The young Executive politely dismissed the Chief and, as it was the time of exit, went to his house. The Chief, used to be in the office until late, this time is early went home. It was thinking while driving towards his home. His wife was surprised to see him so early, and thought that something had happened to him. When asked if he passed something, the responded that not passing anything, that day I wanted to be with his family. The wife was surprised, since her husband used to get in a bad mood. The boss asked "where this our son?". Wife just called it, and the guy came, and his father only said: "come with me, please". Before the surprised gaze of the wife and the son, both came out of the House. The boss was a man who not used to spend their "valuable time" in your family very often. Both the father and the son sat on the porch of the House. The father looked at his son, who in turn looked at him surprised. He started to say that he knew that it was not a good father, that he was often absent in those moments that I knew that they were important. Mentioned you that it had decided to change, that he wanted to spend more time with them, since his mother and he were the most important thing was. Mentioned you about the cards and how one of their young executives it had been given. He said that he had thought about it a lot, but I wanted to give the last card to it, since it was the most important, the most sacred for him, that day that was born was the happiest of his life and that he was proud of it: you are important for my. The boy, with tears in his eyes, he said: "Dad, I don't know what to say, tomorrow thought to kill myself because I thought I didn't you." I love you, papa, forgive me." Both wept and hugged each other. The experiment of Professor gave result, it had managed to change not one, but several lives, with only express what they felt.

Is like I

My son recently came to this world, as normal... but I had to work, had so many commitments... My son learned to eat when least expected. He began to speak when I wasn't. As he grew, he said to me: "Dad, someday I will be like you when you return home, Dad?". "What I don't know, son mine, but when you come back we will play together..., you'll see it." My son was ten years old and he said to me: "thanks for the ball, dad." Do you want to play with me? "." Today not, my son, that I have much to do." "Okay dad, another day will be," and left smiling, and always on his lips the words: "I want to be like you. When you return home, Dad? "." I don't know, son, but when he returns we will play together..., you'll see it." My son returned from College, made around a man. "Son, I'm very proud of you. "Sit down and talk a little." "Today no, father, I have commitments...;" Please, lend me the car to go visit some friends." Now I have retired and my son lives in a nearby neighborhood. Today have called you: "Hello, my son, I want to see you." "I would love to Dad, but it is that I don't have time...; you know, work, kids...; but thank you for calling, was great to talk to you." To hang up the phone I realized that my son had fulfilled his wish, he was exactly like me.

Talking with elderly parents

My father calls me a lot by phone said a young man. I'll just see you. You know how they are old, they are always the same things over and over again. Also never lack things to do: work, my wife, my friends... Instead I told her partner try to talk much with my father. Caray is the other pains, you're better than me. I am like you answered the friend sadly, my father died long ago and now I'm talking to him, because I think that you listening to me from the sky. But while he lived, he visited him shortly and just spoke with him. Now I feel his absence, and what look for when already I went. I recommend that you try to talk to him now that you have it, don't wait to visit him in the cemetery, as I have to do I.

History of two cities

A traveler was approaching to a big city and asked a woman he was on the side of the road: "What the people of this city?". "How was the people of the place where you come from?", you enquired she at the same time. "Terrible, petty, unreliable in it... hateful in all senses", replied the traveler. "Ah! exclaimed the woman, you will find the same thing in the city where you are going".
Had just departed the first traveler when another stopped and also asked about the people that he lived in the nearby town. New women asked the traveller by the people of the city where came from. "It was wonderful people; honest, hard-working and extremely generous. I regret having dyed to splitting. ", said the second traveler. The wise woman said to him: "so you will find in the city where you are going".
Sometimes we don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.

Unbelief in Pluto

Last night I had in my house an incredible visit of a traveller. A strange character who was none other than Pluto's. I was very nervous. I explained how in his planet ran terrible rumors about earthlings: "On my planet, they say evil tongues, that millions of those small humans, yourselves, humans, have frozen in refrigerators waiting be subject to experiments or be destroyed." "What more comments from us on your planet?", I asked. "Maybe worse, like that also millions of human beings, equally small or a little more large, killed, just with his life, when not have been born, in his mother's womb". I felt like the grief squeezed my breast and as the tears they looked in my eyes. "You're putting red. "Do not be angry, if you like I will return to my planet and say that never have such horrible lies about you humans". "Dude, don't anger me with yours. I am ashamed of mine. Everything you have said is true, that make some large, with its small humans humans". "Then I'm leaving. It was not able to believe me. "I go home, because if you do that with your own, that you shall not with those who are not of your kind". Jesús García Sanchezcolomer

Information, please

When I was a child, my father had one of the first telephones in our neighborhood. I remember well the old polished box nailed to the wall and the shiny handset hung on the side of the box. I was too small to reach the phone, but used to listening with fascination when my mother spoke for him.
Then I discovered that somewhere inside this wonderful device, lived a strange person its name was "Information please" and there was nothing that she had not known. "Information please" could provide the name of any and the exact time.
My first personal experience with this "genie of the lamp" came one day while my mother visited a neighbor. Having fun with the Bank's tools in the basement, I Squish my finger with a hammer. The pain was awful, but there did not seem to be any reason to weep because at home there is no one who could comfort me. I walked from one side to another around the House sucking my throbbing finger and finally came to the ladder.
The phone! I ran quickly to the stool in the Hall and dragged it until the landing of the staircase. Raising me to it, I took the receiver and held it to my ear. "Information please", I said to the right microphone on my head. A click or two and a clear voice spoke in my ear.
"Information." "I've hurt the finger..." yelped to the phone. Tears came without too much effort now that he was hearing.
"Isn't your mother at home?" he asked. "No one more than me is in house." I sollocé. "Are you bleeding?" "No," I replied. "I hit my finger with the hammer and it hurts." "You can open the fridge?" he asked. I said that I could. "Then cut a piece of ice and keep it next to your finger," said the voice.
After that, she called "Information please" for anything. I called her to help me with the geography and told me where Philadelphia was. He helped me with math. He told me that my squirrel, which had picked up in the Park just the day before, eat fruit and nuts.
At the time, Petey, our Canary, died. I called "Information please" and told him the sad story. She listened and then said what usually adults say to comfort a child. But I was disconsolate. I asked, "why birds can sing so beautifully and bring joy to all families, only to finish a lot of feathers at the bottom of the cage?" She must have felt my deep concern, she said simply, "Paul, always remember that there are other worlds where singing."
Somehow I felt better. Other day I was on the phone. "Information please". "Information," said the, now familiar, voice. "How to spell trouble?" I asked.
And all this took place in a small village on the coast of the Pacific Northwest.
When he was 9 years old I moved across the country to Boston. I missed much less my friend. "Information please" belonged to that old box of wood than at home, and in no way thought to try it with the amazing and brilliant new phone located at the table in the Hall. When I reached adolescence, the memories of those children's conversations, actually never I abandoned. Often, in moments of doubt and confusion, he could appeal to a serene security and had. I appreciated now how patient, compressive and friendly was she to have spent his time in a small child.
A few years later, in my path westward toward the University, my plane landed in Seattle. I had something like half an hour between aircraft and aircraft. I spent about 15 minutes on the phone with my sister who then lived there. Then, without thinking about what he was doing, I marked the operator of my hometown and said, "Information please".
Miraculously, I heard small and clear voice that he knew so well, "Information."
I had not planned it, but I heard myself saying, "Can you tell me how to spell trouble?" There was a long pause. Then came the answer in a low voice, "I guess your finger must already be cured." I laughed. "So it really is you," I said. "I wonder if you have idea of how much you meant to me at that time." "I wonder," she said, "If you know how much your calls meant to me. I've never had children and used to expect your call." I told him how often I had thought about it over the years and asked if he could call her again when she returned to visit my sister. "Please do it," he said. "The question for Sally."
Three months later he was back in Seattle. A different voice answered, "Information." Asked by Sally. "Are you a friend?" she said. "Yes, a very old friend," I replied. "Sorry to have to tell you this," he said. "Sally had been working on time partial years because she was sick. He died five weeks ago." Before he could hang up said, 'wait a moment. Said his name was Paul?" "Yes." "Well, Sally left a message for you. He scored it if you called. Let me read it."
The note said, "tell him I still say that there are other worlds where singing. He knows what I mean."
I thanked him and hung up. I knew what Sally meant. (Paul Villiard, taken from

Cold winter

It was fall, and Indians of a remote reservation asked their new Chief if next winter was going to be cold or gentle. Given that the Chief had been educated in a modern society, he did not know the old Indian tricks. So, when he looked at the sky, it was unable to guess what was going to happen eventually... Either way, to not seem hesitant, responded that the winter was going to be really cold, and that the members of the tribe had to collect firewood to be prepared. However, as it was also a practical leader, within a few days it had the idea to call the national service of meteorology.
Is the next winter very cold? He asked.
Yes, it seems that next winter will be quite cold - replied the meteorologist on duty.
So the boss returned with his people and told them to be put together still more firewood, to be even more prepared. A week later, the boss called again at the national service of meteorology and asked:
Will it be a very cold winter?
Yes said the meteorologist is going to be a very cold winter.
Honestly worried about his people, the Chief returned to the camp and told his brothers that they collect all the possible firing, since it seemed that the winter would be truly raw. Two weeks later, the Chief again called the national service of Meteorology:
Are you absolutely sure that next winter will be very cold?
Absolutely, without a doubt answered the meteorologist will be one of winters coldest which has been known.
And how are you so sure?
Look if it is going to be so that the Indians are collecting firewood like crazy.

The Golden box

Often we learn much from our children. Some time ago, a friend of mine scolded three-year-old daughter to spend a paper roll wrapping dorado. It was not very well of money and became enraged when the girl tried to decorate a box to put under the Christmas tree. Despite this, the small led the gift to her father the next morning and said: ' this is for you, Dad ".
He was troubled by its previous excessive reaction, but was upset again when he saw that the box was empty. "Don't you know that when you give someone a gift assumes that there must be something inside?", he said.
Small looked at him with tears in his eyes and said: "Oh, dad." It is not empty. I have missed kissing in the box. "All for you, Dad".
The father was made powder. Surrounded with your arms to your small and asked her to forgive him. My friend told me that he kept that box Golden next to his bed for years. Whenever he was discouraged, he took out an imaginary kiss and remember the love of the child who had put them there.
Actually, all of us, as parents, it has given us a golden box filled with unconditional love and kisses from our children. There is no more precious possession anyone may have. (James Dobson, taken from of


There was once a man who greatly vilified to a friend of his, all for the envy that took him to see the success that it had reached. Later repented of ruin that brought that friend with their slander, and visited a very wise man who said: "I want to fix all the evil that I have done to my friend. How can I do it? ", to which the man replied:" take a bag full of light and small feathers and drops one go "." Just very happy for that man took the bag full of feathers and a day after them had dropped all. He returned where the wise and told him: "I'm done", to which the wise man replied: "that's the easy part. You should now return to fill the bag with the same feathers you soltaste. Hit the streets and find them." The man felt very sad, because I knew what that meant and could raise almost none. Again, the wise man said to him: "as well as not you could gather feathers that flew with the wind again, the same evil you did flew from mouth in mouth and the damage is already done. The only thing you can do is apologize to your friend, because there is no way to reverse what you did."

Empty basket

As well as a picture is worth a thousand words, a proper story illustrates more than one hundred books. The wife of the Pharaoh of Egypt had lost many sons in her womb. This birth, surely, was its last chance to give an heir to the Pharaoh. Surrounded by doctors and maids your belly pain was increasing until it exploded in a cry of pain relief and, simultaneously to his death gave a birth of five children, four of them boys and a girl. Pharaoh grew up with love and dedication to their children, giving education future rulers to males and Princess daughter. Over the years and grown children, the Pharaoh was faced with the dilemma of choosing his successor. Since all were born at the same birth, there was a firstborn who the right appropriate course. He consulted with the Council of elders: "what should I do? How to choose my successor? Perhaps should divide the Empire into four kingdoms to be fair with all of them." The scholars responded: "No, Majesty, divide the Empire means to weaken it and this will entail their destruction. In addition, you had five children and would be unfair with her daughter. "The best thing is to do a contest between them and which bring the project that most benefits to Egypt, this is the chosen". Satisfied with the wisdom of the advice received, the Pharaoh cited their children including daughter and told them: "they have six months to raise the most beneficial for Egypt project, who do so will be chosen my successor." Six months later five children gathered in the living room of the Pharaoh men carrying large number of models and drawings, and the daughter an empty basket. Pharaoh heard in turn projects. Each surpassed the previous one: a system of roads for the Kingdom, a canal system for irrigation, a silo for crops system, a system of ports for trade... It was hard to think of one that exceeds in benefit to the other. The discussion to analyze the value of each one, would definitely be problematic, difficult and arduous. However, arriving in turn the daughter this showed its empty basket and said: "father, I bring an empty basket that is today worth as much as the models you have ever seen. "No one can say which is the best to not see it made, and for that then the contents of my basket could exceed in value to any of them." All were surprised by the statement, but the Pharaoh and the wise Council agreed to discuss the value of the projects had no more sense that discuss the value content of an empty basket. Then, the solution was obvious: realm resources be used for the development of projects for two years and, at the end of that time the real benefit of each work would analyze for the Kingdom. Two years of feverish activity went and it was time to present to the throne room. Each of the children came proud with large numbers of documents and advisers to demonstrate that his work had been the most beneficial to the Kingdom. And the daughter arrived with his empty basket. In turn, each child explained the value of the works done: how now the irrigation system had increased harvests, how the road system allowed those crops arrived until the last corner of the Kingdom, how the silos system allowed to store them in clean and safe way, how the new ports were a source of trade and prosperity. Arriving the shift of the daughter, it noted its basket and said: "father, as I announced it, the time I would give value to the contents of this basket. Now you see it: thanks to my basket empty realm has canals, roads, silos and ports. "Without it only had a long discussion and projects to see what was the best without that never happen nothing." The four brothers turned around, surprised and disturbed, and after a moment of hesitation knelt facing his sister. And so Egypt had his first Empress. (Summary and free adaptation of the story "The basket empty", of Ana María Aguado, Buenos Aires, 1998).

The empty cart

I walked with my father when he was stopped on a curve and after a little silence, he asked me: in addition to the singing of the birds, are you listening to anything else? I sharpen my ears and some seconds later replied: I'm listening to the noise of a cart. That's my father said. It is an empty cart. I asked my father: do you know which is an empty cart, if we still do not see it? Then my father said: it is very easy to know when a cart is empty, by the noise. The more empty the cart, greater is the noise making. I became an adult, and now, when I see a person talking too, interrupting the conversation of everyone, being violent or untimely, boasting of what has, feel arrogant and making less people, I was hearing the voice of my father saying: "the more empty the cart, the greater the noise making". Humility is to silence our virtues and allowed others to discover them. No one is more vacuum than the one who is full of himself.

The decision is in your hands

Approximately at the beginning of the first century of our era, there were two schools, led by two scholars of renown: Hillel and Shammai. Each school was dedicated to the study of the Torah and the students were the great potential of the same. The big problem between both schools was that students had no good together, and at every opportunity arising did everything possible to discredit the other school. One day the Shamal students understood that the best way to discredit the other school was to humiliate the Sage Hillel and devised a stratagem. Thought on a butterfly hunt and bring it alive in the hand of one of them and arriving at the House of the wise ask: master Hilel, this Butterfly I have in my hands, is alive or dead? Hillel answered that it was alive, then they'd pull the fist and would show him that it was dead. If the answer was that the butterfly was dead they would open his fist and let it escape, showing that she was alive. The plan was foolproof, and they decided to carry it out. They hunted the butterfly and one of the students of Shamal took it in his hands, came to the House of Hillel beat your door and the Sage asked them: bringing them here? The students responded: we want to know how wise you are. Hillel said to them: and how checked it? We will make you a question. Go ahead. This Butterfly I have in my hands, is alive or dead? Hillel watched them slowly and said: the decision is in your hands.

The teacher

He was for many years a story about an elementary teacher. Her name was Mrs. Thompson. When it is put in front of her 5th grade class on the first day of school, I said a lie to children. As many teachers, she looked at her students and said that he wanted them all alike.
But that was impossible, because there in the front row, sunk in his seat, was a small named Teddy Stoddard. Ms. Thompson had watched Teddy to the previous year and realized that we did not play with the other children, that his clothes were dirty and that he constantly needed a bath. And Teddy could be unpleasant. He came to the point that Ms. Thompson was in fact pleased mark your notes with a broad red pen, making X well delineated and putting a large "MD" in the upper part of the leaves.
At the school where Mrs. Thompson taught, she was required to review each child record and stopped the Teddy for the ultimate. However, when she reviewed his file, was a surprise.
The first of Teddy teacher wrote, "Teddy is a bright child, with prompt laughter. He does his work neatly and has good manners, it gives joy to have it close."
His second teacher wrote, "Teddy is an excellent student, appreciated by his classmates, but is upset because his mother has a terminal illness and life at home must be a struggle."
His third teacher wrote, "his mother's death has been hard for him. You try to do the best, but his father does not show much interest and family life will soon affect him if measures are not taken."
His fourth teacher wrote, "Teddy is distracted and does not show much interest in school. He doesn't have many friends and sometimes sleeps in class."
Now Ms. Thompson realized the problem and was ashamed of herself. He felt worse even when students brought her Christmas presents, wrapped in beautiful ribbons and bright paper, except the Teddy. His gift was functions wrapped in heavy brown paper that he got from a grocery bag. Upset Ms. Thompson to open it in the middle of the other presents. Some of the children started to laugh when she found a bracelet of stones that were missing some stones and a bottle filled up to a quarter of perfume. But he silenced the laughter of the children when he exclaimed the nice thing was the bracelet, while he was questioned, and applied some perfume on your wrist.
Teddy Stoddard stayed that day after school just long enough to say, "Ms. Thompson, now smells you just like my mom used to do."
Once the children were, she cried for nearly an hour.
From that precise day, Ms. Thompson put special attention with Teddy. While working with him, his mind seemed to come back to life. The more animated it, faster answered it. At the end of the year, Teddy had become one of the more intelligent children in class and, despite her lie that she would want all children equally, Teddy became a "favorite of the teacher"
A year later, she found a note under her door, from Teddy, telling her that he was still the best teacher who had had in his life. Six years passed until got you another note from Teddy. He then wrote that he had finished high school, the third of its kind, and that she was still the best teacher who had had in his life.
Four years later came another letter, saying that while things had been tough at times, he stayed in school, persevered and soon would get their graduate with highest honors. He claimed Ms. Thompson that she was still the best teacher who had had in his life and his favorite.
Four years passed more and got another letter. This time he explained that after having obtained his Bachelor's degree, he decided to go a little further. The letter explained that she was still the best and favorite teacher who had ever had. But now his name was a little longer: the Charter was signed, Dr. Theodore F. Stoddard.
The story does not end here. This spring received still another letter. Teddy said he had met a girl and I was going to marry. He explained that his father had died a couple of years ago and wondered if Ms. Thompson would agree to sit at the wedding on the site that was usually reserved for the mother of the groom. Of course, Ms. Thompson did. And you know what? It wore the bracelet, that several stones were missing that. And he said to get the perfume that Teddy remembered his mother wearing on their last Christmas together. They hugged and Dr. Stoddard whispered in the ear to Ms. Thompson, '' thank you, Mrs. Thompson for believing in me. Thank you very much for making me feel important and showing me that I could do that you things were different." Ms. Thompson, with tears in her eyes, whispered at the same time. He said, 'Teddy, you are completely wrong. Your were which I taught me to do different things. I didn't know how to teach until I met you." (Elizabeth Silance Ballard, taken from of

The Caterpillar and the butterfly

A small Caterpillar walked a day in direction to the Sun. Very close to the road was a grasshopper. "Where you are going?" he asked. While walking, the Caterpillar replied: "I had a dream last night: I dreamed that, from the tip of the great mountain, I looked across the Valley." What I saw in my dream and I decided to do it like me". Surprised, the grasshopper said while his friend moved away: "you must be crazy!, how to you can get to that place?, do you?, do a simple Caterpillar?" ... a stone will be a mountain, a small puddle a sea and any trunk an impassable barrier... "." But the worm was already away and did not listen to him, her tiny body did not move. Suddenly they heard the voice of a beetle asking where was heading with both efforts. Caterpillar told once again his dream and the beetle could not withstand the laughter, dropped the laugh and said: "Even I, with big legs, would try to do something so ambitious," and stayed on the floor lying of laughter as Caterpillar continued their journey, having already advanced a few centimeters. Just as the spider, Mole and frog advised our friend desist: "do not you make happen it ever!" they told him, but inside there was a momentum that forced him to continue. Already exhausted, weak and dying, he decided to stop to rest and build a place where to spend the night with her last effort. "I'll be better," was the last thing said and died. All the animals of the Valley were to see their remains, there was the craziest field animal, had built his tomb as a monument to folly, there was a hard refuge, worthy of one who died for wanting to realize an unrealizable dream. That morning in which the Sun was shining in a special way, all the animals gathered around what had become a warning for the daring. Of soon they were amazed, that hard crust began to break and with amazement saw eyes and some antennas that could not be the Caterpillar who believed dead, little by little, as to give them time to recover from the impact, they were leaving the beautiful wings of butterfly that impressive be had in front, which would carry out his dream the dream that had lived, which had died and why he had returned to live. All had been wrong. Success in life is not measured by what he has accomplished, but by the obstacles that you have had to face on the road. Although the road is long and difficult, don't get beat... If you're consistent, your dreams can become a reality.
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Stefan Zweig
The wheelchair
05:30, hear the alarm clock. Ugh, it's time to get up, but if I just lie down... Why does that now explode this pileup? Why can't this so revealed, like yesterday when I went to bed? I'll be five minutes more, then on the highway I can recover them. I close my eyes and imagine that I'm at the beach lying down, taking my favorite planet power.
What I thought it would be 5 minutes multiplied by 8. I look at the clock, which responds me with banter that I've become to fall asleep. Like a rocket I leave my bed into the kitchen to make me a coffee with the hope that help me to open our eyes. Highway not allows me to spend a little bit of adrenaline to appease my tension, but to increase it when I realize that I'm stuck in it. When I finally arrive at the train station I see as the train down to its last passengers close doors slowly and disappears on the horizon. As expected I'll be late to work.
After the trip I had to get to work, motivation collapses completely when thinking about the mountain of work that is waiting for me. After 8 and a half hours of hard work I am really on the floor.
While I am waiting for the train to return home I start almost to depress me. I think it good that I could be if I had my own company, could make lots of money and being my own boss. I think of how happy that would be if I knew and shared my life with my soulmate. I think the joy that would feel if a great personality who traveled much and were recognized and respected. I'm still thinking and dreaming of coming to the conclusion that I must be the most unhappy person on the planet.
Just at this moment pass something that I've all my life in the trunk of my memories. I didn't speak with an angel, but an angel had to have planned this meeting. "Hello Sir, can help me to get on the train when it comes", a soft and cheerful voice that came from a teenager told me. While he was in a wheelchair, his face shone like a Sun at dawn. "How not, Miss, what train line will take to reach your destination?", I replied trying to smile.
His train took a few minutes to arrive. I was left with the desire to ask how it was possible to be so cheerful and happy in that situation. How going was he to ask me, that was a thousand times better than she. I can move freely, I can go where I want without relying on anyone, I can play any sport, climb any mountain... I returned to reflect on the unhappy that I felt before I found the girl and began to give me shame I felt so. I was just worrying bad day that I had, I was thinking about the negative side of my life. What a shame!
"Is my train, Sir". I helped him climb the train and with a smile (this sincere time) wanted you a beautiful day. When I lost the train of vista, I started reviewing on the positive things that I enjoy in my life. It took not much and started to feel good and happy wanting to enjoy the present while I had a bad day.
There is a proverb that says that when the winds rise or change course there are people who start to build walls, but others build windmills. In life we find many winds, but instead of wasting our energies on building walls can build mills and gain powers of these winds. Remember the girl in the wheelchair? If I would have built walls to stop the winds would have exhausted and had depressed by being unable to control the winds. However he built Mills accepting their situation and teaching others to be positive. (Carlos Prieto, taken from

The trumpet

On a trip all we were lost on the mountain. Children had long doubted that the guides knew the way. The forest, wild, not allowed to see or a light that guide us. Suddenly, the sound of a distant trumpet is heard. He was the priest of the village, which was waiting for us, and to see that we not arrived, had gone out in our search. José Ramón, classic chubby for any excursion, tightened the step. After a while the trumpet has been lost. José Ramón disgustadisimo shouted: If this trumpet sound, I feel and I'm there. This is a way to explain what is hope: the hope is like the sound of the trumpet.

The award-winning courage

I was walking in a street little illuminated a night already late, when I heard some cries that were trying to be silenced and coming back from a group of shrubs. Alarmed, I slowed the passage to listen and slashing me when me dí account of what was heard were the unmistakable signs of a desperate fight in which a few meters from me a woman was being attacked. Should I get involved? I was scared thinking about my own safety and cursed myself for the dilemma to which was: you shouldn't just run to the nearest phone and call the police? The cries were increasing. I had to act quickly. I finally decided. It could not give back to that poor woman, even if that meant risking my own life. I'm not a brave man, nor am I a man strong and athletic. I don't know where I found the moral courage and physical strength, but once I had decided to finally help the girl, I became strangely transformed. I ran behind the bushes and jumped on the assailant. Tussling, we fell to the ground and fight for a few minutes, until the attacker stood in a jump and escaped. Panting heavily, I got up with difficulty, and approached the girl, who was crouched behind a tree, weeping. In the darkness, just couldn't see his silhouette, trembling and in the nervous shock. I didn't want to scare her off again, so I spoke to him at some distance. "Don't worry, it has already gone, you're safe," I said in a reassuring tone. There was a long pause, and then I heard: "Dad, are you?". And then from behind the tree my daughter walked away Katherine.

The vaquita

A master samurai walked through a forest with his faithful disciple, when he saw in the distance a site of poor appearance, and decided to make a short visit to the place. During the walk told the apprentice on the importance of visits, meeting people and learning opportunities that we get from these experiences. Arriving at the place found the poverty of the site, residents: a couple and three children, wooden house, dressed in clothes soiled and torn, barefoot. Then the father's family approached the Lord, apparently, and asked him: "in this place there are no opportunities for work or trade points either, how do you and your family to survive here?". The Lord answered calmly: "my friend, we have a vaquita which gives us several litres of milk every day. We sell a part of the product or Exchange it for other food genres in the neighbouring city and with the other party to produce cheese, curd, etc., for our consumption and this is how we are going to survive. "The wise man thanked the information, he looked the place for a moment, then he said goodbye and left." In the middle of the road, he turned to his faithful disciple and ordered: "Look for the vaquita, take it to the precipice of there front and push the ravine." The young, scared, said master that the vaquita was the means of subsistence of the family, but the teacher insisted and he was to comply with the order, and pushed the vaquita by the cliff and saw her die. That scene was engraved in the memory of that young man for a few years. One day, the young, overwhelmed by guilt, decided to abandon everything what they had learned and return to that place and tell all the family, ask for forgiveness and help them. So he did, and as he approached the place was all very nice, with flowering trees, all inhabited, with a car in the garage of a House and some kids playing in the garden. The young man felt sad and desperate imagining that poor family had to have sold the land to survive. It accelerated the passage, and upon arrival he was greeted by a very nice man. The young man asked about the family who lived there for about four years, and the Lord answered that they were still living there. He entered the House and confirmed that it was the same family who visited some years ago with the teacher. He praised the place and asked him to the Lord (as the owner of the vaquita): "How did to improve this place and change his life?". The Lord answered: "we had a vaquita which fell over the cliff and died, from then on we saw the need to do other things and develop other skills that we didn't know we had, so we reach the success that his eyes glimpsed now". The samurai moral says: "all of us have a vaquita which gives us some basic thing for our survival, which leads us to the routine and makes us dependent on it, and our world is just reduced to what gives us the vaquita. You know what your vaquita. Do not import you push it over the edge.

The vessel

A charger of water had two large vessels that hung to the ends of a pole which he carried on the shoulders. One of the vessels had several cracks, while the other was perfect and retained all the water at the end of the long walk from the Brook up to the House of her employer. When he arrived, the broken vessel contained only half of the water. For two full years this was true every day. The perfect pot was proud of their achievements, because it was perfect for the purpose for which it was created. But the poor cracked pot was very ashamed of its own imperfection, and felt miserable, because I could only do half of what supposed to be that it was his obligation. After two years, the broken jar spoke to the Waterboy telling him: "I am ashamed and I want to apologize to you. Because due to my cracks, you can only deliver half of my burden and only get half the value that you should receive". The waterseller replied: "When we return home I want to that you set yourself in the beautiful flowers that grow along the way". So did the jar. And indeed, saw many beautiful flowers all along the way. But anyway she felt embarrassed because, ultimately, only remained within half the water that was to take. The Waterboy said then: "did you realise that flowers grow only on your side of the road? I've always known your crack and want you to see the positive side that has. I planted seeds of flowers all along the way where you are going, and every day you've watered them. For two years I've been able to pick these flowers. If you weren't as you are, it not been possible to create that beauty".

Life is beautiful

A boy lived alone with his father, both had an extraordinary and very special relationship. The young man belonged to his college football team. Usually I had no chance to play. In the end, almost never. However, his father always remained in the bleachers making it company. Young was the lowest in the class when he started high school and he insisted on participating in the school football team. His father always gave him guidance and clearly explained that "he didn't have to play football if he did not want it in reality". But the young man loved football, was not missing any training or no party, he was determined to give the best of themselves, he felt happily committed. During his life in high school, recalled him as "bench warmer", since it remained always there sitting. His father, with his spirit of fighter, was always in the stands, giving him company, words of encouragement and the best support that any child could wait. When he started College, he tried to enter the football team. Everyone was sure it would fail, but ended up coming into the team. The coach gave him the news, admitting that he had accepted also by how he demonstrated to give his heart and soul in each of the training sessions, and because other members of the team enthusiasm. The news filled her heart completely, ran to the nearest phone and called his father, who shared with him the thrill. He sent you in all seasons all entries to attend matches at the University. The young athlete was very consistent, never missed a training or a match during the four years of College, and never had the opportunity to participate in any party. It was the end of the season and just a few minutes until it will start the first game of the playoffs, the coach gave him a telegram. The guy took it and after reading it was silent. She swallowed hard and told the coach: "my father died this morning. No problem that missing the party today? "." Coach embraced him and said: "take the rest of the week free, son." And you can not think to come on Saturday." Arrived on Saturday, and the game was not going well, approached the end of the match and they were losing. Young went to the dressing room and quietly put on the uniform and ran to where was the coach and his team, who were impressed to see fellow wrestler back. "Coach, please, let me play... I have to play today,"implored the young. Coach pretended not to hear him, in any way he could allow his worst player to enter at the end of the playoffs. But the young woman insisted so much, that finally the coach feeling shame accepted it: "of accord, son, you can enter, the field is all yours". Minutes later, coach, team, and the public, could not believe what they were seeing. Small unknown, who had never participated in a match, was doing everything perfectly brilliant, no one could stop him on the field, he easily ran as a star. His team began to win, until it tied the game. In the closing seconds the boy intercepted a pass and ran across the field to win with a touchdown. The people who was in the stands shouted excited, and his team led him to shoulder across the course. Finally, when it was over, the coach noted that the young man was sitting silent and alone in a corner, came up and said: 'boy, I can't believe it, you were fantastic! How did you it? "." The young man looked at coach and told him: "you know that my father died. But... did you know that my father was blind? "." The young man paused and tried to smile. "My father attended all my matches, but today was the first time that he could see me play... and I wanted to show you that if you could do it".

The will of a man

Guillaumet was an airline pilot at the beginning of commercial aviation-glorious times. It tells how came out ahead, lost six thousand meters high in the Andes as a result of a failure in his plane, which left miraculously unharmed. He walked and walked for many days, exhausted and without food or warm clothes, going up and down those mountains of ice, until almost dead who live it found a pastor, who put it away. Later Recalling that experience, acknowledges: "between snow loses all self-preservation." After two, three days of March, the only thing you want is to sleep. I also wanted it. But he said to me: my wife thinks that I am alive, that way. My friends also think that I'm still walking. All of them rely on me. I'll be a villain if I don't... "." And adds: "what I did, I am sure, no animal would be able to do so". (Saintexupery, Terre des hommes)

The forms are important

A Sultan dreamed that he had lost all the teeth. After awakening, he commanded to call a scholar so that he interpreted his dream. "What misfortune, my Lord! exclaimed the wise, each fallen tooth represents the loss of a relative of your Majesty". "What insolence! cried the Sultan enraged, how dare you say such a thing? Out of here! "." He called his guard and ordered that they should give him a hundred lashes. He later ordered that they bring to other wise and told him what he dreamed of. After hearing the Sultan with attention, said to him: "exalted Lord! Great happiness you have been reserved. The dream means that you survive all your relatives. The countenance of the Sultan with a big smile lit up and ordered that they should give you one hundred gold coins. When this came out of the Palace, one of the courtiers said admired: "is not possible! The interpretation that you did dream is the same as the first Sage. I don't understand why the first paid him with one hundred lashes and you one hundred gold coins". "Remembers friend mine responded the second wise that it all depends on the way in saying". One of the great challenges of humanity is learning to communicate. Communication depends on many times, happiness or misfortune, peace or war. That truth must be told in any situation, this there is no doubt, the form that must be communicated is causing in some cases, major problems. The truth can be compared to a precious stone: If we launch it on someone's face, it can hurt, but if we wrap it in a delicate packaging and offer it with tenderness certainly will be accepted with pleasure.

The frogs

A group of frogs traveling through the Woods and, suddenly, two of them fell into a deep pit. All the other frogs gathered around the pit. When they saw how deep this was, they told him the two frogs in the background that for practical purposes, they should be dead. The two frogs ignored the comments of her friends and continued trying to jump out of the pit with all his strength. The others continued to insist that their efforts would be useless. Finally, one of the frogs put attention to what others said and surrendered, collapsed and died. The other frog continued jumping as hard as he could. Once more, the multitude of frogs shouted him and made him sign to let suffer and that simply had to die, since it made no sense to continue fighting. But the frog jumped each time with more forces until he finally managed to get out of the hole. When she left, the other frogs said: "we are happy that you have managed to leave, despite what you screamed". The frog explained to them that I was deaf, and that he thought that the other gesturing so much because they were encouraging him to try harder and get out of the hole.
Moral 1) the word has the power of life and death. A word of encouragement, shared with someone who feels discouraged can help lift him to the end of the day. (2) a destructive Word to someone who is despondent may be just to destroy. We be careful with what we say. (3) a special person is giving time to encourage others. At NASA, there is a very nice poster of a bee, which reads as follows: "aerodynamically the body of a bee is not made to fly, the good news is that the bee does not know".

Three bars

The young disciple of a wise philosopher comes home from this and says: Hey, master, a friend was talking about you with malevolence... wait! the philosopher interrupted him. You've already done through three bars, what are you going to tell me? Three gratings? Yes. The first is the truth. Are you sure that what you say is absolutely true? No. I heard him tell a few neighbors. You've at least made it through the second gate, which is the goodness. That you want to tell me, is good for anyone? No, actually not. To the contrary... Oh, go! The last gate is the need. Is it necessary to let me know that you so worried? To tell the truth, no. Then said the wise man smiling, if it is not true, nor good, nor necessary, burying in oblivion.

Bed of Procrustes

Procrustes was the nickname of legendary innkeeper of Eleusis. It was called Damastes, but they called him Procrustean which means "extruder", for its system to make it friendly to guests. Forward to the highest were comfortable in their beds, mutandis the feet of who about her bed. And to the short people he tied them heavy weights until they reached fair stature of the bed. Less bad than Theseus, brawny athlete, put an end to the follies of the innkeeper returning more than treatment dispensing naive customers.

The same you find here

A popular comic strip of the near Middle East realize that a young man came to the edge of an oasis adjacent to a town and approaching an old man asked him: "what kind of person live in this place?". "What kind of person live in the place where you come from?", asked at the same time the old man. "Oh, a group of selfish and wicked - replied the young man; I'm happy to have me gone from there." To which the old man replied: "the same thing will find here". That same day, another young man came to drink water at the oasis and seeing the elderly, asked: "what kind of people live in this place?". The old responded with the same question: "what kind of people live in the place where you come from?". "Wonderful people, honest, friendly, hospitable, hurts me to have them left." "The same thing you will find here", replied the old man. A man who had heard both talks asked the old man: "How is possible to give two answers to the same question different?". To which the old man replied: "everyone carries in his heart the environment where you live. One who found nothing new in the places where he was, you cannot find anything here. "One who found friends there, you can also find friends here, because the mental attitude is the only thing in your life about which you can maintain absolute control". If you have a positive attitude you will find the real wealth of life.

The artisans of Chiapas

Among the Indians of Chiapas, when the teacher, defeated by the years, decides to retire, delivery to young Potter the best vessel, the most perfect artwork. The young receives the vessel does not lead her home to admire it and puts it on the table in the center of the workshop so that, henceforth, serve as her inspiration and preside over its work. No delivery to a museum. The star against the floor, breaks it into a thousand pieces and joined his clay so that the genius of the master continues his work. The work of art, we have just seen it, it's tradition, i.e., delivery (traditio) of an art that can only be played by the hands of another artist, which can only recreate created by his master undoing it creatively and incorporadora, not destroying it. If you destroy it could not incorporate it, but if not retomase it from himself, from his creative freedom, either. In the first case would have only vandalism, in second plagiarism. Preventing plagiarism and vandalism is patience: in it we find great creative traditions.

Two hawks

A King was presented with two Falcon chicks and handed them over to the master of falconry that he trained them. Happening a few months, the instructor told the King that one of the hawks was perfectly polite, but that other I did not know that it happened, he had not moved the branch from the day of their arrival at the Palace, to such an extent that it had to bring the food up there. The king commanded to call healers and healers of all kinds, but nobody could do to fly the bird. Then ordered the mission members of the Court, but nothing happened. Out the window of their rooms, the monarch could see that bird continued still. He finally published a band between its subjects, and the next morning, saw the Falcon flying nimbly in the gardens. "Bring me the author of this miracle," he said. Then they presented to a peasant. "You did fly the Hawk? How what you did? Are you a magician, perhaps?" The man replied: "your Highness, the only thing I had to do is cut the branch. "The bird was given account that had wings and had to start flying."

The magnificent seven

In the film "The magnificent seven" (Director: John Sturges, 1960), Ixcatlán, small village dominated by the band of Calvera, mejinano decides to seek protection recruited gunmen so he defends them. The first recruit is Chris Adams, who agrees to help them if you are responsible for selection and command of other men. He had already participated in many works, and charge a very high fee. When you are proposed to protect Ixcatlán, it is surprising to see that what you are going to pay is not much, but it is everything those men had: "many people have given me large sums, but so far nobody had never given me everything".

More than what I was able to

This summer I have done so much more than what I felt able to: love of truth. Those who know me believe that I am a very positive person, that all bag you your good side, which I do not fall easily. It may be true and that what I do is not more than life wink an eye to you and wait to see how things are going. But this summer I have done more than what I was able to and I've set aside beliefs and I have mostly left behind that often all we have ever felt: we are not the center of the world and of course that the earth does not rotate us around.
I've been volunteered at a center of AIDS, is rehabilitating drug addicts and prisoners. To surprise mine've been happy, have helped to be happy and I have understood that you can never be bet on people, regardless of their past or their present and even if its future is doubtful.
I have lived with people who have spent many of his days in the worst prisons in Spain and believe me when I say that I have offered much more than people of my class or school or city or family has done before. Believe me when I say that most of them have its days numbered, but rise each morning with an enthusiasm and a smile that I admire, respect and envy, and it is not easy to live knowing that your life is consumed and you are few chapters pass.
It is hard to see how they suffer a lifetime best those who are "taking" and know that when they do there is a society able to accept them again, neither capable nor prepared and that when you leave here they will be where to go and no one who shake them in his arms. It is hard to see them as well and harder it is to know that they know it. I changed diapers, I showered, cleaned, cooked,... but I especially enjoyed, I have given the best of myself and I've made with the certainty that all my smiles have been appreciated and returned, my hugs and my affection have been respected and have fostered more affection even. I found beautiful people that life has led them astray and that on many occasions they have not managed to Dodge it.
I have lived with people, something that is usually scarce. If you want to prosecute all those who have come out of jail, or gays, prostitutes, transsexuals, who are drug addicts or patients of AIDS, which know that inside each of them there is a person who deserves the same opportunities, the same respect and dignity than any of us, but especially to understand is not bad which is between bars but that pushes favors and grandee to allow someone to accomplish sentence instead. (F. Saso, PUP, 28.IX.01).

Times of crisis

It all started for a call from the Director sister to tell me that the Karnicks were going to remove your child from school because we had admitted to a bold in seventh. And just when the penalty was on the table came the Lady Knowies, made a sea of tears, with an anonymous letter in his hands that say nasty things. I tried to console her. But it is possible that there are people with so much poison in my herd?
Yes, all of this, coupled with the natural fatigue of the day, can be the cause of the bad mood I have. It is a sense of men sunk, a temptation to ask me if all my worth and if I'm actually going somewhere; If it had not been better married, with a simple job and without liability, as a fireman, for example. Naturally, the thing does not become always so grim. I usually start thinking with longing of cloisters and monasteries, suddenly discovering a unsuspected religious vocation in me, and another charged with responsibilities while I respond to the calls of the convent Bell. Certainly in more lucid moments, I recognize that they are nothing more than stupid dreams. Well I know there is not cloister of refuge or hole where to drain without having to carry myself with me.
Taken from Leo J. Trese, "Clay pot", p.138.

Don't be alarmed

Dear MOM and Dad: since I went to college I've neglected to write and I regret my lack of consideration for having not done before. I will now put to the current, but before sit. Do not read anything else, unless you are sitting. I agree? Well, as I am well now. The skull fracture and shock which made me fall by jumping from the window of my bedroom, when it caught fire, shortly after arriving here, have been cured perfectly. I spent only 15 days in the hospital and now almost see normality and headache affects me only once a day. Fortunately, the fire in the bedroom and my jump out the window were witnessed by an employee of the nearby gas station, that I notice the Fire Department and the ambulance. Then I came to visit the hospital and as I had no place to live, because of the fire, he was so kind that he invited me to share your home. It is actually a cellar, but it is very nice. He is a jolly good fellow, and we fell in love like crazy, so we think we get married. We don't yet know the exact date, but you can be until you notice my pregnancy. Yes, you fathers, I am pregnant. I know how much that will please you to be grandparents and I am sure that you will receive well the baby, giving him the same love, affection and care that you had with me when I was little. The cause of the delay in our wedding is due to a slight infection that my boyfriend suffers from and has prevented us from passing premarital hematologic tests, and that I have carelessly, I infected him. I am sure that you will receive in our family with open arms. He is affectionate, and although not very educated, has ambition. Race and religion are different from ours, but I know that your tolerance, often expressed, will not allow you to annoy you by this. Now that you're already familiar with everything, I want to tell you that not burned my bedroom, I had no fracture or concussion of skull, and I went to the hospital, I am not pregnant, I have no boyfriend, not suffer any infection and there isn't any boy in my life. However, I've taken a hold in history and an approved science, and I want that you see these notes in its proper perspective. Your daughter that you want... Sufricia.

Don't judge too soon

A 10-year-old boy entered a settlement and sat at a table. The waitress approached. "How much a chocolate ice cream with peanuts?", asked the child. "Fifty cents", replied the waitress. The child pulled his hand from his pocket and examined a few coins. "And how much costs a single ice cream?" asked the child again. Some people were waiting for a table and the waitress was a little impatient. "Thirty-five cents," she said abruptly. The child returned to the coin counting. "Then I want ice cream only," said the child. The waitress brought the ice cream, put the Bill on the table and left. The child finished the ice cream, paid into the box and went. When the waitress returned, he began to clean the table and then cost him swallow hard with what he saw. There, placed neatly beside the empty dish, twenty-five cents had... your tip. Moral: never judge someone ahead of time.

Does not believe in God

Rascolnikov, the young protagonist of "Crime and punishment", after several days without hardly eating or sleeping, enters a tavern and requests a glass of brandy and a pie. Upon leaving, stroll the city gardens. The heat of the summer day, together with the effect of alcohol, do you become sleepy. He knocks on the grass and falls deeply asleep. It then has a dream in which recalls how as a child he accompanied his father to hand, and passing through a noisy Street observed a scene that stayed deeply engraved. A drunk man, along with other teammates, abused a little old and skinny horse that could barely move the great wagon was yoked, because he wore a disproportionate burden for their forces. Man, thick neck and meaty carrot color face, invited his friends to go to the wagon, which was even harder to move it. While he insisted shouting he would Gallop to the horse, while hitting it over and over again, first with a whip, then with a stick and finally with a metal bar. The poor animal, making harrowing attempts to move the truck, ended up full of wounds and totally surrendered. It was then, at the sight of so much cruelty, when an old man who watched the scene said: "in truth, this man does not believe in God".
Don't forget the main thing
Legend has it that a poor woman with a child in his arms, passing in front of a cave heard a mysterious voice saying there in him: "come and take everything you want, but don't forget the main thing. And remember that after you leave, the door will close forever. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunity, but don't forget the main thing." The woman came into the cave and found many riches. Fascinated by gold and jewels, it put the child on the floor and began to gather, anxiously, everything he could in his apron. The mysterious voice spoke again. "You are just eight minutes." Exhausted the eight minutes, women laden with gold and precious stones, was made outside of the cave and closed the door. Then, he recalled that the child had been inside and the door was closed forever. Wealth was short-lived and despair, always. The same happens, sometimes, to ourselves. We have many years to live in this world, and a voice always warns us: "Do not forget the main thing." And the principal are the spiritual values, family, friends and life. But profit, wealth, material pleasures, fascinate us so much that sometimes the main thing is to one side.

We need something

They tell the story of a wheel that a piece missing because they had cut a triangular piece of it. Wheel wanted to be complete, without anything, are missing so I went to find the piece that had lost. But as it was incomplete and I could only roll very slowly, he repaired in the beautiful flowers that had been on the road; he chatted with worms and enjoyed the Sun's rays. He found lots of pieces, but none was that was missing, so he put them aside and one day found a piece that had him perfectly. Then, she was very happy, because I was already full, without anything missing. The fragment was placed and began to roll. He returned to be a perfect wheel that could roll very quickly. So quickly, I didn't see the flowers or chatted with worms. When he realized how different that seemed the world when he was so quick, he stopped, let along the way the piece that had found and walked away slowly rolling. The moral of this story is that, for some mysterious reason, we feel more complete when we need something. The man who has everything is a poor in a sense man: will never know what it's like to crave, hope, nourish the soul with the dream of something better; nor you will know the experience of receiving of someone who loves what they had wished and had. When we accept that imperfection is part of the human condition and continue rolling through life without giving up enjoy it, we will have achieved one integrity that others only aspire.

We neither

Rita Hayworth visited on one occasion one of the homes for lepers which Mother Teresa of Calcutta had built to serve them. While walking through the different rooms where were those sick poor eaten by leprosy, the famous actress could not repress a gesture of horror to so much misery. And going to Mother Teresa, said: "this work that make you and the sisters priceless. I wouldn't do it for a million dollars". What Mother Teresa was limited to respond: "we, nor".

Our poverty

Once, a father of a wealthy family took his son on a journey through the countryside with the aim that your child see how poor were the people of the countryside. They were for the space of a day and a night in a farm of a very humble peasant family. At the end of the trip and back home the father asks his son: "Do you think of the trip?". "Very nice, Dad". "Did you see who the people can be poor? What do you learn? "." I saw that we have a dog at home, they have four. We have a pool that comes from a fence in the middle of the garden, they have a Creek that has no end. We have a few lamps imported into the courtyard, they have the stars. Patio reaches the fence of the House, they have all a horizon of playground". At the end of the story, the father stay silent... and his son added: "Thanks, Dad, for showing me how poor we are".

Words of encouragement

A group of frogs traveling through the Woods and, suddenly, two of them fell into a deep pit. All the other frogs gathered around the pit. When they saw how deep that hole was, they began to complain and say the two poor frogs that had to be dead. The two frogs ignored the comments of her friends and continued trying to get out of the pit with all his strength. Frogs that were above continued to insist that their efforts would be futile. Finally, one of the frogs surrendered after hearing so many times that there was no solution. He spent time, and collapsed and died. However, the other frog continued jumping as loud as he could, undeterred. Once again, the multitude of frogs shouted him from above and made him sign to let suffer and that simply had to die, since it didn't make any sense to continue fighting. But the frog jumping each time with more momentum, until finally it gave a huge jump and managed to come out of the pit, to the surprise of all. When he was up, the other frogs felt very embarrassed and tried to apologize: "sorry, really. How can you get out, despite what you screamed? "." The frog explained to them was a little deaf, and that at all times he thought that those cries were mood to try harder and get out of the hole. As it can be seen, many times the word has the power of life and death.

Part of the gift

A girl in Africa gave her teacher a birthday present. It was a beautiful spiral. "Where did you find it?", asked the teacher. The girl told him that these snails are found only on some faraway beach. The teacher moved deeply because I knew that the girl had walked many kilometers to find the snail. "No debiste have gone so far only to find me a gift", commented. The girl smiled and said: "Teacher, the long walk is part of the gift".

By a whisker, but... victory

I want to relate a taste of my life today. Only looking for one thing: reaching the heart of someone who, like me a day, feels now distraught about this tremendous dilemma: the messy effort to look good, the fear of losing fame, their fondness for telling lies. In short, the cynicism and hypocrisy, against conscience, simplicity, humility, responsibility, respect for life and respect for the truth.
When someone decides to write - at least so I - I think it is because something good has to count. Because doing so thinks that this scrap of his life, that something as yours, can help others. What I'm going to write is not something fantastic, non, is it. It is a part of my life that was vulgar, but that could be something worse for not having intervened the grace that God, infinitely good, poured on me, without me ever think deserve it. I want to also as well to thank the Lord, in some way, what he did for me and continues to... I want to repair the damage I did and thank you for having me braked in time.
I am 31 years old, newly completed, work in a company of construction as a draftsman, I am single and have a six-month-old daughter. I was born in a Catholic family, the truth. Since childhood I learned, because they taught me, all the deep sense of religion to daily life: work, study, family, friends... I was taught to respect the time, to pray...
Since met the sense of the word fight, for a conscious Catholic, met at the same time the word defeat. Although my eagerness to look good, my desire to be appreciated, prevented me to accept defeat. So, I I immediately undertook the vertiginous way trap and lie. And I really escape at the last minute, and always "narrowly", the compromising situations, in which I alone I got.
She was very lazy - which bored me-, with an imagination and a few loose senses and with a very marked sensitivity. I was looking for a feeling of fullness that couldn't find where it was looking for. The result was depressing: feeling of continuous failure, ridicule, of defeat. Feeling is accentuated as putting more passion in more to get what I wanted: my self-esteem. At school I got an acceptable reputation, because at the end if you become the sympathetic, and not weapons too much trouble, the only thing remaining are the notes. And I had them pretty good. I don't think to be owner of a dazzling feats, but yes I have the quality to know to take advantage of what I have. Studying much, but no order or consistency. Mine was the last moment, the "narrowly", and having understood in time which in many occasions you can live revenues have been well labelled.
He dreamed of being the best architect in the world, but when I started the race, it was not dedicated or two hours daily to study. He spent time to unleash my imagination, requiring me to draw exotic famous houses. So, after bored me and then my parents with my crop of pumpkins, I settled for taking a course by correspondence in draftsman. These courses had the advantage for me to operate my breath, which I loved; because it made me feel more free. Although he had to deliver jobs, little by little, and almost always "narrowly", went beyond the evidence. So I became a brand new professional.
With these details, my soft, soft, soft character is well-drawn. Excuse myself saying: «me going me is the practice, but that theory...» », and so was I. Because I now understand, now I see very clearly how difficult that is to achieve a good practice without the Foundation of a great theory.
As well, I was not bad. Or stole or killed, but it was worse, it was warm. Yes, or no. Neither cold nor hot. If some Sunday was with friends and was happening me very well with the compliments of foo, and were already eight o'clock... and was the last mass, at first without notice, he came out running and was "narrowly", but he had served..., then - as that was not life - satisfaction of fulfilled duty began to tire me... and began to think otherwise : the truth, by a Sunday without mass!... And that again with another friend... just was a total... Kiss... My life was always an escape forward. Everything is solved in that don't I caught, always have a good alibi ready. If a day had a good reason, another day was another reason; I always had them.
The superb swine led to blindness. I needed to be estimated, the attention. It was not made to be a good girl, of the heap. Frightened me to become a marujona charged children and always submissive to her hubby, with the only consolation go saying out there that "in mi casa mando yo". The hidden pass, sure that he had not written by me. If not it could be a woman, it would end up being... Yes, I felt proud to be desired and be able to sleep with who more woman, give me the wins, as if that outside with more points than the others and more listed, most admired.
Although I thought that was my feelings and that these adventures left no mark on my heart, one day I fell in love... I knew that this man should not me. And as he had «motu proprio» my bad inclinations, that was like tie me a great ball of iron to the wrist and throw me into the sea. My companion of adventures, pride, was responsible for putting a proper setting. And by magic, my new situation no longer seemed something horrible to me. I thought that it was most worth be poorly accompanied to stay single. The pride band covered my eyes and I was blind.
She was convinced that in my family no one I could understand; they were from another era. What are the things: imagination made me the person brave and coherent, and attributed to my acquaintances the role of hypocrites and cowards. Knew them in my life!, even remotely imagined it to be.
Nothing had for me. When you first start to roll downhill, it is very difficult to stop. Already, or seen, or heard, or understood absolutely nothing other than anything other than self: what I want, what I don't want, my life is only mia...
In my family there were problems (and indeed that had them, and there are), but to my what mattered to me! I was what gave me the win, why these problems had to spoil my plans, my amusement? Always answered them: why don't I leave in peace? It is time to enjoy life, and I do not think upset me life because at home there are problems, of course!
As economic independence was fully convinced that owed nothing to anyone; to see, to whom?
Despite being an expert in all kinds of traps, the passion and curiosity made me a very serious mistake. I, which was so critical with my family, had become a credulous. While so many people began to tear the garments with the commercialization of "morning after pill", to me the invention captivated me. I saw it super safe. As my passions I had become a scary, I thought it was my solution...
An appointment with him I caught without resources. I reassured me by remembering that, if there were a mess, always was the choice of the new pill, which could acquire without difficulty in a pharmacy, because he had contacts and had gotten me several recipes, always carrying with me... When I woke up, he had gone to work. With horror I discovered that he had changed his bag and had there prescriptions. I managed, had breakfast and I asked a taxi. Already at home, with the nerves to skin, I started to look for the recipes, but I didn't have sex with them. I thought about the hours that I had. I decided to calm me. I went to work and "hairs", although late, I arrived before my boss. Save me a new front encouraged me. I thought that the situation was on course.
I made up an excuse to go out and I went to get it to work. When I finally had him ahead, fear and nerves atragantaban me the words... He removed her importance to everything. He told me to wait for him a moment, that hand had a friend who could help us. The twenty minutes it appeared with a new recipe. I looked at the clock. Nine o'clock in the evening! Without goodbye, I ran in search of a pharmacy. To show the recipe and see my nerves I attended no questions. Although it has annoyed me interpret a certain grimace of pity towards me in the gesture of the LAD. As he was leaving again running toward home I escaped a damn! While I thought: always taking advantage of the poor and helpless women.
I took the pill... And I read the prospectus so many times that I learned what my memory. I didn't commit any fatal errors and stay in the eyes of others, above all others, as a fool.
But I did everything right, the case is that I had to the exception and I got pregnant, I!, at age 29, and without any chance to remake my life with him.! He advised me to have an abortion. Yes, that was the easiest, that was what needed to be done. But not only him; other people, who then considered friends, also encouraged me to take that step. To convince me, to not «suffer it», I spoke of perfection technique.
«Your family is very well known, considered here;» You can not give them that disgust', I said. And continued: "you should avoid scandal because it has you for a"good girl". Do you realize that you are riding?». When everything runs out, you'll be, total, nobody learns, is a thing of little and ended.
I sensed that someone should continue praying for me, I don't know on what basis or hope for my conversion. Think about it, I felt first offended; then, ashamed of my nudity. It was as if someone better than I knew myself and which, without having asked for permission, is would have gotten in my life. The fact is that, thanks to that person, the Lord grabbed my strong hand. That creature, which was already in me, began to make me happy from their first days of life.
Response from the scare, finally, I decided to contact a friend, a true friend advised me well. No, I could not, would not kill, do not kill, do not.
I decided to talk to the priest that I met during the course of college access. Although it was too hard at times, memories of its clarity I attracted. In addition to remember, I don't know, how many times had surprised us with its innocence and tenderness, decided that he was the only man who knew different from others. The only one who could help me. I asked my friend for him. He told me that they had transferred him... But how, among my talents is the stubbornness... And once determined to one thing, there was no who limit expires me easily... The fact is that I gave him.
The truth is that the thing started badly. Did not occur to the good man another thing that get me wondering why it had taken so long in return... After what it cost me to find it, I had no strength to fight me; It had also decided to change tactics and try to leave my pride. After a minute's silence, which to me made me eternal and suffered by me as a priest, I replied that it had taken so long because pride is a bad travel companion. Once passed the first time, everything was easier. Also thanks to him, I admit. I put my soul in peace and asked God for strength that was missing to me to talk to my parents and tell them the truth.
So I did it. I suffered, I suffered a lot. I would lie if I said that it was a miraculous Valley of roses. I cried, I cried many days and many nights, but I can assure you that my tears were not bitter because they were tears of repentance. Sorry!, sorry, my God! For every minute, every second of my life; with all my heart, forgiveness, Lord!
My daughter was born, and to baptize it I called VICTORIA. Today Marivi is the best thing in the world that God may have given. My parents are 'happy' with the granddaughter. My three brothers, more if possible; and my sister how you want nun, who known for photo! Perhaps more than anyone else, to be the family that is closer to God. And I don't know how to express what I feel now. My God if I kill it! Marivi saved "narrowly", and "narrowly" my great apparent failure became my greatest victory.
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Show off at the wrong time

A frog wondered how could get away from cold weather in winter. A few geese suggested he emigrated with them. But the problem was that the frog didn't fly. "Leave it to me - said the frog, I have a beautiful brain." He then asked two geese to help it pick up a strong shank, each by one end. Frog thought to cling to the shank through the mouth. In due time, the geese and the frog began his journey. Soon after they went through a small town, and residents there came out to watch the unusual show. Someone asked: "so brilliant idea you did who?" This made the frog to feel so proud and with such sense of importance, he exclaimed: "to me!" His pride was his ruin, because when they opened his mouth, dropped the cane, it fell into the void.


Close to Tokyo lived a great already old samurai, who was engaged to teach young people. Despite his age, he ran the legend that it was still able to defeat any adversary. Some afternoon, a warrior known for his total lack of scruples, appeared there. He was famous for using the technique of provocation. Waiting for his opponent to make the first movement, and with a privileged intelligence to repair mistakes, counterattacked with fulminant speed. The young and impatient Warrior had never lost a fight. With the reputation of the samurai, he was there to defeat him and increase his fame. All students were against the idea, but the old accept the challenge. Together, everyone went to the town square and the young man started to insult the old schoolmaster. He threw some stones in his direction, he spat in the face, he shouted all the insults known, offending even to their ancestors. For hours all for cause you made, but the old remained impassive. At the end of the afternoon, feeling as exhausted and humiliated, the impetuous Warrior withdrew. Disillusioned by the fact that the teacher should accept so many insults and provocations, students asked: "How could you, master, bear so much indignity? Why not did you use your sword, knowing that you could lose the fight, instead of showing you a coward in front of all of us? "." The teacher asked: "If someone comes up to you with a gift and you do not accept it, who owns the gift?". "To who tried to deliver it," said one of the students. "The same voucher for envy, rage and insults the teacher said." "When they are not accepted, continue to belong to who carried them with him".

Who folds your parachute?

Charles Plumb was pilot of a bomber in the Viet Nam war. After many combat missions, his plane was shot down by a missile. Plumb was launched in parachute, was captured and spent six years in a Vietnamese prison. On his return to the United States, gave conferences counted his Odyssey and what he learned in his time in prison. One day I was in a restaurant and a man greeted him: "Hi, do you are Charles Plumb, was pilot in Viet Nam and toppled it, truth...?" And you know that?, he asked Plumb. "Because I folded his parachute. Seems that truth worked it well,?". Plumb drowned almost of surprise and gratitude. "Of course it worked. If it had not worked, today I would not be here." Plumb could not sleep that night, asking: "how many times I saw him on the aircraft carrier, and not told him or the good days, because I was an arrogant pilot, and he was a humble sailor..." He also thought the hours that sailor passing in the hold of the ship by wrapping each parachute silk threads, having in their hands the life of someone who did not know. Now, Plumb begins his lectures asking his audience, "who folded today your parachute? We all have someone whose work is important so that we can move forward. We sometimes lose sight of what is important, and left greet to thank, congratulate someone, say something friendly.

Well frog

A colony of frogs lived in a deep well. They took his life, had their customs, were its food and full taste making resonate the walls of the well in all its depth. Protected by the same isolation, they lived in peace, and only had to beware of the pozal coming, from time to time, someone from the top to draw water from the well. They gave the alarm as soon as they heard the noise of the pulley, plunged under water or pressed against the wall, and waited there, holding breaths, until the water-filled pozal was hoisted again and passed the danger. It was a young frog who came thinking that the pozal could be an opportunity rather than a threat. Beyond up she looked something like an open skylight, changing appearance as it was day or night, and in which appeared shadows and lights and shapes and colours that made to sense that something worth knowing is new there is. And, above all, was the face with braids of the beautiful and fleeting figure that appeared momentarily on the rim of the well to throw the bucket and recover it every day in your sacred and feared appointment. You had to know all that. The young frog spoke, and were all laid him up: 'that has never been done. It would be the destruction of our race. Heaven will punish us. You'll get lost forever. We have been made to be here, and here is where is going well and we can be happy. Outside the well there is no more than absolute destruction. That no one dares to violate wise laws of our ancestors. Is that a frog youthful today may know more than them?". The youthful frog waited patiently the next drop of the pozal. Strategically placed, gave a jump at the moment in which the pozal began to be hoisted and climbed on it before the shock and the horror of the zeldapedia community. The Council of elders excommunicated the fugitive frog and forbade it to speak of it. We had to protect the safety of the well. They spent months without no one spoke of it and no one forget of it, when one day was heard a familiar croaking on the rim of the well, the curious are grouped below and saw cut against the sky the well-known silhouette of adventurous frog. Next appeared the silhouette of another frog, and his were grouped around seven small tadpoles. All looked without daring to say anything, when the frog spoke: 'here above is beautifully. There are water moving, not like there down, and green and soft fibers coming out of the ground and among which gives pleasure to move, and where there are many tiny bugs very tasty and varied, and each day you can eat something different. And then there are many many different frogs, and they are very good, and I I got married with this who is here by my side, and we have seven children and we are very happy. And here there is room for all, because this is very large and never just see what there is there away.» Below, the forces of the order warned the frog that, if it came down, it would be executed for treason; and she said that I didn't want to get off, and that he wished them all that they pass well, and departed with his partner and seven tadpoles. Down in the well there was much uproar, and there were some frogs who wanted to comment on the proposal, but authorities silenced them immediately, and life returned to normal always at the bottom of the well. The next day, in the morning, the girl in blond braids was amazed when, to remove the bucket with water from the well, he saw that it was full of frogs. In Sanskrit, there is a compound word to designate a person close vision which conforms to hear what has always heard and do what it has always done, what does everyone and which reportedly have to do all those who wish to follow a quiet and secure life. The word is «ranadepozo», (kupmanduk), and has gone from Sanskrit to the modern Indian languages, which is used with the same meaning. Nobody likes to say. Even so, the world is full of wells, and wells filled with frogs. And girls with blonde braids are taking scares from time to time in the morning.

Recognize the temptation

A Jewish rabbi decided to test his disciples. What they would do, children mine, if you if you a sack of money along the way? The first thought for a moment and answered: would return it to its owner, master. "He has spoken very promptly Rabbi he thought to himself, I wonder if it will be sincere." The second disciple said: "If I didn't see anybody, so I would." "He has spoken with sincerity he thought the Rabbi, but it is not trustworthy." Finally, the third said: "it would probably be tempted to get the money, so I would ask God to give me strength to resist this impulse and do the right thing." "Here is a sincere man who I can trust", concluded the Rabbi.

Redeem a man

In "Les miserables", this great novel by Victor Hugo, Jean Valjean has just been an unjust sentence. It is hosted by the Bishop of Digne. In payment of so much hospitality, the surly Valjean stealing your host a silver cutlery and is given to the brain. The police will soon arrest him. Aherrojado and awkwardly, Valjean will have to withstand a confrontation with the man whose trust he has shortchanged. Then the Bishop of Digne, instead of ratifying the suspicions of police, conceal the crime of Valjean, assuring that the silver cutlery is a gift that he himself made his guest; and he even chides him for not wanting to be also some candle holders, which will immediately introduce in its pouch. Perhaps conceal an offender deserves the reproach of Justice; but to work illegally, the Bishop of Digne redeems a man. Exalted by that gesture, Jean Valjean become from that moment his life an incessant epic of self-denial. The Bishop of Digne understood that Dios nests in the face of its most distressed creatures.
Reflection and tradition
It has a popular legend who knew how to have once a military barracks near a village whose name I don't remember, and in the middle of the courtyard of the barracks had a wooden bench. It was a simple, humble and white Bank. And next to that Bank, a soldier stood guard. To guard night and day. No one knew why it was the guard together with the Bank, but called himself. It was night and day, every night, every day, and from generation to generation all officials passed on the order and the soldiers obeyed it. No one ever doubted, nobody ever asked: the tradition is something sacred that is not questioned or attacked: observe. As it was, and had always done, something would be. So it was, it had always done and so would. And so remained until someone, is not known well what general or Colonel curious, wanted to see the original order. We had to stir thoroughly the files. And after much fumbling it was learned. 31 years, 2 months and four days earlier an officer had instructed to mount guard together with the Bank, which was freshly painted, so that happens anyone sit on the fresh paint.

True story about the 11 M

The story begins on Wednesday in March 2004. Work in Madrid in a well-known Bank which has branches all over the world. Those days were particularly moved, because I took care of a group of Argentines that completed some operations. He came to see me Jorge, a co-worker who knew of Logroño, where we had studied middle school and high school. He told me that his girlfriend and he waited eagerly receive the floor; keys had been delayed several times, and (although one thing did not enable the other) wedding will have also suffered delays. Total, which, although he lived outside of Madrid, had moved from the House of his parents (in Alcalá de Henares) to an apartment of the family of the bride in Castilian. And he lived with his girlfriend in the same floor. When objected that that was not the best way to bring the courtship, he reasoned to me that he wanted his girlfriend and that they were going to marry (else gave, for a few months?); I reasoned it that disrespect was the one clear cause of so many broken marriages (when love fails in the bed, failure at life, I remember that I told him); that respect from that time until the wedding, in October, was to grow in love and maturity... He was grumbling. At night they called me:-Santi told me you're right; I have already spoken with clear and agree: tomorrow I go to my parents House... will see us tomorrow? I happy, I was reminded of the Argentines and told him that it would be difficult for he had visitors. -Jorge, after tell me so many times I thought I confess. Will I help? Left me a "it will be difficult"; the body asked me to tell you, is that you can not wait three days? But in the end told him:-now we'll talk about tomorrow. And there I was, at the time of the coffee. I told him that I seek in the afternoon. At six, called me, I excusé me in front of my Argentine colleagues, and I accompanied him to the parish to confess. He left with a smile from ear to ear and we celebrate with a bocadillo of squid. We said goodbye in the parking lot with a thank you, until tomorrow. The Argentines were delayed in the morning: I called them to the hotel and told me that there was no available taxi. That there had been a brutal attack on the train and that all the taxis were moving to the victims. The day waited in vain to Jorge: had taken the path of Alcalá de Henares and who died in the attack. I went to the Ifema, spacious and dismal place where watched the victims, and there I met Clara, heartbroken. The autopsy revealed that the shock wave from the explosion had burst spleen. Both prayed before the remains of Jorge, who had obtained the same day a safe passage to heaven. The bottom line is that God has a plan, of which we are part, although we do not understand much. And, as we know it nor understand it, it's best to take advantage of all the opportunities that we have at hand to do good to others. In addition to what was said that death is not a punishment, but a call to another life, in the best case, and forever. Signed, Santi.


A little girl whose parents had died, he lived with his grandmother and slept in a room on the top floor.
One night a fire broke out in the House and the grandmother died trying to rescue the girl. The fire spread quickly and the first floor was burned.
Neighbors called the Fire Department and kept waiting for help since it was impossible to enter the House because the flames blocked all entrances. Little appeared in one of the upper windows, crying out for help, at the very moment that ran the voice among the crowd that firefighters would take a few minutes because they were all in another fire.
Suddenly, appeared a man with a ladder, supported it against the front of the House and disappeared inside. When he reappeared, he wore in his arms to the small. Left the girl in her arms that were waiting outside and disappeared into the night.
An investigation revealed that the girl had no relatives. Weeks later held a meeting at City Hall to determine who the little girl would be home to raise her.
A teacher said that she could raise the child. He them noted that it could assure a good education. A farmer offered to raise her on his farm. He them noted that living on a farm was healthy and satisfying. Others spoke, giving his reasons why it would be advantageous for the girl to live with them.
Finally, the richest municipality inhabitant stood up and said: "I can give this child all the advantages that you have mentioned here, and in addition, money and all that money can buy".
All the time, the girl remained with heads down and silently.
"Wants to talk about someone else?", asked the President of the Assembly.
A man came forward from the back of the room. He walked slowly and seemed sore. When he arrived at the front of the room, stood directly in front of the small and extended her arms. The crowd stifled a scream. Your hands and arms had terrible scars.
The girl shouted: "This is the man who rescued me!". A jump, surrounded with his arms the neck of the man, clutching desperately to him, as he had that fateful night. It supported the face in his shoulder and sobbed for a few moments. Then he looked up and smiled you. "The Assembly rises" he said. (Taken from from

Rich and poor

Once, a very wealthy father of a family took her son on a trip with the aim that your child see how poor were the people of the countryside. They were for the space of a day and a full night on a farm in a very humble peasant family. At the end of the trip and back home the father asks his son: do you think of the trip? Very nice dad! Did you see how poor people can be? Yes! And what you learned? I saw that we have a pool that reaches a wall in the middle of the garden, they have a Creek that has no end. We have a few lamps imported into the courtyard, they have stars. The courtyard reaches the wall of the neighbor's House, they have a horizon of patio. They have time to talk and be with family. You and MOM have to work all the time and you almost never see. At the end of the story, the father was silent, and his son added: thanks, Dad, for showing me the rich that we can be...!

Take a lesson from the bad examples

Edit Stein small was very sensitive, but also a bit irascible and presumed (was the small-house). So they did it see her sisters. One day he observed a drunk in the street fight. The people who were around laughed and they almost motivated them. They took out the knives and ultimately ran the blood. It impressed him so strongly that he decided to change character, control your anger and not never try alcohol.

Be yourself

Once upon a time, a place and a time that could be anyone, a beautiful garden, with Apple, Orange, pear and beautiful roses, all of them happy and satisfied. Everything was joy in the garden, save a tree, that he was deeply saddened. The poor had a problem: didn't know who he was. Apple said to her: "what you lack is concentration, if you really try, you can have tasty apples, it is very easy". Rose told him: "don't listen you. It is easier to have roses, and they are more beautiful." Poor tree, desperate, tried everything what suggested you, but as he could not be as others is felt more and more frustrated. One day he came to the garden owl, the wisest of birds, and seeing the despair of the tree, exclaimed: "don't worry, your problem is not as serious, is the same as many beings on Earth. Do not spend your life to be as others want you to be. I know yourself, know yourself, and to achieve this, listen to your inner voice." And having said this, the OWL disappeared. My inner voice...? Be myself...? Meet me...? It questioned the desperate tree. Then, suddenly, he understood. Closing the eyes and ears, he opened the heart, and finally it was able to hear your inner voice telling her: "you'll never blocks because you're not an Apple tree or florecerás every spring because you're not a Rosebush. You are an oak tree, and your destiny is to grow large and majestic, provide shelter for birds, shadow travelers, beauty to the landscape. You have a mission, fulfill it. And the tree felt strong and sure of himself and decided to be all those things for which it was intended. Thus, it was soon admired and respected by all. And only then the garden was completely happy.

I'm still crying out to change the world

A prophet came once to a city and began to scream, in the plaza mayor, that needed a change in the running of the country. The Prophet shouted and screamed and a considerable crowd attended their voices, although more by curiosity than by interest. And the Prophet put all your soul in their voices, demanding the change of the customs. But, as the days passed, they were less increasingly onlookers surrounding the Prophet and not a single person seemed willing to change his life. But the Prophet was not discouraged and continued yelling. Until one day no one already stopped to listen to their voices. But the Prophet was still screaming in the solitude of the great plaza. And the days passed. And the Prophet was still screaming. And no one listened to him. Finally, someone came and asked him: "why you still crying? Don't you see that nobody is willing to change?" "I'm crying" - the prophet - "because you shut up, them I would have changed me." José Luis Martín Descalzo

Simple and complicated

A boy named Luis is attracted to a girl named Ana. He proposes it to go to the cinema, she accepts, they passed it well. A few nights later the he invites her to go to dinner, and again they are happy. They continue to be regularly, and some time later none of them sees any other person. Then, one night, when they go home, a thought occurs to you Ana and, without much thought, she says: "Do you realize that just now six months ago that we are?". And then the silence in the car is made. Looks like Anna a thunderous silence. She thinks: "Wow, I wonder if there will be bothered him that I said that." Perhaps you feel restricted by our relationship. Perhaps create that I'm trying to force you to some sort of obligation, they do not want, or on which is not very secure." And Luis this thinking: 'go. Six months." And Ana thinks: "but I'm not sure to this kind of relationship. Sometimes I'd like to have a little more freedom, to have time to think about what I really want to keep us in the direction that we're heading slowly..., I mean, towards where we are going? Shall we just continue to see at this level of intimacy? We are heading towards marriage? Children? A life together? I'm ready for this level of commitment? Is that I actually know this person? "." And Luis thinks: "... so that means that it was... Let's see... was February when we started out, it was just after leaving the car in the workshop, namely, to... see the odometer..." "Go, I have to change the oil in the car." And Ana thinks: "is displeased. I can see it in his face. I'm maybe playing this completely wrong. Perhaps he wants more from our relationship, more intimacy, more commitment. Perhaps he noticed before that I that I was feeling some reservations. Yes, safe which is why. That is why it is so quiet when it comes to talking about their own feelings. Afraid to be rejected". And Luis thinks: "and I have to tell them that they look at me the transmission again. I don't care what those morons say, still does not change well. And this time will be better that they do not seek to blame the cold. What cold? There are 30 degrees outside, and this thing changes as a garbage truck, and I pay those incompetent robbers money every time." And Ana is thinking: "is angry. And I can't blame him. I would be angry, also. My God, I feel so guilty, making him go through this, but I can't help but feel like I feel. Plain and simple, I'm not sure". And Luis thinks: "probably will say me that you only have three months warranty. "Yes, that is just what you are going to tell me, the buds". And Ana is thinking: "maybe I am too idealistic, waiting for you to come a Knight on his white horse, when I'm sitting next to a perfectly good person, a person that I like to be, someone I really care, a person that I seem to really care. A person who suffers because of my self-centered romantic fantasies schoolgirl". And Luis thinks: "guarantee? Do you want a guarantee? I'll give you a warranty. I will take your warranty and the... "." Ana says in a loud voice: "Luis". "What about?, says Luis, surprised." Please, no tortures you so she says, with an onset of tears in her eyes. Maybe I should never have said... "Oh, God, I feel so..." and stops, sobbing. "What about?, says Luis." I am so dumb sobs Ana. I mean, I know that there is no such Knight. I really know it. It's stupid. There is no gentleman, nor horse". "Isn't there horse?, says Luis." Do you think that I am stupid, really? ", says Ana." "No," says Luis, happy at last know the right answer. "It's just that... just... need some time", says Ana. There is a 15 second pause while Luis, thinking how fast that can try to say a sure answer. Finally one that believes that it can work you think: "Yes". Ana, strongly emotional, touching his hand: "Oh, Luis, do you really think that?, she says." What?, says Luis. "That time", says Ana. "Oh, yes", says Luis. Ana turns to look at him and deeply fixed his gaze in his eyes, making him get up and very nervous about what she can tell then, especially if has to do with a horse. In the end, she says: "Thank you, Luis". "Thank you," says Luis. He then takes her home, and she lies down on her bed, as a tortured soul and in conflict, and cries until dawn. Meanwhile, Luis, returns home, open a bag of potatoes, turned on the TV, and is immediately immersed in a broadcast of a tennis match between two Czechs who never heard. A faint voice in the most hidden corners of his mind tells him that something important was happening in the car, but is sure that there is no way that could understand it, so you think it's better not to think about it. The day following Ana called her best friend, or maybe two of them, and discuss the situation for six hours at a time. In painful detail, analyze everything that she said all that he said, passing over each point again and again, examining every word and gesture by trivial meaning, considering every possible ramification. They will continue discussing the issue, again, for weeks, perhaps months, never reaching definitive conclusions, but never boring, either. Meanwhile, Luis, one day while watching a game of football with a mutual friend of his and Ann, during the commercials, it fruncirá frown and say: "Raul, know if Ana ever had a horse?".

Also men cry abortions

I met her in my office, it was a girl with a few years younger than me; and without being a beauty, she was not ugly; and also with a nice figure, nice, and very attractive. It also has great intelligence. I admired her because it was also very efficient in his work. You have something to do with it never passed through my mind. In addition, has never been unfaithful to my wife, maybe because I've always been very homey.
However the circumstances were when things of the job changed, and what seemed an accidental slip of it - that I now think was not so accidental-, forced us to strengthen one another. Thereafter emerged certain ideas in my mind that little by little were becoming reality, until one day, blinded by the madness, neither I nor she we stopped.
A couple of weeks later I was told of possible pregnancy, and shortly after we confirmábamos with strong clinical analyses. The anxiety began to determine what to do. Finally we come to the abortion decision.
I dared to consult only with two people, a friend, and a priest; the friend did not support that decision, but informed me where had an office that could be made with less risk. The priest warned me of the moral consequences of such a measure, however, we came to hurry and decision was carried into practice.
I don't know if previously she already had done the same, but I doubt it because I saw and felt the tremendously traumatic that turned out it; It took to recover and I contributed in what they could in their psychological recovery. When I went to confess the priest was very sad about what happened, and advised me to continue not watching it.
Really tried, even made arrangements to be moved professionally. Instead of changing us, by the new conditions of work, it gave us more facilities being together. Then I did some research, and I knew that she was also with another person. I spoke with her to tell her that we would not see more. To my surprise, he did not accept it; on the contrary, he promised to leave the other and gave many reasons; I left to convince. I wasn't in love with her, I don't even know how to call it, I think it was tangled. Way that see it and treat it, was formidably enjoyed by me, but in my heart you tore my mind and my spirit. After it there were other women: the taboo was broken, and I realized that was a Vice, like other hard-to-let.
Now I don't know what tell me not to myself in my own problems, which are not few. I'm pretty sure if I say that not a day goes by without that I remember of that decision I regret, and criticizes it for me, and ask our Lord for forgiveness. The current relationship with my wife has never been worse; and although my children I still respecting and listening, I know now they do it by what we teach them before. They are few people who enjoy a conversation with me, just the ordinary. And I wonder why there will be those who, even as medical, see the deception as perfectly normal?
How I regret that I do not have the ability to give advice. How I miss that inner tranquility that made me feel so well even in the most difficult situations. How hurts have had and lost that peace of mind that made me feel and enjoy the intensity of life and love. I think that I am describing the loss of grace! This is equivalent to losing a part of the heart and the existence. And the worst still can't find how to fix this damage! Everything has its price, I knew it! And now I'm already checking it. It was heaven on Earth and lost it.

Can you buy an hour?

The man arrived from work home again late, tired and irritated, and found a five-year-old son waiting for him at the door. "Dad, can I ask you something?" "Would of course, son, what? replied the man.
"Dad, do much money earn per hour?" "Why ask it?, said somewhat annoyed." I just want to know it. "Please tell me how much desire per hour", begged the small. "If you want to know it, I earn $20 per hour".
"Oh," replied the little bowing his head. Then he said: "Dad, do I you can pay $10, please?". The father was furious. "If the reason why you wanted to know how much they earn is only for asking me to buy you a toy or any other nonsense, then right now go to your room and lie down. Think about why you are being so selfish. "Work a lot, many hours each day and do not have time for these children's games".
The small left in silence to his room and closed the door. The man sat down and started to turn to the questioning of the child. "How can you ask that only to get some money!". After a while, the man calmed and began to think that it was a little hard with his son. Perhaps there was something that really needed to buy those $10 and, in fact, not asking money often. He went to the baby's room door and opened it.
"Do you are sleeping, son?", asked. "No, dad. I'm awake,"answered the child. "I've been thinking, and I have perhaps been too harsh with you before. It has been a very long day and I paid it with you. Here are the 10 dollars I have asked".
The child sat smiling: "Oh, thank you, Dad!", exclaimed. Then, digging under his pillow, he pulled out some tickets more wrinkled. The small slowly counted his money and then looked at the man, who, seeing that the boy already had money, started to get angry again. "Why you needed money and already had?", the father grumbled.
"Because still not had enough, but now I do have. Pope, now I have $20..., can I buy an hour of your time? "."

Build bridges

Be aware that, once, two brothers who lived on neighboring farms, separated by a small river, entered into conflict. It was the first big disagreement in a lifetime of work side by side, sharing tools and taking care of each other. During durante anos years they worked on their farms and at the end of each day, could cross the river and enjoy one of the other's company. Despite tiredness, they did walk with pleasure, because they had great appreciation. But now everything had changed. What began with a small misunderstanding finally exploded into an exchange of harsh words, followed by weeks of total silence. One morning, the older brother felt that he was called to your door. When it opened, saw a man with a box of Carpenter hand tools and was seeking work: "You may have a small service that I can do". "Yes, of course I have work for you." View the farm on the other side of the river. It is my neighbor. No, actually it's my younger brother. We fight and I can not stand to see him. See that pile of wood near the barn? "I want you to build a fence along the river high so I don't have to do it more." Carpenter replied: "I think that I understand the situation. "Tell me where are the rest of the material, I will certainly do a job that you will like." As I had to go to the city, the older brother helped Carpenter find the material and departed. The man spent all that day. The night was already falling when I finish his work. The farmer returned from his trip and his eyes could not believe what they saw. Instead of a fence, there was a bridge linking the two banks of the river. It was really a good job, but the farmer was furious and told him: "You have been very daring to build that bridge after what were". However, look toward the bridge, he saw his brother approached another margin, running with open arms. For a moment he stood on their side of the river. But suddenly, on an impulse, he ran in the other direction and they hugged in the middle of the bridge.

Having imagination

A Hunter is going to Africa and takes her little dog, Foxterrier to not feel alone. One day, in Africa, dog, chasing butterflies, away and goes astray, beginning to just roam the jungle. In that sees in the distance that comes a huge Panther all run, and the Panther wants it devour, think quickly what you can do. You see a lot of bones of a dead animal and gets to chew them. When the Panther is about to attack him, the dog says: "Uah, which rich was this Panther I just eat!". Panther-hearing and slams on the brakes, turns and flees werecat thinking: "this animal I almost come to my also!". A monkey who was climbing in a nearby tree and had seen and heard throughout the scene, runs after the Panther to tell her how it had been deceived by the puppy. But the dog hears the rat monkey. The monkey told everything to the Panther, and this very angry, tells the monkey: "hop on my back and look at that damn dog, to see who eats who!". And run away at full speed to seek the Foxterrier. Dog sees far away returns the Panther, now with the monkey sneak over. "And now what do I do...?" he wondered. Instead of running, that it would have been his undoing, stays seated giving them back as if it had not seen them. When the Panther is about to attack him, the dog says: "but what most scoundrel monkey...!" Half an hour ago that I sent him to bring me another Panther and still had not appeared...! "." As said Albert Einstein, in times of crisis, only the imagination is more important than knowledge.

Everything passes

There was once a King who told the wise men of the Court: I'm making a precious ring. I've got one of the best possible diamonds. I want to keep hidden within the ring any message that can help me in moments of total despair, and that will help my heirs, and the heirs of my heirs, forever. It has to be a small message, in a way that fit under the diamond ring.
All who heard it were wise, great scholars; they could have written big treaties, but give a message of no more than two or three words that could help you in moments of total despair. They thought, they looked for in their books, but they couldn't find anything. The King had an old servant who had also been a servant of his father. The mother of the King died soon and this servant took care of him, therefore, treated him as if outside the family. The King felt an immense respect for the elderly, so that he also consulted him. And told him: I am not a wise man, a scholar, nor an academic, but I know the message. During my long life in the Palace, I found all kinds of people, and once I found a mystic. He was invited from your father and I was at your service. When I went, as a gesture of gratitude, gave me this message the elder wrote in a tiny paper, folded it and gave it to the King. But not to read it said you keep it tucked away in the ring. Open it only when all else has failed, when you find no exit to the situation.
That moment soon to arrive. The country was invaded and the King lost the Kingdom. It was running on his horse to save life and his enemies pursued him. I was alone and the pursuers were numerous. He arrived at a place where the road ran out, there was no output: front there was a precipice and a deep valley; fall for him would be the end. And he could not return because the enemy closed you the road. I could already hear jogging the horse. I could not go forward and there was no other way. Suddenly, he remembered the ring. Opened it, pulled out the paper, and there found a small extremely valuable message. Simply said: "This also happened". While reading "this also will happen" he felt that a great silence hung over him. The enemies chasing him should have been lost in the forest, or had to have made a mistake on the way, but the truth is that gradually ceased to hear the trotting of horses. The King felt deeply grateful to the servant and the Mystic unknown. Those words had been miraculous. Folded paper, returned to the ring, gathered their armies and retook the Kingdom. And the day which was again victorious in the capital there was a big celebration with music, dances... and he felt very proud of itself. The old man was beside her in the car and said: this moment is also suitable: returns to look at the message. What do you mean? asked the King. Now I am victorious, people celebrate my return, I'm not desperate, I am not in a no-win situation. Listen said the elder: this message is not only for desperate situations; It is also for pleasant situations. It is not just for when you are defeated; It is also for when you feel victorious. It is not just for when you're the last; It is also for when you are the first. The King opened the ring and read the message: "This will also pass", and he again felt the same peace, the same silence, in the middle of a crowd that was celebrating and dancing, but pride, the ego, had disappeared. The King could be completed to understand the message. Then the old man said to him: remember that everything passes. Nothing nor no emotion is permanent. As the day and night, there are moments of joy and moments of sadness. Accept them as part of the duality of nature because they are the very nature of things.

Three pipes to quench anger

Once a member of the tribe appeared furious before his boss to inform him that he was determined to take revenge on an enemy who had offended him badly. I wanted to immediately go and kill him without mercy. The Chief listened to him attentively and then suggested that it was to do what was intended, but before doing so, fill up his tobacco pipe and smoke it calmly at the foot of the sacred tree of the people. Man loaded his pipe and went to sit under the glass of the great tree. It took an hour to finish the pipe. Then he shook the ashes and he decided to talk to the boss to tell him that he had thought it best, that it was excessive to kill his enemy but if you would give a memorable beating so never forget offense. Again the old man heard him and adopted its decision, but it ordered that since it had changed its mind, it will fill again the pipe and out smoking it at the same place. This time the man fulfilled his assignment and spent half an hour meditating. He then returned to where he was the Chief and told him that he considered excessive to physically punish their enemy, but that he would have to face his wrongdoing and would shame in front of everyone. As always, it was listened to with goodness, but the elder again ordered him to repeat his meditation as it had done the previous times. Man, half annoying, but already much more serene, turned to Centennial tree and sat there was turning into smoke, its tobacco and their anger. When it ended, returned to the Chief and told him: "thinking it better see that the thing is not to do so." I'll go where I expected my abuser to give you a hug. So get a friend who will surely regret what he has done". The Chief gave two loads of tobacco so that they were smoking together at the foot of the tree, telling him: "that is precisely what he had to ask, but I; not could tell you It was necessary to give you time you discovered yourself".

Your damage made me stronger

Ben Sarok, a cruel man, he could not see anything healthy and beautiful without destroying it. He met a young Palm tree on the edge of an oasis. This angered him, so he took a heavy stone and placed it just above the Palm. Then, with an evil grin, he passed over. Young Palm tried to remove the charge, but it was in vain. Later, the young tree tried a different tactic. Out towards the inside to support its weight, until its roots found a hidden water supply. Then the tree grew higher than all the others, he managed to finish all the shadows. With water from the depths of the Earth and the Sun of heaven became a majestic tree. Years later, Ben Sarok returned to enjoy the image of the small tree that had been destroyed. But it could not find it anywhere. Finally the tree leaned, showed him the stone on his glass and said: "Ben Sarok, I have to thank you, your damage made me stronger".

Your face speaks for you

Some time ago, in a small and distant village, there was an abandoned house. One day, a dog looking for shelter from the Sun, managed to put a hole in one of the doors of the House. Puppy came slowly up the old wooden stairs. After upload was found with one door was found with a half-open door, and slowly ventured into the room. To his surprise was realized within that quarter there was thousand more dogs, observing it as tightly as it watched them them. The dog began to move the tail and lift their ears slowly. Thousand puppies did the same thing. Then he smiled and barked happily at one of them. The dog was surprised to see that thousand dogs also smiled to him and barked happily with him. When the dog left the room was thinking to himself: "so nice place, have to come over to visit him!". Some time later another stray dog came to the same site and the same room, but this puppy to see other thousand dogs the fourth, felt threatened, since they were looking at him aggressively. He began to Growl, and saw thousand puppies Growl to it. It began to bark them fiercely and other thousand dogs barked fiercely also to him. When this puppy came out of that room thought: "what a horrible place, never again enter here!". On the front of that House was an old sign that said: "The House of thousand mirrors". The faces of the world are like mirrors. According to us, thus we see.

A firefighter from 6 years

The 26-year-old mother remained engrossed watching his son dying of terminal leukaemia. Although his heart was burdened by sadness, also had a strong sense of determination. As any mother he wanted his son to grow and make all your dreams. But now that already would not be possible. Leukemia does not allow it. But even so, she still wanted the dreams of his son were carried out. He took the hand of his son and asked him: "Billy, did you ever think in what they wanted to be when you crecieras? Ever dreamed and thought what would you do with your life? '. " "MOM, most always wanted to be a fireman". The mother smiled, and a little later the same day, turned to fire Park of Phoenix, Arizona, where he met the fireman Bob, a man with a heart as big as the same Phoenix. She explained the last wish of his six-year-old son and asked him if it was possible to stroll around the block in a fire truck. Firefighter Bob said: "look, we can do better than that. You have your child ready to Wednesday at 9 o'clock in the morning and honorary firefighter is done throughout the day. You can come with us here to fire Park, eat with us and leave us when we receive calls from fire in all our range. And if you tell us your size, get him a real firefighter, with a real Hat uniform and not one toy, bearing the emblem of the Phoenix Fire Department Park, a yellow suit that we carry and boots rubber. "Everything is made in Phoenix, so it is easy to get it pretty fast". Three days later the firefighter Bob picked up Billy, put his Firefighter uniform and drove him from the hospital bed to the fire truck. Billy sat in the back of the truck and helped lead it back to the Park. Feel like in heaven. There were three warnings of fire in Phoenix that day and Billy could exit at all three services. It was mounted on three different trucks, medical minibus and also fire chief car. They took it to local television news videos. You have made reality his dream with all that love and care with which you were treated, so deeply moved Billy who managed to live three months more than any doctor thought he would live. One night all his vital signs began to decline dramatically and the head of nurses began to call the members of the family to come to the hospital. Then, he recalled the day that Billy had spent as if it were a fireman, so he called the Chief of the Park and asked if it was possible to send a firefighter uniform to the hospital to be with Billy as he gave his soul. The Chief replied: "we will do something better. We'll be there in five minutes. Will you do me a favor? When hear sirens sounding and see the lights twinkling, could announce by speakers that there was no fire, but is the fire department that will see one of its most prominent members once again? And please, do you could open the window of your room? Thank you". Five minutes later, the fire ladder truck arrived at the hospital and extended staircase to the open window Billy's room on the third floor. Sixteen firefighters climbed it and entered the room. With the permission of his mother, each of them hugged him telling him how much he loved him. With his last breath, Billy looked at the fire chief and said: "Head, am I truly a firefighter now?". "Yes, Billy, what you are". With those words, Billy smiled and closed his eyes for the last time.

A donkey in a well

One day, the donkey from a farmer fell into a well. The poor animal wept bitterly for hours as the farmer tried to find any solution. Finally, as he couldn't find another solution, he thought that the donkey was very old and that the well was dry and needed to be covered anyway, so it really wasn't worth get well Donkey but that it was better to bury him there. He asked a neighbor to come help you. Each grabbed a shovel and began to cast Earth into the pit. The donkey realized what was happening and cried and brayed again with more bitterness. Then, to everyone's surprise, calmed after fall on you a few shovels of Earth. After a long time of work, the farmer looked well and was surprised that with every shovel of Earth the donkey was doing something very smart: every shovel of Earth was shaking and treading on it. It had already risen several meters. They followed as well, and ultimately the donkey reached the mouth of the well, went over the edge and left peacefully jogging. Something similar can happen to us in our lives. The life we sometimes Strip land, all land; It is best to know shake off the land and use it to take a step up. Thus, each one of our problems is a step up.
A blind man with light
Once upon a time, for hundreds of years, in a city in the East, a man one night walking through the dark streets carrying a lighted oil lamp. The city was very dark at night without moon like that. At some point, he meets a friend. The friend looks at him and suddenly recognizes him. She realizes that is Guno, the blind man of the people. Then, he says: "what are you doing, Guno, you are blind, with a lamp in his hand? If you don't see! "." Then the blind man replied: "I don't get the lamp to see my way. I know the streets of memory. I light so that others find their way when I see me. "The light that served to me, is not only important but also that I use so that others can also use it". Each of us can light the way for yourself and so that it is seen by others, though one apparently don't need it.

A very special donor

Robyn Bowen is a woman from Washington that, in 1980, went to a clinic in Rochester to be served from a kidney disease while pregnant. Remember how doctors told to carry the pregnancy to the end could harm him and even put it in danger of death. But she didn't want to have an abortion, he didn't hesitate: "I knew from the first day that God had blessed me to allow myself to have Brandon", so he called his son. Robyn gave birth and continued with his life of dialysis and medications, and saved his life by not abort, because when she was sick of death if not receive a compatible kidney, came out with a very special donor. Twenty years after his birth, his son volunteered to donate a kidney. "My body is not really my body says Brandon, son, what I mean, is that this is not my kidney really." It is like God's desire and something that I needed to do." His mother says: "he was very sure that that was what God wanted to do, so it was the only reason why I allowed him to do so". Proud to save her mother, Brandon was saying: "you don't know what a child's life can be achieved in the future..." He could be President, or perhaps could find the cure for cancer or something. One never knows. I just think that every child should have a chance." Defend the right to life from conception, says Juan Pablo II, is a "precious service to life, fundamental value in which the wisdom and love of God reflected... Respect for life, from its conception to the natural decline that is a decisive criterion for rating the civilization of a people." (Llúcia Pou).

A tethered elephant

One day a child saw as an elephant from the circus, after the function, was tied with a string to a small stake ground. He was amazed that so burly animal wouldn't be able to get rid of that small stake, and that it did not in fact do the most minimum effort to get it. He decided to ask the man in the circus, he replied: "it is very simple, since childhood, has been tied to a stake like that, and as then it was not able to release it, now doesn't know that stake is very little for it. All you remember is that he could not escape and why not even try." This happens all in some themes, in which we have Stoppers or barriers that we hit because we have always seen them as insurmountable, even though we have already grown enough to overcome them, and do not just by a because at some point we stopped.

A risky pregnancy

The story of Emilia is one of those hard-to-discern cases. Her last pregnancy presented so hard that today they would transform it in safe abortion option. Here is his story. What would have you done in your situation? Emilia belonged to a middle class family in a European country that suffered damage and shortages after a prolonged national war. Hunger and epidemics were threatening the entire population. Emilia since childhood had a delicate health, which had not been able to improve the conditions in which he lived. Still very young, she married a modest employee and settled in a new population away from relatives and acquaintances. Shortly afterwards was born his first son, Edmund, a boy sexy, good student, athlete and great personality. A few years later, Emilia gave birth to a girl, who only survived a few weeks by the bad living conditions to which the family was subjected. Fourteen years after the birth of Edmund and almost ten of the death of his second daughter, Emilia was in a particularly difficult situation. He was about forty years and his health had not improved: I suffered severe kidney problems and his cardiac system was gradually weakening due to a congenital condition. On the other hand, the political situation in his country was increasingly critical, as it had been very affected by the newly completed first world war. They lived with the indispensable and uncertainty and fear of that burst a new war. And precisely in these terrible circumstances, Emilia realized that was once again pregnant. While access to abortion was not easy at that time and in that poor country, there was the option and not missed who offered to practice this sport. His age and his health made pregnancy a high risk for his life. In addition their difficult life condition made him wonder: which world I offer this small? A miserable home? A village at war? Is it worthwhile to give life? This difficult situation that faced Emilia, it would add another problem that she didn't even know, but know it would further questioning the convenience that this son was born. Emilia will die just ten years later because of his precarious health. Tragically, also Edmund, the only brother of the baby expected, will live a few years longer. Some years later, the second world war would explode, in which the father of the creature who was born also will lose life, with what that child was going to be quite alone in life and an environment adverse. If to ested touch you judge the appropriateness of the birth of the son of Emilia, would have to take into account that, in addition to a very critical situation, this child was expected a life in the full orphan: his father, his mother or his brother only could accompany him in the midst of the appalling conditions of the second world war that was to come. Can what bring the world to a child who will know suffering from birth? What future can offer you? Would foolish be to carry out my pregnancy? These are questions that any woman would be in the situation of Emilia. Fortunately, she opted for the life of his son, whom he named Karol. Today that child might certainly a victim of abortion. But, thanks to the courage of a woman named Emilia, it is alive and is called Karol Wojtyla, who everyone knows as Juan Pablo II.

A Gypsy martyr

Ceferino Jiménez Malla is the first Gypsy who has raised to the altars. You will have a place among the greats of the spirit, as Holiness does not have nothing to do with the cradle, with the culture, or race. Holiness has to do with the heart. Here are two samples of his generous spirit.
One day, the former Mayor of the town of Huesca, Rafael Jordán, suffered a vomiting of blood as he went down the street, as a result of tuberculosis who suffered. The disease then inspired great fear and people did not approach. Ceferino cleaned it and brought it home. That Act of kindness changed his life, as the family of former Mayor asked that it acquired a few mules in France and when Ceferino was to deliver them was told that it would be them. It was rich. However many gypsies asked favors and thus, uncle Ceferino, returned to ruined: could not come to his aid.
Ceferino witnessed the arrest of a young priest, who fought with the militia. Use the Virgin!, exclaimed, as many men against one and also innocent. Several militiamen were thrown against him, frisked him and found him a razor blade and a modest rosario. It was enough to lead it, tethering, popular jail. An influential friend tried to save his life and advised him to put an excuse to justify the presence of the Rosary. Ceferino refused. Wasn't his style of cattle handler today say one thing and tomorrow; people knew him and knew that his word was law in which you could trust. He refused to lie, refused to make excuses, even though I knew what would happen to him for this reason. As well it happened, because Ceferino was executed a few days later, next to the cemetery.
Ceferino was praying when he went down the street. The 'pump', another Gypsy, reminiscent of Ceferino Rosary in hand in direction to the Church: "we greeted and then he continued praying. I say this because I saw how moving lips. It brought together children and families to pray the Rosary together". Araceli Dual recalls having been convened several times to home of Pele with other children to pray together. The old man was very high, and to be at the height of the kids put on their knees.

A type with luck

I remember that I met Javi last summer in a field of work with drug addicts in rehabilitation. When asked why he used my summer vacation in a thing so, hinché chest and I enorgullecí myself and the good that was. But it did not last me more than 10 seconds, the time it took to give the question and replied that it was bursting to see single people, that solitude must be "suck it".
I thought that Javi had suffered greatly, even more so when he told me that to him left him in a container a few days of birth. The grief that I entered was nothing compared to the ocean that was then opened to my conscience. I told him that I felt, that will work, and I responded that if it was silly, that was a lucky... I should have put the same face that a Penguin in a garage, then quickly gave me the best lesson that have given life. "I'm a lucky guy I snapped, because it is clear that I was an unwanted pregnancy, if it becomes now, 50,000 pesetas cut my neck." And continued picking up potatoes from the ground, as if nothing. She continued with her life, helping others. The value of human life and the dignity of the human being as such, from its beginning until its natural end, is above any adverse situation that arises in the course of the same. And if not, that is to say Javi, a guy with luck. (Jesus Garcia Sanchezcolomer. Published in ABC, 19.VI.01).

A story to think

When I met her it was 16 years old.
We were presented at a party, by a "guy" that said be my friend.
It was love at first sight.
She me crazed.
Our love reached a point, who already could not live without it.
But it was a forbidden love.
My parents did not accept it.
I was expelled from school and we began to meet secretly.
But there I could not stand more, I became crazy.
I wanted her, but did not have it.
I could not allow that I set aside for it.
I loved it: I smashed my car, broke everything inside House and I almost killed my sister. It was crazy, I needed it.
Today I have 39 years; I interned in a hospital, I am useless and I will die abandoned by my parents, my friends and she.
Your name? Cocaine is called.
I owe her my love, my life, my destruction and my death.
Author: Freddie Mercury (wrote it before dying of AIDS).

One hour a day

Had Mother Teresa of Calcutta in its order, initially, they had half an hour of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament once a month. In a Congress decided to spend one hour a day. They received permission so that one of them could put Jesus in custody during that time of worship. Since then, features, improved the joy, the care of the sick, came over and doubled the number of applicants.

One stormy night

One stormy night makes many years, one elderly man and his wife entered the lobby of a small hotel in Philadelphia. Trying to get shelter from the heavy rain the couple is approaching the counter and asks: "Can give us a room?". The employee, a friendly man with a warm smile said: "there are three simultaneous conventions in Philadelphia... All the room of our hotel and the others are taken. The marriage was troubled his because it was difficult at that time and with that horrific time were to get where to spend the night. But the employee said: "look, I can not send them out with this rain." If you accept the discomfort, I can offer my own room. I will arrange me in an Office Chair. Marriage rejected it, but insisted the employee willingly and finally ended up occupying their room. The next morning, to pay the Bill the man asked to speak with him and told him: "you are the type of Manager that I would have my own hotel. Perhaps someday build a hotel to return the favor that has made us". The Concierge took the phrase as a compliment and they parted amicably. Two years passed and the Concierge receives a letter from the man, which reminded him of the story and sent him a passage back and forth to New York with the express request to visit them. With some curiosity Concierge took this opportunity to visit free New York and attended the meeting. This time the old man led him to the corner of Fifth Avenue and 34th Street and noted an imposing brownstone building with the finger and said: "this is the Hotel that I have built for you". The Concierge looked stunned and said: "Is a joke, truth?". "I can assure you that no", replied with a complicit smile the older man. And that was how William Waldorf Astor built the original Waldorf Astoria and hired its first name Manager George C. Boldt (the Concierge in the rainy night). George C. Boldt, obviously not imagined that his life was changing forever when he made that favor addressing the old Waldorf Astor on that stormy night. We don't have many "Waldorf Astor" in the world, but a satisfied boss or a surprised customer may amount to our personal WaldorfAstoria.

A special occasion

My brother-in-law opened the bottom drawer of the vanity of my sister and took a package wrapped in tissue paper. Sticker price, with an astronomical figure on it was still hanging. "Joan bought esto the first time we went to New York, at least 8 or 9 years ago. Never put it. I was saving it for a special occasion. Well; I think that this is the time."
His hands were delayed for a moment in the soft tissue, then abruptly closed the drawer and turned to me. "Never save anything for a special occasion. Every day you're alive is a special occasion."
I remembered those words during the funeral and the days that followed, when I helped him and my niece attend all the sad chores that follow an unexpected death. I thought about this in the plane, back to California from the Midwest where my sister's family lives. I thought about all the things that she had not seen, heard or done. I thought about all the things that she had done without being aware that they were special. I still think of her words and they have changed my life. I read more. I sit on the porch and admire the landscape. I spend more time with my family and friends. I try to recognize the best moments and enjoy them. "I keep" nothing; use our Chinese porcelain and glassware for any special event, such as losing half a kilo, unclog the sink or the first cocoon of Camellia. "Someday" and "One of these days" they are losing their dominance in my vocabulary. If it's worth see or hear or do something, it is best to be as soon as possible.
I'm not sure what you had done my sister if it had known that it would not be here for the tomorrow we all take for insurance. I think that it would have called family members and some friends nearby. It would have been called some old friends to apologize and fix old disagreements. They are those little things that are left out which enfurecerían me if you knew that my hours were counted. Furious because not being able to see good friends that was going to put me in contact someday. Furious for not having written certain letters seeking to write one of these days. Furious and embarrassed by not having said enough often to my husband and my daughters how I want them.
I'm trying to seriously not postpone, restrain or keep something that can cheer or make our lives more bright. And every morning, when I open the eyes, I tell myself that it is a special day. Every day, every minute, whenever I breathe, really... a gift from God. (Taken from from

A pistol and two men before God

It happened for many years in a concentration camp in France. There were the many Spanish refugees. A priest used to go up to the podium and explained to his audience themes of religion. One day he spoke to them of God and his existence. When finished the priest to explain their ideas, asked the Auditorium if anyone wanted to explain something. The voice of a refugee screaming their discontent was heard. The atheist came up to the podium and told the audience: "I do not agree with what the priest said. I say that God does not exist. And I'm going to try. Here is my watch. If God exists, I give it five minutes so kill me. There are four minutes. Missing three minutes. There are two minutes. It is missing a minute. There is nothing. The God of this priest does not exist". At the end of speaking the unbeliever, his supporters cheered him. They walked him on shoulders the concentration camp. The priest was not knowing what to do. Suddenly had a bright idea. And addressing the crowd of believers and unbelievers, he told them. "Gentlemen, have not finished yet. He invited the unbeliever to go up to the podium. The priest asked a loaded gun. A man handed her the gun. A deep silence was made. All were intrigued. The priest told the incredulous: "there is this gun. It does lack rather than give it to the trigger. I give him five minutes to kill me. There are four minutes. Missing three minutes. There are two minutes. It is missing a minute. There is nothing. Then you does not exist. How about you?" The face of the priest and of his opponent were pale. The unbeliever said to him: "How will I kill me you has made me so much good? The priest replied: "God has made you many more favors than me and is much more merciful with men that you have been with me. You has respected me life when I asked me to kill, as Dios has respected it was you when I challenged you to remove it". The scene was of great emotion. God rewarded the heroism of the priest who gave his life for, making that incredulous a few moments before denying God turned to the Catholic faith.
Fly over the Marsh
A bird that lived resigned in a tree rotten in the middle of the swamp, had grown accustomed to being there. He ate worms in the mud and was always dirty by the foul sludge. Their wings were unused by the weight of the dirt, until that one day a great windstorm destroyed his lair. The rotten tree was swallowed by silt and bird realized that was going to die. In a sudden desire to save himself, he began to flutter with force to take flight. It cost him a lot of work, because he had forgotten how to fly, but he faced the numbness pain until he managed to get up and cross the wide sky, finally reaching a fertile and beautiful forest.
The problems we have are many times as the windstorm that has destroyed your Lair and is forcing you to raise the flight or die. It is never late. No matter what you have lived, the mistakes that have been committed, or the opportunities that have been missed, nor the age. We are always on time to say "enough is enough", to shake us silt and fly high and far.

PARABLES with practical lessons

Accept us as we are

A Mason lamented:
-Oh, if both money and this rich.
The genius filled him with riches. But he squeezed much sun, it was summer.
-Oh, if Sun.
Genius granted.
A cloud is interposed between the Sun and the Earth.
-Oh, if cloud.
Genius granted. But it proved as rock resisted their onslaught.
-Oh, if rock.
Genius granted. But when he saw how destroyed it the cantero said:
-Oh, if Mason.

Friends like you

Two friends passed through a forest when a bear. The faster of the two fled without worrying about the other that to be saved is pulled by Earth as dead.
The bear, believing him dead, she sucked it and left. It seemed as if he had said something.
-Did you say it? He asked the elusive.
-Only you told me that I do not rely on friends like you.
Leo Tolstoy

Just an onion

Do you know the Russian fable of onion? They have the old Orthodox records a day died a woman who hadn't ever else you hate all those around her. And that his poor guardian angel was dismayed because demons, without even waiting for the final judgment, had thrown it into a Lake of fire where he hoped all those souls who were as predestined to hell. How to save her protégé? Submit arguments in the trial that inclinasen the balance towards salvation? Angel sought and rummaging in the life of his protégé and couldn't find anything to your argument. Until, finally, digging and digging agreed that one day it had given an onion to a poor man. And so he told God, when I started the trial. And God said to him: "well, seeks that onion, tell him that you grasp it, and if thus it leaves the Lake, will be saved."
Abruptly flew the angel, tended to the woman old onion and she seized the plant with all his strength. And he began to get afloat. His tail pulling angel all gently, not to break. And the woman came out, went out. But it was then that other souls, who also lay in the Lake, saw him. They seized the woman, their skirts, their legs and arms, and all the souls went, went out. But this woman, who had never known love, he began to fear, thought that the onion would not resist so much weight and began kicking to get rid of the unwelcome load. And, in their efforts, the onion broke. And the woman was sentenced. Yes, just an onion to save the whole world. Whenever we do not break it kicking to save by themselves. (José Luis Martín Descalzo, "Reasons for living").


Enter in Amiens, a beggar half-naked and almost frosted greeted Martin, soldier. Without thinking twice, Martin took the layer, split it in two with his sword and offered one of the two halves to the needy.
Around the next bend was Christ dressed with middle layer. She looked at him smiling.
-Sorry, Lord, for you have not given the entire layer.
Eventually Martin would order priest and later Bishop of Tours. Eventually he was canonized and worshiped with the name of San Martín de Tours.

Developed by a phrase of Pope

Paris. Princes Park. A university manages to get close to the Pope and yells: "Holy Father, I'm an atheist, help me!". The Pope approached him. They spoke a few moments alone. Back in Rome, Juan Paul II reminded that boy and told don Estanislao: "I think that perhaps could have helped better. Perhaps still you can do something for him". They wrote to Paris. The answer was something like "we will try, but it will be harder than finding a needle in a haystack". However, at the end were located the boy and told him: "The Pope wants you to know that he prays daily for you and is concerned that maybe it didn't solve your problem". That boy explained that out of there was to a bookstore and bought a new testament, as the Pope had told him..., "and just open it, find the answer you were looking for. Tell it to the Pope. Now I prepare for my baptism".
Taken from Miguel Ángel Velasco, "Juan Pablo II that unknown", p.56.

He cares for those who love

There was a very rich young, who had everything, a wonderful husband, lovely kids, a job that gave him a great deal, a United family. The trouble is that she could not reconcile all that work and chores occupied him all the time, she took the children and her husband and so the people she loved were always left for later. Until one day, his father, a very wise man, gave him a gift: a flower very expensive and rare, which only had a copy in the world. And said to him: "daughter, this flower you will help a lot, more than you can imagine. You will only have to water them occasionally, and sometimes to talk a little with it, and you'll change that wonderful perfume and those wonderful flowers." The young woman was very excited, as the flower was a beauty like no other. But time was passing, problems arose again, Labour consuming all his time, and his life, which remained unclear, were not allowed to take care of the flower. He came home, looked at the flower and was still there. They showed no sign of damage, it was beautiful and fragrant. Then she went long. Until one day, suddenly, flower died. She came home and took a scare. The flower was fully dead, drop, and its root was dry. The young man cried much, and told his father what had happened. His father answered: "I already imagined that would happen, and I can not give another flower, because there is no other equal to that, because it was unique, just like your kids, your husband and your family. All are blessings that God gave you, but you have to learn how to water them and pay attention to them, because like the flower, the feelings also die. You get used to seeing the flower always there, always florida, always perfumed, and you forgot to take care of her. Takes care of the people you love! "."

Discover suffering

Edith Zirer is Jewish, and in 1995, when she told this story, was 66 years old. In 1945 it was liberated by Russian soldiers after spending three years in concentration camps and having lost his family. Two days later it became a small railway station. "I threw in a corner of a large room where there were dozens of fugitives. Wojtyla saw me. Came with a great cup of tea, the first hot cup testing in a few weeks. He then brought me a cheese sandwich. I didn't eat, but slightly forced me to do so. He then told me that I had to walk up to the train. I tried it, but I fell to the ground. Then took me in his arms and I carried for a long time, km, slopes, while snow falling. I remember his brown jacket and his quiet voice that told me the death of his parents, his brother, and told me that he also suffered, but that it was necessary not to be overcome by the pain and fight to live with hope. His name was me engraved forever".
Taken from Miguel Ángel Velasco, "Juan Pablo II that unknown", p.20.

He gave his life for his friends

At the end of the first world war, a detachment of English soldiers waited to enter a small village near the Rhine, when suddenly a soldier rushed out of a building shouting: 'alert!'. Instantly, a volley of rifles left dead on the floor. But the warning saved the company from an ambush. The detachment fought by removing the enemy and soon heard the story of the one who had saved them. He was a soldier of Irish Royal Guard, prisoner of the Germans who know the plans of the enemy waited for the opportune moment and sacrificed his own life to save that of many fellow countrymen. Recognized and moved the British gave him a good grave, putting on her a cross with this text: "To others, he saved, himself was not saved".
These were precisely the words that Jews launched against Christ when he was aware of the cross. He could not save himself and others at the same time, and chose to sacrifice it in favour of others, even of those who crucified him.

Two stars

A hermit daily gathered a herd of branches, carrying it in his donkey and exchanged it in the village by what they offer you: cheese, vegetables... Half way back, when fatigue and heat arreciaban, he passed in front of a source of fresh water, and the hermit went long offering to God. Night Dios recieved this sacrifice with a bright star in the firmament. One day a boy joined the hermit in his way. That day the Sun pressed especially and the slope was heavy. When they approached the source, the old hermit read in the eyes of the young man that the boy would not drink if he didn't. He decided to drink even at the expense of staying without star. That night, shone two stars.

The love of the father

There was years ago a very rich man, which shared the passion for collecting works of art with his faithful and young son. Together traveling around the world by adding to your collection just the best artistic treasures. Masterpieces of Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet and many others, adorned the walls of the family estate.
The old man, who had been widowed, watched with satisfaction as his only son became an experienced art collector. The clinical eye and acute mind for business of the son, did his father smile proudly while trying with collectors of art from around the world.
Winter being close, the nation was plunged into a war and young went to serve their country. After only a few weeks, his father received a telegram. His beloved son had disappeared in combat. Art collector waited anxiously more news, fearing they would never again see her son. A few days later, his fears were confirmed: the young man had died while he dragged a coworker to the medical post.
Upset and lonely, the old man was facing the upcoming holiday season with anguish and sadness. The joy of Eid, the Festival that had always hoped he and his son with pleasure, would not enter more into your home.
On the morning of Christmas day, a call to the door awoke to the depressed elderly. While he went to the door, the masterpieces of art on the walls only reminded him that his son would not return home. When he opened the door he was greeted by a soldier with a bulky package in hand. Presented himself to saying: "I was a friend of his son. I was which was rescuing when he died. I have a moment? I want to show you something."
At the start of the conversation, the soldier said as the son of the elder had told everyone his father's love for art. "I am an artist," said the soldier, "and I want to give esto". When the old man developed the package, the contents turned out to be a portrait of his son. Although it could hardly be considered the work of a genius, the painting represented the young with amazing detail. Impounded by the emotion, the man gave thanks to the soldier, promising him hang the picture over the fireplace.
A few hours later, after the departure of the soldier, the old man stood up to the task. True to his word, the painting was placed over the chimney, moving pictures of thousands of dollars. Then the man sat in his chair and spent Christmas looking the gift that had made him.
In the days and weeks that followed, the man realized that, although his son was no longer with him, was still live in those who had brushed against. Soon he learned that his son had rescued dozens of wounded soldiers until a bullet had her kindly heart. As news of the nobility of his son were coming to him, the paternal pride and satisfaction began to mollify her grief. The picture of his son became his most prized possession, eclipsing more than any interest in pieces that cried the museums around the world. He told neighbors that was the best gift he had ever received.
The following spring, the old man became ill and died. The art world was the expectation. With the dead collector and his only son also died, all those pictures would have to be sold at auction. According to the old testament, all works of art would be auctioned on Christmas day, the day that had received the greatest gift.
Soon came the day and collectors of art from around the world gathered to bid on some of the most spectacular paintings around the world. Many dreams could be done that day; the glory could be achieved and many may say "I have the best collection of all".
The auction began with a painting that was not on the list of any Museum. It was the picture of his son. The auctioneer asked for an initial bid. The room remained silent. "Who will open the bidding with $100?, asked."
The minutes passed. Nobody talked about. From the back of the room was heard: A who cares that picture? It is only a portrait of his son. "Forget about it and move on to what is good". More voices rose up nodding. "No, first we have to sell this", replied the auctioneer. "Now, would who be lse remains with the child?". Finally, a friend of the elder spoke: "you would take ten dollars per picture? It is all I have. He knew the boy, so I'd like to have it." "I have ten dollars. Does anyone give more?"the auctioneer announced. After another silence, the auctioneer said: "ten to one, ten to two. Sold". The Hammer came down on the dais. Applause filled the room, and someone said: "Now we can start and bid on these treasures!" The auctioneer looked at the audience and announced that the auction had ended. A stunned disbelief immobilized the room. Someone lifted up her voice to ask: "what does mean that it is over? We have not come here for a portrait of the son of the old. What about these pictures? Here there are works of art worth millions of dollars! I demand an explanation of what is happening! "." The auctioneer replied: "it is very simple. In accordance with the will of the father, which stays with the child... stays with everything". Looking at it from another perspective, as those collectors of art discovered on Christmas day, the message is still the same: the love of a father, whose greatest joy came from his son that was left to him to give his life rescuing others. And because of that fatherly love, which stays with the child obtains everything. (Author unknown, taken from's)

Apples tree

Long time ago there was a huge Apple tree. A little boy loved it much and playing every day to her around. He climbed up the tree, and gave shade. The boy loved the tree and the tree loved child. Time passed and the little boy grew up and never again returned to play around the huge tree. One day the boy returned to the tree and heard the tree told him sad: "Come play with me?". But the boy replied: "am no longer the child before playing around huge trees. "What I want now are toys and I need money to buy them". "I'm sorry, he said to the tree, but does not have money... but I can take all my apples and sell them. So you'll get the money for your toys". The boy felt very happy. He took all the apples and obtained money and tree returned to be happy. But the boy never returned after obtaining money and tree returned to be sad. Later, the boy returned and the tree was happy and asked him: "Are you coming to play with me?". "I don't have time to play. I work for my family. I need a House to share with my wife and children. Can you help me? "." Sorry, don't have a House, but... I can cut my branches and build your House." The boy cut all the branches of the tree and again this made happy tree, but the young man never returned home from that time and tree returned to be sad and lonely. True a warm summer day, the man returned and the tree was delighted. "You come play with me?", asked the tree. The man answered: "I'm sad and getting old." I want a boat to sail and relax. Can you give me one? '. " The tree answered: "Use my trunk so that you can build one and can navigate and be happy". The man cut the trunk and built his boat. Then it was to sail for a long time. He finally returned after many years and the tree told him: "I'm sorry, but no longer have nothing to give you, not even apples". The man replied: "I don't have teeth to bite, nor strength to scale... now because I'm old. I don't need much now, just a place to rest. I'm so tired after so many years... "." Then the tree, with tears in his eyes, he said: "really can't give you anything... the only thing I have are my dead roots, but the old roots of a tree are the best place to sit back and relax." "Come, sit with me and rest". The man sat next to the tree and this, happy and content, smiled with tears.
This may be the story of each one of us. The tree are our parents. When we are children, we love you and play with MOM and dad... When we grow up, we leave them... Only to return to them when we need them, or we are in trouble... No matter what, they are always there to give us everything they can and make us happy. It seems that the boy is cruel against the tree... but is this how we treat our parents sometimes. We value our parents while we have them on our side.

The day that Jesus kept silent

Still I can't understand how it happened, if it was real or a dream. I only remember that it was late and was on my couch preferred with a good book in hand. Fatigue was beating me and I began to nod... Somewhere between the semi-unconsciousness and the dreams, I found myself in that immense salon, I had nothing in particular except a wall full of card-holders, such as those with large libraries. The files went from floor to ceiling and seemed endless in both directions. They had different labels. As you approach me, struck me a box entitled: "Girls who liked". I opened it carelessly and I started to pass the chips. I had to stop myself by printing, it had recognized the name of each one of them: it was the girls who had liked me! Without that nobody told me, I began to suspect I was where. This immense Hall, with its endless files, was a crude catalog of all my existence. They were the actions of every moment of my life, big and small details, moments that my memory had already forgotten. A feeling of excitement and curiosity, accompanied by intrigue, began to visit me while she opened the files randomly to explore its contents. Some brought me joy and sweet moments; others, on the contrary, a sense of shame and guilt so intense that I had to return me to see if someone watching me. The file 'Friends' was beside "Friends that I racioné" and "Friends that left when more I needed". The titles ranged from the mundane to the ridiculous. "Books I've read", "Lies that I said", "Comfort that I have given", "Jokes that I told you", other titles were: "Issues for which I have fought with my brothers", "Things done when I was annoying", 'Murmurs when MOM would scold me child', "Videos I've ever seen"... It wouldn't surprise me titles. In some files had many more cards than expected and sometimes less than I thought. I was astonished of the volume of information of my life that had accumulated. Would it be possible that I had the time to write every one of these millions of cards? But each card confirmed the truth. Each written with my letter, each bore my signature. When I saw the file "Songs" that I have heard, I was stunned to discover that he had more than three blocks from depth, and nor even so, saw an end. I felt embarrassed, not by the quality of the music, but by the large amount of time demonstrating to have lost. When I got to the file: "Lustful thoughts" a shiver traveled my body. Just opened my drawer a few centimeters... You ashamed to know its size. I took a card randomly and shook me by its content. I felt sickened to see that "that" moment, hidden in the dark, he had been registered... I didn't need to see more... An animal instinct emerged in me. One thought dominated my mind: no one should ever see these cards. No one should enter never this room... I have to destroy it! In an insane frenzy I booted up a drawer, I had to empty and burn its contents. But I discovered it couldn't even break a single drawer. I became desperate and try to throw harder, only to discover that they were harder than steel when he tried to pull them up. Defeated and completely helpless, I gave back the drawer into place. Supporting the endless file, invincible witness of my misery, my head and started crying. In that, the title of a drawer appeared to alleviate some my situation: "People who have shared the Gospel". Handle shone, upon opening it I found less than 10 cards. The tears returned to sprout in my eyes. She was crying so deeply that he could not breathe. Fell on his knees to the ground crying bitterly of shame. A new thought crossed my mind: no one should come to this Hall, I need to find the key and seal it forever. And while he cleaned me tears, I saw it. Oh no!, please no!, no!, any less Jesus!. Impotent saw how Jesus opened the drawer and read each of my tabs. He could not bear to see his reaction. At that time it did not want to meet his gaze. Intuitively Jesus approached the worst files. Why do you have to read all of them? With sadness in his eyes, she looked my gaze and I lowered his head in shame, I took the hands to the face and started to cry again. He approached, put his hands on my shoulders. He could have said many things. But he didn't say a Word. It was there next to me, silent. It was the day that Jesus was silent... and cried with me. He returned to Cabinet, from one end of the room, began to open them, one by one, and on each card signed his name on my own. No, I yelled running toward him. The only thing I yelled to say was only no!, no!, no! When arrebaté you the tab of your hand. His name was not that be at those sheets. Were not their guilt, were the mine! But there they were, written in a bright red. Its name covered mine, written with his own blood. It took the card from my hand, looked at me with a sad smile and followed by signing cards. I don't understand how did it so quickly. The next moment I saw him close the last file and come to my side. He looked at me tenderly in the eyes and said to me: all this finished is finished, I've uploaded with your shame and guilt. In that, we went out together Salon... Living room is still open... Because still more cards to write... I don't even know if it was a dream, a vision, or a reality... But, what if I'm convinced, is that next time Jesus returns to that room, you will find more chips that brighten, less downtime and less vain and shameful tabs.


He was born in Italy, but he went to the United States from young. He learned juggling and became famous in the whole world. Finally, he decided to retire. He longed to return to his country, buy a house in the country and settle there. He took all his possessions, took out a ticket on a ship to Italy and invested the rest of your money in a single diamond, and hid him in his cabin.
Once at the crossing, he was teaching a child how he could make juggling many apples. Soon a crowd had gathered to her around. Pride of the moment took him to the head. He rushed to his cabin and took the diamond, which was then his sole possession. He explained to the crowd that that diamond represented all his life savings, to generate more drama. Immediately he began to do juggling with the diamond on the deck of the boat. He was risking more and more. At one point he launched in the air very high diamond and the crowd ran out of breath. Knowing what diamond meant, all begged him not to do so again. Driven by the excitement of the moment, threw much higher than diamond. The crowd again lost the breath and then breathed with relief when he recovered the diamond. Given a total confidence in himself and his ability, he told the crowd that would launch it into the air once more. That this time would raise so much that I would lose sight for a moment. They again begged him not to do it. But with the confidence of all his years of experience, threw the diamond so high that in fact disappeared for a moment, everyone. Diamond then returned to shine in the Sun. At that time, the vessel nodded and diamond fell into the sea and was lost forever.
Our soul is more valuable than all the possessions of the world. Like the man in the story, some of us did or we continue juggling with our souls. We are confident in ourselves and in our ability, and on the fact that all the previous times we have left with our. Often there are people around who pray us that we no longer take risks, because they recognize the value of our soul. But we are still playing with her once more... without knowing when boat nod and we will lose our opportunity forever.


Tanya was a child led to her office with a bandage on a dislocated ankle. The doctor moved him in one and in the other direction. It came to do some extreme movements, but Tanya didn't notice any pain. He then took the bandage and discovered that his foot was infected with sores on both feet. Once again examined the foot, it deepened the wounds to bone. The Doctor wanted to see if there was any reaction in Tanya, but she was rather boring. Her mother then told the doctor some episodes of Tanya when he was two years old: "a few minutes later was the room of Tanya and found her sitting on the floor. He drew red swirls with their fingers on a plastic. At first I didn't realise but when I approached I screamed aghast. It was something horrible. Tanya has had cut the tip of his finger and was bleeding and that was the ink that was used to make their designs. I screamed appalled: "Tanya, what?" She smiled at me and there I could see everything saw the blood staining their teeth. She had bitten is toe and was playing with his blood. For several months the parents of Tanya tried it not bite you fingers. But she those was biting everyone, one by one. The father came to call him "The monster". Dr. Brand writes: "Tanya is not a monster, but an extreme example a human metaphor of what can be life without pain." Life without pain can cause us great harm. Pain tells us that we are sick and we need to be cured". If there was no pain, health would be impossible. And something similar happens in the life of the spirit.

The heir

Once upon a time, according to the legend, that a European Kingdom was governed by a very Christian King, and with a reputation for sanctity, who had no children. The monarch sent his heralds to place an ad in all the towns and villages of their domains. It said that any young person who meet the requirements, to aspire to be a possible successor to the throne, should request an interview with the King. Every candidate is required with two features: 1 love God. 2º love your neighbor. In a distant village, a young read the actual announcement and thought that he met the requirements, because he loved God and, likewise, to its neighbors. One thing prevented him from going, as it was so poor that it did not have decent clothes to appear before the Holy King. He also lacked the necessary funds to purchase necessary provisions for so long journey up to the Royal Castle. Their poverty would not be an impediment to even know so famous King. He worked day and night, saved the most expenses and when he had enough for the trip, he sold their meager belongings, bought fine clothes, some jewels and undertook the journey. A few weeks later, having exhausted nearly all of their money and being on the doorstep of the city approached a poor beggar on the edge of the road. That poor man shivering from cold, covered only by rags. His outstretched arms begged relief. He pleaded with a weak and hoarse voice: "I am hungry and I am cold, please help me...". The young man was so moved by the needs of the beggar who immediately got rid of their new and warm clothes and put the rags of the beggar. Without thinking twice he gave also part of provisions carrying. Crossing the threshold of the city, a woman with two children as dirty as she pleaded: "my children are hungry and I have no work!". Without thinking twice, our friend pulled the finger ring and chain Golden neck and along with the rest of the provisions gave them to the poor woman. Then, in a hesitant way, continued his journey to Castle dressed in rags and devoid of provisions to return to his village. Upon arrival at the Castle, an Assistant of the King showed him the way to a large and luxurious lounge. After a brief pause, he was finally admitted to the throne room. The young man bowed deeply look to the monarch. What would not be surprise when he raised his eyes and met with the King's. Stunned and open-mouthed said: "you, you!" You are the beggar who was in the side of the road! "." At that moment came a maid and two children bringing water to the weary traveler, that is washed and satiate your thirst. His surprise was also: "you also!" You were at the gate of the city! "." "Yes, replied the sovereign with a wink I was that beggar, and my maid and their children were also there". "But... pe... but... you are the King! Why did me that? "." Because I needed to discover if your intentions were authentic with your love for God and your neighbor said the monarch. I knew that if I approached it as a King, you could pretend and act not being sincere in your motivations. That way I would have been impossible to discover what is really in your heart. As a beggar, not only discovered who truly love God and your neighbor, but you're the only one in having passed the test. You will be my heir! You inherited my Kingdom! "."

Patience thread

In a humble hut of wood, on the outskirts of a village, lived a widow of a carpenter with his only son called Pedro. It was a dreamy boy and more amateur to play and run around fields with Hilda to studying locked up at home or at school. At school, I thought: 'I have wanted to get out, to go to play with Hilda'. It was never as anything and was always with their dreams. In winter, while you skating on the ice, he wished that summer came to bathe in the river; but in the summer, he wished that fall would to see how gracefully the wind rose your kite. One summer afternoon, after walking for a long time under the Sun, Peter fell deeply asleep. Appeared in the dream, a magician who had in his hands a box of silver, round like a ball, out of which came a gold thread. The magician gave him the box saying: "do you see the thread, Pedro? It is the thread of your life. If you want that time passes quickly, you don't have to pull it. Naturally, not you can tell anyone your power. Warn you that thread, once removed, cannot return to the box, but don't forget that the thread is your own life, so you not derroches it. These once these words, the magician disappeared, leaving Peter very happy with what he believed to be the best of all the treasures. When he was only, I saw that box with her tiny hole, but he dared not to pull the golden thread. The next day, at school, I was more distracted than ever and the master said: "Let's see, Pedro. Repeat what you have just explained". Naturally, Pedro didn't know what to say. "I see you have not given the least attention, so as a punishment you copy twenty times the lesson today. Then, Peter secretly took the box and, under his desk, pulled a little bit of the golden thread. And a moment later the teacher said to him: "Well, you have already completed the punishment, you can go". Peter felt the happiest of all mortals, and thereafter sporting continuously, because he only pulled the thread at the time of study. It never happened pull thread when he was on vacation or when I was with Hilda. They thus spent weeks and months, until one day he thought: "Although it is always on vacation, be a child is aburridsimo, so I learn a trade instead of going to school and I will soon marry Hilda. In the evening, pulled much of the thread and the next morning, found as an apprentice in the workshop of Carpenter. For a time he felt happy and not pulling the thread rather than on certain occasions, when it seemed that it took too the day that paid their wages, and then pulling a little thread and the week was flown. Then, he was impatient, because I wanted to visit Hilda, who was out of town. After long months of separation he felt great joy at seeing her and as I didn't want to live separate from it, said to him: "do you want to marry me? I'm a good carpenter". "Yes, Peter, I agree". As it was in its possibilities again, unless she knew, it pulled thread, and they were going to the temple to get married. But did not last long the happiness of the happy couple. Pedro was joining the military service. Hilda cried heartbroken by the separation. "Do not worry, you'll see that they will soon pass the years". During the first weeks of barracks, Pedro did not pull thread, recalling the warnings of the magician. In addition the life of military it was pleasant, by novelty and because his companions were boys carefree and pranksters. She loved the start, campaign, leaving loaded guns with grenades, and shoot the captain shouting. He also liked to receive the loving letters from Hilda. As time passed, life in the barracks began to seem boring, so it pulled back the thread and immediately was at home. Hilda received him with great joy: "these two years have passed like a dream!". "Already will not pull more thread - I said solo-, because I feel that it passes the age most beautiful of my life". But sometimes forgot its good intentions, and as felt tired pulling a bit of thread, and their problems were passed immediately. Suddenly, one day was given account that her mother had white hair and lined face wrinkles. Its appearance was of a very tired woman. Peter felt remorse did run time with too much haste. Time passed quickly, and if you pulled thread eliminated a disease, but then appeared to others. Every day the work was heavier. One day told Hilda. "Now you've been working fairly. Because you don't retire? "." You're right, but I feel that we still do not have enough savings and I no longer have forces." A day that walked sorry by the field, heard to utter his name: "Peter!". Looked up and saw the magician: "Have you been happy?", he asked. "I don't know. "The box that gave me was wonderful, I've had to wait, and I have not suffered for nothing..., but life has happened to me as a blow, and now I feel old, weak and poor". "How much I feel it, I thought that you would feel you the happiest of men, to be able to have your time to your whim." Do I meet still a wish yours, wherever you choose! "."? Thus, I'd like to go back to living my life, how others live it. Learn to suffer would teach me to strengthen my spirit and also learn to expect the good and bad of life with patience. Without knowing the pain, not able human beings and high-flown I understand those who suffer." Peter returned to the magician the Silver box, and at that same time deeply asleep. Upon waking he saw with amazement that everything had been a dream. The next day went to school eager to study.

The red thread

I went you to remove the Red wire that was on the shoulder, like a culebrita. He smiled and put his hand to pick it up from mine. Thank you very much, I said, nice, where are you. And we began a conversation entertaining, full of twists and turns and exotic stories, because the two had traveled and suffered a lot. I said goodbye to the time, promising to greet him next time you see him, and if you terciaba a coffee while we continued chatting. I don't know what I moved to turn the head, just a few steps further. It was placed again, carefully, the Red wire on the shoulder, no doubt to try to capture another victim that would fill a few minutes well wide of his solitude. I thought that I should go into the mystery of so many people that perhaps we do not seek as the Lord of the disgusting, but we need.

Sad man

There once was a boy who lived in a large House on a hill. He loved dogs and horses, sports cars and music. It climbed trees, going swimming, playing football and admired the beautiful girls. If not because it was clean and sort your room, her life was pleasant. One day the young man said to God: "I've been thinking and I know that I want for me when I grow up". "That is what you want?", I ask Dios. "I want to live in a mansion with a large porch and a garden in the back, and have two dogs Saint Bernard. I want to marry a woman high, very beautiful and good, who has a long black hair and blue eyes, to touch the guitar and sing with loud and clear. Three sons, strong, I want to play football with them. As they grow, one will be a great scientist, another will be political, and the child will be a professional athlete. I want to be an adventurer that furrow the vast oceans, that climb high mountains and to rescue people. And I want to drive a red Ferrari, and never having to clean and sort my house." "It's a nice dream God said." I want you to be happy." One day, when I was playing football, the guy is hurt a knee. After that already could not climb high mountains, large, and much less navigate the vast oceans. So could even climb trees, so he studied marketing and put a medical supplies business. He married a girl who was very beautiful and good, and had a long black hair. But it was of short stature, not high, and had Brown, not blue eyes. I didn't play guitar or singing. But preparing delicious Chinese food, and painted magnificent paintings of birds, and cooked poultry seasoned with exotic spices. Because of his business, man lived in the city, in an apartment located at the top of a high building, from which is dominating the blue ocean and the lights of the city. He didn't have space for two St. Bernard dogs, but it was a fluff cat owner. He had three daughters, all very beautiful. The youngest, who was using a wheelchair, was the more graceful. The three wanted to much to his father. Not playing soccer with him, but sometimes going to the Park and old throwing a disc of plastic... Except for the small, who sat under a tree and fingerpick guitar, singing lovely and unforgettable songs. Our character earned enough money to live comfortably, but not driving a red Ferrari. Sometimes I had to pick up things, even things that were not theirs, and put them in their place. After all, he had three daughters. And then the man woke up one morning and reminded his old dream. "I'm very sad," confided to her best friend. "Why?", he wanted to know this. "Because once dreamed that I would marry a tall woman, with black hair and blue eyes, who would know how to play the guitar and sing. My wife doesn't play or sing, has Brown eyes and is not very high." "Your wife is very pretty and very good replied his friend, and paint wonderful pictures and can cook very well". But man was not listening to him. "I'm very sad," confessed to his wife one day. "Why?" asked his wife. "Because once dreamed that he would live in a mansion with porch and a garden in the back, and that St. Bernard would have two dogs. Instead, I live in an apartment on the floor 47 ". "Our apartment is comfortable and we can see the ocean from the living room armchair, returned it, and we want, and we have paintings of birds and a cat temperature, not to mention our three beautiful daughters." But her husband was not listening to it. "I'm very sad," he said on another occasion his psychotherapist. "Would for that reason?", I ask the specialist. "Because once dreamed that he was a great adventurer. Instead, they are a bald entrepreneur, with injured knee." "Medical items you sell have saved many lives," pointed you out the doctor. But man was not listening to him. So the therapist collect you $100 and it sent him home. "I'm very sad," he told his Adviser. Asked it, "why?". "Because once dreamed that he would lead a red Ferrari and that he would never have to order my stuff. Instead, I use public transportation, and sometimes have to take care of many tasks". "You wear quality wetsuits, eating in good restaurants and has traveled throughout Europe," said the Advisory. But man was not listening to him. Advisor charged him $100 anyway. He dreamed of a red Ferrari for itself. "I'm very sad," he told his pastor. "Why?", asked the priest. "Because once dreamed that three sons would have: a great scientist, a politician and a professional athlete." Now I have three daughters and the youngest can not even walk." "But they are all beautiful and smart said the parish priest, and love you much, and have been able to make good use of its talent: one is a nurse, another is a painter, and the youngest gives music lessons to children." But the man does not listen. It was so melancholy that he became ill of gravity. He lay prostrate in a white hospital room, surrounded by nurses in white uniforms. Various cables and hoses connecting your body to machines blinking that ever he had sold him to the hospital. It was sad, very sad. Your family, your friends and your pastor gathered around her bed. They were also deeply concerned. Only his therapist and his Adviser were happy. And it happened that one night, when everyone had gone home, except nurses, the man said to God: "Remember when you were young and you spoke of the things that wanted to?". 'Yes. It was a wonderful dream", said Dios. "Why not I gave all that?", asked the man. "I could have done God said, but I wanted to surprise you with things you have not dreamed of." I guess that you repaired in what you have given: a beautiful and good wife, a good business, a nice place to live, three adorable daughters. It is one of the best packages I have prepared... "." "If the man interrupted him, but I thought that you would give me what he really wanted." "And I thought that you would give me what I wanted," said Dios. "And what you wanted?", wanted to know the man. It had never occurred him that Dios needed something. "I wanted that you were happy with what you had given," said Dios. The man stayed awake all night, thinking. He finally decided to dream a new dream, a dream that wished to have had years ago. He decided to dream that what most longed for was precisely what I already had. And man is relieved and happy lived 47 floor, enjoying the beautiful voices of his daughters, the deep brown eyes of his wife and their beautiful paintings of birds. And the evenings watching the ocean and looked with satisfaction the twinkling lights of the city, one by one.

The Mountaineer

They say that a mountain climber, passionate about conquering a high mountain, started their journey after years of preparation, but wanted all the glory just for him, and so wanted to climb without any Companion. Began the ascent, and became later and later, and not prepared for camping, but decided to follow up, and darkened. Night fell with great heaviness in the height of the mountain, already almost nothing you could not see. Everything was black, and the clouds did not let see the Moon and the stars. When he was only a few meters from the top, she slipped and slid at breakneck speed. The only climber could see fast dark spots and the terrible feeling of being sucked by gravity. It was still falling... and in these distressing times, all pleasant and not so pleasant lifetime episodes passed through his mind. I was thinking about the closeness of death, and prayed to God to save him. Suddenly, she felt a strong pull the long rope that tied it from the waist to stakes stuck into the rock of the mountain. In this quiet moment, suspended in the air, screamed: "help me, my God!!!!" Suddenly, a serious and deep voice from heaven answered him: "And what you want to do?" The climber replied: "save me, my God". And heard a new question: "Do really believe that I can save you from this?" And the man answered: "of course, Sir". And heard again the voice that I said: "well then cut the rope that holds you...". There was a moment of silence. The man most clung still to the rope. It has the rescue team, the next day found a mountaineer died, suspended from a cuerta, with the hands strongly to it... and just one meter from the ground...

The petal of the rose

A young boy was in Rome on the occasion of the world youth day, on August 20, 2000. He was praying at the grave of a holy person. On one side there were two vases with a few bunches of roses fresh, red. The young student was thinking about the message of the Pope who had heard the day before at Tor Vergata on the vocation to a total surrender. Those words had nailed him in the heart. I was almost decided to take that step. At that time, he noted that one of the roses a petal had fallen to the ground, and immediately thought of taking it as a memento of that important time of his life. It took a few seconds of doubt about whether incorporated or not to take that petal. While considered it, there came a man, crouched, took the petal and kept it in his pocket. It was a trivial detail, but that guy a Meridian idea came to him then head: in our life will arise very beautiful and important opportunities, but such opportunities do not always expect.

The Prince and the stove

I had just lifted, when I saw through the disks from my window. I despite both coat, shivering from boredom. He was not alone. He was at the head of his small army of volunteer friends. He had never referred to a leader more young and tough than he. My eyes tired of dreaming sleepless, striving not to give credence to this view heroic, as opposed to my life. I trembled cowardly rage when I noticed that he looked at me. In a strong voice, while kindly kept his gaze toward me, asked me: "Are you coming with me". As if you had not heard, to almost hiding, messala something like: "Eehh...?" Queee...? "." His strong voice was heard again: "If you come volunteer with me?". Tartamudeando, weakly responded: "No, I can't..., it is that I am here tied...;" voluntarily, tied to the cute and soft warmth of my estufilla... "." While I yawning, her voice - the voice of it - resonated majestic, with broad of the eternal waterfalls nobility: "underway!". Their determined and volunteers, soldiers stepped behind him on the perfect whiteness of pure snow. And their footprints - the it - and them, were printed deeply, marking a new and straight path toward the Sun. But I, I do not. I have preferred to stay here behind the disks, attached soft, comfortably, to the warmth of my private estufilla. (Rabindranath Tagore)

The silence of God

An ancient Norwegian legend tells of a man named Haakon, who looked after a Hermitage. She turned people to pray with much devotion. In this Chapel, there was a very old cross. Many went there to ask Christ for some miracle. One day the hermit Haakon wanted to ask a favor. It drove him a generous sentiment. He knelt before the cross and said: "Lord, I want to suffer for Ti. Let me fill your position. I want to replace you on the cross." And was fixed with an eye on the image, as waiting for an answer. The Lord opened her lips and spoke. His words fell from on high, whispering and warning: "my brother, I accede to your desire, but must be on one condition." "Which Lord? He asked accented supplicant Haakon. Is it a difficult condition? I'm willing to comply it with your help, Lord! "." Listen to me. Whatever happens, and you see what you see, you have to always keep you in silence". Haakon answered: "promise you you, Lord!". And the change was made.
No one warned the barter. No one recognized the hermit, hung from nails on the cross. The Lord was ranked of Haakon. And this for a long time fulfilled the commitment. Nobody said nothing, but one day, became a rich, after having prayed, left there forgotten his wallet. Haakon saw it and said nothing. Neither said anything when a poor, which came two hours later and took over the portfolio of the rich. Neither said anything when a boy he prostrated before him shortly after to ask his grace before a long journey. But at that time he returned to the rich in search of the bag. Not finding it, he thought that the boy had appropriate it is. The rich turned to the young man and told him iracundo: "Give me the bag that I've stolen!". The surprised young man replied: "No I have stolen any bag!". "Don't lie to you, return it immediately!". "I repeat it that I have not caught any bag!". The rich ran furious against him. He then rang a loud voice: "Stop!". The rich man looked up and saw that the image spoke to him. Haakon, who could not remain silent, shouted, defended the boy, lashed to the rich by the false accusation. This was shocked and left the Hermitage. The young man came also because teniia hurry to embark on their journey. When the chapel was left alone, Christ went to the monk and told him: "get off of the cross. You do not serve for my post. You've failed to keep silent". "Lord, as it would allow this injustice?". Jesus took the cross again, and the hermit stood before the cross. The Lord continued talking: "you do not know that should the rich lose the purse, because he wore it the price of the virginity of a young woman." The poor, on the other hand, needed the money. As the boy who was going to be beaten, his injuries had prevented him from the trip which would be fatal for him. Now, a few minutes ago just capsize the boat and he has lost the life. You don't know nothing. I know Yes. That will shut up." And the Lord again keep silence.
Many times we wonder why reason God not answers us, why reason God is is silent. Many of us would like the answer what they want to hear, but God is not so. God answers even with silence. He knows what he is doing.

The off-key violin

It is said that with an old violin, a poor man winning is life. I was going through the towns, began to play and the people gathered to her around. He played, and at the end passed between the concurrence a leaky beret with the hope of one day will fill up. One day began to play as it used to, people met, and left the custom: a few more or less harmonious noise. I didn't for more violin or violinist. And it was right to pass by there a famous composer and violin virtuoso. Also approached the Group and ultimately left the instrument in his hands. With a look he appreciated the possibilities, refined it, prepared it... and played a surprisingly beautiful piece. The same owner was perplexed and full of wonder. Going from one side to another saying: "it is my violin...!, it is my violin...!, is my violin...!". He never thought that those old strings imprison so many possibilities. It is not difficult to each, deepening a little in itself, recognized that it is not yielding to the maximum of its possibilities. We are many times as an old damaged violin, and we need even any rope. We are... a loose, and also frequently out of tune instrument. If we try to play something serious in life, get that... a few noises of harmony. And in the end, whenever we do something, we need to also pass our leaky beret; We need applause, consideration, praises... We eat those things; and if those around us not spoil us much, we feel disappointed; pessimism is. In the best of cases the saying is true: "who feeds on scraps always go hungry": not just filling us deep things. What differs when we leave this great composer, Dios, we tune, we arrange, put that rope missing, and let him touch! There are also in earthly life violinists who we can tune; a friend, a colleague, a teacher, or anyone that we can obtain knowledge, advice, a good idea, a fraternal correction, and will be surprised by the possibilities that had locked up in our lives. We found that our life is beautiful and great that we are perfectible instruments and if we aim to be better, will fight constantly and tirelessly to be: an increasingly better tuned violin.

The visitor

Ruth looked at the envelope again. He wore no stamp, no postmark, only your name and address. He read the letter once more...
Dear Ruth. I'll be in your neighborhood on Saturday afternoon and I would like to pass me to see you. Love you always, Jesus
His hands were shaking as he left the letter on the table. "Would the Lord visit me to me?" I'm not anyone special. I have nothing to offer". With this thought, Ruth recalled the empty shelves of the kitchen. "Oh, Holy Dios, I have absolutely nothing to offer. I have to go running to the store to buy something for dinner". He took the wallet and counted its contents. Five dollars and forty cents. "Well, at least I can buy some bread and cold cuts". Put on the jacket and rushed to the door.
A loaf of French bread, half a pound of sliced Turkey, and a milk carton... left Ruth with a total of twelve cents to spend until Monday. In spite of this, he felt well while he was returning home, with its sparse offerings wrapped under his arm... "Eh, Madam." "Do you can help us, Lady?" Ruth had been so absorbed in their plans over dinner that had not perceived the two figures huddled in the alley.
A man and a woman, both dressed in little more than rags. "Look, Lady, I'm not working, do you know?, and my wife and I have been living here out in the street, and, well, now we have cold and we are hungry, and, well, if you could help us, Lady, would really appreciate it". Ruth looked at both. They were dirty, they smelled bad and, frankly, I was sure that had been able to work on something if they really need it.
"Hey, I'd like to help them, but I am also poor." "All I have are a few slices of cold cuts and some bread, and I'll have a guest to dinner tonight and planned to serve that to him". "Already, well, Madam, I understand OK. Thanks anyway". Man passed his arm over the shoulders of women and back they went into the alley.
While watching them leave, Ruth felt a familiar twinge in his heart. "Hey, wait!" The couple stopped and turned as she ran down the alley after them. "Look, why not take this food. Now I'll find something else to serve my guest". The food basket tended to the man. "Thank you, Madam. Thank you! "." Yes, thank you!"was the man's wife and Ruth could now see that I was shivering. "Do you know?, I have another jacket at home. Come on, why not take it?" Ruth unbuttoned jacket and slipped it on the shoulders of women. Then, smiling, she turned and walked back to the street... without jacket and with nothing to serve his guest. "Thank you, Madam! Thank you!"
Ruth was when he came to the front door of his house. And also concerned. The Lord came to visit and she had nothing to offer. He groped in her bag looking for the key. As he did so, he discovered another envelope in your mailbox. "Strange. The postman does not usually come twice a day". He took the envelope in the mailbox and opened it...
Dear Ruth.
It has been so wonderful to see you again. Thank you for the great food. And thanks also for the beautiful jacket.
Love you always, Jesus
The air was still cold, but even without jacket, Ruth already didn't notice it. (Taken from from


It was God sitting upon his throne, and decided to down to Earth in the form of dirty and ragged beggar. Then came the Lord to a shoemaker's House and had this conversation: "Behold, I am so poor I have not even other sandals, and as you can see are broken and useless. "Could you fix me them, please?, because I have no money". Shoemaker replied: "which perhaps don't know my poverty? I am full of debt and I'm in a very poor situation; and you still want to repair you free your Sandals?" "I can give you what you want if you manage me." With much distrust Shoemaker said: "do you can you give Me one million gold coins that I need to be happy?" "I can give you 100 million gold coins. But in return you must give me your legs..." "And that serve me 100 million if I don't have legs?" "The Lord returned to say: I can give 500 million gold coins, if you give me your arms." "And what can I do with 500 million if it could not even eat I single?" The Lord spoke again and said: "I can give you 1000 million if you give me your eyes." "And tell me; What can I do with so much money if he could not see the world, nor could see my children and my wife to share with them?" God smiled and said: "alas, my son; How do you say to that you are poor if you've already offered 1600 million gold coins and you have not changed them for the healthy parts of your body? You're so rich and not you noticed! ...".

It starts with yourself

Young man, I was a revolutionary and my prayer was to say to God: "Lord, give me strength to change the world". As I was making me adult and I realised that half life had passed me without having succeeded in changing a single soul, transform my prayer and began to say: "Lord, give me the grace to transform all those who come into contact with me. If only my family and my friends. With that I am satisfied". Now, that I am an old and have its days numbered, I have begun to understand how stupid I was. My prayer is this: "Lord, give me the grace to change myself". If I had prayed in this way from the beginning, it would not perhaps wasted my life.

Warning to greed

Juan Gavaza married his two daughters with two very noble gentlemen. The father wanted both to his sons-in-law that gave them their possessions in gold and other assets. They were grateful. But when the treasure is over and his sons-in-law forgot the father-in-law. He, very distressed, decided to teach them a lesson. He asked a few coins to a friend and kept them in a box. He made his daughters spying operation. When they had already fallen in deceit, returned money to his friend, this time in total secrecy. The last days of Mr Gavaza silliest with all sorts of attention by his sons-in-law and daughters. When he died they opened the box and found a mallet that is very large with a writing on the handle that said so: "I, Juan Gavaza do this Testament: than who belittle someone because he has already distributed all their goods, as it was done with Juan Gavaza, to give with this Mace in the front".

Wait and trust

The boy looked full of precious apples branches. It started one and collapsed branch. Then came the old and without rancor said: "are green, boy." They are beautiful, very beautiful, but they are green". The boy thought that old would be angry, which would scream you, but the old man spoke to him with warm words. "We have to collect them now that they are green and healthy and already ripen during the winter, but now not eaten, they are green". The next day the boy and the old collaborated in collecting apples. "It's good to know that things have to pick them up at your time, no rush. "Do you understand?, no hurry". The boy understood. It was a new, different world. School friends told her that you have to steal, that everyone does it. His parents, life and the men never give you anything. But the boy realized that the old was right, that there is to wait and trust. "Things have their time, their time, not can grow too quickly and enjoy the freedom of adults." Stay ahead of the weather is bad, you should not burn stages. You must be mature to distinguish the good and act with responsibility. Why you should follow the advice of elders. Experience means wisdom. If you insist on grow too fast not high-speed this time neither of the world to come. "Be patient, when your heart is ripe will enjoy the fruits of life". He spent the summer and the winter, and the old died one spring morning. That day the river down light and transparent. The boy remembered a few words from the old on the stream: "now don't have depth, later it will be wide, large and background, as life". The boy thought that it had thus occurred with the old, with the years was charged with Fund of wisdom.
Taken from José María Sanjuán, "A handful of apples".

Generosity and selfishness

An ancient Chinese legend, which a disciple asked the master says: "What is the difference between heaven and hell?". The master replied: "it is very small, but it has big consequences. "Come, I will show you an image of what the hell". They went into a room where a group of people sat around a big bowl of rice, they were all hungry and desperate, each had a spoon taken straight from your end, that reached the pot. But each spoon was a long-handled so that not they could take it to the mouth. The despair and suffering was terrible. See, the teacher said after a while, now I'll show you a picture of how the sky. Entered in another room, also with a pot of rice, another group of people, the same long spoons... but, there, everyone was happy and fed. "Why are they so happy here, while they are unhappy in the other room, if everything is the same? Spoons are very long-handled, they can not bring food to his own mouth. In one of the rooms are all desperate in its selfishness, and the other have learned to help each other.

Does God exist?

A man went to a barbershop to cut hair and trim the beard, as usual. In these cases it was a pleasant conversation with the person who took care of him. They talked about so many things and touched many themes. Suddenly, they played the theme of God. The Barber said: fix gentleman that I do not believe that Dios exists, as you say. But why say you that? asked the customer. It is very easy, just go into the street to realize that God does not exist. Or... tell me, maybe if God exist, would there be so many sick? Would there be abandoned children? If God existed, there would be suffering not so much pain for humanity. I can not think that there is a God who let all these things... The client was thinking a moment, but would not respond to avoid a discussion. The Barber finished his job and the customer went out of business. Newly abandoned barber shop, he saw on the street a man with a beard and long hair; apparently for a long time that it does not cut it and looked very disheveled. He then entered back into the barber shop and told the Barber: do you know something? Barbers do not exist. How that don't exist...? asked the Barber.. .If here am I and I am Barber. No! He said the customer do not exist, because if they exist there would be people with hair and beard as long as this man who goes by the street. Ah, the barbers do exist, what happens is that these people don't come here. Exact! the customer said that is the point. God does exist, what happens is that people do not go to him and not to seek him, why there is so much pain and misery...

Get as Jesus Christ

They say that recent being the French Revolution, Reveillère Lépaux, one of the leaders of the Republic, who had attended to the looting of churches and the killing of priests, he said to himself: "now is the time replace Christ. I'm going to found a religion wholly new and according to progress". But it didn't work. After a few months, the 'inventor' went to questions to Bonaparte, already first consul, and said:-do believe you, Mr? My religion is beautiful, but not rooted among the people. Bonaparte replied:-citizen colleague, do you have the intention of making the competition to Jesus Christ seriously? There is no more than a means; do whatever it: do you crucify one Friday, and try to resurrect Sunday. (Cfr. A. Hillaire, "Showed religion").

I have been with God

There once was a little child I wanted to know God. He knew that it was a long journey to get to where Dios lived, so he prepared his backpack with sandwiches and bottles of chocolate milk and began his journey. When he had gone a while, he met an old woman was sitting in the Park watching doves. The child sat down beside her and opened her backpack. I was about to take a SWIG from his chocolate milk when he noticed that the old lady looked hungry, so is that offered him a sandwich. She, grateful, accepted it and smiled you. His smile was so beautiful that the child wanted to see her again, so she offered him a chocolate milk. Once again, she smiled. The child was delighted. They remained sitting there all afternoon. When it darkened, the child stood up to leave. Before taking a few steps, turned and ran towards the old woman gave her a hug. She offered him her smile even wider. When the child opened the door of his house a while later, joy surprised his mother on her face. She asked him: "What did you do today that you are so happy?". He replied: "Almorce with God". But until her mother could say anything, he added: "and you know what? It has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen! "." Meanwhile, the old woman, also known as radiant, returned to his home. Her neighbour was impressed with the reflection of peace on his face, and asked him: "What did you do today that it made you so happy?". She responded: "I ate some sandwiches with God in the Park". Until her neighbor comment on nothing, adding: "You know, is much younger than I expected".

Hercules and the Carter

A Carter was driving their animals along a muddy path fully charged, and the wheels of the wagon both sank in the mud that the horses could not move it. The Carter looked desperate around you, calling Hercules shouting to ask for help. Finally God arose, and said unto him: "supports the shoulder at the wheel, man, Azusa your horses, and then calls for help Hercules." Because if not you hikes a finger to help yourself, wait no relief from Hercules or anyone else". (Aesop)

Tribute to a special parent

One day, I went to my father with one of my many problems at the time. I answered like Christ to his disciples, with a parable: "child, already are no more a simple and weak branch;" you've grown and you've transformed, you are now a tree whose trunk tender foliage begins to flourish. You have to give life to those branches. You have to be strong, so that neither the water, day, nor the winds you embatan. You must grow as your species, upward. Someday, someone will come to start part of you, part of your foliage. Perhaps you feel your bare trunk, it thinks that such pruning will always be charitable, perhaps necessary, to give it shape, to strengthen your trunk and affirm its roots. You never regret the adversities, continues to grow, and when you feel most helpless (a), when you feel that winter has been crude, remember that always will be a spring that will make you bloom... Try to be as the oak, not as a bonsai." I now have my father with me, and thank you being born, for having been, for having, by having triumphed, and by having failed. If it were my father beside me, could thank you for your concern for me, could thank his tender caresses that I felt not by sparse, sincere. If anything my father with me, I would give thanks for being here, I would appreciate it to my great sadness, its wise scolding, its many tips, and great values that he planted in my. If anything my father was with me, we could chat as it once was, when I spoke of that tree, which must be strong and to resist, lavish fruit, offer their shade, cover their wounds, forge their fastnesses... and always followed. Keep fighting, keep forgiving, keep forgetting, and... always follow. If anything my father beside me, he would give thanks... because of him I was born.

Footprints in the sand

One night I had a dream. I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord, and through the sky, they passed scenes of my life. For every scene that was happening, I perceived that two sets of footprints were in the sand: some were the mias and the others of the Lord. When the last scene in front of us, looked back, towards the footprints in the sand, and I noticed that many times along the way of my life were only a pair of footprints in the sand. I also noticed that was happening in the most difficult moments of my life. That really upset me and I then asked the Lord: "Lord, you told me, when I decided to follow you, you andarías with me along the way, but during the worst moments of my life, had only a pair of footprints in sand. I don't understand because you left me in the hour in which I more I needed". Then, it, nailing in my infinite look replied: "my dear son. I've loved you and never leave you in the most difficult moments. When you saw in the sand just a few footsteps was just there where you loaded in my arms."

Escape the fate

His father was a seaman. One day, when it was nothing more than a child, the father invites you to stroll in boat. Suddenly discover an enormous fish, of terrible aspect, which follows the boat far away. It communicates it to his father, but his father sees nothing; He believes that they are representations of his son. On a second trip back to occur the same; but this time father get it all pales of fright and explains to his son: "now I fear for you. That you have seen is a Colombres. It is the fish that sailors fear more than any other in all the seas of the world, a terrible and mysterious, most cunning animal man. For reasons that no one will never know he chooses his victim and followed by years and years, the whole life, until you get to devour. "And this is the oddest thing: that no one can see it if you don't own victim". "And is not a legend?", asks the child. "Not tells his father. I've never seen it, but have described it: fierce snout, scary teeth... There is no doubt my son: you have chosen the Colombres, and as you walk by the sea does not give truce. We will return to Earth and you never do to the sea for no reason. You have to resign yourself. On the other hand on earth you can also make fortune". The years pass and the boy grows and gets in life everything that everyone longs for. In the eyes of everyone is a winner. But he knows that his life has been a failure, that in the depths of his soul is still present, as open wound, the resignation which should have been his own life, which would have made him happy. One day, old and tired, feeling near death, decides to confront that danger, finally do something valuable, deal with that animal that had seen it many times, whenever it came to the sea, some distance from the coast. One day, at night, he took a Harpoon, was mounted in a small boat and plunged into the sea. Shortly after that horrible snout poked beside the boat. "Here I am, it is now a thing of the two," the man said as she rose up against the horrible animal Harpoon. Then the fish started talking, complaining pleading voice: "Oh, what long way to find you." I am also wrecked by fatigue. How much I've done swimming. And you guidelines and guidelines... because you've never understood anything." "Do you mean?". "That you have not followed to devour you. The only custom that gave me the King of the sea was surrender this". And the big fish pulled out of the tongue, tending to the elderly a phosphorescent dial. He took her hands and looked at her. It was a Pearl of enormous size. "He recognized in it the famous Pearl of the sea, which gives to who it has fortune, power, love, and peace of mind". At that moment the old understood it all. And he also understood that it was now too late. "Woe is me! What horrible misunderstanding! The only thing I've got is to waste my existence and I've also ruined yours. Farewell, unhappy man." And submerged in the water forever. (D. Buzzati, the Colombres, Alliance).

It invites the true cry

As you know we are once again approaching the date of my birthday, every year is a big party in my honor and I think that this year will happen the same. These days people make many purchases, there are ads on the radio, on television and everywhere is not spoken of something else, but what little is needed for the day. The truth is nice to know that at least one day a year some people think a little on me. As you know many years ago that they began to celebrate my birthday, at first did not seem to understand and thank how much I made for them, but today no one knows so that they celebrate it. People meets and sports much, but they do not know that it is. I remember last year when you arrive the day of my birthday, made a big party in my honor; but you know one thing, I was not even invited. I was the guest of honour and even they agreed to invite me, the party was for mi and when I get the big day I left outside, they closed my door. And I wanted to share the table with them! (Rev. 3,20). The truth wasn't surprised, because in the last years all close the doors. As I was not invited, it occurred to me to be without making any noise, I went and stayed in a corner. They were all drinking, had some drunk, jokes, carcajeando is. They were passing on large, to top it off I get an old fat, dressed in red, with white beard and shouting: "JO JO JO JO", seemed that he had drunk more, dropped heavily into a Chair and all the children ran toward him, saying "Santa Claus" "Santa Claus". As if the party in his honor! They reached the midnight and everyone began to embrace, I stretched out my arms, waiting for someone to embrace me. And do you know?, no one hugged me. I realized then that I was left at that party, left without making any noise, closed the door and I retired. Perhaps create that I never cry, but that night I cried, as a being abandoned, sad and forgotten. I got it so deep that to pass over your House, you and your family I was invited to go, also treated me like a King, you and your family held a party in which I was the guest of honour. You may God bless all the families like yours, I never let be in them in that day and every day. I also moved the Bethlehem who put in a corner of your House. Another thing that amazes me is that on the day of my birthday instead of making me gifts to me, give each other. You would you feel if the day of your birthday, gifts were ones to others and you do not gave you nothing? Once someone told me: how would I'll give something if you never see you? You can already imagine what I told him: gift food, clothing, and assistance to the poor, visit the sick who are alone and I count them as if they had done to me (Mt. 25,3440). Sometimes people only think in purchases and gifts with me or remember. (Probably I thus speak Jesucristo).

Jonah and the whale

A girl was talking about whales his teacher. The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small. The little girl stated that Jonah had been swallowed by a whale. The Professor repeated with irony that a whale could not to swallow any human, because it was physically impossible. The little girl replied: "When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah". The teacher asked: "And what if Jonah went to hell?". The little girl replied: "Then will have to ask you".

The bottle

A man was lost in the wilderness, destined to die of thirst. Luckily, he came to an old cabin, desmoronada windowless, roofless. The man walked around and met a small shadow where to sit to protect themselves from the heat and Sun of the desert. Looking to his around, saw an old water pump, all rusty. Crept thither, he took the handle and began to pump, pump and pump without stopping, but nothing happened. Disappointed, he fell prostrate to the rear, and then noticed that there was an old bottle on its side. He looked at her, cleaned it of all dust that covered it, and you could read that you said: "you need to first prepare the pump with all the water that contains this bottle my friend, then please have the gracefulness of filling it again before leaving".
Man uncoiled the bottle cap, and saw that it was full of water... full of water! Suddenly, was in a dilemma: if he drank that water, he could survive, but if you poured it in this old and rusty bomb, perhaps you would get fresh, cool water, the bottom of the well, could take all the water that wanted, or perhaps not, perhaps, the pump from operating and water bottle would be wasted. What should do? Pour the water into the pump and wait for it to leave fresh water... or drink the old water in the bottle and ignore the message? Would it should lose all that water in the hope of those unreliable written instructions not is how long ago?
At the end, he poured all the water in the pump, grabbed the handle and began to pump, and pump began to creak, but nothing happened! Pump continued with its noise and then suddenly a thread of water, emerged after a small stream and finally, the water ran with an abundance... Fresh, crystal clear water. He filled the bottle and drank eagerly, filled her again and took even more refreshing content. Then he filled her again for the next traveler, it filled her up to above, it took little note and added another phrase: "Trust me it works, you have to give all the water, before you get it back".
There are many lessons that can be drawn from this story. Many times we are afraid to start a new project because it will require a big investment of time, resources, preparation and knowledge. Many remain unemployed to being satisfied with mediocre results, when they could achieve great victories. Many times we have great opportunities that are presented to us in life that can help us to be better people and can open new doors that lead to a world better... but we are afraid... don't trust. Life is a challenge, why not we risk?, why not believe? The train passes sometimes our life full of things... can risk and upload... or let it happen... and if not? And if that opportunity that today we miss is not repeated?

The empty cart

I walked with my father when he was stopped on a curve and after a little silence, he asked me: "In addition to the singing of the birds, are you listening anything else?". I sharpen my ears and some seconds later replied: "I am listening to the noise of a cart". "That's my father said." It is an empty cart. I asked my father: "Do you know what an empty cart, if we still do not see it?". Then my father answered: "it is very easy to know when a cart is empty, because of the noise. The more empty the cart, the greater the noise making". I became an adult and until today when I see a person talking too, interrupting the conversation of everyone, being violent or untimely, boasting of what has, feel arrogant and making less people, like I hear my father's voice saying: "the more empty the cart, the greater the noise making". Humility makes little noise our virtues and enable others to discover them. And no one is more vacuum than the one who is full of himself.

The confidence of the angel

One young person was to visit a holy man to talk to you about their worries, illusions, the reason for its existence and possible vocation. He received their advice and they were to see below. When he returned for the second time, the holy man had a dream. She dreamt that she died and arriving in heaven say to ask for what they want, that they granted. Surprised, he says that he has a great curiosity to know the angel who comforted Jesus in agony in the garden of Gethsemane. When they arose, he says: "what you said Jesus when sweated blood to see everything that was going to suffer for us men? How are you comforted? "." The man stopped and asked the young man: "Would really like to know what the angel said unto me?". "Well, of course!". And the man went on: "the angel spoke to Jesus you and me, your generosity and mine".
Clay statue
The statue of the Buddha in mud reached nearly three meters high. For generations had been considered sacred by the inhabitants of the place. One day, due to the growth of the city, they decided to transladarla to a more appropriate site. This delicate task was entrusted to a renowned monk, who, after planning it carefully, began his mission. But it was so bad his fortune that, when moving the statue, slipped and fell, cracking in various parts. Convicted, the monk and his team decided to spend the night pondering the alternatives. They were a few hours long, dark and rainy. Suddenly, looking at cracked sculpture, he fell into account reflecting the light of the candle through the cracks of the statue. He thought that they were raindrops. He came to crack and noted that there was something behind the mud, but wasn't sure what. He consulted with his colleagues and decided to take a risk that seemed crazy: he called a hammer and began to break the mud, discovering that under a solid almost three meters high Golden Buddha is hiding. For centuries this beautiful treasure had been covered by mud. The historians found evidence showing that at a time, the town would be attacked by bandits. The settlers, to protect his treasure, covered it with mud to make it seem common and ordinary. The village was attacked and looted, but the Buddha was ignored by the bandits. Later, the survivors thought it was best to continue hiding behind the mud. Over time, people began to think that the Oro Buda was a legend or an invention of old. Until, finally, everyone forgot the real treasure because they thought that something so beautiful could not be true.

Green star

There were millions of stars in the sky, stars of all colors: white, silver, green, red, blue, gold. One day, restless, they approached God and proposed him: "Lord, we would like to live on Earth, live together with people." "So it will be done," replied the Lord. It is said in that night there was a fantastic shower of stars. Some were huddled in the towers of the churches, others went to play and run along with the fireflies by the fields, others mingled with children's toys. The land was then, beautifully illuminated. But with the passage of time, the stars decided to abandon the men and return to heaven, leaving the land dark and sad. "Why have you returned?", asked God, as they were coming to heaven. "Lord, it was impossible to remain on Earth, there is much misery, much violence, too many injustices". The Lord answered them: "the Earth is the place of the transitory, that which falls, one who errs, one who dies. Nothing is perfect. Heaven is the place of the immutable, eternal, of perfection." Once had large number of stars arrived, God recounted them and said: "a star is missing us... where will it be?". An angel that was close, replied: "there is a star who wanted to stay between the men. "He discovered that place is exactly where there is imperfection, where there are limits, where things are not going well, where there is pain." "What star is this?", he asked again. "It is the hope, Lord, green star. The only star of that color." And when they looked for the Earth, the star was not alone: the Earth was again lit because there was a green star in the heart of each person. Because the unique feeling that man is and God does not need to retain it is hope. God already knows the future and the hope is own person human, one who errs, one who is not perfect, one who does not know how you can know the future.

The lesson of the butterfly

One day a small opening appeared in a cocoon. A man sat down next to him and watched for several hours as the butterfly strove to make his body passed through that small hole. Then, it seemed that she alone not already achieved no progress. It seemed that he had done everything it could, but could not enlarge it. Then the man decided to help the Butterfly: he took a pair of scissors and cut the rest of the cocoon.
The butterfly then emerged easily. But his body was stunted, was small and had crushed wings. The man continued observing it because he hoped that, at any time, wings would open, and is agitate, and would be able to support the body, which in turn would be strengthening.
But none of that happened. The reality is that the butterfly spent the rest of his life crawling with a deformed body and stunted wings. It was never able to fly. What that man did not understand despite your kindness and willingness to help, was that tight cocoon that looked that day, and the effort required to make Butterfly pass through this small opening, the mode by which nature made the output of fluids from the body of the butterfly from reaching the wings , so would be able to fly once it was free of the cocoon.
In his eagerness to help, avoid exertion, or suffering, had left her crippled for life. Something similar happens at times in the education of the people. Sometimes, the effort is precisely what more we need in some moments of our lives. If we go through our life without obstacles, that probably would leave us crippled. We would not be as strong as we could have been, and we could never fly.
This can also be applied to prayer. I asked forces... and God gave me difficulties to make me strong. I asked wisdom... and God gave me problems to solve. I asked for prosperity... and God gave me a brain and muscles to work. I asked courage... and God gave me obstacles to be overcome. I asked for love... and God gave me people to help. I asked favors... and God gave me opportunities. Perhaps even did not receive anything of what I asked... but I got everything what needed.

The scarred hand

Willian Dixon was an infidel. He did not believe in the existence of God. And even if God exist, it would not forgive him for having removed his wife two years of marriage. Her little boy had also died. This made him feel miserable and helpless. Ten years after the death of the wife of Dixon, was a poignant incident in the village of Brackenthwaite. The old lady Peggy Winslow house burned completely. Took the poor old woman alive, but suffocated by smoke. Those present are horrified to hear the pitiful cry of a creature. It was Dickey Winslow, orphan and grandson of the elder Peggy little. Flames woke him and he looked out the window on the top floor. The people were very unhappy, because they knew what could happen to the creature, since there was no remedy, because the staircase had collapsed. Suddenly, William Dixon ran to the House, climbed through a pipe iron and took the trembling child in his arms. It fell with the with the right, holding with the left arm and put foot to land among the applause of those present exactly to the fall of the wall. Dickey was not injured, but Dixon hand held down the hot tube and suffered a horrible burn. At the end he healed but left him a scar that would accompany him to the grave. The elderly poor Peggy never regained will startle and died shortly after. The problem was what to do with Dickey. James Lovatt, someone very respectable, asked to stop you adopt him, because he and his wife wanted a child, since they had lost theirs. To everyone's surprise, William Dixon made a similar plea. It was difficult to decide between the two. Called a Board composed of the Minister, the Miller, and others. Miller, Mr. Haywood, said: "it's flattering that both Lovatt and Dixon are offered to adopt the huerfanito, but am puzzled about who should have it. Dixon, who saved his life, has more right, but Lovatt has wife and need that the creature a female take care of him." The Minister, Mr. Lipton, said: "a man of atheistic ideas of Dixon is not the call to care for the child; Lovatt and his wife are both believers and educate it as it should be. Dixon saved the child's body, but it would be very sad for your future welfare, that the same individual who saved him from the fire were that lead to eternal perdition." "We will hear what stakeholders have in their favor said Mr. Haywood, and then we will put it to vote." Mr Lovatt said: "well, gentlemen, recently that my wife and I lost a little, and feel that this child would fill the hole that has been left empty. We do our best to raise him in the ways of God. In addition, a child thus needs the care of a woman." "Well, Mr. Lovatt. "Now Mr. Dixon." "I have only one argument, Lord, and this is", Dixon replied calmly as he took his left hand band and lifted the wounded and scarred arm. Silence reigned for a few moments in the room, clouding the eyes of some. There was something that scarred hand that appealed to the sense of Justice. It had the right on the boy because he had suffered by it. When the vote came, the majority vote in favor of William Dixon. Thus began a new era for Dixon Dickey. No you missed the care of a mother, because William was father and mother to the huerfanito, spilling over the creature who had saved every tenderness enclosed on its nature. Dickey was a boy right and soon responded to the preparation of his benefactor. I loved you with all the fervor of his sweetheart. I remembered how "Daddy" had rescued it from the fire and how claimed it because of the hand so terribly burned by his love. It touched to tears and kissed the hand scarred by their cause. Some summer there was an exhibition of paintings in the village and Dixon took to Dickey to see them. The boy was very interested in the pictures and stories that the Daddy told her about them. The painting that most impressed him was one in which the Lord reproached to Thomas, at the foot of which is read these words: "Put your finger here and see my hands." (Juan 20.27). Dickey, already in the House, recalled the words of that picture and said: "Please, Dad, tell me the story of the painting". "No, that story not!". "Why that no Pope?". "Because it is a story that I do not think". "Oh, but it is not nothing, urged Dickey;" you don't believe the history of Jack the giant-killing and it is one of my favorites. "Tell me the story of the box please, Dad". Thus, Dixon told the story, and he liked very much: "is like you and me, papa, said boy." When the Lovatt wanted to adopt me you taught them the hand. Perhaps when Thomas saw the scars in the hands of the good man she felt it belonged to." "Probably," said Dixon. "The good man looked so sad, I think that I was saddened because Thomas did not believe. That bad was, huh?, after the good man had died by it." Dixon did not answer anything and Dickey continued: "would have been I very bad if he had acted thus, when I told you and the fire and said that he did not believe that you had done so; right Dad? "." "Enough, I don't want to think more than that story, son". "But Thomas loved good man then so how I I love you. When I see your poor hand, I love you more than anything in this world." Already tired, Dickey went to sleep. But the rest of her father was not good, because I could not sleep thinking in the box he had seen and that sad face looking at you from the wall. He dreamed with Lovatt and himself when they were discussing the child. When he taught the scarred hand boy fleeing him. A bitter sense of injustice eased his heart. It was not carried away by this influence right away, but his love for Dickey had softened his heart and the seed fell on good soil. Dixon was honoured and wouldn't see the argument that had been used to win Dickey stood against denying the right of those hands healed and scarred by it. And when he considered burning gratitude manifesting that creature for the salvation that his adoptive father had brought him, Dixon felt small beside the boy. Eventually became the heart of Dixon as a child. To read the Bible, found that as well as Dickey it belonged to, he was also of that Savior, Jesus Christ, who had been injured by their transgressions, and gave his spirit, soul and body by hands drilled by it.

The little girl in the Park

The little girl was sitting in the Park. Everyone went along with it and no one stopped to see that seemed so sad. Dressed in a frayed pink dress, with toes barefoot and dirty, the girl just was sitting watching people pass. It was never talk, never said a Word. Many people passed but no one stopped.
The next day I decided to return to the park with the curiosity to see if the little girl would be there. Yes, it was, right in the same place as the day before, and still with the sad look in his eyes. I forced me to move and walk towards the small. As we all know, a park full of strange people is not place to have a little girl play alone.
As I approached I could see that the back of the dress of the girl was terribly deformed. I figured that this was the reason why only people passed alongside it without making any effort to help her. Deformities are a deep disgrace to our society, and heaven help you if you give a step to help someone who is different.
As I approached further, the little girl fell slightly his eyes to avoid my gaze direct. As I approached, I could see the deformity of his back with more clarity. It was a grotesque hump. I smiled to let you know that all was well, he was there to help, to talk. I sat down beside her and started the conversation with a simple Hello.
Little seemed surprised, and babbled a "Hello", after long looking me in the eye. I smiled and she smiled in turn shyly. We talked until darkness fell and the Park was completely empty. I asked him why he was so sad. The little girl looked at me and with a sad face, said: "because I'm different".
I immediately said: "So as you are!", and I smiled. The little girl was saddened even more and said: "I know".
"Small" I said, "you remind me to an angel, sweet and innocent". He looked at me and smiled. He stood up slowly and said: "De veras?" "Yes, you look like a small sent Guardian Angel to ensure all these people passing through here".
He shook his head in a gesture of assent and smiled, as he stretched his wings and said: "I'm it. I am your Guardian Angel", winking an eye. I was speechless, convinced that was imagining things. He said: "once you thought about anyone other than yourself. My work is done".
I was standing and I said: 'wait. Do then why no one stopped to help an angel? "." He looked at me and smiled: "You're the only one who could see me," and then disappeared. And thus my life changed completely.
Therefore, when you think you don't have anyone more than yourself, remember, your angel always is watching for you.

Oyster marine

An Oyster was Navy which, as all of its kind, had sought the bedrock to firmly hold on to it. Once it got, believed giving destination clear that you would live without mishaps be your oyster. One day, during a storm in the depth of the sea, those that cause almost no waves on the surface, but which remove the bottom of the oceans, a small grain of sand entered within it. Although it quickly closed their leaflets as well as towards whenever something entered in it, because it is the way of eating have oysters, had already entered, and oyster could do it from always. Soon found that it was extremely painful. The grain of sand hurt you inside. Instead of digesting it, rather it was hurting her. He wanted to eject then this foreign body, but could not. There he began his drama. What God had commanded him belonged to those realities which are not left to integrate, and that neither can be deleted. The grain of sand was unpalatable and blowout-proof. And when he tried to forget about it, he did. Because the painful realities that God sends are impossible to forget or ignore. Faced with this situation, not him was forced to fight against their pain, surrounding it with him, and then saw that I had a beautiful quality unknown for her. It was capable of producing solids, which normally oysters dedicated to his task of making a defensive, rugged on the outside and smooth on the inside shell, but that can also dedicate to the building of a Pearl. And that's what happened. Little by little, with the best of them, was surrounding the bit of pain that God had commanded him, and its around began to form a beautiful Pearl. The oysters don't normally have pearls, but they are produced only by those who decide to surround, to the best of themselves the pain of a foreign body that has hurt them. Many years after his death, some divers fell to the bottom of the sea. A beautiful Pearl was found in it when they lifted to the surface. Each one must wonder what has made with that grain of sand that God has placed in your life and that we have the opportunity to turn it into a Pearl.

The door of the heart

A man had painted a beautiful picture. The day of the presentation to the public, was attended by local authorities, photographers, journalists, and many people, because it was a famous painter, renowned artist. When the time comes, is pulled the cloth revealing picture. There was a warm applause. It was an impressive figure of Jesus by gently touching the door of a House. Jesus was alive. With the ear next to the door, it seemed to want to hear if someone answered inside the House. There were speeches and praise. Everyone admired the beautiful work of art. A very curious observer, found a bug in the box. The door had no lock. And went to ask the artist: "your door does not lock. How do you open it? "." The painter replied: "does not lock because that is the door of the man's heart. It opens only by the inner side".


A man was asleep in his cabin when suddenly a light lit up the room and appeared Dios. The Lord told him that he had a job for him and showed him a large rock from the cabin. He explained that I should push the stone with all his strength. The man did what the Lord asked him, day after day. For many years, since leaving the Sun to sunset, the man pushing the Cold Stone with all his might... and it didn't move. Every night the man returned to his cabin very tired and feeling that all his efforts were in vain. As the man began to feel frustrated, Satan decided to enter the game bringing thoughts into his mind: "you've been pushing that rock for a long time, and it has not moved". The man gave the impression that the task which had been assigned to them was impossible and that he was a failure. These thoughts increased their sense of frustration and disappointment. Satan said to him: "why push yourself all day in this impossible task? Only get a minimal effort and it will be enough." Man thought to implement this but soon decided to raise a prayer to the Lord, and confess their feelings: "Lord, I have worked hard for a long time at your service. I used all my strength to get what I asked for, but yet not I've been able to move rock or a millimeter. What's going on? Why have I failed? ". The Lord answered him with compassion: "dear friend, when you asked me to sirvieras and your you agreed to, I said that your task was to push against the rock with all your strength, and you've done it." I never said that you hoped you movieras it. Your task was to push. Now you come to my no strength to tell me that you've failed, but in reality to fracasaste? Look at you now, your arms are strong and muscular, strong and tanned back, calloused hands by constant pressure, your legs have become hard. Despite the adversity you've grown a lot and your skills are now greater than those that had any time. Certainly, not you've moved the rock, but your mission was to be obedient and push to exercise your faith in my. You got that. Now, my dear friend, I will move the rock". Sometimes, when we hear the word of the Lord, we try to vain decrypt their will, when God asked us to obedience and faith in him. We must exercise our faith that moves mountains, but conscious that it is God who ultimately manages to move them. When everything seems to go wrong... PUSHES. When you're exhausted by the work... PUSHES. When people do not behave in the way that you think it should... PUSHES. When you have no more money to pay your bills... PUSHES. When people you don't understand... PUSHES. When you feel exhausted and weakened... PUSHES. In difficult moments it asks for help to the Lord and raises a prayer to Jesus so that enlighten your mind and guide your steps.

The spider's Web

Once a man was chased by several thugs who wanted to kill him. The man went into a cave. Criminals began to look for it by the earlier caves that he was. I was desperate and raised a prayer to God, in the following manner: "God Almighty, make that two Angels down and clog the entrance, so they do not come to kill me". At that time heard the men approaching the cave in which the he was, and he saw that a little spider appeared. The little spider began to weave a cobweb at the entrance. Man returned to raise another prayer, this time more anxious: "Lord I asked angels, not a spider." And continued: "Lord, please, with your mighty hand puts a strong at the entrance wall so the men can not enter to kill me". He opened his eyes waiting to see the wall covering the entrance and watched the little spider that was weaving a Web. Were criminals already entering the former cave that man was and this was waiting for his death. When evildoers were opposite the cave that was the man, already the little spider had plugged all the entrance with its Web, and this conversation is heard: "Come on, let's go to this cave". "No, don't you know that there are even cobwebs, which nobody has recently entered this cave? We continue looking at others." Many times we ask for things that are what we urgently need from our human perspective, but God gives us other that shows best solutions.

The vanity of a poor rooster

A rooster was convinced that thanks to the power and beauty of her singing awoke the Sun each morning.
One day, exhausted, he fell asleep and checked with horror that the Sun came out as every day.

Keep the good mood

Tomás Moro, at the foot of the gallows, did not lose his usual serenity and sense of humor. Said the Mayor: "help me up, that already I will arrange them me for download only. And the executioner: "cheer up, man, and don't be afraid to fulfill your job." Short is my neck: seeks to not give me a crooked run. Away my beard, I would feel that you cortases it. She is not guilty of high treason ".
Erasmus said on Tomás Moro: "the man who fits both the seriousness and the joke and whose company is always pleasant, that is the man that the ancients called:" omnium horarum homo ", a man for all times".

I do not have a minute

God told me one day: "Give me a little of your time". And I answered: "but Lord, if while I have I not enough for me". God I repeated, highest: "Give me a little of your time". And I answered: "but Lord, if not by malice: is truth, I do not spare a minute". God was talking to me: "Give me a little of your time". And I replied to him: "Lord, I know I must reserve some time for what you ask me, but it happens that it has times nothing do not spare me to give." It is very difficult to live, and to me brings me all the time! I can not give more of what I'm giving you! "." Then God already not said anything more. And since I discovered that when God asks something, ask our very life. And if one is only a little bit, Dios is silent. The next step has to be ours, because not the monologue like God. What tremendous should be the Dios Street.

To achieve happiness

Certain merchant sent his son to learn the secret of happiness with the most wise of all men. Young went for forty days in the wilderness until you reach a beautiful castle on top of a mountain. There lived the Sage who was looking for. He entered a room and saw a huge activity, merchants who came and went, people talking in the corners, a small orchestra which played soft melodies and a table full of the most delicious delicacies. The Sage conversed with everyone, and the young man had to wait two hours until question time be treated you. The wise man listened attentively to the reason for your visit, but told him at that time had no time to explain the secret of happiness. Asked to give a stroll by the Palace and returned two hours later. "But I want to ask you a favor - told the wise man, handing him a teaspoon of tea, which I dropped two drops of oil-, while you are walking, take this spoon, making sure that the oil does not spill out." The young man started to go up and down the stairs of the Palace, always keeping our eyes fixed on the spoon. Two hours after return to the presence of the wise man who asked him: "How are you? Did you see the rugs of Persia that is in my dining room? Did you see the garden Master Gardeners took ten years to create? You whispered in the beautiful scrolls in my library? "." Young, embarrassed, confessed that he had not seen anything. His only concern had been not to spill the drops of oil that the Sage had entrusted to him. "Well then go back and learn the wonders of my world. Not can you trust a man if you don't know your home". Already calmer, young took the spoon again and returned to stroll through the Palace, this time looking with attention all the works of art that adorned the ceiling and walls. He saw the gardens, mountains to its round, the delicacy of flowers, the care with which each work of art was placed instead. Back to the presence of the wise it told what they had seen. "But where are the two drops of oil that you trusted?" asked the Sage. Young looked spoon and was given account that had poured out of them. "Because it is the only advice I have to give you. The secret of happiness is to look at all the wonders of the world but not to forget the two drops of oil in the spoon."

It seems that it is not

In college they were preparing the first communions. Had a child who suffered a small mental retardation, and, although he and his family were determined to make the child the first communion, the chaplain of the College did not have them all. A day called the child and took him to the oratory. He took from his pocket a crucifix and asked the child: "this, who is it?". "Jesus," answered the child. Then said the Tabernacle and asked again: "and, then, that then, who is?". "Also Jesus, the child answered without hesitation. "Would Jesus, there and here...?" Then explain to me how it can be that Jesus is both here and there". "It is very easy - explained the child: here (in the crucifix), seems to be, but in reality it is not." "There (in the Tabernacle), it seems that it is not, but it is". Without saying that that kid made first communion with their classmates.
Forgive and thank
He says an Arabic legend that two friends travelled through the desert and at a particular point in the trip they argued, and one gave a slap in the face to the other. The other victim, with nothing to say, wrote in the sand: "Today my best friend hit me a slap in the face". Continued on and arrived at an oasis where resolved bathing. He had slapped began to drown, and his friend saved him. Recover it took a stylet and wrote on a stone: "Today my best friend saved my life". Intrigued, the friend asked: "why once you hit you wrote in the sand and now instead you write on a stone?". Smiling, the other friend replied: "when a friend offends us, we must write in the sand, where the wind of oblivion and forgiveness will be delete it and turn it off. But when he helps us, we record it on the stone of the memory of the heart, where no wind can delete it".

Why let those things

Down the street I saw a girl hungry, dirty and shivering inside their
rags. Me encolericé and said to God: "why let these things? Why not do nothing to help the poor
do girl? '. " For a while, Dios remained silent. But that night, when least expected, God answered my angry questions: "certainly I have done something." I've done to you."

Strengths and weaknesses

They say that once a small carpentry there was a strange Assembly, it was a meeting of tools to work out their differences. Served as the hammer, but the Assembly notified that he had to resign. Does cause it? It was too noisy and also spent all the time beating others. Cock accepted his guilt but asked to also be expelled the screw, then had to give many turns to serve as something. Before the attack, screw also accepted, but at the same time requested the expulsion of the sandpaper, because it was very rough in their dealings and always had friction with others. The sandpaper agreed, on the condition that was also expelled the subway, which was always measuring others according to your measurement as if it were the only perfect. That Carpenter entered, put on the apron and began his work, used hammer, screw, the sandpaper and the metro, and finally rough initial wood became a beautiful game of chess.
When woodworking was newly single, resumed deliberation, was then when taking the word saw and said: gentlemen has been proven that we have defects, but Carpenter works with our qualities, and that's what makes us valuable. So do not think more on our bad points and concentrate on our good points. The Assembly found that cock was strong, screw connected and gave strength, grit served to refine and sanding rough edges, and the meter was accurate and precise. Then were a team capable of producing and doing things of quality felt proud of their abilities and work together.
Something similar happens with human beings. When in a group (either company, home, friends, school, family, etc.), people often look for defects in others, the situation becomes tense and negative. On the other hand, trying to sincerely feel the strengths of others, bloom the best achievements. It is very easy to find flaws, any fool can do it, but to find qualities, that's what it's worth.

What luck have a Holy daughter!

-We'll let you in peace until you do not do what you send.
With those words, the father and the mother of Catherine tried to force him to marry a good match in the city and avoid that you surrender your life to God.
Breaking heart to Catherine, but I knew that I should obey God as much as their parents insisted.
His mother thought that Catalina staining the honor of the family, as they were known their penances and their dedication to the lepers.
When Catherine, died at the age of 30 years, the whole city went out to cheer her. People, to see the pain of the mother commented:
-What luck have a Holy daughter!
But she called for forgiveness to God for having failed to understand and help their daughter. Missed you a supernatural vision and love of freedom.

Quo vadis, Domine!

It has an ancient tradition which, during the persecution of Nero, Peter, at the request of the Christian community, left for Rome in search of a safe place. On the way Jesus appeared to him. Peter, seeing him, asked him:
-Quo vadis, Domine?
-I'm going to Rome, to be crucified again by you.
Immediately, Peter turned around and returned to the city, where would die a martyr.

Does prayer change things?

They say that prayer changes things, but is it really true that you change something?
Does prayer change your present situation or your circumstances? No, not always, but changes the mode in which you see those events.
Does prayer change your economic future? No, not always, but changes the way in which search to meet your daily needs.
Does prayer change hearts or aching body? No, not always, but change your inner energy.
Prayer change your love and your desires? No, not always, but will change your love for the love of God.
Pray how change the world? No, not always, but will change the eyes with which you see the world.
Does prayer change your faults of the past? No, not always, but will change your hope for the future.
Prayer change people to your around? No, not always, but you will change you, because the problem is not always in others.
Does prayer change your life in a way that you can explain? Ah, Yes, always. And this you will change completely.
So does prayer really change something? Yes, it really changes everything.
Teressa Vowell

Know look to our around

The drama of a disenchanted threw into the street from the tenth floor, and as it fell were watching through the windows privacy from neighbors, the small domestic tragedies, the furtive amores, the brief moments of happiness, whose news had not never reached with the common stairway, so that in him instantly burst against the pavement had changed by complete their conception of the world , and had come to the conclusion that that life that abandoned forever by the door fake was worth living.
Gabriel García Márquez's story

Be happy

Legend has it that a man heard that happiness was a treasure. From that moment he began to look for it. He first ventured by the pleasure and the sensual, then by the power and wealth, then by the fame and glory, and thus he was travelling the world pride, knowledge, travel, work, leisure and everything was within reach of his hand. In a bend of the road saw a sign that said: "You are two months of life". Man, tired and worn down by the troubles of life said: "these two months will dedicate them to share all that I have experience, knowledge and life with people who surround me." And the indefatigable search engine of happiness, at the end of his days found that inside, in what could share, at the time that was devoted to others, in the resignation that was self serve, was the treasure that both wanted. He understood that to be happy you need love, to accept life as it comes, enjoy the small and big, knowing himself and accepted as it is, feel loved and valued, love and rating others, have reasons to live and wait and also reasons to die and rest. He understood that happiness flows in the heart, which is attached and linked to the way people see and interact with it; who is always out and to have it there to enjoy peace of mind. And recalled that sentence that says: "how much we enjoy what little we have, and how much we suffer so much we crave mistakenly."

Sowing to harvest

A woman dreamed that he was at a newly opened store and to his surprise, discovered that Dios was behind the counter. Do sell here?, he asked. Everything your heart desires, God said. Not daring to believe what he was hearing, he decided to ask the best thing a human being could wish. I wish peace, love, happiness, wisdom... After a moment of hesitation, he added: not only for me, but for everyone... God smiled and said: I think that I have not understood. Here do not sell fruits, only sell seeds. To plant a plant is no need to first break the hardened layer of soil and open furrows; then, shred or loosen pieces that remain caked, so that the seed can penetrate, abundantly watering to keep the soil moist and then... Wait patiently until they germinate and grow! In the same way that we proceed with nature should work with the human heart, "tilling" the crust of indifference that the routine has formed, removing the pieces of a misunderstanding selfishness, crumbling them into small pieces of friendly gestures, words warm and generous, until with ease, allowing host seeds that daily we can apply for "free" in the warehouse of God , because the maintains its supermarket promotion. They are seeds that have to care with dedication and care and watering them with sweat, tears and sometimes with blood, as Dios watered our redemption and as so many have given their lives and their blood for others, in a work of faith and hope, persevering effort, while the fragile shoots, are transforming into firm plants able to bear the desired fruits up to...

Be a hero or die

Rubén González Gallego was born without limbs and was abandoned by his parents. He had to live in a Soviet orphanage. Almost nothing. When you compadezcas you your luck think that many, like him, have not had the luck you've had.
I'm just a little guy. Overnight. Winter. I need to go to the bathroom. It is useless to call to the caregiver.
The only solution is to drag me into the toilets. The first thing is to get out of bed. It is possible; to my own how to do it has occurred to me. Drag me to the edge of the bed, I turn until it is resting on the back; I let myself fall. The coup against the ground. The pain.
I drag to the door of the Hall, push it with the head and leave the room, relatively warm, cold, darkness.
At night, the windows of the Hall left open. It's cold, very cold. I am naked.
The journey is long. When I step ahead of the room where they sleep the nannies, aloud I ask for help and with the head give blows against the door. No one responds. Cry. Silence. Perhaps my cries do not have enough strength to wake them.
When I get to the bathroom I am totally frosted.
In the bathroom windows are open. There is snow at the edge of the window.
I get to the potty. Rest. I need to rest before embarking on the way back. While I do this, the urine starts to freeze around the edges.
I drag me back. I get to my room. With teeth, throw on me bed blanket, I wrap me in it as I can and try to sleep.
I am a hero. Being a hero is easy: If you have no arms or legs, you are a hero, or are dead. If you don't have parents, trust in your arms and your legs. And make you a hero. But if you don't have limbs and also dropped you in luck born orphan, no doubt!: are doomed to be a hero to the end of your days. Palmaria or. I am a hero. Another remedy is simply not me.
Taken from "New journal", marzoabril 2002.

Clumsy and dying

The blue whale is disappearing because of human beings, but the fact of being subject to its brutal predation does not prevent natural forms of extermination will continue producing. Orcas, some cetaceans carnivores that hunt as the wolves, in droves, also attack the whales and do it with a cruelty that makes any Harpoon a gun of mercy. Orcas located a solitary whale, surround it and encompass his swim to his, even out to air at the same time their majestic victim. They sail on both sides and will boot it to rough huge chunks of meat. Whale can not do anything else but continue swimming, unable to escape the murderous Pack. Sea going staining red, while the herd of killer whales still biting in anger, in a terrible feast on a living being that still breathes. Herds of orcas - twenty, thirty - can ever devour completely their prey: they can fill when already they have started this four or five tons of meat. And the enormous blue whale is still swimming, clumsy and dying. Many times in our life, for our guilt, for letting us fencing by danger, just as these whales, heavy and clumsy, at the mercy of the bites of the temptations.

Three trees

Once upon a time, on a hill in a forest, three trees. With the murmur of its leaves, moved by the wind, were their hopes and their dreams. The first tree said: "some day I hope to be a chest, guardian of treasures. It will be me it filled with gold, silver and precious stones. I will be decorated with carvings complicated and wonderful, and everyone will appreciate my beauty." The second tree replied: "will come a day that I will be a mighty ship. I will take Kings and Queens across the waters and sail to the ends of the world. Everyone will feel safe on board, confident in the strength of my hull". Finally, the third tree said: "I want to grow up to be the highest tree and forest law. People see me on the Hill, admiring the height of my branches, and think in heaven and God, and how close I am of the. I will be the most illustrious tree in the world, and people will always remember me."
After years of praying that their dreams will undertake, a group of lumberjacks approached the trees. When one was set in the first tree, said: "this looks like a tree of good wood. I am confident that I can sell it to a carpenter". And he began to cut it. The tree was happy, because he was sure that the Carpenter would make with a chest to a treasure. Before the second tree, another lumberjack said: "this is a tough and strong tree. Sure that I can sell it to the shipyards". The second tree heard it satisfied, because I was sure that thus began his way to become a powerful ship. When the lumberjacks approached the third tree, he was frightened, because I knew that, if they cut it, all their dreams remain nothing. A lumberjack said: "don't need anything special from my tree. It will bring me this." And cut it. When the first tree was born to Carpenter, what he did with it was a feeder for animals. He was put in a stable, and filled it with hay. This was what he had dreamed, and so had both prayed. The second tree was constructed a small boat fishermen. All his hopes of being a great ship, carrier of Kings, came to an end. The third tree simply cut it into planks and left him against a wall. Years passed, and the trees forgot their dreams. But one day a man and a woman came to the stable. She gave birth, and placed the child on the Hay in the Manger which had been made with the wood of the first tree. The man would have done a little wedge to the child, but had to be content with this crib. The tree felt that it was part of something wonderful, and that it had granted to have the greatest treasure of all time. Years later, several men boarded the boat made from the wood of the second tree. One of them was tired, and went to sleep. While they were crossing a Lake, rose a very strong storm and the tree thought it would not resist enough to save those men. The others awoke was asleep. He stood up and said: "shut up!", and the storm was defused. Then the tree realized that the boat was the King of Kings. Finally, some time later, approached someone take the third tree planks. He joined two cross-shaped, and they put them over a bloodied man, who led them through the streets while people insulted him. When they came to a hill, man was nailed to the cross, and raised in the air so that die at the top, in the sight of all. But when he came the following Sunday, the tree realized that it had been enough strong to be on the Summit and both to approach God as it was possible, because Jesus had been crucified on it. No tree has been never so known and appreciated as the tree of the cross.
The parable teaches us that even when it seems everything comes out backward, we must be sure that God has a plan for us. If we trust in him, will give us the most valuable gifts. Each tree got what he wanted and asked, but better otherwise. It is not possible to always know what prepares Dios for us; but we should know that their plans are not ours: are always much more sublime. (Anonymous English. Translated by E.M. race).

A little worm

A little worm walked a day in direction to the Sun. Very close to the road was a grasshopper. "Where you are going?", he asked. While walking, the Caterpillar replied: "I had a dream last night: I dreamed that, from the tip of the great mountain, I looked across the Valley." What I saw in my dream and I decided to do it like me". Surprised, the grasshopper said while his friend moved away: "you must be crazy! How to can you get to that place? You, a simple Caterpillar! "A stone will be a mountain, a small puddle a sea and any trunk an insurmountable barrier". But the worm was already far not heard him, and his tiny body did not move. Suddenly the voice of a beetle was heard: "would to where you are going with so much effort?". Already sweating the little worm, he said panting: 'I had a dream and wish to do so; climb that mountain and from there to contemplate our world." The beetle laughed and said: "Nor I, with big legs, would try to do something as ambitious". And stayed on the ground lying down while the Caterpillar continued their journey, having already advanced a few centimeters. In the same way, the spider, Mole, frog and flower advised giving up: "don't make happen it ever!". But inside the worm had a momentum that forced him to continue. Already exhausted, weak and dying, he decided to stop to rest and build a place where to spend the night with her last effort. "I'll be better," was the last thing said, and died. All the animals of the Valley were looking at their remains. There was the animal-mad of the people who had built his tomb as a monument to folly. There was a hard refuge, worthy of one who died for wanting to realize an unrealizable dream. A morning in which the Sun was shining in a special way, all the animals gathered around what had become a warning for the daring. For soon they were amazed, that hard shell began to crack, and with amazement saw a few eyes and an antenna that could not be the Caterpillar who believed dead, little by little, as to give them time to recover from the impact, were leaving the beautiful wings Rainbow that impressive being that they had before them. A butterfly, there was nothing to say, everyone knew what would happen, I would go flying into the great mountain and would carry out his dream, the dream that had lived, which had died and who had returned to live. Everyone was wrong. God has created us to realize a dream; Let's put life in trying to achieve it, and if we count that we cannot, perhaps need to stop along the way and experiencing a radical change in our lives and then succeed. Success in life is not measured by what you have accomplished, but by the obstacles you had to overcome on the way.

An interview with God

"Go" I said God, "so do you want to interview me?" "Well, if you have time..." He smiles and says: "my time is called eternity and reaches to everything; What questions want to do me?" "Any new or difficult for you". "Are what most surprised you men?" And said: "that they get bored of being children, hurry to grow, and then sigh to return to be children. First they lose health for money and then lose money to regain health. That by thinking anxiously about the future, you neglect your current time, so live neither the present nor the future. "That they live as if they were to die, and die as if they had not lived, and think that I..." with eyes full of tears and breathy voice stop talking. His hands grasp strongly the mine and continue in silence.
Then I told him: "As father, what they ask your children for this new year?" "For you to learn that they cannot do that someone loves them; What can is to love and be love. To learn that it takes years to build trust, and only seconds to destroy it. That you learn the most valuable is not what they have in their lives, but who have in their lives. That you learn that it is not good to compare with others, because there will always be someone better or worse than them. To learn that rico is he has, but he needs. That you learn that they should control their attitudes, or their attitudes will control them. That you learn that a few seconds are enough to produce deep wounds in persons we love, and that may take many years to be healed. To learn that a pardon learn forgiving. That you learn that there are people who love them, but it simply does not know how to prove it. That you learn that money buys everything, less happiness. That you learn that sometimes when they are annoying, they are entitled to be it, but that does not entitle them to annoy those who surround them. That you learn that great dreams do not require great wings, but a landing gear to achieve them. That you learn that true friends are scarce and, who has found one, has found a true treasure. That you learn that it is not always enough to be forgiven by others, sometimes must forgive themselves. Who learn that they are masters of what callan and slaves from what they say. You learn that from what plant harvested, if they plant gossip will harvest intrigues, if they plant love they will harvest happiness. That you learn that true happiness is not to become obsessed with having more but be happy with what you may have. That you learn that happiness is not a question of luck but product of their decisions. They decide to be happy with what they are and have, or die from envy and jealousy by what they lack and lack. That you learn that two people can look at the same thing and see something totally different. That you learn that regardless of the consequences, those who are honest with themselves get far in life. That you learn while they think that they have nothing to give, when a friend cries with them to find the strength to overcome their pain. To learn that forcibly detain people who love, the faster of them away and let them be them leaves forever beside them. That you learn that while love may have many different meanings, it loses value when it is used in excess. You learn that the further distance that may be me is the distance of a single prayer... "."

A fortune without knowing it

One day fell the Lord to the Earth in the form of a beggar and approached a poor Shoemaker's House and told him: "Brother, long ago that I don't like and I feel very tired, but I have not a single currency would ask me arreglaras my sandals to be able to walk". Shoemaker replied: "I am very poor and I'm tired that everyone comes to ask and no one comes to give!". The Lord replied: "I can give you what you want". Shoemaker asked: "money even?". The Lord replied: "I can give you 10 million dollars, but in Exchange for your legs". "For what I want $ 10 million if I won't be able to walk, dance, move freely?", said Shoemaker. Then the Lord replied: "OK, I could give you 100 million dollars, in Exchange for your arms". Shoemaker replied: "for what I want $ 100 million if I am not going to just eat, work, play with my kids?". Then the Lord said to him: "In that case, I can give 1000 million dollars in Exchange for your eyes". Shoemaker replied scared: "What use me 1000 million dollars if I won't be able to see the Sunrise, or to my family and my friends, nor all the things that surround me?". Then the Lord said to him: "my brother Ah, because you see what fortune you have and not realize".

A life to rescue by other

Some years ago, a train traversing the vast wastes of the United States, was the scene of a terrible show. The fireman of the train had opened the oven door to get more coal. At the same moment a column of air that entered through the chimney threw a flare of fire in the face of the man, who mad pain left his post, not closing the door as needed, which led to the flames to ignite in the carbon deposit. Powerful machine marching at high speed, and no one could deal with the same control. Travellers who had been mounted on that train were victims of fear and terror, seeing his tragic end. Suddenly José Sieg, the motorman of the train moved between the flames until you reach the door of the oven; with a supreme effort shut the door that was almost incandescent, stopping the train below. When out of that sea of fire again his body was wrapped in flames, and promptly rushed into the water reservoir, to alleviate your pain. They took him out at the moment, but the body of that hero, gave his spirit, victim of terrible burns. The train had already stopped, and those seven hundred travelers had gathered over the body of their Savior, showing on their faces deep gratitude felt towards him who had saved them life. Christ laid down his life as a ransom for many. We must also express our gratitude.

Ye are my arms

Had a very nice and valuable Christ in a church in a German village. He was crucified and the people had great devotion. During the second world war a bomb fell, and to exploit, tore two arms. At the end of the race, the people were raised to restore it. But someone suggested to leave it as it was, without arms. Accepted the proposal and included an explanatory legend that read: "You are my arms". So remember all that Jesus Christ has need for us to continue his mission on Earth.

ANECDOTES with practical lessons

Act wisely

On 14 October 1998, on a transatlantic flight line air British Airways took place the following event. They sat down to a lady on the plane next to a black man. Women asked the stewardess that will change it's site, because "not I could sit next to a such an unpleasant person". The stewardess argued that the flight was very full, but that he would see if it could perhaps find a place free in first class. All the passengers were watching the scene with disgust, not only by the fact itself, but by the fact that it also offered a site that woman in first class. Minutes later the stewardess returned and told the Lady: "excuse me Madam, indeed all the flight is full, but fortunately I found an empty place in first class. To make this change I had to ask permission to the captain, who told me that no could force anyone to travel next to a such an unpleasant person. " Lady with the face of victory, tried to get out of his seat, but the hostess at the time turned to the black man and told him: "Sir, would you please accompany me to its new seat?". All the passengers applauded the action of the hostess. That year, the flight attendant and the captain were rewarded for that performance.

Where do I go?

They say of Chesterton was very clueless. On one occasion, travelling by train, the reviewer asked him the ticket. He began to search for all pockets and couldn't find it. It was getting increasingly nervous. Then the reviewer said: "Quiet, not it disturbs, that I will not make him pay another bill". "Is not to pay what worries me - said Chesterton - what worries me is that I've forgotten where I'm going".
Engagement ring
A boy went steadily into a jewelry store and asked to show you the best engagement ring that had. The jeweler taught him one. The boy looked at the ring and with a smile passed it. He then asked the price and decided to pay it. "Would you be getting married soon?", asked the owner. 'No. Even I have a girlfriend", he said. The surprise of the jeweler had the boy. "My mother is. When I was born she was single. Someone advised me to kill until he was born, because this would avoid problems. But she refused and gave me the gift of life. And had many problems, many. It was father and mother for me, and was friend and sister, and was master. It made me become what I am. Now that I can buy you this engagement ring. She has never had one. I give it as a promise that if she did everything for me, now I will do everything for her. Perhaps after I deliver another engagement ring, but it will be the second." The jeweller said nothing. Only ordered his clerk to do the boy the discount that was made only to special customers.

Learn how to use your hands

A sailor and a pirate are at a bar, and begin to tell their adventures in the seas. The sailor notes that the pirate has a stick leg, a hook in the hand and an eye patch. The sailor asked "And how you finish with this stick leg?". The pirate replies "we were in a storm and a wave threw me sea, cai among a lot of sharks. As my friends grabbed me up me a shark tore off me leg of a bite". "! Wow! replied the sailor and what happened to you in the hand, you have this hook? "." Well... said the pirate; enemy we were dealing with a boat, and while we are fighting with the other sailors and swords, an enemy cut me hand." "Incredible! said the sailor and what happened to you in the eye? "." A dove who was passing and dropped me excrement in the eye". "Lost eye by a pigeon excrement?", replied the sailor incredulously. "Well... said the pirate... was my first day with the hook".

Arrange the man

A scientist, who lived concerned with the problems of the world, was determined to find the means to reduce them. He spent most days in his laboratory in search of answers to their questions. One day, his seven year old son invaded his sanctuary decided to help it work. Scientist, nervous about the interruption, asked the child to go to play somewhere else. Seeing that it was impossible to leave, he thought of something that could give you to divert your attention. He saw a magazine where the map of the world, was just what they needed! With a pair of scissors he cut the map in several pieces and with a roll of tape gave it to his son saying: "As you like puzzles, I'll give the world broken, so you fix it without help from anyone". He calculated that it would take the small days composing the map, but did not. After a few minutes, heard the voice of the child: "Papa, papa, I've already finished it". At the beginning it did not give credit to the words of the child. He thought that it would be impossible that, at his age, had managed to rebuild a map I'd never seen before. Distrustful, the scientist looked up from their posts with the certainty that would be the work of a child. To his surprise, the map was full. All the pieces had been placed in their appropriate places. How was it possible? How had the child been able to? Said to him: "My son, you did not know was how the world, how did mend it?". "Dad, I didn't know how the world was, but when you did get the map of the magazine to trim it, I saw that the other side was the figure of a man. So I turned to cuts and started to put together the man, who knew how it was. When I got to fix man, I turned the sheet and saw that he had arranged the world."

Help disinterested

He had hardly seen her. It was an elderly lady with the car stopped on the road. The day was cold, rainy and grey. Alberto could be features that the older woman needed help. He parked his car in front of the old lady. He was still coughing when he was approached. But with a nervous smile on his face, he realized that the old lady was concerned. No one had stopped for more than one hour, when he stopped in that busy highway. Actually, for the old woman, that man approaching didn't look very good, it might be a criminal. Most there was nothing to do, I was at their mercy. It was poor and hungry. Alberto could perceive how it felt. His face reflected some concern. So came forward to take the initiative in the dialogue: "here I come to help her, Madam." Enter your vehicle which will be protected from the rain. My name is Alberto." Thank God it only was a punctured tire, but it was a difficult situation for the old lady. Alberto got under the car looking for a place where to put the cat and in the maneuver was injured several times the knuckles. I was tightening the latest nuts, when Lady lowered the window and began to talk to him. He told her where it was; He was just passing through there, and did not know how to thank you. Alberto smiled as he closed his car keeping tools. Asked how much owed, any amount would be correct under the circumstances, because I thought the terrible things that have happened have not had the courtesy of Alberto. He had not thought about money. This was not any work for him. Help someone in need was the best way to pay for the times that he, in turn, had helped him when he was in similar situations. Alberto was accustomed to living well. Said the old lady that if he wanted to pay him, the best way of doing this would be that the next time he saw someone in need, and you were at its disposal to assist it, do so in a disinterested manner, and then... "just think of me," he added saying goodbye. Alberto waited until the car is out. It had been a day cold, grey and depressing, but felt well to finish it that way, these were the things that brought more satisfaction you. He entered his car and left. A few kilometres further on Lady sighted a small cafe. He thought it would be good to remove the cold with a cup of hot coffee before continuing on the last leg of his trip. It was a little a bit ramshackle place. Outside, there were two old gasoline pumps that had been unused for years. When you enter was set in the scene of the interior. The cash register resembled those of rope which had used in his youth. A courteous waitress approached him and extended him a paper towel so to dry hair, wet from the rain. He had a nice face with a beautiful smile. That kind of smile that is not deleted if it was many hours standing. The old woman noticed that the waitress would be eight months of sweet waiting. And yet this no le to change his sympathetic attitude. He thought in how people who have so little can be so generous with strangers. Then he remembered Alberto... After you finish your coffee hot and your food, reach the waitress the price of the account with a one hundred dollar bill. When the girl returned with change found that the lady was gone. They hoped to reach it. Running towards the door he saw on the table something written on a cocktail napkin next to 4 tickets for $100. His eyes were filled with tears when he read the note: "I have nothing, I was once where you are. Someone helped me and now I am helping you. If you want to pay me, this is what you can do: don't help others as I do with you today. It continues to give your joy and your smile and don't let breaking this chain. Although there were tables clean and sugar that fill, that one day spent you flying. That night, already in his house, while the waitress went quietly on his bed, to not wake her exhausted husband who had to get up very early, he thought what the old woman had done with her. How would she know needs that had with her husband, the economic problems that were happening, especially now with the arrival of the baby. I was aware of how concerned was her husband for all this. Approaching gently toward him, to not wake him, while he kissed him tenderly, whispered in his ear: "Everything will turn out well, Alberto".

Change the world

When I was young and my imagination had no limits, he dreamed of changing the world. As I was doing me more, I thought there was no way of changing the world, so I wanted a more modest target and tried to change my country only. But over time I thought it was also impossible. When I got old, I settled for trying to change to my family, to those closest to me. But I also got almost nothing. Now, on my deathbed, I suddenly understood one thing: if he had started to try and change myself, maybe my family would have followed my example and it would have changed, and with his inspiration and encouragement, it would have perhaps been able to change my country and who knows maybe even would have been able to change the world. (Found on the tombstone of an Anglican bishop in Westminster Abbey).

Nowhere road

An American marriage was out of travel. The husband was driving platonically. It had already made three hundred kilometers while looking sideways onto the dashboard. Suddenly the wife consulted the Guide to roads and announced: "We have lost". «And what?», said the man. «We have a super middle!». This Super average, nowhere road, is that carry some in your attempt to fill your day and your life's sense of diligence and efficiency. They should remember that when one does not know where it goes, just somewhere else.


On one occasion, in the afternoon, a man came to our House, to tell us the case of a hindu family of eight children. They had not eaten for several days. He asked us to do something for them. So I took some rice and I went to see them. I saw how sparkled eyes of children because of hunger. Mother took my hands rice, divided it into two parts and went out. When he returned I asked: what had been done with one of two servings of rice. I replied: "They are also hungry". I knew that neighbors of the door's side, Muslims, were hungry. I was more surprised of his concern for others than by the action itself. In general, when we suffer and when we find ourselves in a serious need we don't think about others. On the contrary, this wonderful woman, weak, because he had not eaten for several days, he had had the courage to love and to give to others, had the value of sharing. Frequently I am asked when will end hunger in the world. "I answer: learn when to share". The more we have, the less we give. The less we have, we can more give. (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)
Perseverance and intelligence
One day Matt and I had seen a small spider that tried to remove a cachipolla three times larger than from a pit that had been in the arena. The sand was dry, and whenever spider tracing descent, the edges of the pit yielded and the spider again fall to the bottom. He tried to it over and over again, without never change of route or loosen the rhythm. Matt said to me: "the question is, Kate: she is very stubborn or has so little memory that forgets what happened two minutes ago and always believes that he is trying for the first time?". We were watching it almost half an hour and, ultimately, to our great relief, I got it, so we decided that it was not only very stubborn but also very ready (taken from Mary Lawson, "on the Lake", salamander, Barcelona 2002, page 65).

Building a cathedral

A man strongly struck a rock, with hard face, sweating. Someone asked: what is your job? And answered with grief: don't see it? Chop stone.
A second man strongly beat other rock, with hard face, sweating. Someone asked: what is your job? And answered with grief: don't see it? Carve a rung.
A third man beat strongly a rock, transpirado, with cheerful, relaxed face. Someone asked: what is your work? "." And excited replied: I am building a cathedral.

A castaway backset

The only survivor of a shipwreck reached the beach of a tiny, uninhabited island. He prayed fervently to God asking him being rescued, and every day scanned the horizon for help, but did not seem to get. Tired, finally decided to build a log cabin to protect themselves from the elements and store their few belongings. One day, after loitering around the island in search of food, returned home to find his little cabin wrapped in flames, with smoke rising to the sky. The worst had happened... it had lost everything. He was shocked with sadness and anger. "Dios: how I could do this to my!" he lamented. Early on the following day, however, he was awakened by the sound of a ship that was approaching the island. It had come to rescue him. "As they knew that I was here?" asked the weary man their rescuers. "We saw your smoke signal," answered them.

Give me your generosity

A wandering monk was found, in one of his trips, a precious stone and kept it among his things. One day he met a traveller and opened her bag to share with him their provisions, the traveller saw the jewel and asked it be. The monk gave it no more. The traveller thanked him and left full of joy with that unexpected gift of gemstone which would suffice to give you wealth and security the rest of his days. However, few days later returned in search of the mendicant monk, found him, returned the jewel and begged him: now I beg you give me something much more valuable than this gem, valuable as it is. Give me, please, which allowed you to give it to me.

Back from the war

A soldier who was able to return home after having fought in the war in Viet Nam. He spoke to his parents from San Francisco. "MOM, I'm going back home, but I have to ask you a favor. I bring a friend who'd like to stay with us." They said: "Of course, would love to meet him." The son went on to say: "there's something you should know. He was wounded in the war. He stepped on a land mine and lost an arm and a leg. "He has no where to go, and I want to come to live with us in the House." "I'm very sorry to hear that, son." "Maybe we can find a place where the can stay." "No, MOM and dad, I want him to live with us." "Son, you don't know what you are asking." Someone who is so limited physically can be a heavy burden for us. We have our own lives that live, and we can not let something like this interfere with our lives. I think that you should return home and forget about this person. He found a way that can live it alone." At that time the son hung up the phone.
Parents not already returned to know of it. A few days later, the parents received a phone call from the San Francisco police. His son had died after he fell from a building, was what they were told. The Police believed that it was a suicide. Parents, wrecked the news, flew to San Francisco and were brought to that it will identify your child. They recognized him, but, to their horror, they found something that didn't know: their only son had an arm and a leg. The parents of this story are like many of us. We find very easy to love people who are beautiful on the outside or that are sympathetic, but not the people makes us feel any inconvenience or which makes us feel uncomfortable. We prefer to be away from people who are not beautiful, healthy or smart as we assume to be what us.
God and the apples
Up a child picnic table, a nun had left a large fountain, with glossy, fleshy and juicy red apples. Beside the source, put the following note: "take only one. Remember that Dios is watching". At the other end of the table, had another source, full of chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven. Beside the fountain, had a piece of paper written by a young child, saying in italics: "take all that you want. Dios is watching the apples".

Willing to receive a shot

They say that during the war the "cristeros", when the Mexican Revolution to death persecuted Church, masses were made clandestinely and neighbors spent the voice whenever came a priest dressed in civilian clothes to the people. In a village in rural Mexico somewhere, waiting for the priest who would arrive this weekend from a neighbouring village. Clandestine catechists had prepared baptisms and other sacraments, and for the occasion got an old barn, large enough to House a few hundred faithful. That Sunday morning the old barn was completely filled with a number of faithful around. The 600 people who were gathered waiting for the start of the celebration is overwhelmed when he saw two men enter dressed in military uniform and armed. One of the men said: "who dares to receive a shot by Christ, stay where is." The doors will be open only five minutes". Immediately the choir stood up and left. The deacons were also, and much of its membership. Only 600 persons were 20. The soldier who had spoken, looked to the priest and said: "OK, father, I am also a Christian and I already got rid of the hypocrites." Continue with your celebration."
Donating blood
A few years ago, when I worked as a volunteer at a hospital in Stanford, I met a little girl named Liz who was suffering from a rare disease. Your only chance to recover was apparently a transfusion of blood from his brother for 5 years, which had miraculously survived the same disease and had developed the antibodies needed to combat it. The doctor explained the situation to the brother of the girl, and asked him if he was willing to give his blood to his sister. I saw him hesitate for only a moment before taking a big sigh and say: Yes, I will do it, if that saves Liz.
While the transfusion continued, he was lying on a bed next to her sister, and smiling while we assisted them, seeing return color to the cheeks of the child. Then the child's face was pale and his smile disappeared. The child looked at the doctor and asked with a trembling voice: Doctor... When will I start to die?
The small had not understood well the doctor; I thought that it would give all his blood to his sister. And he was still willing to give it...

Where is the good God?

"The SS seemed more concerned, more restless than usual." Hang a kid in front of thousands of spectators was not an issue unimportant. The head of the field read the verdict. All eyes were set on the child. I was livid, almost quiet, nibbling lips. The shadow of the gallows covered him.
The head of the field refused on this occasion to executioner. They replaced him three SS.
The three condemned climbed at the same time to their chairs. Three bottlenecks were introduced at the same time on the slip knots.
Viva freedom! screamed the two adults.
The small fell.
Where is the good God, where? He asked someone behind me.
At a signal from the head of the field, the three chairs fell. A silence descended on the field. The Sun was on the horizon.
Find you! the head of the field roared.
His voice sounded hoarse. We cried.
Cover you!
Then began the parade. The two adults had left to live. His tongue hanging, bulging, bluish. But the third string was not immobile; so light that it was, the child remained alive...
So it remained more than half an hour, struggling between life and death, dying under our eyes. And we had to look him in the face. When I went in front of him was still alive. His tongue was still red, and his eyes had not extinguished. I heard the same man behind me:
Where is God?
And within me hear a voice responded: "where are you? Because here, here hung, on this gallows..."
(Élie Wiesel, La Nuit, pp.103105).

Casting God everywhere

At a meeting of parents of a school, the Director asked in the APA on violence in school and how to resolve conflict situations: "What to do with the installation of the worst of our society in the classroom" Finally, after reviewing some painful facts, questioned herself: "how God can allow one thing as well?"
A father interrupted and said: "as we are, I believe that God is deeply saddened by these events, but for years we have been saying to God that will be in our schools, that will be our Government, the media, our universities, of politics, of hospitals; that will be everywhere: ultimately cast... of our lives. And being so respectful of our freedom the Lord we obeyed, I think that it retreated meekly. "How can we expect that God us his blessing and protecting them when we have required you to leave us alone?"
Was made a great silence in the meeting and this father followed then arguing in the light of the known events: attacks of armed boys to their teachers, suicide, bullying, racist violence and sexual assault
He said that it all started when an authority of the Ministry complained that he did not want to be read in schools... And we said that it was OK.
And continued: "then someone said that kind of religion in schools is better deleted. The Bible says: you shall not murder, you shall not steal, you shall love your neighbor as yourself... And we said that it was OK.
Then a few psychologists said that we should not put limits to our children when they violate the rules because their personalities can be frustrated and could damage their self-esteem. And we said that it was OK.
Then someone said that we should not reprimand our children when they violate the rules of coexistence. And we said that it was OK.
Then someone said to let our daughters that they penalized if they want to. And we said that it was OK.
Then some directors of schools said that since boys will always be boys, and anyway are going to do, give them all condoms wanting so they can have fun, we save on abortions and pass "guarding" AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. And we said that it was OK.
Some of our major public officials then said that no matter what we do in private as we comply with our work. We agreed with them and said that no matter what people do with their private life, including the leaders of the country, as long as I have a job and the economy is good.
Then someone said: let us complete freedom to pornography and deny that it is an affront to human dignity, especially that of women. Another stated that "Play Boy", apart from having very good newspaper articles has a healthy and realistic perspective about the beauty of the female body... And we said that it was OK.
And then someone posted sexually explicit pictures. And we said that it was OK, that they have the right to freedom of expression.
Then the entertainment industry said: do "reality shows" for television and movies that promote pornography, infidelity, unlimited hedonism, violence, and sex as paradigms of a society without values, where everything is questionable, since the life of an innocent man to the right to privacy, where the "hidden camera" has the power to settle about fame and the honour of a helpless citizen. And we said that it was not more than fun, which has no negative effects, that anyway no one takes it seriously, so you go ahead.
Now we ask ourselves why our children don't have parameters to distinguish between good and evil. If we think about it slowly, we will find the answer. I think that it has a lot to do with that what we sow is what we collect. It's funny how people simply sends to God out of the story and then wonder why the world is in the process of destruction.
At the end, all expressed their agreement to which had pronounced these words. All regretted what was happening. The session is over and someone said: "why not begin by being better Christian every one of us, by for inviting God into our houses, in each of the rooms, taking and throwing out what is incompatible with it?".

The farmer

", I do not I cannot accept a reward for what I did", said a farmer to an English nobleman. At that time the son of the farmer went out to the door family house. "Is that your son?" asked the English noble. "Yes," replied the farmer full of pride. "I'm going to propose a deal. Let me take me to his son and offer him a good education. If he is like his father will grow up to become a man of which you will be proud." The farmer agreed to. With the passage of time, the farmer Fleming's son graduated from the school of Medicine of St. Mary's Hospital in London, and became a character known throughout the world, the famous Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin. A few years later, the son of the English noble, fell ill with pneumonia. That saved him? Penicillin. The name of the English noble? Randolph Churchill. The name of your child? Sir Winston Churchill. Someone once said: always receive in return the same we offer. It works as if you don't need the money. Love as if you had never hurt. Dance as if nobody is watching you.

The Bank of time

Imagine there is a bank certifying each morning in your account $ 86.400. Do not drag your balance every day: every night erases everything that you not used during the day, whatever the amount. What would you do? Remove every penny, of course!
Each of us has that Bank, its name is time. Every morning, this Bank credited 86.400 seconds. Every night this bank clears and da as lost the entire amount of the credit that you've not invested in a good purpose. This Bank does not drag balances not allow transfers. Each day it opens a new account, every night removes the balances of the day. If you don't use your daily deposits, the loss is yours. Cannot reverse nor is there morning deposit account credit. You must live in the present with deposits of today. It invests in such a way to get the best. The clock moves. Get the best on the day.
To understand the value of one year, ask a student who lost the year of studies. To understand the value of one month, ask a mother who gave birth to her premature baby. To understand the value of one week, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper. To understand the value of one hour, ask to lovers who are waiting to be found. To understand the value of one minute, ask a person who lost the train. To understand the value of one second, ask a person who with the just avoided an accident. To understand the value of a hundredth of a second, ask the person who won a gold medal in the Olympics.
Treasure every moment that you live, and treasure him more if you shared it with someone special, special enough to spend your time, remember that time not expected by anyone. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift. Why is that you called the present!

The horse in the well

A farmer, who struggled with many difficulties, possessed some horses so that they assist him in the work of his small farm. One day, his foreman brought the news that one of the horses had fallen into an old abandoned well. The well was very deep and it would be extremely difficult to remove the horse from there. The peasant was quickly up to the place of the accident, and assessed the situation, ensuring that the animal had not hurt. But, by the difficulty and high price out of the bottom of the well, he believed wasn't worth investing in the rescue operation. It then took the difficult decision to say to the foreman that you sacrifice the animal pulling Earth into the pit to bury him, there same.
And so it was. They started throwing Earth into the pit of covering the horse. But, as the Earth fell into the animal shook it and was accumulating at the bottom, allowing the horse to go up. The men were aware that the horse was not left to bury, but on the contrary, was rising until it finally managed to escape.
If you are "down", feeling little valued, and others released land on you, remember the horse of this story. Shake the Earth and rises over it.

Circus elephant

When I was a kid they loved me circuses, and what I liked most of the circuses were animals. Also I like to others, then I heard, it caught my attention the elephant. During the function, the enormous beast made deployment of weight, size and uncommon strength... but after his performance and up to a time before returning to the stage, the elephant was subject only by a string that aprisionaba one of their legs to a small stake ground. However, the stake was only a tiny wood chip just buried centimetres on the ground. And although the chain was thick and powerful, it seemed obvious that this animal capable of starting a tree pit with its own force, could, with ease, starting stake and flee. The mystery is obvious: what keeps him then? Why not you flee? When I was five or six years, I asked a teacher, my father or an uncle by the mystery of the elephant. One of them explained to me that the elephant not escaped because he was trained. I then asked the obvious question: If you are trained, why would Whited it? Not remember having received any coherent response. Over time I forgot the mystery of the elephant and the stake... and only remembered it when I met others who had also made the same question.
A few years ago I discovered that lucky for me someone had been wise enough to find the answer: "the circus elephant escapes not because it has been tied to a similar stake since I was very small". I closed my eyes and I imagined the small newly born subject to the stake. I'm sure that at that time the elephant pushed, pulled and sweated trying to let go. And despite all their effort could not. The stake was certainly very strong for him. I would swear that she fell asleep exhausted and the next day I went back to try, and also to the other and which was... until one day, a terrible day for its history, animal accepted his impotence and are resigned to their fate. This huge and powerful elephant does not escape because he believes that he can not. He has record and reminder of his powerlessness, of that powerlessness that is felt shortly after birth. And the worst thing is that it has never become to seriously question that record. Never... Never... He tried to test his strength again... Each of us are a bit like that elephant: will the world tied to hundreds of pickets remaining us freedom. We live to believing that a lot of things "can do" simply because once tried and couldn't. We recorded in our memory "can not... I can't and never will be able", losing one of the greatest blessings that a human being can be counted: faith.

The tightrope walker

In New York have been built two impressively high skyscrapers, thirty metres away one from the other. A famous tightrope walker tended a rope at the top of these twin buildings in order to spend walking on it. Earlier told the expectant crowd: "I will go up and I will cross over the rope, but I need you to believe in me and have confidence that I will achieve"...
"Yes", to respond all at the same time. He went up the elevator and helping a balance Rod began to pass through a building to another on the tightrope. Having achieved the feat he came down and told the crowd that she applauded excited: "now I will pass for the second time, but without the help of the rod. Therefore, more than ever before, need their trust and faith in me." The tightrope walker came up the elevator and then began to cross slowly from a building to the other. The people were silent amazement and applauded. Then the tightrope walker fell and amid the ovations for the third time he said: "I will now pass for the last time, but it will be carrying a trolley on the rope..." I need, more than ever, that they believe and trust me." The crowd kept a tense silence. No one dared to believe that this is possible... "Just one person to rely on me and I will do so," said the tightrope walker. One of those who was behind then shouted: "Yes, Yes, I believe in you; You can do. I trust you... "."
The tightrope Walker, to certify its confidence, challenged him: "If really you trust in me, come with me and hop on the trolley...".

The vanilla ice cream

The story begins when a division of the U.S. GM Pontiac car received a curious claim by a client. And this is what he wrote: "this is the second time I sent them a letter and do not blame them for not answering. I can seem crazy, but the fact is that we have a tradition in our family that is the take ice cream after dinner. We repeat this habit every night, just by varying the flavor of ice cream; and I am responsible for go to buy them. Recently bought a new Pontiac and since then the trips to the ice cream parlour have been transformed into a problem. Whenever I buy vanilla ice cream, when I do I have to return home, the car does not work. If I buy any other flavor, the car runs normally. They think that I am really mad and no matter that so stupid may seem my claim, the fact is that I am very upset with my Pontiac model 99 ".
The letter generated so much grace among staff of Pontiac that the President of the company ended up receiving a copy of the claim. He decided to take it seriously and sent an engineer to interview with the author of the letter. The employee and the "plaintiff" went together to the ice cream parlour in the unhappy Pontiac. The engineer suggested Vanilla flavor to verify the claim; and the car did not work effectively. A GM employee returned in the days following, at the same time, I have made the same journey, and only varied the flavor of ice cream. Again the only car running back when the chosen flavor was vanilla. The problem ended up becoming an obsession for the engineer, I just doing daily experiences scoring all possible details, and after two weeks was the first great discovery: when he chose vanilla buyer spent less time because that kind of ice cream was well in front. Looking at the car, the engineer makes a new discovery: as purchase time was very small in the case of vanilla compared with the time of other flavors, the engine not reaching to cool. With that, the fuel vapors not is clearing, preventing a new engine start was instant. From that episode, the Pontiac changed the system of fuel supply system and introduced an alteration in all models from the line 99. The complainant obtained a new car, as well as the arrangement that did not work with the vanilla ice cream. The GM circulated a statement internal, demanding that employees take seriously until claims more strange, "because it may be as a great innovation, this behind a vanilla ice cream", said the statement from GM.

The humor of Juan Pablo II

During the Synod of bishops in Rome, the Cardinal of Krakow, after Juan Pablo II, he proposed several cardinals to go skiing to the Terminillo.
-To ski?
-Yes, clear. In Italy, do not ski the Cardinals?
-Well... frankly, no.
-In Poland, on the other hand, 40% of the Cardinals ski.
-do 40%? If there are two Cardinals in Poland only.
-Of course, but not denying me that Wyszynski is worth at least 60%.

The beggar and the King

Do you remember that famous Tagore tale about a beggar who was calling from door to door? One day saw appear far away from the road, approaching, the float of a King... And I wondered, filled with wonder, who would be the King of Kings. My hopes flew up to the sky, and I thought that my bad days had ended. (...). The coach stood to my side. I looked and came down smiling. I felt that the happiness of life had I reached the end. And suddenly you I dried your right hand telling me: can you give me something? Ah, which occurrence of your royalty! Ask a beggar! I was confused and didn't know what to do. Then I slowly pulled my sack a grain of wheat, and gave it to you. But what a surprise mine when, to emptying my bag on the floor, in the afternoon I found a grain of gold in the misery of the heap. What bitterly cried from not having the heart to give you all! (Gitanjali, 50).

The package of cookies

When that evening arrived at the old station was informed that the train in which she would travel would be delayed about an hour. Elegant Lady, a little wearily, bought a magazine, a packet of biscuits and a bottle of water to pass the time. You searched for a bank in the anden central and sat ready and waiting. While she flicked her magazine, a young man sat down beside her and began to read a newspaper. Suddenly, Lady noted as that boy, without saying a Word, stretched his hand, grabbed the packet of biscuits, opened it and began to eat them, one by one, blithely. The woman was upset by this, didn't want to be rude, but not let pass that situation or make as if nothing had happened; so, with a gesture exaggerated, he took the package and pulled out a cookie, exhibited it against the young and ate it staring him in the eyes. In response, the young man took another and watching her put it in her mouth and smiled. Already angry Lady, took a new cookie, and with visible signs of annoyance, returned to eat another, again keeping the look in the boy. Dialogue of glances and smiles continued between cookie and biscuit. Increasingly irritated Lady, and ever smiling boy. Finally, the Lady noticed that package was only the last cookie. "It may not be so blatant," he thought as he looked alternately to the young and the package of cookies. With con calma calm young lengthened the hand, took the last biscuit, and super-smooth, broke it in two and offered half of the last cookie to his partner's Bank. "Thanks!", said the woman taking roughly half that. "From nothing", replied the young man gently smiling while eating your half. Then the train announced his departure... Lady Rose furious Bank and boarded his wagon. At boot time, from the window of his seat saw the boy still sat in the anden and thought: "what insolent, what poorly educated, what will become of this world with this youth!". While looking with resentment at the young man, he felt the dry mouth by the disgust that that situation had caused. He opened his bag to remove the water bottle and was completely surprised when found, within its portfolio, its package of cookies intact.

The gold portal

Birth in a city two men, the same day, at the same time in the same place. Their lives were developed and each lived many different experiences. At the end of their lives the same day, at the same time, both died in the same place. According to the legend is said to die we have to go through a large portal of pure gold, where there a guardian, makes us certain questions to enable us to pass. The first man came and the guardian asks: what happened to your life? He answers: "I met many places, had many friends, did business that produced great riches, my family had the best and work hard". The guardian asks: "Would you bring with you?" He answers: "everything has been there, I don't bring anything". As a result, the guardian responds: "sorry, you can not pass since you don't bring anything with you". To hear these words, man, crying and with great sorrow in his heart, sits to one side to suffer the pain of not be able to enter. The second man came and the guardian asks: "What was your life?". He answers: "from the moment in which I was born, was a Walker, had no riches, only looked for love in the hearts of all men, my family left me and actually never had nothing." The guardian asks: "Do you find what you were looking for?". He replied: "Yes, has been my only food since I found it". The guardian responds: "well, you can pass". But given this response, the man says: "The love that I've found is so great that I want to share with this man sitting beside the portal, his fortune to suffer". Legend has it that his love was so great, that was enough for both pass through the portal. (Sufi history)

Goalkeeper Kit

There in the village worst trade which the goalkeeper of the first aid kit. But what else could do that man? In fact, had never learned to read or write, had no other activity or profession. A day was made charge of Cabinet a young man with concerns, creative and enterprising. The young man decided to modernise the business. He made changes and then quote the staff to give you further instructions. The goalkeeper, he said: "From today you, besides being in the door, I will prepare a weekly report where will record the amount of people who come for the day and record reviews and recommendations on service". Man trembled, had never lacked you willingness to work but... "I'd like to meet him, Lord stammer, but I... I can't read or write." "Ah! How much sorry! "." But, Sir, you can not fire me, I worked my whole life in this". Did you not finish: "look, I understand, but can not do anything for you." We're going to give compensation so you have until you find something else. So, I'm sorry. Have luck".
The man felt the world was crumbling. I never thought that it could be in that situation. What do? He recalled that in the Cabinet, when breaking a Chair or table, it, with a hammer and nails could make a simple and provisional arrangement. He thought that this could be an occupation transient up to get a job. The problem is that it only had a few rusty nails and a dull iron. I would use some of the money to buy a complete toolbox. As in the village there is a hardware store, should travel two days by mule to go to the nearest town to make the purchase. Does else?, thought, and undertook the March. On his return, he brought a beautiful and full toolbox. Immediately his neighbor knocked at the door of his house. I come to ask you if you don't have a hammer to lend me. Look, Yes, I just bought it but I need it to work... as I had no employment... Good, but I would return it is morning well early. It is ok. The next morning, as promised, the neighbouring touched the door. Look, I still need the hammer. Why not sell me? No, I need it for work and also hardware this two days of Mule. Do said the neighbor, a deal I will repay you the two days of ida and the two back, more of the hammer price, total you are without work. What do you think? Actually, this gave work for four days... He accepted. He returned to riding his Mule. On the way back, another neighbor was waiting at the door of his house. Hello, neighbor. You sold a hammer our friend? Yes. I need some tools, I am willing to pay his four-day trip, over a small profit. I do not have time for the trip. The exportero opened their box of tools and its neighbour chose pliers, a screwdriver, a hammer and a chisel. I paid and left. "I do not have four days for shopping," he remembered. If this was true, many people may need it to travel to bring tools. On the next trip risked more money bringing more tools than those they had sold. By the way, you could save some time travel. The voice began to run around the neighborhood and many wanted to avoid the trip. Once a week, now broker tools traveled and bought what his customers needed. He rented a room to store tools and a few weeks later, with a stained-glass window, local became the first hardware of the people. All were happy and buying your business. He was not traveling, the manufacturer sent him orders. It was a good customer. Eventually, nearby communities preferred to buy at your hardware store and earn two days of March. One day came up with his friend, the Turner, could manufacture for the hammers heads. And then, why not? The pliers... and... the tweezers and chisels. And then they were nails and screws... To do very long story, it came to pass that in ten years the man grew with honesty and work into a millionaire manufacturer of tools. One day he decided to give his people a school. There is it would teach, in addition to reading and writing, arts and crafts more practical at the time. At the opening of the school, the Mayor handed him the keys to the city, embraced him and said: is with great pride and gratitude that we ask you to put your signature on the first sheet of the book of honor of the new school... The honor would be huge the man said, but I can't read or write. I am illiterate. Do you?, said the Mayor, who could not believe it. You built an industrial empire without knowing read or write? I am amazed. Wonder, what would have been from you if I had known to read and write? I can answer it is the man calmly replied. If I had known to read and write... it would be the kit Porter! Adversities are blessings. Crises are full of opportunities. Change and adapt to the change always will be the safest option.

Emilia Kaczorowska

Emilia Kaczorowska has almost forty years. He lives in a modest population of a European country. Emilia has one son and tells me of the difficulties that she and her husband faced each day to take forward the family. You know that I have some intuition and judgment to advise it and why it goes to me frequently. This time, talking about children, we discuss the uncertain future appears to a family like theirs. I know that Emilia will die in no more than ten years, and not only that, but her husband will die shortly after beginning of the war. His eldest son will die also. Is family planning a necessity for them? What future can expect them? Perhaps it is better to not be born... In addition, Emilia has already almost forty years. At that age, you can have a deformed child... You can use different procedures to avoid them. You'd be insane, inhuman, irresponsible... are what heritage they going to leave? Think so disastrous that will see your children worldwide, it contemplates the days so difficult that we will live after the invasion of our country. Emilia listened to me with patience and attention; He thanked me and took of my. A few months after Emilia gives me the news that he is pregnant. I me unworthy: "these women ignorant and foolish who can't do nothing but have children!". Her, silent, hear me serena continues his heavy work, and carries the difficulties of pregnancy with a friendly smile. Finally, Emilia gives birth to one son more. My fatalistic predictions are fulfilled one after another: Emilia dies leaving his small son of just 10 years; then dies his eldest son; Finally dies her husband. The world is only the small Karol. Today, more than sixty years later, millions of men and women of all races and all walks call Karol in another way: he is called Juan Pablo II.

Choose between different causes

I was chatting with my captain during military service. They left several memories of former times. He told me that a few years ago he had to go to the doctor because it was fatal. "The doctor immediately explained the causes, which referred to the life that was:" this is characteristic of the style of life that you're carrying: tobacco, stress, the responsibility..., finally own intellectual life... "." Finally concluded the captain, at the end of his story, I had to leave it". "What, the tobacco?, I asked." No, the intellectual".

That child taught me how to love

On one occasion, in Calcutta, we had no sugar for our children. Without knowing how, a four-year-old boy had heard tell that Mother Teresa had run out of sugar. He went home and told his parents that he wouldn't eat sugar for three days to give it to Mother Teresa. His parents brought him to our House: between his hands had a small bottle of sugar, that had not eaten. That small taught me how to love. The most important thing is not what is but the love we give. (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

Be next to a friend

The most important thing I've done in life took place on October 8, 1990. My mother was serving 65 years old, and I had traveled to my parents house in Massachusetts, to celebrate with the family. I started the day by playing with an old schoolmate and friend of mine, he had not seen in a long time. Between play and play talked about what was going on in the life of each one. He told me that his wife and had just had a lovely baby. While we played, a car approached at full speed, lowered a man who, distraught, told her that her baby had stopped breathing and had rushed him to the hospital. In an instant my friend got in the car and departed leaving behind of a cloud of dust. For a moment I stayed where I was, without right to move me, but then I tried to think what to do: do follow my friend to the hospital? My presence there, I said, would not serve anything, as the creature surely would be in the care of doctors and nurses, and none of what I did or said was going to change things. Give him my moral support? Well, perhaps. But both he and his wife came from family numerous and undoubtedly would be surrounded by relatives who would offer them consolation and support what happened happened. The only thing that would make would be to interfere. He also planned to devote all my time to my family, that was awaiting my return. So I decided to meet with them and go late to see my friend. To put in place the car that had rented, I realized that my friend had left his van, with placed keys, parked next to the tennis courts. I was then faced with another dilemma: I could not stop the vehicle as well, but if it closed it and took me the keys, what was going to do with them? I decided to go to the hospital and give you the keys. When I arrived, indicated me in what room were my friend and his wife, as I supposed, the enclosure was filled with family members who were trying to comfort them. I went quietly and I stayed next door, trying to decide what to do. Soon to present a doctor, who approached the couple and, in a low voice informed them that their son had died, victim of the syndrome known as "crib death". For what seemed an eternity they were hugging, crying, while all others surround them amidst the silence and pain. When they recovered a little, the doctor asked them if they wanted to be a moment with her son. My friend and his wife stood resignedly stepped towards the door. When he saw me there, in a corner, the two approached, and my friend gave me a hug and started crying. "Thank you for being here," he said. During the rest of the morning, I was sitting in the emergency room of the hospital, watching my friend and his wife hold in arms her son without life.
That experience left me three lessons. The first is that what took place when there was absolutely nothing I could do. Nothing of what I learned in College, six years who had been exercising my profession, I served in such circumstances. A misfortune befell two people that I believed, and I was powerless to remedy it. The only thing I could do was join them and wait for the outcome. But be there in those moments in which someone needed me was the main thing. What I did was about to take place, because of the things I learned at University and in my professional life. In law school, I was taught to take the data, analyze them and organize them and then evaluate this information without passion. That ability is vital in the lawyers. When people come to us for help, it tends to be distraught and needs that your lawyer thinks with logic. But by learning to think, almost forget me feel. Today, I have no doubt that I should have uploaded to the car without hesitation and following my friend to the hospital. The third thing I learned is that life can change in an instant. Intellectually, we all know this, but we believe that misfortunes happen to others. Thus we make plans and conceive our future as something so real that it seems that you happened. But we fail to warn everyone that go along with us, and forget that losing the job, suffer a serious illness, encounter with a drunk driver and thousands of other things can alter the future in a twinkling of an eye. Sometimes you need one live a tragedy to put things in perspective.

Excess of security

In 1931, the English novelist Arnold Bennett (18671931), trying to prove to the uneducated people of Paris that the water they drank was not the cause of epidemic typhus which devastated the city, publicly drank a cup of that water. He died of typhus within a few days.

Is there evil?

A University Professor challenged his students with this question: did God create everything that exists? A student replied: Yes. Did God create everything?: Yes Sir, replied the young man. The teacher answered: If God created everything, then God made evil, since evil exists, and if the works are a reflection of who makes them, then God is evil.
The student was silent in that response. Professor boasted of having proved once more that the Christian faith was a myth.
Another student raised his hand and said: do I make a question, Professor? Of course, he replied. The young man stood up and said: do you think that there is cold? Question is that? Of course there is. Just in case you don't have cold? The boy continued: indeed, Sir, cold does not exist. According to the laws of physics, what we consider really cold is the absence of heat. Whole body or object is susceptible to study when it has or transmits energy, and heat is what makes this body have or transmit energy. Absolute zero is the complete and utter absence of heat, all bodies become inert, but the cold does not exist. We have created this term to describe how we feel if we do not have heat.
The student continued: and there is darkness? The teacher replied: of course. The student replied: I think that there is darkness. Darkness is in reality no light. You can study the light, the darkness, even there the prism of Nichols to decompose white light in various colors in which it is composed, with their different wavelengths. The darkness does not. A simple ray of light tears darkness and illuminates the surface where the light beam ends. How can I know the dark which is a given space? Based on the amount of light present in this space. Darkness is a term that man has developed to describe what happens when there is no light present.
Finally, the young man asked the Professor: is there evil?. The teacher answered: of course that there is, as I mentioned at the beginning, we see violations, crimes and violence around the world, these things are manifestations of evil. The student replied: evil does not exist by itself. Evil is simply the absence of the proper good, and is, like the previous cases, a term that man has created to describe the absence. God did not create evil. It is not like faith or love, which exist as there is heat and light. Evil is the result that humanity does not have God in their hearts. It is as it is cold when there is no heat or the darkness when there is no light.
The professor was silent.
The young man's name was Albert Einstein.

Silly and risky explanations

One day a girl was sitting watching her mom washing dishes in the kitchen. Suddenly noticed that her mother had several white hair protruding between her dark hair. He looked at his mother and asked questioningly, "why have some white hair, MOM?". She replied: "Well, whenever you do something wrong and make me cry or I have some sad, one of my hairs turns white." The girl remained thoughtful moments, and then said: "MOM, then, why all hair Granny are white?

There is a hole in my sidewalk

CHAPTER ONE. Low by a street and there is a big hole. I do not see it and I fall into it. It is deep and dark. Takes long time to get out. It is not my fault.
CHAPTER TWO. Under the same street. There is a big hole and I see it, but I fall back on it. It is deep and dark. Takes long time to get out. Yet it is not my fault.
CHAPTER THREE. Bass by a street. There is a big hole, and I see it, but I still fall back on it. It has become a habit. But already I'm learning quickly out of the pit. I admit my fault.
CHAPTER FOUR. Bass by a street. There is a big hole. I rodeo.
CHAPTER FIVE. Low down a different street.

Imagination at critical moment

An old legend that, in the middle ages, a very virtuous man was wrongly accused of having murdered a woman. Actually, the true author was very influential in the realm, and therefore from the outset sought is a "scapegoat" to conceal the guilty.
The man was brought to trial as knowing that it would have little or no chance of escape to the gallows. The judge, also implicated in the infamy, cared but give all the appearance of a fair trial. Siguieno a practice at the time, said the defendant: "knowing your reputation for fair and devotee of God man, let's leave it your destination: will write the words"guilty"and"innocent"in two separate roles." You choose and be the hand of God which decides your destiny."
Of course, the bad official had prepared two papers with the same legend: "Guilty". The poor victim realized that the proposed system was a trap. There was no escape. The judge ordered the man to take one of the folded papers. This took a deep breath, fell silent a few seconds with his eyes closed, when room was already beginning to grow impatient, opened his eyes and, with a strange smile, took one of the roles and taking it to his mouth engulfed it quickly. Surprised and outraged the present later you angrily... "But what did you...?" And now...? "How can we know the verdict...?" "It is very simple, replied the man:" is a matter of reading the paper that remains, and will know what he said to me he swallowed. "" And it was not them no choice but to release the accused.

Jerry, the optimist

Jerry always was in a good mood, and always had something positive to say. When someone asked him how went it, the responded: if I could be better, it would be twins. It was a restaurant manager, and was a unique Manager because he had several waitresses who had followed him from restaurant in restaurant. The reason why the waiters followed Jerry was by his attitude: he was a natural motivator. If an employee had a bad day, Jerry was there to tell the employee how to see the positive side of the situation.
This style really caused me curiosity, so one day I went to get Jerry and asked him: do not understand... it is not possible to be a positive person all the time, how do do you? Jerry replied: every morning I wake up and say to myself: "Jerry, you have two choices today. You can choose to be in a good mood or in a bad mood". I choose to be in a good mood. Whenever something bad happens, I can choose between becoming a victim or learn from it. I choose to learn from it. Every time someone comes to me complaining, I can accept your complaint or I can point out the positive side of life. I choose to point out the positive side of life. Yes, clear... but it is so easy I protested. It is said Jerry. Everything in life is about choices. When you take away everything else, every situation is a choice. You choose how you react to each situation. You choose how people will affect your state of mind. You choose to be in good mood or a bad mood. In short: you choose how to live life!
I reflected on what Jerry said. Shortly thereafter, I left the restaurant industry to start my own business. We lost contact, but she frequently thought Jerry when I had to make a choice in life. Several years later, I found out that Jerry did something that should never be in a restaurant. He left the back door open one morning, and he was assaulted by three armed robbers. While trying to open the safe, his hand, shaking from nervousness, slipped from the combination. The attackers felt panic and shot him. With good luck, Jerry was found relatively soon and taken emergency clinic. After 18 hours of surgery and several weeks of intensive therapy, Jerry was given high even with the bullet in his body fragments.
I found Jerry six months after the accident, and when I asked him how it was, he said: if it could be better, would have a twin. I asked him what happened through his mind at the time of the assault. He said: The first thing that came to my mind was that I should have locked the back door. When he was lying on the floor, I remembered that I had two options. I could choose to live, or he could choose to die. And I chose to live. Did you not feel fear? I asked him. Jerry continued: the doctors were great. Left to tell me that he was going to be OK, but when I was taken to the operating room and I saw the expressions on their faces and the nurses, I got really scared... could read in his eyes that he was a dead man. I knew then that should take action... and what did you do? I asked. Well... one of the doctors asked me if I was allergic to something, and deep breathing, shouted: "Yes to the bullets!". While they laughed, I told them: "I'm choosing to live... operate on me as if it were alive, not dead". Jerry lived by the expertise of the doctors, but above all by his attitude.

The jewel

A wandering monk is found, in one of his trips, a precious stone, and kept it in his sack. One day he met a traveller and, by opening his sack to share with him their provisions, the traveller saw the jewel and asked it is. The monk gave it no more. The traveller thanked him and left full of joy with that unexpected gift of gemstone which would suffice to give you wealth and security the rest of his days. However, a few days later returned in search of the mendicant monk, found him, returned the jewel and begged him: "now please give me something much more valuable than this gem. Give me, please, which allowed you to give it to me".

The gaze of his father

A boy lived alone with his father, both had an extraordinary and very special relationship. The young man belonged to his college football team, usually had no chance to play, well, almost never, but his father remained always in the bleachers making it company. Young was the lowest in the class when he started high school and he insisted on participating in the school football team; his father always gave him guidance and clearly explained that "he didn't have to play football if he did not want it in reality"... but the young loved football, not missing a practice or a game!, I was determined to give the best of themselves, I felt happily committed! During his life in school they recalled him as "the bench warmer", since it always remained sitting... his father with his spirit of fighter, was always in the stands, giving him company, words of encouragement and the best support that any child could wait. When he started College, he tried to enter the football team, everyone was sure it would fail, but everyone won, by going to the team. The coach gave him the news, admitting that he had accepted him also as he demonstrated to give your heart and soul in each of the practices and at the same time gave the other members of the team a great enthusiasm. The news filled her heart completely, ran to the nearest phone and called his father, who shared with him the thrill. He sent you in all seasons all entries to attend the University Games. The young man was very persistent, never missed a training or a match during the four years of College, and never had the opportunity to play any match. It was the end of the season and just a few minutes before the start of the first game of the playoffs, the coach gave him a telegram. The young man took it and after reading it fell silent. Trembling told the coach: "my father died this morning, there is no problem that missing the game today?". The coach hugged him and told him: "take the rest of the week free, son." And you can not think to come on Saturday." He arrived Saturday, and the party was not very well, in the third quarter, when the team had 10-point disadvantage, young went to the locker room and got the uniform and ran to where was the coach and his team, who were impressed to see fellow wrestler back. "Coach, please, let me play... I have to play today", implored the young. The coach pretended not to hear him, in no way could allow their worst player to enter at the end of the playoffs. But the young woman insisted so much that finally the coach felt pity and accepted: "well, son, you can enter, the field is all yours". Minutes after the coach, the team and the public, could not believe what they were seeing. The little stranger, who had never participated in any game, was doing everything perfectly brilliant, no one could stop him on the field, easily ran as a star. His team began to win, until it tied the game. In the closing seconds the boy intercepted a pass and ran across the field to win with a touchdown. The people who were in the stands screaming excited and his team took him charged by the entire field. Finally when it was over, coach noticed that the young man was sitting quietly and only in a corner, approached and told him: "boy I can't believe it, you were fantastic! Tell me, how did you it? "." The young man looked at coach and told him: "You know that my father died... but didn't know that my father was blind". The young man paused and tried to smile. "My father attended all my games, but today was the first time that he could see me play... and I wanted to show him that he could do it."

The doll and the white rose

Quickly, I went to the store Department to buy some last minute Christmas gifts. I looked to my about all the people that were there and bother me a bit. I'll be here forever, so I have to do, I thought. Christmas had become already almost in a nuisance. He was willing to fall asleep for the entire time that will last Christmas. But I hurried me as much as I could through the people in the store. I entered the toy Department. Once again I found myself muttering to myself, on the prices of those toys. I wondered if my grandchildren would actually play with them. Suddenly, I found myself in the dolls section. In a corner, I found a little boy, about five years, holding a doll. He was touching his hair and holding it very tenderly. I could not endure, I was staring at him and asking me for who would be the wrist, when suddenly a woman, which he called aunt approached him. The child asked him: "Are you sure that I have enough money?" And the woman replied, in a tone impatient: "You know that you don't have enough money to buy it." The woman told the child to stay there where was while she was looking for other things that were missing. The child continued holding the doll.
After a while, I approached him and asked the child for who was a doll. He replied: "this doll is what my sister wanted for Christmas. She was sure that Santa Claus would be to bring." I told him that the safe was that Santa Claus would bring it is. But he replied: "No, can't go where my sister is." I am giving doll to my MOM so she will bring it to my sister." I asked him where his sister was. The child, with a very sad face replied: "she's gone with Jesus. My dad says that MOM is going to go with it also." My heart almost stops beating. I went back to look at the child again and again. He continued: "said dad tell MOM that it wasn't yet. I told him to tell her to wait a little until I came back from the store." The child asked me if I wanted to see your photo and I told him that I would love. Then, the pulled out photographs had in his pocket that had taken in front of the store and told me: "told the Pope to take these photos to my MOM so she never forget me. I love my mom and do not want that she was. But Pope said that she have to go with my little sister." I noticed that the child had lowered his head and had been very quiet. While he was not looking, I put my hand on my wallet and pulled out a few bills. I told the child that we will tell you the money over and over again. The child was enthusiastic about much and commented: "I know that it is enough." And he began to count the money again. The money was now sufficient to pay for the doll. The child, in a very soft voice, said: "thank you Jesus for giving me enough money." The child then said: "I will just ask Jesus to give me enough money to buy this doll, so thus my mom can take it to my sister. And he heard my prayer. I wanted you to borrow enough money to buy my mom a white rose also, but did not. But he just give me enough to buy the doll and the Pink for my mom. The Roses she likes very much. The white roses likes very much." In a few minutes the aunt came back and I went accidentally changing. While I was finishing my shopping, with a spirit that is much different than it did at the beginning, I could not think about the child. I kept thinking about a story that had read in the newspaper a few days earlier, about an accident caused by a drunk driver, which had caused an accident where a little girl had died and his mother was in a State of gravity. The family was deliberating on whether keep or not women with artificial life and machines. I realized immediately that this child belonged to that family. Two days later I read in the newspaper that accident woman had been removed from the machinery that kept it alive and had died. I could not remove me mind the child. Later that day, I went and bought a bouquet of white roses, and brought them to the funeral home where the body of the woman was. And there was, the wife of the newspaper, with a white rose in his hand, a beautiful doll, and the photo of the child in the store. I was crying... my life had changed forever. The love of that child by his mother and his little sister was enormous. In a second, a drunk driver had shattered her life in pieces to that little boy.
Now you have the option, you can: 1) change of attitude and be more sensitive to the need of others, and may become God's instrument to help others and forward this to your friends; or (2) delete it and act as if it had not touched you heart.


Floods that were empantanando of water all the people occurred in a place lost in the mountains. The Red Cross and Civil Protection sent rescue boats. One of the launches is stopped at the door of one of the farmhouses and the villager who is there tells them: "No, no; ID to others, that I will save Providence". Over time, water covers him above the waist, becomes another boat, and tells them the same thing. He was lucky, because when the water reached her neck, another boat offered their relief, but the villager insisted that Providence would save him. Did any other boat, and the villager drowned. Entered into the sky amid protest: "I rely on Providence divine... and Providence, nothing, let me drown". And heard the following response: "how nothing! Three boats have sent you! "."


The daughter of a man asked the priest to go to his house to say a prayer for his father who was very ill. When the priest came to the sick room, found this man in your bed with the head raised by a couple of pillows. There was a Chair beside his bed, so the priest took that man knew that he would come to see him. "I guess that he was waiting for me," he said. "No, who are you?", the man said. "I am the priest that his daughter called to pray with you. When I saw the empty chair beside his bed I assumed you knew that I was coming to see him". "Oh yes, the Chair", said the sick man. "Would you mind closing the door?".
The priest, surprised, closed it. "I have never said this to anyone, but... I've spent my whole life without knowing how to pray. When I've been in the Church have always heard in respect of the sentence, which should pray and the benefits that brings, etc., but always this sentences I came by one ear and out the other, because I have no idea how to do so. So long ago I left completely prayer. This has happened in me until four years ago, when talking with my best friend told me: "Joseph, this sentence is simply having a conversation with Jesus. So, I suggest you do it... You sit in a Chair and place another empty chair opposite of yours, then in faith look Jesus sitting in front of you. It is not something crazy to do it, because he told us 'I will be always with you'. Therefore, you talk to him and hear him, in the same way as you are doing it with me right now." José continued speaking: "so that I did it once and liked it so much that I followed doing two hours daily since then. I have always very careful that I will not see my daughter, I'd say that they are nonsense". The priest felt a great emotion upon hearing this and told Joseph that was what he had been doing very good and that you cease not do it, then made a prayer with him, extended him a blessing, the holy oils and went to his parish.
Two days later, the daughter of Joseph called the priest to tell him that his father had died. The priest asked: "Died in peace?". '' Yes, '' replied the daughter. "When I left the House to that of the two afternoon called me and I went to see him to his bed. He told me how much that wanted me and gave me a kiss. When I returned to shop an hour later and I found him dead. But there is something strange in this regard of its death, because apparently just before his death approached the Chair that was beside her bed and leaned his head on it, because I found it so. What do you who can this mean? "." The priest was dried the tears of emotion, explained this, and concluded: "I hope that all of us could go that way".

The last question

During my last year in school, our Professor gave us a review. I quickly read all the questions, until I got to last, saying thus: what is the name of the woman who cleans the school? Surely it was a joke. I had seen many times to the woman who was cleaning the school. She was tall, dark, hair as a fifty-year-old, but... How would I know her name? I gave my exam, leaving the last question blank. Before the end of the class, someone asked the Professor if the last question would count for the test note. Of course, the professor said. In their lives you know many people. They are all important. All deserve your attention and care, although they only smile to them and say:! Hello! I never forgot that lesson. Also I learned that her name was Dorothy.

Loyalty to a brother

One of two brothers who fought in the same company, in France, was shot dead by a German bullet. Its official authorization that escaped asked to retrieve his brother. "Might be dead, said the official, and it makes no sense that you risk life to rescue the corpse". But before their appeals officer agreed. When the soldier returned to the lines with his brother on his shoulders, the wounded man died. "Can you see? "said officer risky life for nothing". "Not answered Tom; I did what he expected of me, and I got my reward. "When I went and looked it up in arms, I said: 'Tom, knew that you come, was sure to come'."

What a friend is worth

One day, when I was high school student, I saw a classmate my walking back to his house. It was called Kyle. He was carrying all of his books and I thought: 'why that is will be taking home all the books on Friday? It must be a nerd". I already had plans for the weekend: parties and a football game with my friends on Saturday afternoon, so I shrugged and went my way.
While I was walking, I saw a lot of guys running towards him. When reached it they pulled him all his books and made him tripping that threw him to the ground. I saw that his glasses flew and fell to the ground about three metres of it. Looked up and saw a tremendous sadness in his eyes. My heart shuddered, so I ran toward him while he crawled looking for his glasses. I saw tears in her eyes. I approached him at his hands his glasses and said: "these guys are morons, they should not do this". He looked at me and said: 'Thank you'. There was a big smile on his face. One of those smiles that showed real gratitude. I helped him with his books.
I lived near my house. I asked him why he had not seen it before and told me that he had just changed from a private school. I had never met someone who went to a private school. We walked up to the House. I helped him with his books. It looked like a nice guy. I asked him if he wanted to play football on Saturday with me and my friends, and accepted. We were together throughout the weekend. As most you know Kyle, we better fell, both my as my friends. He arrived on Monday morning and there was Kyle with that huge pile of books again. I stopped and said: "Hey, you going to get good muscles if you load all those books every day". She is River and gave me half so it will help you.
During the next four years, we became best friends. When decided to go to Georgetown University and I to the Duke. I knew that we would always be friends, that distance would not be a problem. He would study medicine and I administration, on a football scholarship.
Came the great day of graduation. He prepared the speech. I was happy to not be that needed to speak. Kyle looked really good. It was one of those people who had found himself during high school, had improved in all aspects, looked good with his glasses. It had more appointments with girls that I and all worship him. Caramba! sometimes even I felt jealous... Today was one of those days. I could see that he was nervous about the speech, so I gave him a pat on the back and told him: "Are you going to be great, friend". He looked at me with one of those looks (really thanks) and smiled at me: "Thank you," I said.
He cleared his throat and began his speech: "graduation is a good time to give thanks to all those who have helped us through these difficult years: your parents, your teachers, your siblings, maybe a coach... but mostly your friends." I'm here to tell you that being a friend of someone is the best gift we can give and receive and, in this regard, I am going to tell a story." I looked at my unbelieving friend when he began to tell the story of the first day we met.
That weekend he had planned to commit suicide. He spoke of how cleaned his closet and why he carried all his books with him: so that his mother would not have to then go to pick them up at the school. He stared at me and smiled at me. "Fortunately I was saved. My friend saved me from doing something irreparable". I listened in amazement as this handsome, popular boy told everyone that moment of weakness. His parents also looked at me and smiled me with that same smile of gratitude.
At that moment I realized the depth of his words: "never underestimate the power of your actions: a small gesture, can change the life of another person, for better or for worse." God puts us each to life of others to impress them in some way".

Keep an open mind

Verdi, the famous Italian composer, created his work "Falestaff" with eighty, after tremendous efforts, already a celebrity. To a curious question of why being already in the zenith of his career and already so old it had been submitted to the big demand, the master answered: "all my life I have been a musician. I searched the perfection and me has always dodged. But I have always thought that I should make a new attempt." We must never leave striving, not retire our mind or our spirit, maintain intelligence attentive and open to new knowledge, and always thinking in supposed contribution to the lives of others.

There was no who to tell

There were once two children skating on a frozen pond. It was a cold and cloudy afternoon, but children were playing without worry. Suddenly, the ice burst and one of the children fell into the water. The other child, seeing that his friend drowned under the ice, took a stone and started beating with all his strength until he managed to break it and save his friend. When firefighters arrived and saw what had happened, they wondered how did it, because the ice is very thick, it is impossible that you have been able to break it, with that stone and his tiny hands. "At that moment an old man appeared and said:"I know as he did..."." How? "." "There was no one to her around to tell him that he could not do so".

Not to judge prematurely

In the days when an ice cream cost much less, a 10-year-old boy entered into a settlement and sat at a table. The waitress put a glass of water in front of him. How much is a chocolate ice cream with peanuts?, asked the child. Fifty cents, replied the waitress. The child pulled the hand from his pocket and looked at their currencies. And how much it cost a single ice cream?, asked again. Some people were waiting for a table and the waitress was a little impatient. "Thirty-five cents," she said abruptly. The child returned to the coin counting. "I want to just ice cream," said the child. The waitress brought the ice cream, put the Bill over the table and went. The child finished the ice cream, paid into the box and went. When the waitress returned, he began to clean the table and then cost him swallow hard with what he saw. There, placed neatly beside the empty dish, were twenty-five cents. Your tip.

All is not as it seems

(1) If you knew a syphilitic woman who are pregnant, who already has eight children, three of whom are deaf, two are blind and one is delayed mental, would recommend you it to an abortion? Read the next question before answering it.
(2) it is time to choose a world leader and you vote counts. These are the facts of the three candidates: candidate: it is associated with corrupt politicians and often consulted oracles and seers. He has had two lovers. You smoke one cigarette after another and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day. They cast candidate B: work twice, sleeping late, used opium in college and taken a quarter of a bottle of whisky every night. Candidate C: is a decorated war hero. It is vegetarian, doesn't smoke, drinks a beer from time to time and has not had extra marital sex. Which of these candidates would you choose?
The candidate is Franklin D. Roosevelt. Candidate B is Winston Churchill. Candidate C is Adolph Hitler. And step, the answer to the question of abortion... If they answered Yes... just kill Beethoven.
Not everything is what it seems. The important people are themselves and not its past or its appearance.

It is never late to start again

When Fred Astaire made his first film test, in 1933, the report of the director of the meter test said: "Unable to act, bald, only serves to a little dance"; Astaire retained that report and had it framed on the chimney of his house in Beverly Hills. For his part, Albert Einstein did not speak up to four years and did not learn to read until the seven; their teacher describing him as "mentally slow and always abstracted in stupid dreams"; expelled from school and was denied admission to the Zurich Polytechnic School. Wiston Churchill did not approve the sixth grade, did not become Prime Minister until the age of 62, after a lifetime of setbacks, and got his greatest accomplishments when it had already fulfilled the 75. Richard Bach, before you can post his book Juan Salvador Gaviota, saw how the manuscript was rejected by eighteen editorials; After being published, more than seven million copies sold in five years.

Paid with a glass of milk

One day, a poor boy who was selling door to door to pay for their studies, met with only ten cents in his pocket and was very hungry. It decided that in the next House would ask for food. However, he lost his courage when a cute and young girl opened the door. Instead of asking food he requested a glass of water. She thought he looked hungry and brought him a large glass of milk. He took it and asked: "How much owe you?". "Not it owes me nothing. My mom taught us to never accept payment for goodness." He said: "then I thank you of heart."
When Howard Kelly was so called left of that House, not only he felt stronger physically, but also in their faith in God and humanity. He was about to surrender and give up, but was encouraged to continue struggling with his studies.
Years later that young girl was seriously ill. Local doctors were very concerned. They finally sent her to the big city where called on specialists to study her rare disease. One of those experts was Dr. Howard Kelly. When the is realized in the name of the town where she came from, a strange light shone in his eyes. Immediately he rose and went to the room where she was. Dress in clothes of doctor was to see her and recognized her immediately. He then returned to his office determined to do everything possible to save his life. From that day he gave special attention to the case. After a long struggle, the battle was won. Dr. Kelly requested the office of collections that they pass the final bill to give its approval. He looked at her and then wrote something on the corner and the Bill was sent to the fourth girl. She felt fear of open it because I was sure that would happen the rest of his life trying to pay that Bill. Finally she looked, and something caught his attention in the corner of the invoice. She read the following words: "Paid in full with a glass of milk." Signed, Dr. Howard Kelly.

Thinking about the neighbor

The father of the Sevillian painter Javier de Winthuyssen, when I had to paint the facade of his house, being in Andalusia custom paint to the spring, sent to the House's neighbor across the Street painter asked him what color he wanted to paint it. The charming old man said: "the one who has to see it and enjoy it; It is natural that I paint it to your liking. (Juan Ramón Jiménez, "Work happy")

Think of others

I received a phone call from a very good friend. I glad your call. The first thing he asked me was: how are you? And without knowing why, replied: "Very single". "Do you want to talk about?", I said. I replied Yes and told me: "Do you want to go to your House?". And I said yes. He hung up the phone, and in less than fifteen minutes it was already knocking on my door. I talked for hours of all my work, my family, my girlfriend, my debts, and he, attentive always, listened to me. It made us day, I was totally tired mentally, had done me much good your company and above all that heard me, that supported me and made me see my mistakes. I felt very much at home and when he noticed that I already was best, he said: "Well, I'm going, I have to go to work". I was surprised and said: "why I had not said that you had that going to work?." Watch time is, you haven't asleep nothing, you took your time throughout the night". He smiled and said: "there is no problem, so we are friends". I felt happy and proud to have a friend as well. I accompanied him to the door of my house... and when he was going towards his car asked him: "and to all this, why you called last night so late?". He turned and said to me in a low voice: "Is that you wanted to give a news...". And asked him: "What?" And I said: "I went to the doctor yesterday and he told me that I am very sick. I have cancer." I stayed silent...; he smiled at me and said: "now we'll talk about that. That you have a good day." Turned and went. He spent a long time until I learned the situation and again wondered why when he asked me how was I forgot about it and only spoke to me. How did it strength to smile me, encourage me, tell me what you told me, while in that situation...? This is unbelievable. Since then my life has changed. I tend to be less dramatic with my problems. Now I take more time with the people that I want to. I wish you have a good day, and I say: "that does not live to serve..., not serve to live...". Life is like a ladder, if you look up you will always be the last in the line, but if you look down you will see that there are many people who would like to be in your place. Stop to listen and help your friends you need.

For 25 cents

Years ago a priest moved to Houston, Texas. Soon after, rode in a bus to go to the center of the city. When sitting, he discovered that the driver had given him a coin of 25 cents in change. While he considered what to do, thought to himself: "Oh, forget it, is only 25 cents." Who will worry about so little? Accept it as a gift from God". But when it arrived at her stop, stopped and, thinking back, decided to give the currency the driver telling him: "Take, gave me you 25 cents more". The driver, smiling, replied: "I know that it is the new priest of the village. "I was thinking back to the Church and wanted to see what would you do if I gave him change over". Lowered the priest tossed inside and thought: "Oh God, you just sell for 25 cents."

Prepare you

An internal student learns his disastrous notes and sends a message to his mother: "MOM, many failure; prepares Pope". Two days, just before the imminent departure of the son for your holiday, the mother replies: "Pope prepared; prepare you".

The first important thing

An expert advisor in the time management wanted to surprise your conference attendees. He pulled out a large wide-mouthed bottle. He placed it on the table, next to a tray with a fist-sized stones, and asked: "how many stones you think that fit into this bottle?". After assistants made their guesses, you started to get stones until I fill the bottle. Then asked: "Is it full?". Everyone looked at him and nodded. Then he took out a bucket with gravel. He put part of the gravel in the flask and shook it. The pebbles penetrated by spaces that left large stones. The expert smile ironically and repeated: "Is it full?". This time the listeners doubted. The majority said that not. Then put a bucket with sand which began to tip in the jar on the table. Sand filtered into the small nooks and crannies that left the stones and gravel. He asked again: "Is it full?". Now all they said unanimously that no. Finally, he took a pitcher with a liter of water and began to pour into the jar. The bottle still was not full. Then he asked: "what conclusion can we draw?". A student responded: "that no matter what full that is your agenda;" If you can get organized, always you can do that more things will fit." "No!, said the expert, what teaches us is that if you do not put large stones first, you can never place them after." What are the large stones in your life? Remember, put them first. The rest will find its place."
Another version:
A teacher proposed to explain one day to his disciples what is important in life, and what is expendable. He took in his hands a glass pitcher, and got into her several boulders, until he filled her. "Is full the jar?", he asked. '' Yes, '' answered all, without knowing very well to where I wanted to get the master. Then, the master took a shot and got them into the jar. Pellets are put between the stones, filling the spaces between them. "Is the jar full?", he asked again. "Of course," answered the students. He then took a sand box, and with this it was filling the jar until there was no gap. "And now, it is full?". This time, they all agreed that the pitcher was definitely full. "You see? the master said, the stones are the important things of this life; the family, own convictions, etc. With stones enough to fill a life, because it is they that give body to the whole. However, there is still room for the shot. These are other things, also important but expendable: a job that you like, economic security, health... And yet there is still room to add sand, which is the salt of life: a hobby, entertainment, leisure... Completely fill the jar, but it is the most expendable of all." Then a student rose among all others, and went to the podium with a bottle of beer. It took the pitcher, and emptied all the beer in it. Now it was full pitcher! When the teacher asked him why had done that, the disciple replied: "so all we realize something important: no matter the full thing that is your life... There is always place for a beer!".

Know what you want to

A man requests help its neighbor to help him move a sofa that had passed through the door. One went to an end and the other also. They wrestled a good time until they were exhausted, but the sofa was not moving. Forget it, we can never put this, the man said. The neighbor looks surprised and asks: Ahh! Was it get it?

Quench the thirst

Account an Eastern legend that a man sought in the desert water to quench your thirst. After much walking, already very tired, dry mouth, the Pilgrim finally discovers the waters of a stream. But, to throw over the current, his mouth is just scorching sand. Back to walking, leagues and leagues; their thirst and their tiredness are increasing. Finally, he already hears the murmur of the water. You can see in the distance a river River, wide; already taken his hands the awaited liquid, but again was only sand. Most walk, with his tongue out, like a thirsty dog. Until it is again heard rumor of a source water. Its crystal stream forms a large puddle. But only disappointment responding to the thirst of the Walker. And with renewed eagerness to cast into the wilderness. It crosses mountains, valleys, and found only loneliness and aridity. There is no water, no trace... One day surprised a wind of moisture; There, far away, seems that the immense sea shines in their eyes. The water is bitter, but it is water. To sink her eager head between the waves, do but dive into a mud that is not caused by the water. The Pilgrim then stops; She remembers her mother, who both suffer for him when you know of his death. Tears come to your eyes, slip and fall into the bowl of your hands, and then allow you to quench your thirst. Something similar happens to us all at times, after having tried in vain to turn off our anxiety in so many misleading sources, we discover at the end that in the tears of contrition and repentance for our mistakes is water that can remedy our thirst.

You are wrong far from God

A married couple was attending a hearing with Juan Pablo II in Rome. When the Pope went ahead of them, the woman told him in a loud voice: "Holy Father, say something to my husband, who ten years ago is far from God". John Paul II continued a few more steps, but stopped a moment, turned back, put his hand on the shoulder of the man and said to him with low but deep voice: "what evil is far from God!". The man was very impressed and that same day was confessed and returned to the Christian practice.

Be frank

Einstein is found with Charlot at a party and said to him: what I admire in you is that his art is universal, everyone understands this. Charlot said: theirs is much more worthy of praise: everyone admires it and almost nobody understands it.

If there is no wind...

A tourist sees a boy lying under an olive tree and gets to talk. "Hey, here..., how bring the olives?". "As we extend a tarp below, and then the wind comes and pulls them, and I pick them up and sell them." "And if there is no wind...?". "As bad year".

If I don't see it, does not exist

One day, a 6-year-old girl was in her classroom.
The teacher was going to explain evolution to the children. Then he asked a child:
TEACHER: Tommy, do you see that tree there outside?
TEACHER: Tommy, do you see the lawn outside?
TEACHER: Go outside, look up and tell me if you can see the sky.
TOMMY: Yes, I saw the sky.
TEACHER: did you see God?
TEACHER: We can not see God because he isn't there. It does not exist.
A little girl asked permission to ask a few questions to the child. The teacher agreed and asked the little girl:
Little girl: Tommy, do you see that tree there outside?
Little girl: Tommy, do you see the lawn outside?
TOMMY: Siiiiiiiiiiiiii... (tired of all these questions)
Little girl: do you see the sky?
TOMMY: Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...
Little girl: Tommy, do you see the teacher?
TOMMY: Yes...
Little girl: do you see your brain?
GIRL: Then, according to what we have learned today, she has no brain!

A sabihondo on the train

A young college man sat on the train before a Lord of age, prayerfully passing the Rosary beads. "The boy, with the arrogance of a few years and the pedantry of ignorance, he says:"It seems impossible that yet you believe in these antiques..."." So. Do you not? ", replied the old man." "I! -says the student throwing a resounding laugh. "Believe me: pull the Rosary by the window and learn what says science". "The science? -asks the old man with surprise-. I don't understand it as well. Maybe you could explain it? "." "Give me your address - replica boy, becoming the important and tone guard-, which I can send you some books that may illustrate him". The old man pulls out a business card portfolio and extends it to the student, who reads amazed: "Louis Pasteur. Institute of scientific research in Paris". The poor student blushed is and didn't know where to put it. He had offered to instruct in science that, discovering the rabies vaccine, had lent, precisely with their science, one of the greatest services to humanity. Pasteur, the great sage who did so much good to men, not never hid their faith nor their devotion to the Virgin. And it is that had, like wise, a great personality and was conscious and responsible of their religious convictions.

A deformed leg

A small child into a pet shop with three coins in hand buy a puppy from those that were advertised for sale in the window of the shop. The shopkeeper received it: "good morning. Do you offer? "." The child said to him: "in the shop window, there is a sign announcing that they sell puppies and I want to buy one. How much it cost? "." Look, they are five hundred pesos". "Oops! I bring this", and it taught him three coins. "I can see them?", asked the child. "Yes", to answered the shopkeeper with a smile. He went in unto them, and met five puppies with a dog. The last puppy limped. "What is it you that puppy?", asked the child. "He was born with a defect in the rear legs. This puppy may not run, or jump". "That is what I want", said the excited child. "You don't want that, if not you can run with you. Take your best this one that is very well", said the shopkeeper. "No, I want to that." "Why?", asked the shopkeeper. The child rose pants and showed him his right leg, which was deformed and ailing, and said: "I also can't run well, or jump, and this puppy needs someone who understands him." "The shopkeeper was moved and then said: well, then sell you it by three coins that you bring". "No, no way. The fact of having been born so does not less valuable. I will repay you the same price we ask for others, every penny". The shopkeeper, even more shocked, he said: "I hope the other puppies have an owner like you, who want them and understand them as well." All deserve to have someone who we understand, and we want to as we are".

Some know it and others do not

When the novelist Aenold Bennett accused Gilbert Chesterton possess low intelligence due to his dogmatic thinking, he replied: "to tell the truth only there two kinds of people: which accept the dogmas and know, and which accept the dogmas and don't know it." The only advantage I have about the gifted novelist is that I belong to the first class."

Me neither

One day told him a Lord to Teresa of Calcutta: "the work that you do, I wouldn't even for all the gold in the world". Mother Teresa of Calcutta replied: "because I not". Then he added: "If we do it is because we take strength of worship Jesus Sacramentally".

Index of illustrations, parables and stories with practical lessons


  1. Maybe it isn't all that difficult
  2. Support
  3. At first it seemed not a genius
  4. Love life
  5. Learn to communicate
  6. Learning to think
  7. You can still be Einstein
  8. Attend the unwelcome visitor
  9. Self-control
  10. Under his wings
  11. Change of face
  12. Path of the Institute
  13. To breathe
  14. Against all odds
  15. When it is old
  16. Give the cost
  17. One by one
  18. Deformation of versions
  19. Two mice
  20. The grandfather
  21. Eagle
  22. The ring of the Pope
  23. The animal of the delay
  24. Tree problems
  25. The dead tree
  26. The Sweeper
  27. Bonsai
  28. The Chinese and the horse
  29. The mirror of desires
  30. The man who planted trees
  31. The empty egg
  32. The inventory of lost things
  33. The brick
  34. The Leopard and the fire
  35. The miracle of Lanciano
  36. The Prince went by here
  37. The King and his Hawk
  38. The tapestry
  39. The violinist
  40. I would choose the cactus
  41. It pushes the vaquita
  42. In real life
  43. Get angry
  44. You are important to me
  45. Is like I
  46. Talking with elderly parents
  47. Firm in the midst of religious persecution
  48. History of two cities
  49. Unbelief in Pluto
  50. Information, please
  51. Cold winter
  52. The Golden box
  53. Slander
  54. Empty basket
  55. The empty cart
  56. The decision is in your hands
  57. The teacher
  58. The Caterpillar and the butterfly
  59. The trumpet
  60. The award-winning courage
  61. The vaquita
  62. The vessel
  63. Life is beautiful
  64. The will of a man
  65. The forms are important
  66. The frogs
  67. Three bars
  68. Bed of Procrustes
  69. The same you find here
  70. The artisans of Chiapas
  71. Two hawks
  72. The magnificent seven
  73. Martyrs of the 20th century
  74. More than what I was able to
  75. Times of crisis
  76. No one triumphs only
  77. Don't be alarmed
  78. Don't judge too soon
  79. Does not believe in God
  80. We need something
  81. We neither
  82. Our poverty
  83. Words of encouragement
  84. Part of the gift
  85. By a whisker, but... victory
  86. Show off at the wrong time
  87. Provocations
  88. Wanting to be understood
  89. Who folds your parachute?
  90. Well frog
  91. Recognize the temptation
  92. Redeem a man
  93. True story about the 11 M
  94. Rescued
  95. Rich and poor
  96. Take a lesson from the bad examples
  97. Be yourself
  98. I'm still crying out to change the world
  99. Simple and complicated
  100. Also men cry abortions
  101. Can you buy an hour?
  102. Build bridges
  103. Having imagination
  104. Everything passes
  105. Three pipes to quench anger
  106. Your damage made me stronger
  107. Your face speaks for you
  108. A firefighter from 6 years
  109. A donkey in a well
  110. A very special donor
  111. A tethered elephant
  112. A risky pregnancy
  113. A Gypsy martyr
  114. A type with luck
  115. A story to think
  116. One hour a day
  117. One stormy night
  118. A special occasion
  119. A pistol and two men before God


  1. Friends like you
  2. Just an onion
  3. Share
  4. Developed by a phrase of Pope
  5. He cares for those who love
  6. Discover suffering
  7. He gave his life for his friends
  8. Two stars
  9. The love of the father
  10. Apples tree
  11. The day that Jesus kept silent
  12. Diamond
  13. Pain
  14. The heir
  15. Patience thread
  16. The red thread
  17. Sad man
  18. The Mountaineer
  19. The petal of the rose
  20. The Prince and the stove
  21. The silence of God
  22. The off-key violin
  23. The visitor
  24. Shoemaker
  25. It starts with yourself
  26. Warning to greed
  27. Wait and trust
  28. Generosity and selfishness
  29. Does God exist?
  30. Get as Jesus Christ
  31. I have been with God
  32. Hercules and the Carter
  33. Tribute to a special parent
  34. Footprints in the sand
  35. Escape the fate
  36. It invites the true cry
  37. Jonah and the whale
  38. The bottle
  39. The empty cart
  40. The confidence of the angel
  41. Green star
  42. The lesson of the butterfly
  43. The scarred hand
  44. The little girl in the Park
  45. Oyster marine
  46. The door of the heart
  47. Rock
  48. The spider's Web
  49. The vanity of a poor rooster
  50. Keep the good mood
  51. I do not have a minute
  52. To achieve happiness
  53. It seems that it is not
  54. Why let those things
  55. Strengths and weaknesses
  56. What luck have a Holy daughter!
  57. Quo vadis, Domine!
  58. Does prayer change things?
  59. Know look to our around
  60. Be happy
  61. Sowing to harvest
  62. Be a hero or die
  63. Every day
  64. Clumsy and dying
  65. Three trees
  66. One day the devil spoke of the Virgin Mary
  67. A little worm
  68. An interview with God
  69. A fortune without knowing it
  70. A life to rescue by other
  71. An almost-true story


  1. Where do I go?
  2. Learn how to use your hands
  3. Arrange the man
  4. Help disinterested
  5. Change the world
  6. Nowhere road
  7. Share
  8. Building a cathedral
  9. A castaway backset
  10. Give me your generosity
  11. Back from the war
  12. Willing to receive a shot
  13. Where is the good God?
  14. Casting God everywhere
  15. The farmer
  16. The Bank of time
  17. The horse in the well
  18. Circus elephant
  19. The tightrope walker
  20. The vanilla ice cream
  21. The humor of Juan Pablo II
  22. The beggar and the King
  23. The package of cookies
  24. The gold portal
  25. Goalkeeper Kit
  26. Emilia Kaczorowska
  27. Choose between different causes
  28. That child taught me how to love
  29. Be next to a friend
  30. Excess of security
  31. Is there evil?
  32. Silly and risky explanations
  33. There is a hole in my sidewalk
  34. Imagination at critical moment
  35. Jerry, the optimist
  36. The importance of praise
  37. The jewel
  38. The gaze of his father
  39. The doll and the white rose
  40. Providence
  41. Chair
  42. The last question
  43. Loyalty to a brother
  44. What a friend is worth
  45. Keep an open mind
  46. There was no who to tell
  47. Not to judge prematurely
  48. All is not as it seems
  49. It is never late to start again
  50. Paid with a glass of milk
  51. Thinking about the neighbor
  52. Think of others
  53. For 25 cents
  54. Prepare you
  55. The first important thing
  56. Know what you want to
  57. Quench the thirst
  58. You are wrong far from God
  59. Be frank
  60. If there is no wind...
  61. If I don't see it, does not exist
  62. A sabihondo on the train
  63. A deformed leg
  64. Some know it and others do not
  65. Me neither

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