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Loyalty is a concept that involves care for the relationship that an organization with its users, consumers, customers or partners.
It is very common that companies speak of retaining customers rather than retain customers. Definitely this is a fundamental mistake, as retain customers involves trying to save the relationship when the customer is dissatisfied, and do not wish to continue being a customer of the company. As a company loyalty to your customers, you don't have to hold them.
Another term that constantly leads to confusion is the maintenance of customers. Customers may retain, not keep. Machines are maintained or machines is made with maintenance, customers you are cared for them, it is loyalty to them.
Loyalty is a term used primarily in companies focused on client versus companies focused on the product, the only thing that matters in which the company is to sell your product, regardless of whether it meets the needs and interests of the client. In a customer-focused company, the only thing that has value is telling its customers of them, not what the company says envelope itself.
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