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The sales letter is a term used in marketing and especially in marketing by internet, to refer to the set of texts and graphics that make up the presentation of an offer of a product, service, or resource on a web page. Maintains a structure nested in different compartments with objectives different to each of them and whose purpose is to lead the prospect to take a certain action: of subscription or purchase.
This type of format submission of tenders is not originally from the internet marketing, because it comes from direct marketing, which is where he began mainly to be used to encourage recipients of marketing pieces to buy a product, make a phone call to request more information or fill out an order. Although currently you are taking a boom with the internet are becoming one of the most effective ways to bring prospects to perform target action of the sales letter.

Basic structure of a sales letter

Online visitors to a web page read from top down, so the sales letter is divided into a number of blocks that are organized by top-down and whose aim is from the attention of the potential customer, to motivate you to purchase action.
Header block
This is the first block of the structure of a sales letter and its main objective is to draw the attention of the prospect. It is mainly based on a paragraph of text called holder and formatted in a large enough font size so that it is easily read within the first 20 seconds since the visitor opens the page.
It can also be combined with a header graphic (graphic image or banner) that sits just above the holder of text.
It also tends to contain a subtitle whose main objective is to explain the holder and increase the interest of the prospect to continue reading the sales letter.
Block credentials
This second block aims to establish the confidence of the company that made the offer and is composed of several paragraphs of text where they shelled the arguments to establish the credibility of the seller.
Block benefits - information
This is the block designed to highlight the benefits of the product, service or offering will have for the prospect if you make the target action of the sales letter. Here are the main reasons why the prospect should take action and detailing what you will get if the socket. But not to speak of the product or service.
Block product presentation
Intended to inform the package leaflet of the product, service or resource that is promoting, highlighting the features and benefits in a language of benefits for the prospect.
Testimonials block
Form this block the actual testimonies of satisfied customers or people who have used the product, service, or resource, whose goal is to secure the credibility of the offer that is being made in the sales letter.
Block garantitas
This section is reserved to please the customer the guarantee that with the acquisition of the product, service, or resource and the aim is to overcome the barrier of mistrust, not to test previously, see or touching the product or service, since we are talking about selling over the internet or sales through direct marketing: postal sale, sale by catalogue or sale by tele-promocion.
Block call to action
To ask for leaflet to carry out a certain action: purchase, subscription, request telephone call, additional information, etc. It is an important block because all the sales letter is addressed to start preparing a leaflet to be in the best position to take a positive decision. In case that such action is the purchase of a product or service, this is the place for the first time reporting you to the prospectus of the offering price that you are promoting.
Block bonuses or royalties
If the offer additional items as gift during a particular promotion, this is the following paragraph that should go in the sales letter and whose aim is to help the prospect to make a decision positive encouraged by the opportunity to achieve promotion gifts.
Block Overview
Specially designed to summarize the benefits of the offer that is promoting with this sales letter and return has request the prospectus that take action.
This is the set of building blocks that contain the majority of the letters of sale that one can find in commercial websites of internet and the order in which they are placed. However you can include other blocks and even some of these positions vary: for example block placement testimonials right after the header block or incorporate an additional block of testimonies, even in a web part page.

Main uses for sale cards

Sales letters are widely used to promote products and services on the internet, especially from so-called micro sites and constitute the basis of the landing pages. They are also widely used in direct marketing, especially in the postal marketing and also a variation of these written sales letters, are based on the info in the tele-tiendas television commercials, although on this occasion based on video images and audio narrations.
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