Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, full analysis

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The best

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Quality camera
  • Resolution and contrast of the screen level
  • Integrated wireless charging
  • Weight and ergonomics

The worst

  • Some reflections on the screen
  • Scarce features curved display
  • High price
  • No microSD card slot
  • Footprints and mirror housing
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Analysis note



Operating system Android 5.0.2
Size 5.1 inch
Resolution 2560 x 1440
Cameras 16/5 mpx
2600 mAh capacity
Memory internal 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB

Radical change

After much praying and go to paving the way for the past months, Samsung has finally decided to give your audience what was crying out.
Performance and power are qualities innate to all the first swords from the Korean manufacturer, but their unconditional asked for something else, a leap in quality in the form of design and new materials that would allow them to compete on equal terms in all areas.
A radical renewal that is able to cover all the cracks against possible attacks. Welcome to the website of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Photo Gallery Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Designed from scratch, although without abandoning some reminiscences of earlier versions and some references to the competition, why not say it. The unibody of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge body is made of one-piece chrome-plated aluminium flanked by glass Corning Gorrilla Glass 4 on both sides, providing you with a high resistance to scratches and bumps.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
It must be recognized that the most noble materials plastic hop has gone really well to the new Galaxy S6 Edge; the sensations on the hand are excellent and collecting, from the first moment, we have a high-end premium smartphone.
They say that "to be handsome you have to suffer", something that Samsung has taken to the letter in the S6 Edge unibody design, which have been on the path elements as the memory card slot or so publicized resistance to dust and water, which personally, and is only an opinion I have never given excessive value.

Photo Gallery How is Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on the inside

In addition, the S6 Edge battery isn't removable and people of iFixit, which has dedicated itself to gut it, says that its service is really complicated. It is to be compensated? Personally I think Yes.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
It is and feels very light, weighs only 132 grams, and the body is perfectly optimized (142.1 x 70.1 x 7.0 mm) since it does not feel bulky despite its generous display of 5.1 inches and is comfortably managed with only one hand. In fact, little bigger than an iPhone 6 is with 4.7-inch screen.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Although, without a doubt, the most striking feature of the Galaxy S6 Edge is its curved screen QHD 5.1 inches. A curvature which affects both sides and that is created by a special process of hardened at 800 degrees. Something that we could see in the Galaxy Note Edge, but which in this case is implemented differently.
If the edge Note, screen is curved only in the right side. in the case of the screen of the Samsung S6 Edge curvature affects on both sides, but without adding the additional rows of pixels. I.e. the rounded sides do not add to the screen resolution or allows as many extra as Note Edge features.
The usual touch controls are located at the bottom of the screen and the Start button, which despite the fact that it retains its oval shape has suffered a deep update. It is now more robust and, most importantly, incorporates a new fingerprint sensor that has evolved significantly.
Now the traces of the S6 Edge sensor works just like the Apple Touch ID, no longer necessary to drag your finger, just place it over and if we establish a direct comparison we observe that the response is faster than the Apple fingerprint sensor.
On an aesthetic level, the back is perhaps the least graceful of all. Disappear stylized curves on the front side and we find ourselves with a surface completely flat making that attention will focus on a single item: the camera.
A very bulky camera - flanked by the LED flash and pulse sensor-protruding up to 1.5 mm from the floor of phone, something that we understand as inevitable to accommodate a more powerful optics, but in addition to breaking the aesthetics of the Samsung Galaxy S6, making this balance somewhat when we handle it while resting on a table or flat surface.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Under the rear window adds reflective foil that gives color to the Edge S6, which is available in four colours: Black Sapphire, Pearl White and Gold Platinum, to which is added an exclusive emerald green.
A few colors that are altered depending on the shape and intensity that incised the light on the surface, as well as add is a effect peculiar mirror. In our case, black turns to blue with direct light.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
A curious effect that will not leave anyone indifferent. In my case, I have to admit that if I were to opt for a color I would be with the white.
Not only to prevent this mirror effect that fails to "kill me", also to hide a little. And it is that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the so-called layer despite fingerprint in the glass, it is a magnet for fingerprints from the first contact, something that may tarnish with a view to the most demanding.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Comfortable handle with one hand, the volume buttons are located on the left side, and the power button on the right side, leaving the Nano - removable via a small "pincho" - SIM card slot, to the top next to the IR emitter (can use the smartphone as a remote control with Peel).
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
The arrangement of elements on the bottom remembers to view on the iPhone 6, with a single speaker in the bottom right which, although powerful, is not ready to compete with the HTC, BoomSound system that we have recently been tested in the analysis of the HTC One M9.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

In the upper and lower part of the structure of aluminium we find a pair of small plastic strips, responsible for isolating the antennas. Do you sound? Indeed... Although admittedly that Samsung has a more discreet and more elegant.
Samsung has always presumed to have some of the best displays on the market, something that seems to have endorsed with the 5.1 inch Samsung Galaxy S6 QHD Super AMOLED screen.
Screen, 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, equals the of Note 4 but it is a smaller 5.1-inch screen, dots per inch density is superior, nothing less than 577 ppp. By what though to share resolution, the sharpness of the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge should be slightly higher.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 

Samsung Galaxy S5 against Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

And we say it should be because the differences are not as significant as it could assume in a face to face. A slight improvement is perceived to compare patterns of resolution, but in everyday use, the differences are almost invaluable.
One significant aspect that should make us think about the real need of so high a smartphone screen resolutions, perhaps with QHD have reached the limit.
Even go a little further, Super AMOLED Full HD screen or the screen Retina of the iPhone 6, which in definition is concerned, not detract too much against the this Edge S6 QHD display.
Despite that this analysis of Galaxy S6 Edge we have spent you long time to compare, the conclusion is that you need to have very good view to appreciate the improvement in sharpness, even taking into account the significant increase in pixels per inch.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Eye, this should not be taken as a criticism on the actual experience of use, S6 Edge 5.1-inch QHD screen Super AMOLED is remarkable and it Samsung has managed to exploit to the maximum all the virtues of the Super AMOLED technology.
Even is not unreasonable to assert ourselves against one of the best displays on the market in terms of definition, contrast, color gamut (although for my preferences, it is too warm) and visibility outdoors, an aspect, this last one, he behaves, by the way, pretty well.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Not a lover of the cold numbers of the laboratory, prefer to let me guide always by my personal perceptions, but recognize that it is the fairest way to compare different devices. In the specific case of S6 Edge, as you can see in the table below, it is striking that numbers of the colorimeter does not confirm the personal feelings:

S6 Edge
Note 4iPhone 6S5 GalaxyiPhone 5SHTC One M9
Resolution2560 x 14402560 x 14401.334 x 7501920 x 10801136 x 6401920 x 1080
Gamut (RGB)105,50%140%98,40%99.90%97,70%95.9%
Brightness (cd/m2)296,75389,46422,37433,26413,47343,16
ContrastVery highVery highVery highVery high725:1879:1

Screen Edge why?

While Samsung Galaxy Note Edge curved screen added additional features more than interesting, at Galaxy S6 Edge their presence is, at least for the moment, rather more testimonial.
Here the lateral curvatures are much less pronounced, for what cannot be used, for example, as screens auxiliary permanent for quick access to the most used applications, as we already saw in the analysis of Galaxy Note Edge.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 
At Note Edge, the side screen adds an extra 160 lines of vertical resolution and can work independently.
Galaxy S6 Edge curve display functions are limited to be able to display a menu with direct access to our five favorite contacts if we slide off finger inward, or see notifications or other information such as weather, sports scores or stock market information, when the screen is off and suspended phone.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
To do this you just have to gently slide your finger along the edge and go through different panels, which are configurable and you can download from the Samsung apps store, although currently options are still slim. In addition, the screen Edge can be configured as a bedside clock.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Leaving aside its unquestionable aesthetic value and associated functions, which I believe, at the moment, few and unimpressive, I've gone perceiving a series of setbacks with the use that they make me wondering seriously if the curved screen is an advantage or not for this Edge S6.
More curves mean inexorably new angles of incidence of the light, which results in a greater number of reflections on the screen. In fact, it is very common to find reflections that run up and down the whole side.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
In addition, looking at the screen completely front is perceived an slight darkening and color hue change at the ends of both sides, which is more or less evident depending on the type of image or content that we are viewing.
On the other hand, in the vertical reading, if the document or web page in excess justifies the text, the beginning of phrase are curved slightly creating an effect somewhat annoying when reading.
Certainly, small inconveniences, which added can make the user opting by a Samsung Galaxy S6 S6 Edge instead.

Hardware and performance

Hardware was one of the big surprises in the presentation of the new S6 Galaxy, for the first time Samsung abandoned Qualcomm as a manufacturer of processors for its model franchise in favor of its own processors, in particular a Exynos 7420 with 64-bit architecture and 14 nm manufacturing process.
He Exynos of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge processor has eight divided nuclei (four Cortex A57 2.1 GHz + four Cortex A-53 1.5 GHz) with 3 GB of RAM and GPU Mali-T760MP8.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
With these premises had little doubt about the performance of the S6 Edge. The terminal "flies", and lets move applications and demanding, even in multitasking mode game without problems. Only with some video editing tasks I managed to perceive any small slowdown and significant overheating.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Because, despite go plenty of performance, it is possible to "get the colors" to the S6 Edge. In plain language, the terminal is heated - specifically in the top left corner if you look from the back, area in which the processor, incidentally - when subjected to processes demanding, but in the same line as other high end as the Apple unibody iPhone 6.
In the benchmark of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, little to say. AnTuTu, perhaps the best-known perm and performs a general mean of performance, it is positioned well ahead of all his rivals, still the advantage with the HTC One M9 - his contemporary - almost sonrojante.

Photo Gallery Benchmark Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

For ease of reference, the following table you can see a small comparative summary address some of its main competitors:

S6 Galaxy EdgeiPhone 6HTC One M9Google Nexus 6Galaxy Note 4
AnTuTu (overall performance)70.727-43.23549.55540.020
Geekbench 3 (processor)1454 / 47041,633 / 2.9281,080 / 3.9721.045 / 3.2191.093 3.188
3D Mark Ice Storm Unlimited (graphics performance)21.33117.23822.17723.00814.350
In single core Geekbench does not, however, ahead of the iPhone 6, while it ranks as the fastest multi-core analysis.
In relation to the graphics, the Mali GPU-T760MP8 fails to scratch so many differences, positioning itself even slightly below the HTC One M9 or the Google Nexus 6.


One of the most unpopular decisions from Samsung in the S6 Edge has been to remove the microSD memory card slot.
Samsung justifies this decision in the popularization of cloud storage services -includes 100 GB of space in OneDrive of Microsoft - and the increase in the internal memory, the S6 Edge is available 32, 64 and 128 GB with a new storage type UFS 2.0 universal flash.
A type of standard using the SSD, and according to Samsung provides access up to 2.7 times faster than the conventional internal memory which incorporates, for example, the S5 Galaxy and about 12 times faster than memory cards, in addition to consume half of energy.

Battery and connectivity

The autonomy of the battery is always one of the major concerns of end-users when changing Terminal. However, manufacturers seem to busy trying to seduce us with more stylish and lightweight designs, which in most cases may be obtained by sacrificing space for battery.
In this contact of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the battery life can be classified from right: a day of moderate use, extending the day and half/two drastically reducing interactions. In short, nothing new in this type of smartphones.
It should be noted that certain processes were as authentic devourers of battery, with a special mention to the video recording, a real predator of energy. Although in general all functions associated with the camera were actually voracious. By the way, forget about taking pictures when the battery threshold to 5%.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
This does not put into question efforts of Samsung to reduce energy consumption. A day of use having to keep a screen with resolution 2K next to an 8-core processor with only 2,600 mAh battery, is a commendable improvement - remember that the battery of the S6 Edge has less capacity than the S5 Galaxy (2,800 mAh) - and demonstrates the good work done by Samsung in their SoC Exynos , which accompanies a well optimized RAM and the new UFS 2.0 more efficient storage.
Benchmark Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
In case of extreme necessity, it has a mode of Ultrahorro of energy that doubles the battery of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, can reach up to two days to base of disable certain functionality, reduce processor performance and move the screen to grayscale.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

In laboratory tests performed to this our test of the battery Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, remained under intensive use behind its predecessor. While the S5 reached the 10 hours and 42 minutes hours, his successor was in 9 hours and 42 minutes. Far behind the 11 hours and 11 minutes of the HTC One M9, and is situated on the same line as the iPhone 6.
By way of compensation S6 Edge has an ultra-fast charging function that returns up to 30% of energy to the battery in just 10 minutes. For this purpose it is necessary to use adapter series Adaptive Fast Charging, which can vary the voltage output between 9, 0V and 1.67 A or 5V and 2, 0A) included in the box.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

As we mentioned the battery it is not replaceable, at least in a simple way. Until now Samsung has not provided official figures, although the latest rumours are running the price of battery change could haunt the 45 dollars, and can be replaced in a day.
In addition, integrated system of charging wireless compatible with the WFP standard Qi, which means that it may use, besides the Samsung charging base, other bases of wireless charging as which is beginning to add Ikea to their products, or even the Nokia.
In the test of the Galaxy S6 Edge the full charge of the battery lasts more than one hour, while if we use the Wireless charging base the process of dilated to 3 hours, without fast load option.
Little or anything can be asked more. as regards refers to this S6 Edge connectivity : USB 2.0 support 4 G up to 300 MBps, WiFi 802. 11ac of dual-band (2. 4 G + 5 GHz) MIMO (multiple antennas in parallel), 4.1 Bluetooth and NFC.


As it could not be of another form, the operating system of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is Android 5.0 with the habitual customization from the Korean manufacturer, TouchWiz layer.
Although on this occasion, and compared with previous versions, TouchWiz has been implemented in a much more subtle way, elegant and, above all, less intrusive.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Applications or bloatware of the brand have been dramatically reduced and which have been added are interesting and useful, as the new Smart Manager, a unified interface that allows quick access to the most important functions: State of the battery, free storage, use of the RAM or the access to the integrated McAfee anti-virus software. As well as its Optimization by pressing a single button.
Includes Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram pre-installed and the Google app remain unified in a single folder, as well as applications in the Microsoft cloud: OneDrive, OneNote, and Skype.
In total there are approximately 8 GB of memory storage of Galaxy S6 Edge occupied between the operating system and pre-installed applications, which represents little more than 1 GB more in comparison with a version of Android as the Nexus 6 stock.
Benchmark Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
The working of the new interface is very fluid and does not diminish from versions of stock, although keeping the icons and usual settings and menu organization in the Galaxy range, this time something of Material Desing hadn't come you wrong, matter of taste.
S6 Edge offers also some exclusive extras, associated with the curvature of the screen. The shortcut mentioned above, when the phone is face down on a table side illuminate the color associated with each of the 5 favorite contacts, and can automatically reject the call only with cover pulse sensor located next to the camera, and even send a text message personalized to the person who is calling us.
Benchmark Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


After an intense field work with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is perceived from the first moment the great work and effort that Samsung has made in this field.
The main house includes CMOS sensor of 16 megapixels, the same as its predecessor, but with opening of f1, 9, and optical image stabilizer similar to that already incorporate Lumia 930 and 830, and 6 Plus for Apple iPhone.
Benchmark Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
An optical stabilizer that is actually useful in situations of low light where you need longer exposure times.
The camera can be activated in just 0.7 seconds simply by pressing the Start button twice. An option that once you get used it is really practical.

The focusing system is really fast, and the tripping time delay is only 0.3 seconds, somewhat slower than the iPhone 6 (0.12 seconds), but so tiny that it is impossible to realize this.
The Edge S6 camera mode has a system of auto focus on movement, focus selective for more precise control of the depth of field, enhanced widescreen mode, a new mode of virtual photography that is possible to capture objects in 360 degrees, and the usual photographic filters that often like.

Photo Gallery Pictures taken with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

In addition, incorporates a PRO mode that, despite that not being compatible with RAW, allows you to control some advanced parameters, such as the depth of field or Bokeh, white balance, ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation, or the brightness measurement area.


Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6

The front camera new Galaxy S6 has seen increased its resolution up to 5 megapixels and has the same opening as the main range (f1, 9). Without a doubt, a great improvement over the 2 megapixel (GSN) the S5.
In terms of video, the S6 Edge recordings you can record video UHD 4 K (3840 x 2160) at 30 fps, and incorporates recording mode in slow motion at 240 fps with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, what matches you to the iPhone 6 from Apple. The maximum recording duration is 5 minutes in each mode.


Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6

The result is a remarkable camera which handled with ease in complicated conditions where others do not give the size. In situations with low light, no flash, Samsung Galaxy S6 camera offers image bright and crisp, with a noise below, for example, the iPhone 6 Plus level, and at the height of the photographic titan Lumia 1520.


Galaxy S6 Edge vs. Nokia 1520

It is situations more "thankful" differences are shortened while the S6 Edge highlights to maintain a very high level in all circumstances. It is very fast when it comes to capturing images, even in HDR, and as inconvenient small highlight chromatic range is too warm, which leads to that sometimes seems that we are using some kind of filter.
With the front camera Samsung has realized the great power that currently have the selfies and has given it a 5 megapixel sensor and extremely bright optics that racing, face to face, the front of HTC One M9 Ultrapixel camera, and makes ridiculous the iPhone 6.


The first time that I had in my hands the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was pleasantly impressed, even the first thing that I went through your head is that this model would end up cannibalizing sales at the Galaxy S6.
In general terms, regardless of its price and a slight anger to see that Samsung, despite having all the tools to avoid attending charger every night, it has prioritized the design to the autonomy, not can cast anything at face to the new Galaxy with curved screen.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

His fluency in handling and performance are outstanding; the screen, the best on the market; and the camera has almost no competition in it comes to speed, lightness and definition.
Price of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge part of the 849 euros for the 32 GB version, passing through the 949 euros, if you opt for the 64 GB storage, or the 1,049 euros if you want the 128 GB. Meanwhile, the price of the Samsung Galaxy S6 normal, non-curved screen, is reduced by 150 euros for each of the versions, a difference from the S6 Edge to more than one considered crucial to opt for one or another model.
Benchmark Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Ultimately, Samsung has put all its cards on the table to impress, excite and monetize your last bet in the mobile market. Now just wait for the response and the verdict of users, authentic responsible for the success or failure of a product as the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Our assessment

  • Design 9 9/10
  • Screen 9 9/10
  • Hardware 10 10/10
  • Software 9 9/10
  • Camera 9 9/10
  • Battery 6 6/10
  • Connectivity 10 10/10
  • Quality/price 8 8/10
Published for educational purposes