The finding of surgical gloves was for love

The discovery of the use of surgical gloves used in operating rooms was due to the love of an American doctor by a nurse who suffered from dermatitis. Know your history.
William Stewart Halsted (1852-1922) was an American doctor who is considered as one of the main precursors of the modern surgery.
The discovery of the use of surgical gloves was causal, because of the feeling that felt Halsted by the nurse Carolina Hampton, who later became his wife.
William defended asepsis in operation rooms, applying anesthesia with morphine. One day, his assistant operating room, the aristocrat Carolina Hampton, was disabled since he suffered from dermatitis, which was heightened by antiseptics that were used in the past. Therefore Halsted asked a well known firm that it manufactured rubber products and tyres for vehicles, which design rubber gloves thin enough to allow you to do accurate work inside the operating room.
This was the beginning of the use of rubber gloves. Still, by the end of the 19th century, compulsory for all medical surgeons and personal use of nursing.
Currently, the use of surgical gloves is a great process in asepsis surgical, guaranteeing a high safety for the patient and the physician.
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