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On the small mystery that is the appearance of small white spots at the base of the nail much has been written, but little real. The cause is related to keratin and a deficient diet.
Small who have not said?: "these spots of the nails come out due to lack of calcium". Or even that they sprouted by every SIN or lie of the child. As well, this mystery are the white spots much has been written, but little real. Here's the real answer:
Medical professionals call it Leukonychia punctata, and its appearance is due to the disposition of the keratin because of tiny ruptures that occur at the base of the nail, which favours small pockets of air.
Keratin is a fibrous insoluble protein. It is the main constituent of hair and nails. Therefore, they appear when blows to the tips of the fingers are suffering without realizing it. As the nail grows they will be moving towards the end until it disappears. In this way you can partially believe that when following a diet deficient stains might appear, but not for food at Yes, but because nails are weakest and when those tiny bumps occur it is easier to arising out the keratin pair do their role. Leukonychia has various types and can appear as a result of various diseases such as renal alterations.

Another myth: dead nail

On the other hand, the fingernails grow faster than our feet, roughly two to four mm each month. Thus remains throughout life in the absence of disease. Hence you have heard that nails continue to grow after his death. As well, this is false, what happens is that visually it seems it, since the flesh of the body shrinks and causes it to highlight more.
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