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The clinical Lycanthropy is a rare psychiatric disorder, characterized by the presence of illusion that the individual affected can become, or that I turned into an animal.
The name of this condition refers to the mythical condition of Lycanthropy, a supernatural affliction in which people become physically in werewolves. Can also be used the term zooantropia to describe cases in which individuals believe they are capable of becoming, or turned into another animal.
Clinically, this disorder is characterized by delirium that affected individuals present that if transformed or so that are able to transform into an animal. Has been linked to other psychological disorders such as psychosis, with the transformation happening only in the mind and behavior of the person.
A survey has recommended the following criteria for the diagnosis of this disorder:

  • When a patient reports in a moment of lucidity, or recalling previously moments alive, that sometimes I felt or feel like an animal;
  • Behavior that resembles to that of an animal like Growl or crawl.
It is believed that the clinical Lycanthropy is an idiosyncratic expression of an episode of psychological disorder caused by another disorder, such as schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar disorder or clinical depression. In addition, it is believed that neurological and cultural factors can influence the expression of psychic transformation of man into an animal.


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