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What is the Demisexualidad?

Since the last decades of the 20th century, sexuality has become a much less taboo and it had colonized all spheres of life. Sex art, sex science, sex in the family and in school. After all, there's nothing wrong: if he is spoken more than sex, knows more, have fewer prejudices and is much more healthy and responsible way.
Humans are sexual beings since we are born until we die and thus sexuality is part of all aspects of our personality. Sexuality is much more that sexual attraction and relationships, therefore, although a person will not experience sexual desire of any kind, it is a mistake to call it asexual already beyond that of not feeling sexual attraction, the person continues to be a sexual being.
But put aside the so-called asexuality and concentrate for a moment on the demisexualidad. What is it? Is it a physical condition? A sexual orientation? Or what?

What exactly is the demisexualidad?

The demisexualidad is not any kind of physical or clinical condition. It is a sexual orientation that, like the others, is not an option but a way of being. A person demisexual defines itself as a person who does not interest in sex with someone unless it is a person with whom he has a strong emotional bond. According to Demisexuality.org:
"Demisexuality is to sexual orientation in which someone feels sexual attraction only to people with whom they have an emotional bond." "Most demisexuals feel sexual attraction rarely compared to the general population, and some have little to no interest in sexual activity."
It is important to differentiate the demisexualidad of life choices that anyone can carry forward. The demisexualidad is linked with sexual desires that cannot be controlled, and not making rational decisions.
The demisexualidad does not feel sexual pleasure to the time of the Act, but simply the person does not feel desires on the other until some emotional connection is not established. Desire a person sexual demisexual is at the secondary level, which is the emotional, and not in the primary, which is the physical.
Thus, for example, a young man who decides to not have sex until you are married to the woman who loves not necessarily is a demisexual. Indeed, it is likely that young if experience sexual feelings before marriage, but still decides to keep them under control and wait for time to express it.
All the options of life are respectable. And all sexual orientations are a choice. People are all different and we process our emotions and feelings in a different way.

Understanding the Demisexualidad

A demisexual is a person who does not feel sexual attraction unless it forms a strong emotional connection with someone. It occurs most frequently, but not limited to romantic relationships. The term demisexual comes from "somewhere between" the sexual and asexual. However, this term does not mean that the demisexuales have a sexuality incomplete or medium, nor does not mean that sexual attraction without emotional connection is necessary for a complete sexuality. In general, the demisexuales do not feel sexually attracted to any person of either sex, however, when a demisexual is linked emotionally to someone else (if the feelings are romantic love or a deep friendship), there are experiences of sexual attraction and desire, but only to the specific partner.
Describing demisexualidad as to the sexual orientation, they often confuse it as an admirable choice rather than an innate orientation. The demisexuales are not opting to abstain, they simply lack of sexual attraction until has formed a close relationship.
According to a hypothetical model, a person who is identified as demisexual does not experience primary sexual attraction, but yes secondary sexual attraction. In this model, the primary sexual attraction is based on qualities that are external, such as the appearance of a person, clothing, or personality, while secondary sexual attraction is the attraction for the connection, usually romantic, extent to which the person is connected with each other.
Although factors such as appearance and personality do not affect the primary sexual attraction for the demisexuales (why the demisexuales does not undergo primary sexual attraction), the following factors can affect the romantic, as with any other orientation attraction.
"Demisexual" is also sometimes used as a synonym for any other type of person that falls under the term grisexual or gris-A. The demisexualidad differs from the grey that this is a specific orientation between "sex" and "asexual", while the grisexualidad is not a specific term
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