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The laterality occurs when the domain on one side of the body on the other, so the motor sphere from the left or right have ancestry in relation to another. As a baby, the child is considered Ambidextrous, which means she always uses both hands.
Is around 6 to 8 years of age that laterality is manifested. It is not known yet exactly what causes this phenomenon, but some researchers believe to be her genetic in nature. As well, studies show that parents have kids only left-handed right-handed in 9.5% of cases. Parents already have a high probability of left-handers have left-handed children – if both use the left side, the son will have 26% chance of also having the predominance of this part of the body.
At the beginning, before the definition of the laterality, the child expressed the preference for one hand in their activities. This phenomenon is directed by the brain. In this process the opposite sides of the body rule each other – the left stimulates the right and vice versa. When the left side predominates, the person is right-handed; otherwise, she's left-handed. This concerns also the eyes, feet, certain pairs of organs. Left-handers have suffered enough, since they were considered abnormal, especially at school, where they were severely punished, with their left arms tied by teachers.
Today, experts say that they should not be sofreados and punished, because this attitude may cause serious damage to the child, since their movements are connected directly to the brain area. She can have severe learning problems and spatial orientation if it is forced to use the right side of the body.
Despite being congenital, laterality suddenly manifests itself not in the child, but rather gradually. The predilection for one hand, one foot or one eye – because we present also a predominant eye – will gradually revealing themselves.
The laterality may also be crossed when it presents the predominant left hand, while the right leg is the one that stands out; or if the use of the right hand and the left eye. These children must then undergo a process of organizing their psychomotor, i.e. self-control – muscle activities written, Visual and motor skills-to tune these predilections. People with this problem, unlike the left-handed, may have learning disorders, according to surveys conducted by experts.


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