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Flash is a term that comes from the English and which can refer to the device on a camera that provides the light necessary to take a picture with.
Examples: "when I was a kid, my grandfather gave me a camera with a flash: it is the memory that I keep him more tenderly", "we'll have to take a new photo because the other lacked flash", "flash lamp was a very important invention.
The concept, however, admits other uses. In the field of information technologies, Flash is the name of a technology developed by Adobe Systems that allows to create and manipulate vector graphics to develop animations and interactive content: "I want to include Flash on my company's website because it offers a very attractive aesthetics," "yesterday, I found a site with Flash games that are fun. , "My browser generates an error when I try to view flash animations.
Flash memory, on the other hand, is a storage technology that can read and write to various positions in the same operation. This technology is used on USB key devices: "I kept pictures of holidays in flash memory", "we need a new flash memory to make a backup copy.
Flash, on the other hand, is a superhero created by DC Comics, characterized by its superhuman running speed. His first appearance was in 1940.
A flash, finally, is an urgent and brief info transmitted by the media, often with the aim of expanding the content in the immediate future: ' Flash last minute: India train accident. '' Dozens of confirmed dead.
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