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The microbrews are another option to savour a drink whose moderate consumption is considered healthy. They are natural products, without additives, that you can also develop in your own home.
Beer is always fashionable, and more when the heat press, and craft beers, or craft beers, are another option to try this so refreshing drink and whose moderate consumption is considered healthy. Craft beers are made with ingredients such as malt barley, hops, yeast and sugar cane integral, and its fermentation is natural, so contain yeast - source of vitamins and minerals - sediments.
It's select high quality and natural products free of preservatives or additives, with a vastly inferior to the industrial manufacturing production, but that is also marketed in a variety of styles and flavors: Blondes, toasts, black, ale, lager, and can be found with different alcoholic graduation. There is even a craft beer gluten-free people with gluten intolerance - which is made with corn instead of barley.

'Homebrewers': chefs in beer

If you like craft beer, why not do it yourself at home? You can give a course (there is from one-day workshops, others more advanced training that can last for months), or learn from a tutorial on the Internet or by following the instructions which include the kit that some companies, and check your skill and creativity as a homebrewer, the term which is known to the people who like the BREW at home.
The beers are produced in a natural way and without additives, and are marketed in a variety of styles and flavors
Home Brew with a personal touch is a fun hobby that does not require extensive prior knowledge, and with which you can surprise your family and friends. To make your kitchen your particular factory will need a stainless steel pot with a minimum capacity of 5 litres, a scale of kitchen, and bottles for bottling the product, as well as tools specific to prepare for beer, such as a test tube, a thermometer, a fermentation valve or one densimeter, among others, which can be purchased separately or in kit (on the Internet you will find many pages that sells everything you need).
As for ingredients, beer is made with water, malt barley, hops, and yeast and, of course, you can experience and create your own recipes, imitating your favorite beers or perfuming them to your liking. Once bottled it must wait at least three weeks to consume it, but experts recommend patience, because from a month and a half drink it offers greater quality and flavor.
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