More devalued currencies of the world

Not to be confused: the large number of zeros printed on these tickets do not mean it is of substantial amounts of money, because the international market they have a heavy economic burden. Discover more devalued currencies of the world.

Bolivar - Venezuela

The crisis of shortage of commodities and inflation, joins the deep depreciation this currency has suffered during recent years. According to America Economia, basic lunch for a worker is priced at almost 400 bolivars. According to El Pais, currently a dollar is worth almost 600 bolivars.

Dong - Viet Nam

Specialists of the center of economic research point out that with 21,000 dong can be bought just 2 kilograms of rice, a Vietnamese diet essential food.

Guarani - Paraguay

In this small South American nation, a regular sweater cost around 120,000 Guarani, according to the guide of your best buy prices.

Rublon - Belarus

Numbeo database calculated that to buy a dozen eggs, it is necessary to disburse 25,000 rublones in this Republic of Eastern Europe.

Kip - Laos

Many tourists, especially Americans, come to this nation due to "cheap" it is. Many are surprised to learn that the rate of a city bus round the 1,700 kip, according to the Lonely Planet evaluator.

Leone - Sierra Leone

In this nation famous for being riddled with mines of diamonds and poverty, to acquire a small diamond are needed more than 4 million of lions, according to Bloomberg calculations.

Rupiah - Indonesia

The Banker specialized page in the Sun calculca which to savour one bar of chocolate in this archipelago, must pay 975,000 rupees.

Franc - Guinea

The crisis of famine in this African country is reflected in the high costs that have food for the locals. A litre of milk worth 14,000 francs, according to Numbeo database.

Rial - Iran

Iran is a country antagonistic U.S. policies and throughout history have been implemented economic sanctions against her. The BBC estimated that the price of a kilo of beef oscillates around 150,000 rial.

Sao Tome - Dobra

The small country of South Africa has an economy so weak that it is difficult to track down data on its currency, the dobra. Sao Tome belongs to a region that FAO has listed extreme famine, with more than 11 million people in this situation.

Dollar - Zimbabwe

The process of demonetization that is going through this poor nation is due to the high rate of inflation, which led to the zimabuense dollar worth 0.0027 dollars, as says The Guardian. Soon it spread to the United States dollar as the currency of national circulation, in an attempt to stabilize the economy.

Source: MSN

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