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Tips for having an optimistic attitude in disease

"A patient can put more pain on their situation through negative attitude that adopts the disease. This is the case when he pities himself, assumes the role of victim or delights in pain".
A human disease not only implies a process to the body that is marked by the medical diagnosis, treatment and after care; but also, back of every disease, there is an emotional process. I.e., each patient faces its situation in a completely different way. However, those who resist and refuse to accept things as they are, are much more, simply because in life, it is essential to learn to live in harmony with reality.
In life, it is essential to learn to live in harmony with the reality
How is this goal accomplished? First, distinguishing that which depends on your will, that which does not depend on you. Within the process of the disease: what is what is under your control? Follow the directions of your doctor, take care of yourself, surround yourself with people that give you love, eat well, have marked every day habits... However, the disease itself is beyond the control of every human being. In fact, Tomás Aquino explained with great success and wisdom than by pure natural tendency, man moves away from everything that makes you suffer and produces sadness.
Acquiring this attitude positive is not only for people who are ill, but is also all a weapon of prevention, since studies indicate that those who live happy and optimistic are less likely to suffer from illnesses such as stress, depression, anorexia, migraines...

How to think positive in disease?

Here are some tips to deal with any disease affecting you with optimism:
1. in the first place, stopping your mind. That is, focusing all your attention on the present moment. One of the biggest dangers on the emotional level is ahead of events. In essence, no one can know what will happen tomorrow. That is why, at the time that something you fret or worry you, search for an occupation that requires your attention. For example, you can write a letter to a friend that you see recently, prepare a recipe to surprise your partner, read a good book, draw up the list of purchase, call by phone to a friend... In the line of this question, a study conducted recently has shown that the thrill of seeing a football game is therapeutic for some cancer patients. It is look for plans that will help you out of yourself and break the destructive self-talk that arises when someone reduces his life to the disease. It is possible to continue enjoying small pleasures beyond physical weakness.
2. one of the greatest sufferings of any patient is the disorientation that lives on the emotional level, the disease represents the fight against the unknown. It is common for many cancer patients to wonder at some point: "why did I have to happen to me?" To compensate such disorientation, the right thing is to take the initiative when it comes to call your health care provider any questions you may have. Think of questions that you would like to ask, write down them on paper so you don't forget you, and thus make much better use time when you are in the query.
3 today, with the advent of new technologies, many people consult Internet to address issues of health rather than going to the doctor. It should be noted that the network it is possible to access to quality websites. However, there are many pages that are neither serious nor reliable. They are those in which you can see errors of spelling, an excess of excessive advertising and a bad presentation. Therefore, take your health seriously and resolves your doubts with the specialist or visit reliable sites, with contrasting quality seals like that you can see at the bottom of our website. You can also take advantage of the network to contact associations of patients where the disease is desdramatice and provide you with first hand information.
4 insurance that, in your environment, you know people that they have successfully passed a disease. Take a look at the positive cases, focuses only on them. Forget about the situations that ended in a dramatic way. Cultivate hope in your day to day learning to observe only the good example of those people who can get you with his enthusiasm, its capacity for self-improvement and his courage. Take a selective approach to enhance this vital attitude: turn off the television before tragic news, do not you go to the cinema to see a drama but to enjoy a comedy, is with friends to discuss fun topics, listen to upbeat music that gives you vitality...
5 stay away from people that are negative and that steal power. On the contrary, make plans with optimistic people. Do not stay locked up in yourself. The isolation is not good on the emotional level, let you accompany. But the right thing is to find balance, also you have to have your own space. In this sense, form part of an Association of people affected by the disease can be a support point to share impressions with people who have lived through the same process. In the same way, feel free to make a limit to visits through the following message: "I need to be alone".
6. writing helps to express the suffering. To do this, you can write in a journal how you feel, what emotions predominate in you, what are your fears, what resources you have for a better life... At the conclusion of each page of your journal, it tries to always end with a positive message. To do this, reflected in writing what has been for you, the best time of the day or something which you feel proud. You can also create a personal blog on a topic that you like to be busy. On the other hand, if you need desahogarte, don't forget that you can call the phone of hope with complete peace of mind because, in addition, the testimony is anonymous. There are also organizations which the collaboration of volunteers who accompany sick a few hours a week. You could ask for some kind of assistance.
7. the laughter is real medicine for the human soul. Therefore, enjoy the art of laughing through a course of laughter therapy, thanks to which you can have a different experience, relax, strengthen your pleasant emotions, meet interesting people, have a positive plan into your routine...
8. in the event that you need it, you can count on the help of a psychologist to express feelings and have a point of support. In some cases, coaching can also be an effective tool. Of course, faith is also a great Allied disease for all persons who are believers. In short, it is cultivated your mind and your spirituality based on your values.
9 celebrates every small improvement you get: reward yourself because you deserve it. To do this, you can make a gift to yourself: get something you like very much or make a plan that really enjoy. Don't be demanding with yourself, be flexible. Learn how to treat you exactly as you income you try your best friend, to who you appreciate, respect and value of truth. Learn to tell you beautiful phrases. When you have fear, internalizing the following message: "All shall be well". In fact, you can write this message on a sheet of paper and hang it as a picture in the door of your room.
10 share your feelings with someone you trust. You do not store everything for you. You have to let because comfort is a remedy for sadness. In the same way, the pleasure is also suitable to reduce the emotional discomfort: therefore rests, enjoys a relaxing bath, take a deep breath of pure air, savoring the good gastronomy of the Mediterranean diet, amazed wonder of a sunset, give a hug to someone you want to... You know yourself better than anyone, you know, real things that make you feel good. On the other hand, dress code also plays a significant part in the mood. Therefore, flee the dark colors in your wardrobe, to give way to the joy of red, blue or green color and feel good to look at yourself in the mirror. Do not give up the beauty: take a few drops of perfume, go to the hair salon regularly, enjoy a good massage...

It trains the optimistic attitude

The optimist is born or made? The reality is that the character is not innate in human beings, i.e., with the capability of overcoming staff can grow and improve every day. However, the optimism is not acquired from one day to another, but it involves lot of training throughout the weeks and months. It involves putting into practice the tips listed previously based on trial and error. I.e. when give up and go back into the complaint of the negative thinking, just to start over.
If you want to feel accompanied in order to be an enthusiastic person, then, encourage you to be part of any course or association related to this subject. Sharing a project in common, strengthens the mutual commitment.
It is true that in the midst of the pain of an illness, the optimism is much more effort that when one is good, but, luckily, is an achievable goal.
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