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'Lebenschule', in German; 'school of life', in Spanish. These words describe the own Bert Hellinger seminars that explains and shares the family constellation therapy, a relatively recent technique that, however, has managed to gain a foothold within the different contemporary psychotherapies.
The basis of family constellations is the fact that family history affect the individual of today. He is not a genetic issue, but a kind of cultural transmission that passed from parents to children or other degrees within a family. In this sense, a problem unsolved in the past affect us adversely in the present, although we are not aware or do not want to be aware of this.
This therapy was developed as its creator Bert Hellinger was treasuring life experiences that made him have a personal, academic and professional background that helped to enrich its called therapy or systemic psychotherapy.
Considered as "suspected enemy of the people" by the German Gestapo, forced to be part of the nazi army at 17 years of age and made prisoner in a field in Belgium by the Allied army, Hellinger considers his childhood and youth as the main influence of his career. Shortly after, he decided to go to Africa to work as a missionary, where he stayed for 16 years by the zulu people; It was at this time when he had his first contacts with work in group.
Bert Hellinger, however, felt that he needed something different to be in line with their own personal inner growth. He returned to Europe and received training at the Vienna School of psychoanalysis.
Thus, Hellinger was polishing his systemic therapy by removing aspects of different psychological therapies with their own experiences of life. Thus was born a model for treating the individual, but in this case, within a group, in particular within the framework of family problems.

What is based on the therapy of family constellations

Experts in family constellations, known as practitioners, mostly based their work with patients in the strength of the feelings to resolve conflicts, notably, no doubt, love.
In this sense, systemic therapy seeks to unlock those dynamic family in which are immersed in unconscious way and which are preventing the love to flow into that particular family. It is, therefore, a way to normalize and stabilize relationships among the members of a family.
Although the family constellation therapy does not have sufficient scientific evidence that supports its methodology, its advocates rely on practice as a stratagem to continue its work.

Applications of family constellations

Systemic therapy is indicated for a huge spectrum of the population, since the most common is that all have previous disorders in family relationships that may be affecting us at the moment and this practice may be useful to us.
Family constellations-based therapy can help solve the problems related to matters that have to do with interpersonal relationships. And it is that, for example, we can behave in a certain way with our current partner because we have thus learned from how our grandparents did. It's a kind of inherited negative habit.
However, the systemic therapies can also help to improve in the case of diseases or physical problems, since his supporters point out that problems in the family can be the cause of a Somatization disorder that lead to a pathology. Thus, addressing that problem, the disease is also partly. In fact it has come to use natural therapies to deal with infertility.
Also, workshops or private consultations providing family constellations not only are intended for people who themselves suffer problems. And it is that, it is also good for people who regularly work in conflict resolution, since these classes will help you to better manage these issues and understand people that cross daily.
And so this therapy will have good result there is no doubt that must be put in the hands of well trained and experienced professionals who know how to lead a session and help the patient to find the solution to your problem. However, the growing popularity of this method has done that they proliferate charlatans offering their services without the necessary training and that can end up hurting the patient.

Types of family constellations sessions

As explains the Spanish Association of family constellations, this therapy can be developed in three different ways, which makes that you can find a best solution to the problem presented by each patient.
However, the most popular alternative of family constellations sessions are workshops in Group at that, ever guided by an expert in family constellations, the patient performs a kind of theatrical to solve their problems.
In this case, the patient presents his problem and choose several representatives among the other members of the workshop so that they act as if they were his family and also a one act as if outside himself. Normally, people who participate in a workshop do not know each other and all representation arises spontaneously. The patient is who decides how and where distributed to representatives in the room, while the expert facilitator helps the client guiding you to find an image of solution in this representation. As a final point, the patient replaces the "actor" who occupied his post so that he can benefit from the positive image that has built with the help of the Coordinator.
However, it is also possible to work always personalized and individual to the problems that the patient concerns. There are different ways to carry out a private query, although it is usual to support it with a series of dolls, puppets or cards representing various members of the family unit.
A third way to carry out a family constellation session is through the so-called systemic movements, that they can develop both in individual consultations as a group and in which combinations of both techniques can be used. Thanks to this series of movements, the patient begins to see all those negative dynamics in your family that are affecting you.
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