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The use of psychoactive substances in order to override the will of a person and facilitate the Commission of a crime, from a violation of a robbery, known as 'chemical submission' and is becoming more common.
Chemical submission consists of a person administering a substance psychoactive aiming to overturn his will and cloud his memory, and that is very easy to abuse her. It is a tactic that is often used in violations - estimated is back between the 20 and 30% of sexual assaults-, but which is also used increasingly in other criminal activities such as theft to older people.
Substances that are usually used to subdue the victims are alcohol, benzodiazepines, and the gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), popularly known as 'liquid ecstasy', and although the chemical submission is considered to be a real public health problem, its true incidence is not known, among other things because many victims do not report, or do it after some time When already it is not possible to detect the drug in your body.
The scarcity of complaints might be also that those affected feel partly responsible for what happened; in the case of sexual abuse, for example, it is common that the offender belongs to the surroundings of the victim and that this topic let people judge their behavior. And in other cases because the consumed substance causes a memory leak, and the attacked is not able to remember details nor explained consistently what happened.

How to react to an attack with 'chemical submission'

Suspecting of having been assaulted under the influence of a substance that you have provided without your consent, it is very important:
• Go immediately to a health centre to make you some analysis of blood or urine detected in your body, the presence of toxic employees by the aggressor, and that they may disappear without leaving trace if it runs too long prior to testing.
• If possible, also provides no biological samples, such as remains of suspected food or drinks, or vessels containing them, so that they are also analyzed.
• Reporting, even in the case that you have consumed the substance voluntarily, since that takes advantage of your state of helplessness to abuse it is also committing a crime.
• Ask for helps a person of trust. Many victims feel guilty for what happened, and can also suffer post-traumatic stress, so it is essential to express how you feel and ask for professional help to recover the security lost if necessary.
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