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The skill is the ability and willingness to something. The concept can be used to raise the level of competence of a subject against a target. It is important to underline that the skill can be innate or developed from training, practice, and experience.
Thought, in turn, is the product of the mind. Rational activities of intellect and imagination abstractions are responsible for the development of thought.
The notion of thinking skill is associated with the ability to develop mental processes to solve various problems. There are skills of serving thought to express clearly his ideas, arguing from logic, to symbolize, to recover past experiences or situations to synthesize, for example. Each skill can be described according to the performance that can reach the subject.
Different types of thinking involve the implementation of different abilities, namely: literal thinking associated with observation (study something deep and hard), perception (awareness of something that manifests itself through sensory abilities) and identification (associate words to concepts or objects).
Critical thinking, however, involves other skills as judgment (analyze data based on different criteria), evaluation, opinion and metacognition.
Comparison, verification, categorization, prediction and estimation are among the skills of thought related to deductive thinking.
The more broad and general sense, the basis of thinking skills relate to processes that allow for an orderly and precise information on the characteristics of an object of observation. From this, it is possible to develop skills (or skills) more complex.
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