What is the Meaning of Adversity | Definition and What is Adversity

Adversity, from the latin adversĭtas, is the quality of what is opposing. This term refers to something or someone that is adverse, contrary or enemy. Adversity is an unfavourable or difficult situation.
Examples: 'we must fight against all adversities that destiny can book us if we want to achieve our dreams', 'the writer has not supported the adversity and committed suicide with a precise shot in the heart', 'this man is an example of override because he overcame adversity with a lot of effort and optimism. "
There are different ways of understanding the concept of adversity. It may be a misfortune, a conflict or a situation of disaster. Whenever there is any adversity, it takes resilience and have enough force to overcome.
A person suffering from a fire in his house and who loses all his possessions is facing adversity. To move forward, it must overcome bad times, put aside the lamentations and focus to rebuild her life. If at a given moment, when il will be installed in a new House and that there will be accumulated gradually new property, it can be said that there has succeeded in overcoming adversity.
Another case of adversity can be a football player who suffered a serious injury, namely, for example, the rupture of the cruciate ligament. This athlete will first undergo surgery and then it will have to do physical therapy to recover the form. Several months later, he will be able to return to her usual training and return to his team, he will thus overcome the adversity of his injury.
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