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Assertion, from the latin affirmatĭo, is the action and the effect to assert. As a general rule, the term is used in reference to the Act which allows a person to express his consent to a statement or a question.
Examples: "with a gesture of affirmation, the interviewed acknowledged that he knew the suspect", "the affirmation of women surprised the neighbours", "I can not agree with such a statement.
The statement reflects a statement with respect to a belief which is considered as valid evidence or certainty. May be considered, however, different types of assertion based on awareness of the truth of what is said or reported. In this sense, the assertions can be notices, decisions, judgements, etc.
The police questioning that develops in the search for answers from a suspect to solve a murder case may cause assertions and denials. If the person is asked if she was on the scene of the crime and that it denies, it was a denial of the imputation. On the other hand, if asked whether it was true that she works in a garage as a mechanic and the person says Yes, it will have given his assertion to this question.
The assertions may be associated, somehow, all that said a person. After all, everything that is put in words is an extension of what the person thinks. Expressions such as "in my opinion, the candidate of the opposition should renounce his candidacy", "garlic chicken is my favorite" and "I left my house at eight o'clock and I have managed to take the train to ten hours three quarters" are statements made by an individual.
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