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An agreement is an agreement between two or more parties or a decision deliberately to one or several persons. Examples: "managers agreed and Mahmoud Gleuk will play in the Spanish team in the next season," "Did not there was agreement between the national Government and creditors", "the Poland will sign an agreement with Russia for the export of agro-chemicals.
We can say that an agreement is the result of a negotiation or a debate. Parties involved present their arguments during the negotiations and seek a common position with the aim of reaching an agreement. As a general rule, at the time of reaching an agreement, each party transfers in favour of common interests.
The agreements can take place in any field. Both countries can reach agreements through the respective Governments, be they economic, social or other. An example of understanding between country X and country Z imply X to reduce the taxes on income of electronics of Z, while Z agrees to buy a certain amount of material first in country X.
Parties policies (to present joint projects), sports clubs (to organize the transfer of players) and private companies (to launch campaigns or all products) are others who usually negotiate agreements.
The resolution taken in professional associations, enterprises and courts; and the meaning or knowledge of something are other meanings allowed by that term.
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