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The space, which is a term from the latin spatium may refer to the part occupied by a sensitive, the extension object that contains the existing material or the ability to land.
The air adjective, meanwhile, derives from the word latin aerĕus and mentions what belongs or relates the air or, more specifically, aviation.
The concept of airspace to evoke the portion of the Earth's atmosphere, on land or on water, which is regulated by a country in particular. Depending on the type of transactions, the level of security and traffic (traffic) of the aircraft, there is instead of talking about different types of air spaces, such as controlled airspace or air space for special use.
The Organization of international civil aviation (ICAO) divides the airspace in seven parts, appointed by a letter from A to G. Class A corresponds to the sector with the highest level of control, while the G-class refers to the uncontrolled airspace.
In the case of controlled airspace, there is a service of the air traffic control for flights with (IFR) instrument flight rules and flight (VFR) rules. This means that in these spaces, drivers must comply with various requirements and standards of operation.
In these airspaces, drivers must have a flight plan and request permission of the air traffic control service. It is the part of the authorities to issue warnings and to manage air traffic to avoid accidents.
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