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From latin altitūdo, the elevation is the vertical distance from a point on the Earth and the sea level. The term is also used as a synonym for height in reference to a distance from the Earth to the region at a certain elevation above the surface or air to the dimension of a perpendicular to its body.
Examples: «sanctuary is at an altitude of 2500 meters, we therefore need to climb quite a lot to be able to reach it', 'The satellite orbit at an altitude of 300 km', 'Commander had just reported that we fly at an altitude higher than normal to avoid a storm front.
Calculate altitude, generally, take as a reference the sea level or the mean level of the sea. This level, however, is not constant due to the action of the tides and the differences by region. Therefore, each country determines a level of the sea according to a particular place and a particular time of the year. The altitude in a country, therefore, will be calculated on the basis of predetermined level.
The altitude is generally measured in metres. It is for this reason that talking meters above the sea level (which can be abbreviated as m). That said, we can say that the peak of a mountain is at 1850 metres or that the hotel is 400 meters above the sea level.
While in European countries and most of the countries of Latin America, the altitude is measured in meters, to the United States, it is usually measured in feet.
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