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Analysis of workstations is a procedure which is part of the administrative tasks of a company and determining the responsibilities and obligations of the workstations.
This analysis allows to decide what people should be hired for the positions according to their skills and experience. Analysis of workstations, in the end, is that the collection, organization and assessment of information about a workstation.
The founding of a company or an organization, the creation of new jobs, the modification of a structure and the update of wages are situations that lead to the development of the job analysis.
Other times, the need for an analysis workstations appears following protests by the workers themselves, when they are unsure of the specific tasks that they belong to them or when there are conflicts of jurisdiction and authority among employees.
By carrying out a precise analysis workstations, the administration manages to improve its management of human resources since it may hire or designate appropriate employees for each position and determine the salaries they deserve.
Among the data that must be collected in the context of the analysis of workstations, we will retain the activities and work processes, responsibilities, physical actions, communication, equipment and instruments used, the necessary knowledge, the rules and the context.
Analysis of the jobs program administrator is responsible for designing models of collection of data, to check the procedure and ensure compliance of the timetable for implementation.
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