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An anthology is a collection of pieces selected for their value or their quality. The anthology, therefore, may consist of a collection of Tales (stories), poems, songs, discs, etc.
Examples: 'my wife gave me an anthology of American poetry for my birthday","the Chilean writer is the only novelist of South America having been selected to be part of the new literary anthology edited by the Institute,"' singer has reported that it Henry an anthology of bossa nova, with its own interpretations of the great success of the genre.
In general, it considers that an anthology is a collection of remarkable artistic works. This gives people the opportunity to access important pieces of great personal value within a same set or package. That said, if a person buys an anthology of Swedish poetry of the 20th century, to cite just one case, she can read the best poems produced in Sweden in this period of time in a single book (or in several volumes, but belonging to the same publication).
An anthology of abstract painting Brazilian, in turn, can be an exhibition in a museum together arrays of this kind and this style chosen by experts.
It is easy to deduce that the anthology is always arbitrary and partial. In an anthology of poetry, how to determine what are poems that will be part of the whole? It goes same for a painting exhibition: how many frames will be exposed: 20, 30 or more?
The term "Anthology", on the other hand, can refer to something unusual and therefore worthy of interest: 'England striker scored another goal of anthology to give another victory to his team.

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